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  1. Please don't give anyone else on DAYS DID! Abigail/Gabby/Dr. Laura was WAY ENOUGH!
  2. EXACTLY. Especially when the 2 lead male characters are killers and hypocrites. Sonny, Jason, Carly, etc. treat Ava and Julian like they're the devil incarnate when they have done much worse, killed much more. Yes, I hate they had Ava kill Connie/Kate but Sonny killed AJ and no one even mentions that. The Michael going back a few years ago to loving Sonny is beyond sickening. I loved the Sonny-hating Michael, and Chad Duell's acting was at its best then as well.
  3. If Maura West was axed as Ava, then I'm DONE with GENERAL HOSPITAL. She's one of the best, if NOT the best on the show.
  4. This show is definitely in need of a new opening. It seems half of the cast is NOT in the opening.
  5. Buh Bye. Hopefully Kyle Lowder STAYS AWAY from DAYS. Hated him as Brady, and still HATE HIM as Rex. Horribly miscast as Rex, who's supposed to be a genius, but Lowder came off as dumb surfer. And he's FUGLY.
  6. Good about Genie Francis. But Laura Wright is awesome too, so just no to her being axed too. Only way I'd accept that if she left on her own, and Sarah Joy Brown replaced her.
  7. AGREED! DEFINITELY NOT Genie Francis(Laura) NOR Maura West(Ava). Why would you want the most iconic female on the show to be axed?!?!?!?!? Also Maura West is one of the best, if NOT the best, actresses on the show!
  8. I sure HOPE TO HELL NOT! Jason Thompson is the best Billy and a better actor.
  9. Glad Sofia Mattson(Sasha) is on contract, and same for Mikayla (Trina).
  10. I agree a lot of the newbies would've been a lot more connected and interesting if they were former characters!
  11. HELL NO!! Jason Thompson is best Billy Abbott,, so definitely NOT! Maybe Billy Miller to DAYS as Phillip Kiriakis, Nathan Horton, Jeremy Horton or a new character.
  12. Pretty great. I also was kinda WTF with the casting of Bentley and with Gloria not being blonde, but I was ok with it. I would love if they made THE JEFFERSONS back to TV with all of the same casting in the special, probably wouldn't happen esp. with Kerry Washington and Will Farrell. Heck they could re-cast the Willises and of course, as an on-going series, they'd have to re-cast Florence. I did think that Wanda Sykes would been a great Florence, but she was good as Louise. Jamie Foxx as George was spot-on, as was the cast of George's mom and all of the casting on ALL IN THE FAMILY with maybe not Gloria. So glad they brought back Marla Gibbs as Florence, instead of the Latina actress (which would've been a big mistake).
  13. Glad to hear of more episodes next season. Best Comedy Series on TV!
  14. I blame Evangelical so-called "Christians" for Adam Lambert not winning. After he came out officially, they had a campaign to not let a gay win, to vote Kris Allen. And yeah, I do hate the teen girl thing about the voting on IDOL. IDOL this season lost some good people early in the Top 12, who were better than some that made the Top 5, especially that Kelly Clarkson wannabe and the horrible blonde chick. Next season, I kind of hope there's a little switch up in the judging panel. I do like the chemistry of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, but feel maybe a tougher judge a la the old style Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan or Sharon Osbourne, might be a great fit to balance out The Voice like coaching instead of critical judging like the old IDOL.
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