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  1. Brothers and Sisters. I forgot how much I loved this show and I'm stunned that I still loathe Justin! Usually, the 2nd time around, my feelings change. Not on this! Dreading the moment mediocre Van Camp shows up but there are just things in which I have zero control. Flockhart and Van Camp on the same show? Who hates an audience this much?! Thank goodness B&S had Fields, Rhys, Griffiths and Getty to balance it out.
  2. I like Chad as Michael but I would definitely recast, at this point. Michael needs an edge that Chad does not possess. He earned every ounce of that Emmy but Chad is limited and Michael needs to be an exciting character causing trouble.
  3. They are making sure lighting does not strike twice with MM!
  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YR kept Staff after she assaulted VR YR tried to keep MM after he assaulted HK But it's too late for VR/Dru? Yeah ok. Loren Lott was basically told they are writing for the characters who matter, which is why she had to go. At the height of Dru's popularity, VR brought an energy YR had never seen. Many of the white leads and TIIC had a problem with that. When you think of YR, a black face should not be the first thing to come to mind.
  5. Could have fed GH for quite a few years!
  6. Frank fears Benard way more than viewers! Benard all but admitted he put together the troops at work that helped him get rid of moRon. The story of Michael turning on Sonny, one of the best stories GH has had in quite some time, was moRon's undoing. Benard is afraid to challenge himself as an actor so he wants the best of both worlds. Everyone fear Sonny but like him at the same time. He literally gets both.
  7. Don't sleep on Miss Sweeney, y'all. Someone tweeted yesterday she follows James Woods AND Candace Owens, both of whom have messages very harmful to certain groups of people. I don't fault folks for their beliefs and I rode with Ingo until he said there was no racism in America. Jax can now die off screen. However, I can't [!@#$%^&*] with anyone who agrees with hate. Following Owens is very suspect but you'd think with Sweeney's history of being harassed by RRK, she'd have no room for predator Woods (Amber Tamblyn told him she was 16 after h
  8. Cilic tested negative but will go into isolation for 14 anyhow. As you said, they all should.
  9. This is insane! Please explain to me how Novak gets to arrange an event. Was it backed by the ATP?
  10. I'm happy devoted fans get to enjoy something on that sh!t heap aka GH. I wasn't a fan but JaSam were an enjoyable pairing prior to Frank. At least their fans get this before it goes back to rotgut.
  11. Just name this thread "General Hospital".
  12. Days showing original content and still no one cares. lol What's up with GH? Are the #s that low they don't even register?
  13. lol. Nah, Shonda is terrible after 1 season. But I can't mistake her for Murphy, who can't resist going off the rails mid season 1. I don't even [!@#$%^&*] with Shonda any longer because I know I will be disappointed.
  14. AMC has reversed course and says masks are mandatory when they re-open 7/15.
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