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  1. Just name this thread "General Hospital".
  2. Days showing original content and still no one cares. lol What's up with GH? Are the #s that low they don't even register?
  3. lol. Nah, Shonda is terrible after 1 season. But I can't mistake her for Murphy, who can't resist going off the rails mid season 1. I don't even [!@#$%^&*] with Shonda any longer because I know I will be disappointed.
  4. AMC has reversed course and says masks are mandatory when they re-open 7/15.
  5. Shonda may as well wear a sign that says "no need to watch after S1". Her shows turn horrible really fast!
  6. I see your point but doesn't she sing in different venues, even performs for presidents?
  7. Don't waste your time on PP. As for The Good Fight, how's AM's airtime? Also, you guys know she's a very successful opera singer, right? Oops, sorry to spoil you but in many ways, I did you a huge favor.
  8. But this is how Bold rolls. Even tho we didn't see a great love affair onscreen, Donna's break up with Justin was very soapy. Tears and all...only to have her on a boat with Nick gazing into one another eyes 2 commercial breaks later.
  9. Every time I think I want to watch this again, I'm brought back to Addison being handed Naomi's entire life as Naomi is given a quadriplegic as a love interest before being written out. I think blood came from my eyes.
  10. I'd settle for a steamy May - December romance with an equally important to the canvas black character but we can't even get that because not one black character on Daytime as of June 19, 2020 is important to any canvas of the 4 shows remaining. Neil, a legacy character, could hardly touch Victoria on YR when they were involved. In the history of soaps, we could probably name, on one hand, black characters that were important to the canvas. Jessie, Angie, Dru, Carla... Anyone want to add and by add, really think about how important the character really was?
  11. Let's celebrate officer John Balcerzak's retirement from the MPD.


    Remember him?  In 1991, he's the officer who handed a 14 year old boy bleeding from the head and rectum back to Jeffrey Dahmer.  The boy was killed the same night.  


    I remember it like it was yesterday.  




  12. If I had to choose the best eppy of the series, it would have to be Layla's party where everyone can see she clearly has a problem. So well written and even the weakest actors (quite a few on this show) stepped it up.
  13. Good! It's not necessary to use blow up dolls and spouses because you can't really show the love scene. Soaps were built on "love in the afternoon". Bold has only 1 story on the table at any given time so they have to rely heavily on romance. There is plenty to do w/out having to resort to dolls. I am a heavy streamer and not one show I watch has a couple I can root for (except for Netflix's Sex Education), but I watch because the shows are good. I'm still looking for a pairing to stan, and clearly, Daytime is not the place to shop. Anyhoo, Bell is a proven hack and now viewe
  14. I love this show. I watch most eppies at least twice. Coop is a colossal dumb ass but she's my fave. I didn't care for Corey at all but when he died, the reactions broke me. I cried like a baby.
  15. Watch SVU's eppy called Angels to understand Matt's Gaetz  and his live in "adopted" 19 year old Cuban son no one knew about until today...



    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      This is some crazy [!@#$%^&*]. Matt and his ''son/helper'' look like a couple. How old is the ''son'' supposed to be? He looks like grown ass man.


    2. ChitHappens


      He's 19 and Matt "adopted" him when he was 12 at the height of his drinking challenges 😲

    3. Vee
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  16. Aint sh!t classic about Frank's GH! I will watch a few eppies of this week on Hulu since they went back to the Metro Court stuff.
  17. Nene is the epitome of "shooting yourself in the foot". She needs to leave with the little dignity she has left (if any) and make a career outside of HW. I hope she doesn't embarrass herself any longer.
  18. I'd rather they put the tourney on hold. I can't even get into this. The crowd is a huge part of any sport. Oh wait...I don't have cable so what do I care about this hot mess?!
  19. THAT good! One of the best Daytime events ever and I've been watching soaps for 41 years! So unnecessary to kill Alan. Unforgivable!
  20. @Vee What choice does Bold have when they have only one story at any given time?
  21. I turned to streaming long ago and thank God! Soaps are so bad and the only thinking out of the box they can come up with so far is blow up dolls? Take this horse out back and shoot it!
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