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  1. David_Vickers

    Canceled soap you miss the most?

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE, with ALL MY CHILDREN just about tied. ABC should bring 'em back. They should have canceled GH, and put the best few on AMC or ONE LIFE. And by best, I do NOT mean Maurice Benard(Sonny) or Steve Burton(Jason), Burton should've stayed on Y&R as Dylan, liked his acting and Dylan better than dull, stoic Jason.
  2. David_Vickers

    Days: 1/7/19. Weekly Preview

    Paul Telfer looks much better with the long locks. He needs to grow the hair out again.
  3. Awesome New!!! Great cast pic btw. Who on Earth are the blonde woman and African-American woman in the back ? New castmembers? Staff?
  4. David_Vickers

    In Memoriam 2018

    1 additon, Frank Parker (ex-Shawn Brady, DAYS, ex-Paddy Kelly, GH), And it is Peggy McCAY (not McKAY).
  5. David_Vickers

    B&B: Actor Leaving

    Hopefully GH will bring back Ingo Rademacher as Jax, on contract this time!
  6. David_Vickers

    Days: 12/17/2018 Weekly Preview

    I agree wholeheartedly!!! Can't Stefan just kill the bitch?! LOL.
  7. David_Vickers

    Days: 12/17/2018 Weekly Preview

    DAYS needs to axe Gabi. Trying to kill Julie TWICE!! OMG, get this murdering bitch off the show!!
  8. David_Vickers

    GH: Role Recast?

    Tajh Bellow (Nu TJ) looks more age appropriate as TJ than Antione Grant. Wonder who Antione Grant will be? Maybe Tom Hardy Jr? Let's hope!
  9. David_Vickers

    TV Show Whose Decline Saddens You the Most

    I still love THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Drew Carey is a great host. The show recently got a stage makeover beginning this season . Also still love SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE. Kate McKinnon is AWESOME, Also love Alec Baldwin as Trump. But on topic, DALLAS and FALCON CREST both were ruined before they ended up getting canceled, ATWT pretty much too. PRIMETIME, I agree about 227 and the "new" additions to the cast. HAWAII FIVE 0 is hit and miss now. Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park leaving, after the show refused to give them more money, which IMHO was b.s. and maybe racist., with the new characters Tani & Junor not as interesting. Barely can stand Beulah Kole who plays Junior. Also, hate the attempts at comedy the show ventures off on every now and then.
  10. David_Vickers


    Victoria & Billy again, WTF??? So Y&R is going to ruin Tessa, make her the blackmailer, even though I'd liked her & Mariah as a couple. Sucks. SONY, CBS FIRE MAL YOUNG!! ASAP!!
  11. David_Vickers

    Days: New Role Cast

    Glad that DAYS is getting a new Asian character and a love interest for JJ, but really was wanting JJ and Theresa to get together, and a return for Jen Lilley or a re-cast . Maybe Haley will be Paul's cousin? Or maybe D.A. Melinda Trask's daughter?
  12. David_Vickers

    GH: Role Recast?

    Hopefully this means GH is going to give TJ and Molly more storyline! Looks more like Shawn. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8248853/mediaviewer/rm3450682368
  13. David_Vickers

    Days of Our Lives News: A New EJ DiMera?

    Xander is currently on the show.
  14. David_Vickers

    Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    Rest In Peace Dear Peggy McCay. Miss her as Caroline, especially every time the Brady Pub is shown. Hopefully, when DAYS does honor McCay and Caroline with Caroline's funeral/Peggy McCay tribute, most of the Bradys will be back. Hoping Stephen Nichols (Steve) is back by then. I hope for Patsy Pease(Kimberly), Charles Shaughnessy(Shane), Billy Warlock(Frankie), Jen Lilley(Theresa), Christie Clark (Carrie), Austin Peck(Austin), Shelley Hennig(Stephanie) to all come back. And of course Brandon Beemer(Shawn) & Martha Madison(Belle), who both should be back on contract! Maybe DAYS can get Darin Brooks (Max) from B&B to make a guest stint. It would be an excellent time to bring in Andrew Donovan too. Rachel Melvin(Chelsea) is another possible one too, maybe even Julie Pinson (Billie), who I'd much rather be back on the show than Lisa Rinna.