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  1. LW is so much fun to watch without that little albatross around her neck.
  2. Any way folks slice it, Barty choked. She's having difficulty with the pressure of bringing that trophy home. Whose baby she gone trot out for this interview?
  3. Wasn't all that strategic when she outright says it!
  4. She played a very fun character in Sex Education so I look forward to this.
  5. If Thiem doesn't work on his fitness, he will continue to come up short. How many 5 setters can one man play? Dimitrov?!
  6. At least someone remembers Frank's boner for Howarth/Stanco!
  7. I smiled and cried ear to ear because for the first time in a very long time a show has done right by adoptive parents. Jordan really needs to snap out of it. Spencer finally realized how much time and energy was spent on Coop's determined stupidity It won't be long before I'm over Olivia. Wish they'd end this thing with Spencer! At what point do you write Asher out? His new romance is meaningless because Olivia doesn't even want him. There's no value! If Simone is getting a series, I'm requesting a recast!
  8. Loved it! Watched it 3 times already
  9. She was looking pretty good against Collins. I suspect this is just a precaution or Serena just doesn't feel like finishing this tourney.
  10. Ok! Have I got a gem for you guys... Grantchester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my British dramas and this one is just excellent. I followed James Norton, the lead, from Happy Valley. Hated his psycho character but he was amazing in HV. He plays the town Vicar caught up in crime solving with the local police sergeant, played by Robson Green. This is the first I've seen of Green but I will now be searching for his other projects. He's is really good. His character leaves a lot to be desired but the acting is top notch! Fantastic series!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I was always saddened that he didn't recover financially after SBTB and was out on the streets. This is very sad RIP
  12. My friend dumped her stock and dumped Robinhood today.
  13. I hollered when I saw that on Twitter.
  14. I dabble in swing trading and in one day, several months ago, I made $1,700 off of one stock. It can be pretty lucrative but time consuming (I do it at work...lol). It's best to have a few accounts in different places because you are often selling and there's a 2 day settlement period that ties up the funds. The downside is that even if you reinvest, the gains will be taxed. If you want to earn some money while we are stalled due to Covid, this is a good way to do it.
  15. The little guy will never get ahead. This breaks my heart
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