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  1. I was on Hulu and noticed M2M was now on the service. I watched the very first eppy and Kari, whom I never liked, was shading Quad because Greg is a psychiatrist. Like's he's not a real doctor. Kari thought Mariah was sophisticated and her friend. Toya was also going at Quad along with Kari accusing Quad of not acting like a doctor's wife. They will groom her and show her how to be in their circle. A few weeks later, Mariah and Toya are duking it out and tearing up the furniture at a party Kari and Mariah were hosing at Kari's house. If "that's what the bitch gets" was a person!
  2. Why do they need redemption? Quinn has never paid for her criminal activity so yeah, let her atone for that. Carter? Before now, and after how many years, he was lifting weights on rooftops in February. I'm not sure Bold factored in the insane chemistry and folks would love it so much. Hell, I'm even watching. Too bad the story will be over soon so that we can get back to the triangle from Hades. I do, however, agree that because this is Bold, where to you take the characters from here.
  3. The upcoming Weekend Decades Marathon is TJ Hooker.  Watch just to see Shatner's ridiculous wig shift from eppy to eppy.  

  4. There's a second hand embarrassment while watching his scenes. No time not even for his older castmates to guide him. It's painful to watch. She's definitely in her element and I'm loving it!
  5. Isn't it something how we just assumed it was one of the men on tour?
  6. Thiem out and Barty just ate a bagel served up by Sabalenka but took the second set.
  7. I think it's time Coco Gauff took some time off. She's playing an awful lot of tournies with no big results. She will be worn out by the time she's 20 and nothing to show for it. Barty and Sabalenka continue to show up and out. They are getting results so the multiple tournies make sense. Might hurt them before a slam but these aren't nothing titles they are winning. Gauff's father may want to rethink some things.
  8. I've waited eons for LW take the mob thrown! The writing will be sh!tty but I know LW will give it 500%.
  9. That POS character can go! Frank does not mind ruining characters for Stanco. But that's fine. I didn't care for Cam anyhow, especially after he abandoned Trina in the warehouse with bullets flying. A serial killer inspired this bravado?
  10. Fully vaccinated 😊  2nd shot side effects were an annoying headache and very tired.  I slept that off.  The headache wasn't even worth pain meds.  I got lucky.  In 2 weeks I can go maskless but I won't 😉

    1. Taoboi


      Heheh. I can do the same next Friday, but don't plan to either.


      Really great to hear.


      Will I be seeing you in the POSE thread tonight then? ;) :) 

    2. ChitHappens


      I don't have cable so I have to wait the next day to hopefully catch it in Hulu.  

    3. Taoboi




      Well, remember it will be the first two episodes. :) 

  11. Yikes! That was a meltdown on crack! From $40k/eppy to nothing? Seems like Janet has some serious demons and I hope she's ok.
  12. A few folks on Twitter are saying Carter is ruined. Right, Carter was a great character lifting weights on the rooftop every February...a real daytime icon
  13. I just love this! It's like listening to one of my favorite Kenny Rogers songs... Add in the 3 who murdered Ahmaud Arbury getting hit with federal charges is beautiful!
  14. My entire year is made because I can't imagine what Mr. Arbury was feeling as he was being hunted and trapped by filth!
  15. Nah! It's not Jeff. Carly should have never been able to neutralize Cyrus by just taking his mother. Cyrus should have gone on with business as planned and told Carly, in no uncertain terms, that if anything happens to his mother while in Carly's custody, even if a natural heart attack, he would pick off her family one by one. There is absolutely nothing Carly would be able to do about that, and she would have only picked up extra expenses keeping Flo safe because Flo would be a useless hostage. They even had Parking Lot Petey crying because Anna wasn't his mother. A real villain, no matter how bad the performer is, would already have known she wasn't his mother but was only using Anna for his own gain. Frank doesn't do villains. He just writes arcs of his pets doing bad things because soaps need characters who do bad things. He will slowly "redeem" them and have us rooting for them. Folks already want Dr. O in a relationship. I mean...Cyrus walks right out of prison and into GH's COO position? Dr. O has numerous crimes on a federal level, yet she walks right in as COO. Stanco, a serial killing rapist terrorist gets a family with a woman who was brutally raped as a teen, and only gone now because the actor performer was tired of the character being bashed. What's Petey's new gig gonna be? Governor? Daytime soaps are at the bottom of the food chain for a reason!
  16. Remember he played the psycho cult leader who knocked up a 12 year old girl on SVU?
  17. This show has a huge pacing problem and it kinda sucks! That's it...that's the post
  18. She returned from being gone a few weeks with some extra plump lips and when people started talking about it, Kelly said she was bitten by a spider...
  19. When Kelly got lip injections...um, I mean a spider bite
  20. Nothing new here. Give me some soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Gosh, I wish I cared why that little bitch is consistently screaming. I don't even care about his inevitable apology. To have Liz's child this rabid over a serial killing sexual assaulting terrorist is absolutely criminal! Not sure why allowances are made for Cam but not Joss. I strongly dislike both these kids but Joss has every reason to defend Jason, who has protected her against that dead weirdo.
  22. I will not be satisfied until someone punches him in the [!@#$%^&*] face! Cam taking this turn over that serial killing sexual assaulting terrorist just makes him a horrible character. Another one bites the dust (in the name of Stanco).
  23. They should give Niz another go, get rid of Michael Easton and find someone in Maura West's league!
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