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  1. Anyone else see the new Sling commercial. Pretty sure Guy Wilson (ex- Will Horton, DAYS) is in it. First time I've seen him in anything since DAYS. LOL.
  2. Sad to see Marla Adams and Dina go. The storyline was promising at first and I thought originally that Y&R would beat GH in the Alzheimers story, but GH ended up on top.
  3. I have seen on a couple other sites that Zach Tinker is returning as Fenmore soon, either later in October or in November.
  4. I for one loved Judith Chapman before she was axed after she had that stint on DAYS as Diana. I was kinda liking the possibility of Gloria and Jack. She should never have been axed. I hope she is back recuringly.
  5. Awesome news. I think they should have done that last season since Jay R. Ferguson(Ben) was on the show so much last year. Sweet!
  6. I too hope Cady McClain ends up permanently as Jennifer. Good riddance to one of my former faves Melissa Reeves. Tennessee is perfect for her racist ass. DAYS better not just keep her on to just write Jenn & Jack off. Matt Ashford deserves much better after the shitty treatment DAYS has done to him over the years. Matt is by far the definitive Jack. Mark Valley was ok in the role, the other 3 Jacks were NOT.
  7. Grew up with One Life to Live and All My Children and General Hospital. One life and AMC are my 2 faves of all time. I also picked up DAYS along the way, it aired at 3 c.t. so was east to watch in my area. Little later picked up Y&R. Also have watched throughout years, Ryan's Hope, Edge Of Night, Santa Barabara and ATWT, Loving , Search for Tomorrow a bit and Generations. Plus nighttime Dallas (both versions), Dynasty (only original), The Colbys, Knots Landing and Falcon Crest. Plus also originals of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. I just recently started The Bay .
  8. Grand Hotel was good and should have been renewed. Bryan Craig is a good actor. His work on Grand Hotel solidified that. I would hire him as new Joey Johnson on DAYS. He would be a vast improvement over James Lastovic.
  9. Melissa Reeves lives in Nashville. GH's Steve Burton does as well.
  10. Just rewatched twice. Looks like Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are coming back too as Will and Sonny. They're in the midst of the returns they show!
  11. Awesome news. I also noticed in the credits this week, that Christel Khalil(Lily) is listed in the contract players, so that is goodnews too imho. Now Y&R get Jess Walton(Jill), Tracey E. Bregman(Lauren), Christian LeBlanc(Michael) & Lauralee Bell(Christine) back on contract as well1
  12. Still on Sami's side. John is WRONG. This is NOT Sami's fault, it IS Allie and Nicole's and Eric's now (since he's taking up for a woman he should've never gotten back with after what she had done to Sami).
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