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  1. I hope NOT. Guy Wilson makes Chandler Massey look like an Oscar winner! He got worse and worse as time went on. IF DAYS were to recast Will, I'd hope Chandler Massey didn't want to return and that DAYS would get an experienced actor more similiar to Chandler Massey in looks.
  2. Y&R Michael Mealor and Amelia Heinle are fine. I agree kinda on Melissa Ordway as Abby, she's too old for the part IMHO, plus the writing sucks. GH---Disagree with all. Emme Rylan is a great Lula. Chad Duell is the best Michael we've had. Marcus Coloma is doing good as Nikolas. I'd re-cast Franco, Roger Howarth is TOO OLD to be Scott & Heather's son! B&B don't watch. I would re-cast Dante with a young actor, or axe Lisa LoCicero(Olivia) so it looks more realisitic for Dante to be Olivia's son. Kill off Olivia, she's annoying as hell. Never was much a fan. Hated LoCicero on ONE LIFE and on LOVING or THE CITY, which ever she was on. DAYS -- None needed. I would bring back Joey Johnson re-cast, Melissa Anderson, Lisa Trusel or a recast like Gina Tognoni, Jeremy Horton re-cast. Michael had an edge, and Chad Duell did great, when Sonny killed AJ, and Michael hated Sonny and changed his last name to Quartermaine. This should've NEVER been undone, although AJ should've NEVER been killed off. I agree GH needs Lucky and Serena back. Agree Jeff Branson might be good as Lucky.
  3. ALL MY CHILDREN BEST Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart. IMHO better than Sarah Michelle Gellar who was too young. Jacob Young as JR Chandler Justin Breuning as Jamie Martin Jill Larson as Opal Gardner Cortlandt Lee Meriwether as Ruth Martin Michael E. Knight as Tad Martin Cady McClain as Dixie Cooney Sal Stowers as Cassandra Cornelius Smith Jr. as Frankie Hubbard WORST Barbara Kearns the red head Nina Cortlandt. Alice Haining as Liza Colby. AS THE WORLD TURNS BEST Hillary B. Smith and Ellen Dolan as Margo Hughes Mary Ellen Stuart as Frannie Hughes Scott Holmes as Tom Hughes Martha Byrne as Lily Walsh Snyder Lindsay Frost as Betsy Stewart Andropolous Graham Winton as Caleb Snyder Kelley Menighan as Emily Stewart, although much different. WORST Roger Howarth as Paul Ryan Susan Batten as Connor Walsh DAYS OF OUR LIVES BEST Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux Robert Scott Wilson as Ben Weston Kate Mansi as Abigail Deveraux DiMera Victoria Konefal as Ciara Brady Martha Madison as Belle Black Brady Jason Cook then Brandon Beemer as Shawn Brady Julie Pinson as Billie Reed Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts Lindsay Godfrey as Sarah Horton Stacy Haiduk as Kristen DiMera & Susan Banks Eric Martsolf as Brady Black Chandler Massey as Will Horton Mary Beth Evans as Kayla Brady WORST Charity Rahmer as Belle Brady Steve Wilder as Jack Deveraux GH BEST Genie Francis as Laura Webber Spencer. Tamara Braun as Carly Benson Corinthos Laura Wright as Carly Benson Corinthos Robin Mattson as Heather Webber Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine Billy Warlock as AJ Quartermaine (Warlock and original SORAS'd AJ Gerard Hopkins looked like they could be Alan and Susan's son, Sean Kanan looked like he should be Monica's) Chris Robinson as Rick Webber Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine Stephen Martines (Nikolas Cassadine) Marcus Coloma(Nikolas Cassadine) Jennifer Guthrie as Dawn Winthrop. GH made a huge mistake killling her off, and before that Sharon Case as Dawn was also good. Emme Rylan as Lula Spencer. Greg Vaughan as Lucky Spencer (my preferred adult Lucky) Jen Lilley as Maxie Jones (much prefer her over Kirsten Storms) Cynthia Watros as Nina Reeves. WORST Jennifer Bransford as Carly Benson Corinthos Brooke Bundy as Diana Taylor, ONE LIFE Erika Slezak(Viki Lord Buchanan) Claire Malis, Robin Strasser, Elaine Prince (Dorian Cramer Lord) Karen Witter(Tina Lord), although love Andrea Evans who was always my fave Tina. Judith Light(Karen Wolek) Michael Storm(Dr. Larry Wolek) Marilyn Chris(Wanda Wolek) Brynn Thayer(Jenny Wolek) Steve Fletcher(Brad Vernon) Kirk Geiger, Dan Gauthier & Kevin Stapleton (Kevin Buchanan) Ava Haddad, Holly Gagnier & Laura Bonariggo Koffman(Cassie Callison) Bree Williamson as Jessica Buchanan. Nathan Fillion, Don Jeffcoat as Joey Buchanan Heather Tom as Kelly Cramer. Pat Elliot as Renee Buchanan. Grew to love Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer, but was the oddest re-cast in soap history, going from Asian Mia Korf to white southern belle Kassie DePaiva. WORST Marsha Clark(Tina Lord) Jack Armstrong and Tim Gibbs (Kevin Buchanan) Tracy Melchior(Kelly Cramer) SANTA BARBARA Jed Allan (C.C. Capwell) Carrington Garland (Kelly Capwell) Gina Gallego(Santana Andrade) WORST Eileen Davidson(Kelly Capwell) THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS BEST Peter Bergman(Jack Abbott) Melody Thomas Scott(Nikki Newman) Jess Walton(Jill Abbott) Michael Mealor(Kyle Abbott) Brenda Epperson(Ashley Abbott) Hunter King(Summer Newman) Sharon Case(Sharon Collins) Donny Boaz(Chance Chancellor) Justin Hartley and Mark Grossman(Adam Newman) Judah Mackey(Connor Newman) Sean Dominic(Nate Hastings) Gina Tognoni(Phyllis Summers) WORST Maura West(Diane Jenkins) was never right for the role Sandra Nelson(Phyllis Summers) -- seemed to frumpy, ugly for Phyllis to be honest.
