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  1. Hell hath frozeth over!  Tyler Perry finally gonna step back and allow talent in!  



  2. Wow! Goerges seemed to still have quite a bit left in the tank. The links won't open. Did she say why?
  3. The BLM initiatives on Soaps is embarrassing and offensive. If it were any of the trash receptacles Sharon, Phyllis, Vicki, etc, we'd have a story of a man raising another's child and it comes out long after the child is born. Betting Elena doesn't even get preggers from this. TRASH! And I'm just dumbstruck that Gloria brings such excitement on this board when she should have been shot and killed long ago. I'm truly baffled.
  4. This ain't pretty atall! And yeah, Nadal's game right now scares me.
  5. I like watching the elite play one another. Iga has a great game so I'm happy she won.
  6. I'm now becoming unglued.
  7. Dante made his raggedy ass way back but couldn't fight to get to his wife and son? Sonny Sonny Sonny Sonny Sonny. I won't watch this sh!tty love story again. Dante can go away! [!@#$%^&*] him!
  8. Iga about to take this and I'm good with that because her game is really damn good! I may have to watch the final (if I can find someone who has TC or ESPN). Fingers crossed for Petra but Iga does not appear to be slowing down. Poor Aga. Definitely watching men's final if it's Nadal/Djoker. Already got a plan A, B & C!
  9. Danielle needs to work on fitness/endurance. Bageled in the 3rd? She had nothing left and that has to be tough after making it this far.
  10. RIP Johnny Nash (I Can See Clearly Now) 🙏

  11. RIP Eddie Van Halen 🙏

  12. I guess Thiem will have to get into shape!
  13. I have not watched since part 2 of last season's reunion. I'm so tired of Gizelle getting away with her jealously and sh!t starting. I loathe that cow. I can no longer stomach it. I'm just hoping Monique whipped Candiace's ass really good.
  14. Who is this "we" he's talking about?
  15. I just saw that. Lawd! When I think my man is making a come back, I get this. Ugh1
  16. Ok. So the final 4 (jumping the gun here) would be Nadal, Stan, Djoker and Thiem? Murray and Federer have been replaced.
  17. Stan is on which side of the draw?
  18. Can someone please explain to me why Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend are sending photos of her naked in a hospital gown crying? 


    Terrible loss but I can't help but think this is a bit excessive.   

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    2. ChitHappens


      @YRBB  I get that but does the public need to see that?  

    3. AlexElizabeth


      I find it a bit much, but my sister has had multiple miscarriages and a stillborn and she appreciates how open Chrissy is being about it. I personally can't imagine taking pictures at a moment like that, but to each his own I guess.

    4. AdelaideCate007


      It's definitely a common thing now to have photos taken. When I had a miscarriage and was in hospital overnight (I wasn't near as far along as she was), the hospital offered to have someone come and take photos. I declined but I guess it's something people who are further along or have a stillborn appreciate. I would not have shared the photos publicly either in this situation but I do appreciate how open she's being about the whole thing.

  19. Perhaps she's not that smart.
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