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  1. Ben did NOT murder either of Rafe's sisters, nor his own sister(that was Evan Frears aka Christian Maddox). I think Lindsey Arnold (Allie) has great chemistry with everyone she shares the screen with, especially Lucas Adams(Tripp).
  2. Sort of agree. I have accepted Isabel Durant in the role as Claire, but Olivia Rose Keegan was so much better. Plus Isabel is 29, 8 yrs older than now 21 yr. old Keegan. I've read that is exactly the reason she left DAYS, and that she actually got that job BEFORE DAYS, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, she was allowed to sign with DAYS because the sitcom was put on hold. I think Precious Way is a very good actress, and do NOT get the hate some people have for her. I think it may be her storyline which I agree has been all OVER the place. The new actress, Raven Bowens, resem
  3. There have been rumors that Isabel Durant(Claire) is no longer on the show. If that is the case, maybe DAYS has recast Claire. I thought of 2 former Y&R actresses who could takeover as Claire. They are Anna Grace Barlow (ex-Zoe) and Bayley Corman, who once filled-in as Summer.
  4. Jack and Sally were a horrible couple. He's about twice her age or more! Hunter King has chemistry with a lot of actors including those who play Kyle, Nick, Jack, Sally, Phyllis, etc. But I agree on Kyle being "a giant baby" and "running to his daddy". And agree on the kid, who is Harrison, likely being better off with his believed father Ashland.
  5. Agree wholeheartedly about the utter [!@#$%^&*] show of all of the characters Michael Easton (currently Finn) has had on GH. Finn & Silas are just alike, why was Silas ever killed off? And they are just about the same as John McBain, especially how he was written and acted on GH. Easton did make vampire Caleb different, but that's about it. Howarth should HAVE either returned as Todd Manning, stayed on as Franco or be written off for good. It's crazy to have him play a third character, and no one notes the resemblance of Todd, Franco and this new Dr
  6. Tuesday 6-1, tomorrow is the return date for Mishael Morgan. I agree Karla Moseley did a great job as Amanda for the month she filled-in.
  7. WTF??!??!?!?!?!?!?!? Bryan Dattilo(Lucas) NEVER looks a mess, and I think Dan Feurriegal(EJ) looks far from a mess!
  8. That was only one reason, NOT the only one! Summer is close to Jack, because he once was her step-dad, plus he's her fiance's father. Phyllis and Jack are friends, and she is Jack's ex-wife. It was in NO way an "out of thin air to create conflict".
  9. Phyllis & Summer had plenty of a reason to go after Sally, after her going after Jack (I still think for money and position, she "may" have fell for him after that, not too sure about it though, and Summer's job, and her bitchiness period. Also, after Sally blackmailed Kyle and Summer, they got dirt on her for good reasons, and they got real stuff she did in L.A. Plus Phyllis was helping protect her daughter since she was a lot like Sally when she was younger.
  10. Also worried about no mention of John, Marlena, especially Belle and Shawn. DAYS better NOT axe Shawn and Belle again! WTF!? Bring back Sarah, re-cast or better yet, Linsay Godfrey back! Worried about the health of both Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) and John Aniston (Victor). I hate Gwen so much, that I am dreading Gwen and Xander. Also DAYS bring Cady McClain(Jennifer) back on contract!!!
  11. Glad Imani getting more story, same for Christine. C'mon Y&R GIVE US A GOOD ACTOR AS KYLE, MAYBE JUSTIN GASTON BACK! THANK GOD SOUNDS LIKE Victoria is AWAY from Billy with Ashland. SICK, SICK, PISSED, PISSED about the continued Sharon and Adam Bullshit!
  12. Agreed. C'mon DAYS sign Cady to a long term contract.
  13. Let's HOPE NOT! Tripp and Allie are a cool couple, have good chemistry. Chanel is a whiny, spoiled rich bitch.
  14. Exactly! Bringing Adam back was sorta good move, but dominating the show with Adam and Sharon, and the b.s. that Griffith wants Sharon & Adam to be a couple, plus the whole Abby and Chance being parents with surrogate Mariah, sperm donor Devon, but no Chance on the show, the overplaying of several characters and characters like Paul disappearing,, proves he is NOT a good writer at all, and should be fired. Agreed Paul Raven!
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