  4. Do wish Maura West or Ari Zucker won Best Actress, I would've tied them. I agree with Soapsuds, I am sick of Heather Tom being nominated and winning. You'd think she'd take her name from the running. She did look pretty though, and I do like her acting. I would've picked Jon Lindstrom for Best Actor. But I do agree Jason Thompson has done a great job as Billy, even though a lot of the writing in the last year for Billy has really sucked. Tamara Braun was a good pick for Supporting, although I was rooting for Susan Seaforth Hayes. I was pleasantly surprised that Bryton James won, I would've chose someone else though. I think Olivia Rose Keegan did great last year as Claire Brady going pyro mentally ill, glad she won. I do think DAYS should've won Best Drama. GH submitting "The Chriistma Carol" episodes was very dumb imho. I also think Y&R milked the Kristoff St. John/Neil Winters tribute too much for the Daytime Emmys, but it won them the Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor nods though. Also I think Lisa De Cosette and Lee Phillip Bell's deaths played in part for the Y&R Best Drama win. She used to be a few years back. But she really came through in the pyro mania story and has done well since her return imho as well. Good for him!
  5. DAYS should fire Melissa Reeves this time. I love Jennifer and have been a Melissa Reeves fan since her days as Jade Perkins on SANTA BARBARA. But she most definitely should be given a chance to apologize, I guess first. IF she refuses, then fire her ass and re-cast. Beth Chamberlin (ex-Beth, GL), Cady McClain (ex-Dixie, AMC, ex-Rosanna, ATWT, ex-Kelly, Y&R), Gina Tognoni (ex-Phyllis, Y&R ex-Kelly OLTL, ex-Dinah GL), Sandra Dee Robinson (ex-Amanda, AW, ex-Felicia, GH), & Krista Tesreau (ex-Mindy, GL, ex-Tina, OLTL) are some of the opts I've come up with who could take over as Jenn. I think Beth Chamberlin and Sandra Dee Robinson are the best options looks wise.
  6. My choice Jon Lindstrom(Kevin & Ryan,GH), if not, it should go to Jason Thompson (Billy, Y&R). Steve Burton (GH) and Thaao Penghlis (DAYS) should NOT be nominated, Thaao esp. in this category, maybe supporting. OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS should be Maura West(Ava, GH), 2nd choice Ari Zucker(Nicole, DAYS). Finola Hughes(GH) didn't have much to do this year, and should not be nominated this year. For supporting, I'd go with Paul Telfer(Xander, DAYS) or Wally Kurth(Justin, DAYS) or Mark Grossman(Adam, Y&R). Good noms in this category, But Rob Wilson(Ben, DAYS) should've been nominated Outstanding Young Performer. Again I think it's a shame that both male and females are put in one category, knocking all actors out. The winner should be Olivia Rose Keegan(Claire, DAYS). Possibly GH's Katelyn MacMullen(Willow) or Eden McCoy(Joss) could win instead. Guest actor should be Chrishell Stause(ex-Jordan, DAYS), But Michael Knight(Martin, GH) or Eva LaRue(ex-Celeste, Y&R) may get it instead. Don't know why Elissa Kapneck and Jeffrey Vincent Parise were nominated to be honest. Hoping Susan Seaforth Hayes(Julie, DAYS) gets it. Althought I think Tamara Braun (ex-Kim GH), Rebecca Budig (ex-Hayden, GH) and Christel Khalil(Lily, Y&R) could get it instead. I'd give it to DAYS.
  7. Stupid! Submit in male or female. This causes some deserving people to not get nominated and /or win.
  8. That explains it! Good to know. Interesting, I'd like to know others that did the same this year.
  9. Love Sal Stowers' braids! I remember seeing a pic of her online several months ago. Hoping she keeps that 'do for a bit.
  10. Thompson did good acting in that story, however idiotically it was written. Thompson is a good actor, but Y&R writing of Billy since the latest regime was beyond stupid.
  11. How on Earth is Thaao Penghlis(Tony, DAYS) a Lead Actor,? Should've been in supporting, even guest. It is absolutely stupid to have the younger actors and actresses in one category, basically cutting the Younger Actor award, when several people were robbed of noms, including (if eligible) Casey Moss (Ex-JJ, DAYS), Will Lipton(Cam, GH), & Rob Wilson (Ben, DAYS). DAYS omissions --- Stacy Haiduk(Kristen), Lindsay Godfrey(Sarah), the above mentioned Moss & Wilson, Mary Beth Evans(Kayla), Suzanne Rogers(Maggie), John Aniston(Victor), Victoria Konefal(Ciara) GH omissions -- Maurice Benard(Sonny), Laura Wright(Carly), Kelly Monaco(Sam), Chloe Lanier(Nelle), Nancy Lee Grahn(Alexis), Scarlett Fernandez(Charlotte) Y&R Omissions --- Eric Braeden(Victor), Beth Maitland(Traci), Marla Adams(Dina), Amelia Heinle(Victoria) Omissions from other fields --- Why On Earth is Drew Carey(The Price Is Right) not nominated yet again as Outstanding Game Show Host!?! She's the woman who showed left her baby on the Newman's doorstep Christmas time. She was a good actress, just shocked. She was recurring for a month or so. Who On Earth are you referring to??!!?!??!
  12. Idiotic idea!! Only actresses nominated. They should before they air, announce Younger Male Actor nominees as well.
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