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  1. Besides, IIRC (and I do), we were given a a very detailed insider tip about MM and HK. In fact, we were told it happened twice and the guy who played Fin was a witness to the 2nd assault. MM is getting desperate and frustrated because he's been out of work for a minute and his wacko stans haven't been able to bully anyone into giving him a job.
  2. I will never understand wacko tv viewers. They are owed a piece of a celebrities life, they need to know what's going on and you better make a statement when they think you should. Unreal! However, I have no problem with Lea reaping what she has sewn. The woman is an absolute monster. She has threatened people's jobs on a regular basis. Been nasty to folks and made sure others were nasty to them. Created a severely hostile work environment for people who relied on their jobs. Imagine your first job in the industry is so bad you have to rethink your entire career because of o
  3. They wanted to write her out for 5 months. KA probably felt she wasn't valued and decided to walk.
  4. In one month, not named February, is the most progressive Bold has ever been! Y'all want to know who hits Steffy?
  5. When being blindly devoted to Trump makes you look like a colossal dumb ass!
  6. It's hard to believe people thought Days, who's possibly done THE biggest disservice to black character/actors, would fire Missy for liking a tweet. Sigh...
  7. Gotta go with Dano and Zimmer! Jonathan Jackson's default is crying so I can't count him. He's exhausting!
  8. I'm a Djoker fan but his ego is so out of control it's disgusting. How dare he take this stance after that disaster masquerading as a tournament!
  9. It's a blessing her son was asleep. He could have fallen off as be wandered looking for her.
  10. At one point, Dante was on 12 days/week. Benard usually has a problem with new folks not named Sonny eating thru the show but if the new character is related to Sonny, Benard is good. I have always hated Dante and he was 75% dirty cop but Dom played him very well.
  11. Looks like you guys may have gotten your wish. Congrats!
  12. Guess filming 78 eppies in 1 day isn't worth the monopoly money they're paid. Oh well, Hope has been a dud for quite some time now! Mos Def. They all return sooner rather than later.
  13. He outright stated he wanted that pairing, but the TnB wackos and KDP had other plans.
  14. Not after Barr, Trump's enforcer, tried to visit her. Her lawyer refused the visit but she's as good as dead. I certainly won't miss her! But, for fun, let's ponder why the USAG would be paying her a visit anyhow?
  15. Raise your hand if you're willing to risk Covid to see Vanilla Ice?

    1. KMan101


      It's cancelled now I guess. LOL. But never. Why are people so stupid? Who would travel to take a vacation or go see a crowded concert right now? The virus hasn't magically disappeared because you're tired of it, LMAO. I swear ... why is common sense so rare?

  16. Such a damn fraud! She put it out there to jump start her SL and then wants privacy? Ugh. [!@#$%^&*] FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Wasn't it Mary Pierce's dad? Didn't he yell "Kill the bitch"?
  18. Revenge was a convoluted mess that should have been a mini series. Each week, whatsherface had a new person she needed to get revenge on. Then when it's time to bring everything to a head, they add another person. Of course, there's EVC to bore the [!@#$%^&*] out of everyone
  19. Coco Gauff is experiencing this very thing and when the word "depressed" came up, dad stepped in and put that to bed very quick. I think depressed is used too easily and I don't think Coco's dad is a bad guy but Coco is under quite a bit of pressure. It may be getting to her. Covid just may have done her a favor.
  20. Not sure what anyone expected the tennis association to do about the abuse. Ban the parents from coming to matches if they were unruly but at home?
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