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  1. Peter Krause - can someone explain why this man is considered a "get" when he's mostly a colossal bore who needs the right costar to light a fire under his ass?  

    1. detroitpiston


      Never seen it for him either lol. Dirty Sexy Money would have been great with literally anyone else as the lead

  2. @Taoboi Forgot to mention and really wax poetically about Ruby and William. I was first shocked, a black voluptuous woman such as Wunmi was given such graphic scenes, and then I just loved the chemistry with the actors. Ruby and William were hot and I would have loved to have seen more of them. A pleasant surprise.
  3. I'm in awe... He got promoted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. How much you want to bet a considerable amount (possibly a majority) of the folks whining did NOT lose their job due to Covid?
  5. @dragonflies LMAO. I was just about to post that. This is so damn ghetto! I hope the appliances are solidly nailed down.
  6. My heart goes out to her. How awful
  7. You Honor.  Anyone else watching Cranston play Walter White 2.0?  First few eppies are basic as hell but it's now getting good but I'm just not sure if this series is worth a thread of its own.  



    1. YRBB


      Been wanting to watch!

  8. lol. You are quite the fact checker. Love it
  9. Barnaby Jones! Some wonderful kind soul put the series on YT and I'm in heaven. You can look at Lee Merriweather and see she is beautiful but now I'm seeing the woman was positively stunning! Watched and eppy yesterday with Toni Geary and Robert Reed and its no wonder Reed hated The [zero substance] Brady Bunch so much. I saw how magnificent he was in Roots. His character was absolutely disgusting but I will be damned if Reed didn't damn near convince me, as a kid, why slaves should not be allowed to learn to read. He was THAT good. He was so good in this eppy o
  10. Don't be sorry. I'm super happy to be conversing with you about what could have been a classic!
  11. Tish James is putting in work!!!!!
  12. I'd love to believe these people can multi task. Also, Biden has already addressed this.
  13. Look...we've become a sh!thole country!
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of "whacko" but clueless will do.
  15. And in the commission of what one would think is a felony, if someone dies, they all pay if you can't tie the death to a specific person(s), right? These trespassing charges are really [!@#$%^&*] with me!
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