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  1. I saw on Twitter she lost in straights very comfortably.
  2. RIP, Robert Hogan Outside of Eric Braeden, I don't recall any other soap star making more appearances on 70s & 80s shows. RH guest starred in quite a bit of prime time shows back in the day.
  3. Gavin MacCleod was a terrific actor and I mostly enjoyed TLB because of him. One of my favorite eppies of the MTM show was a very married Murray deciding he was in love with Mary. I laughed til I cried. It was hilarious. I haven't seen that eppy in eons but it's such a stand out for me.
  4. I will stan the William sisters to my grave but if Venus wants to be the horse that should have been taken out back long ago, so beit. She has nothing left to give the sport and its time to retire. I don't believe a new coach can help her movement and endurance. There's a lot of mileage on that body. At least Serena is in the top 10 but she needs to stop embarrassing herself as well. I don't believe 24 is in the cards and even if she achieves it, the finish line will move again. What's the point?
  5. Talk about driving a point home. Mugu just walked off the court into a presser after a first round loss that has to sting and...
  6. Apologizing to them? UGH!
  7. Lawd! Really wanted to see Fed play and Iga defend but I'm boycotting RG this year. My 2nd favorite Slam
  8. Absolutely! Gives me a reason to play Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (not that I need a reason). I loved his voice. RIP
  9. RIP BJ Thomas :(


    What a voice!  

  10. I guess I just want to know what happens to the little boy at the end
  11. The twist of all twists! I'd like a 2nd season.
  12. I've given up The Olivia Hour. Let me know when the show is good again.
  13. Congrats Coco! Guess I was wrong.
  14. Justin Hartley is married again ALREADY (to Sofia Pernas, YR) 🙄



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    2. YRBB


      My favorite comment on Twitter was that he lives his life like a soap opera character. lol


    3. AlexElizabeth


      LOL. He'd be perfect for my sister. She's in her mid-30s and divorced three times already. Like... stop getting married!

    4. DramatistDreamer


      If your sister is a soap actress or a former soap actress, she could be in the running next time @AlexElizabeth who knows?🤷🏾‍♀️

  15. I'm trying to figure out what Serena thinks she is going to accomplish playing the #572 player in the world? More match play in prep for RG or a huge waste of time?
  16. I'mma pretend I didn't just read that...
  17. For me, the shift in the dynamic of the relationship didn't work. She went from hunting him to find justice and getting a serial killer off the streets to feeling sympathy for him and even cradling him in her arms as he died. I was absolutely sickened by that.
  18. Sabalenka may be a bit fatigued from all the match play but its still a good win for Coco. Has to help in the confidence department.
  19. The upside to Serena's loss is we don't have to see that hideous outfit ever again!!!!!
  20. Not sure what was going on with Sakkari but that was a good win for Coco Gauff. Lots of carbs tho.
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