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  1. AMC's Mona, Ruth, Erica & Angie. ATWT's Nancy, Kim DAYS' Alice, Caroline, Julie, Hope GH's Elizabeth, Lila ONE LIFE's Viki Y&R Lily, Victoria
  2. I think it could be Michael Easton(Finn, GH), who hopefully would never return. He's left a couple of times at least, the first time when he played John McBain, the second time as Silas Clay. If it is Chandler Massey(Will), I hope DAYS re-casts Will with a new actor (not Guy Wilson), and doesn't "kill off" Will again.
  3. Hopefully, Billy Miller stays on GH as Drew, or if he leaves, he goes to DAYS as a Phillip Kiriakis re-cast. Jason Thompson IMHO is the best Billy Abbott ever, and I liked Billy Miller in the role. I don't think it's Y&R. It's GH I think. Tyler Christopher back as Nikolas Cassadine.
  4. Glad Rebecca Budig is back as Hayden. She's Elizabeth's half sister plus loved Budig as Greenlee on AMC. I do think they should've had her play Sarah Webber instead of creating Hayden.
  5. Who's Stephen Nicholas, lol? Any way, glad Stephen Nichols is back.
  6. Great News! DAYS should've NEVER dropped him!
  7. Glad she is. Love Melissa Claire Egan since ALL MY CHILDREN as Annie Novak. Makes sense Chelsea's back with Adam back.
  8. If Christel Khalil doesn't want to contract, then bring back Davetta Sherwood, or re-cast. B&B's Karla Moseley would be good as I've read elsewhere. Do not ax Charlie & Mattie. Cane, I'm ok with axing, since the character has been proven to be a horn dog, poor excuse of a husband. Lily should've divorced him after his affair that resulted in baby Sam. I also think Y&R should bring back Keemo. I hate when important characters are "in neverland".
  9. AMC and ONE LIFE should've NEVER been canceled to begin with. GH had lower ratings when both got the axe, and both were far better. Cancel the Noon Michael Strahan show, and maybe GH too, lol, or THE VIEW.
  10. Agreed about the middle eastern thing. If they re-cast Lily, why not just bring back Davetta Sherwood!?
  11. Some rumors say she may be a Lily re-cast, replacing Christel Khalil?
  12. I think Corday has a great case. Anyone can compare DAYS to Y&R and see the HUUUGGE differences in sets, clothing, hair, plus the distribution deal. IF Sony gave as much money to DAYS as Y&R their sets, clothing and hair would be vastly improved. Plus DAYS could afford to take off 3 or 4 months off so they would NOT be so damned far ahead.
  13. Cait Fairbanks is a good actress, has great chemistry with Camryn Grimes(Mariah). Hilary?? Hilary treated much more worse!
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