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  1. Spencer is TRASH! Olivia is a pathetic drunk who heads straight for addiction when she can have something. That's all I have from last night's eppy. @slick jonesI cannot entertain a cast until Simone is recast. I've seen speed bumps with more personality!
  2. Last week, I heard Spencer and thought he was right about Coop's stupidity. Then, Coop came back and reminded viewers that Spencer has a hero complex and has to save the day. He did the opposite of everything she asked him not to, including confronting Tyrone. I've always been team Coop and I am even more now that she stood up for herself. Spencer is a teen trying to save the neighborhood and everyone in it. Then gets mad when he has to fix a problem. Let people make mistakes and be there for them when they really need you. Olivia is an annoying bitch who hides behind addic
  3. The moment Steffy hit her head and became obsessed with Liam was the year Bold and Beautiful died!
  4. I disagree. Novak has a complete game but his serve was on! But I thought Med would be good for at least 1 set.
  5. Carole Bouchard really doesn't like black players.
  6. LW is so much fun to watch without that little albatross around her neck.
  7. Any way folks slice it, Barty choked. She's having difficulty with the pressure of bringing that trophy home. Whose baby she gone trot out for this interview?
  8. Wasn't all that strategic when she outright says it!
  9. She played a very fun character in Sex Education so I look forward to this.
  10. If Thiem doesn't work on his fitness, he will continue to come up short. How many 5 setters can one man play? Dimitrov?!
  11. At least someone remembers Frank's boner for Howarth/Stanco!
  12. I smiled and cried ear to ear because for the first time in a very long time a show has done right by adoptive parents. Jordan really needs to snap out of it. Spencer finally realized how much time and energy was spent on Coop's determined stupidity It won't be long before I'm over Olivia. Wish they'd end this thing with Spencer! At what point do you write Asher out? His new romance is meaningless because Olivia doesn't even want him. There's no value! If Simone is getting a series, I'm requesting a recast!
  13. Loved it! Watched it 3 times already
  14. She was looking pretty good against Collins. I suspect this is just a precaution or Serena just doesn't feel like finishing this tourney.
  15. Ok! Have I got a gem for you guys... Grantchester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my British dramas and this one is just excellent. I followed James Norton, the lead, from Happy Valley. Hated his psycho character but he was amazing in HV. He plays the town Vicar caught up in crime solving with the local police sergeant, played by Robson Green. This is the first I've seen of Green but I will now be searching for his other projects. He's is really good. His character leaves a lot to be desired but the acting is top notch! Fantastic series!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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