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  1. Alicia Minshew is 1 trillion times better as Kendall than the too young for the role, over rated Sarah Michelle Gellar was.
  2. Agreed. I never understood why TBTB wrote Abigail as strong under Kate Mansi, and weak as hell with Marci Miller. I am so glad that they decided to keep Abigail strong this go around with Marci playing the role. This is most definitely Marci's best run in the role, and it's not her fault, it's the writers writing the character as Abigail and not like a meek, mousy new character.
  3. I am fine too. He's proven to be pure evil. I don't want an twin either. It's a shame since Mike C. Manning is a good actor and handsome too. Maybe GH or Y&R could grab him up. Y&R could have him as a re-cast Noah Newman, or a new character. GH could cast him as a re-cast back from the dead Morgan Corinthos. He's already on THE BAY btw.
  4. What the living F?!? DePaiva is a daytime vet. She was Chelsea Reardon on GL, Blair Daimler Cramer Manning on ONE LIFE TO LIVE (and briefly GH) and Eve Donovan on DAYS.
  5. Same here. Same here, Saw that it didn't tape GH or Y&R Monday or Tuesday, reset DVR to tape all episodes, and it still didn't tape Y&R today, and wasn't taping GH when checked about 15 minutes in, so manually dvr'd it.
  6. I agree that I think Cady's original contract ended. Jennifer was written off because DAYS thought Melissa Reeves might return, but I do not think she will and if I was DAYS I wouldn't want her to, wouldn't want the negative publicity of it. Rehire Cady McClain longterm, she did an awesome job as Jennifer, breathing life into the role.
  7. Sounds like a failure. I've gotta feeling if that is what they are going with, then it won't go anywhere.
  8. HELL NO! A few guesses on who Kassie DePaiva could play. Liza Colby? Blair Cramer? Krystal Carey (if for someone reason Bobbie Eakes didn't want to do it)? Dixie Martin (if for some reason Cady McClain didn't want to do it).
  9. Good hope 1 or both get picked up, I do not want her anywhere near this. Bring on the best Kendall, Alicia Minshew!
  10. What an idiotic move!! Hopefully this is a temp move. Cady McClain made the role of Jennifer her own in no time flat, plus it makes no sense to write off Jennifer
  11. WOW!! Shocked, I thought this was going to be maybe Jonathan Jackson. C'mon GH bring back Lucky!!! And what about Emily!
  12. Pissed at the huge mistake of what appears to be the killing off of Laura Horton! Why on Earth do that???!!
  13. Agreed! Like axe Ryan, Sonny, Peter, Brad, Phyllis, Lenny and Cyrus.
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