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  1. Hope both AMC and ONE LIFE return and to hour formats. It would be a good idea to maybe rerun the last week of ABC's AMC and ONE LIFE, and if they continue the stories on the reboots, rerun those as well, then go to a special episode of each maybe 90 min or 2 hrs, as a catch up of each series, then start off in present day after that.
  2. I wonder if Nate could be Elena's uncle? If not, I have no clue, unless they're casting her uncle too.
  3. Hell NO, don't connect Brytni Sarpy's character to the Rosaleses. Oh Lord, Party FOUL!
  4. The Freaking Rosaleses, Especially Mia and Rey have taken over. Plus too much Lola, whom I'm tired of, and Arturo, who I like the best of the bunch. Please, when Mal Young's stories end, please, pretty please, pretty damn freaking please, fire Jordi Vilasuso and kill off Rey, and the same for Noemi Gonzales (Mia), and drop Alice Hunter(Kerry) as well. At least the Rosaleses can act, Alice Hunter cannot. She's way too young for Jack, either re-cast with an older good actress, or just axe the character. Put Doug Davidson(Paul), Lauralee Bell(Christine) & Tracey E. Bregman(Lauren) and Christian LeBlanc(Michael) back on contract, as well as Christel Khalil(Lily or re-cast if Khalil truly doesn't want back on contract, doubt it, if do re-cat, either Davetta Sherwood or someone about 10 yrs. older than Khalil. Then bring back Heather (Vail Bloom or Jennifer Landon), Daniel (Michael Grazeidei or re-cast if he's not willing to come back), and maybe Scott.
  5. Good for Brytni Sarpy. GH misused for a long time. It was a great idea wasted of GH having Valerie & Kristina being a couple.
  6. I freaking love Robin Strasser and miss ONE LIFE TO LIVE like crazy. Robin would be a great Vivian Alamain. I also think she might be playing Gabrielle Pascal, to make her mother to Eve, since Stasser and Kassie DePaiva were aunt and niece Dorian and Blair on ONE LIFE.
  7. Definitely NO to a re-cast of Neil, in respect to Krisoff St. John. However, I would bring on a great re-cast for his brother, Malcolm Winters. Someone more in the line of Shemar Moore, and definitely not the horrible re-cast that was previously done. Peter Parros would be a good option agreed. Anthony Montgomery (ex-Andre, DAYS) , Real Andrews (exTaggert, GH, ex AMC, DAYS and currently on THE BAY), Alimi Ballard (ex-Frankie< AMC), or Cornelius Smith Jr (ex-Frankie AMC).
  8. Oh NO! So sad to hear. He's always been one of my favorites on Y&R. Depression is such a cruel illness. He is now at peace. Y&R will be missing a true star and I believe he was a good man. I think he never got over his son's death (from suicide) . Now that this has happened, I'm wondering if his absence of late from Y&R was due to him taking another leave due to his mental health. Y&R better play a great tribute to this man. I bet Shemar Moore(ex-Malcolm), Tonya Lee Williams (ex-Olivia), Debbi Morgan (ex-Harmony), and Victoria Rowell (ex-Dru) will all gladly return for a tribute episode. Rest In Peace Kristoff St. John.
  9. RIP (Rest In Peace) Candi Earley. Loved her on AMC as Donna Beck Tyler Cortlandt Sago Tyler.
  10. Hope Paul is returning. And NO serial killer storyline.
  11. I hope this isn't true. Love VictoriaKonefal as Ciara. If so, they better find another great re-cast Will miss Nadia Bjorlin(Chloe) who should've not been axed, same goes with the prior axing of Bryan Dattilo(Ex-Lucas). Maybe they'll write Chloe off with Stefan, since Brandon Barash(Stefan) is out too apparently, or maybe Bryan comes back for a bit as Lucas and they reunite and leave town for their happy ever after? I am ok with Lucas Adams(Tripp) out, he should've been a Joey re-cast instead. Axing Olivia Keegan(Claire) is stupid if she was fired (maybe she left on her own to go to college as some sites are hinting at), probably Tripp & Claire leave town together. If not maybe a recast for Claire?
  12. I put my 2 cents in, including less newbies, more concentration on vets, also mentioned the treatment of Doug Davidson.
  13. ONE LIFE TO LIVE, with ALL MY CHILDREN just about tied. ABC should bring 'em back. They should have canceled GH, and put the best few on AMC or ONE LIFE. And by best, I do NOT mean Maurice Benard(Sonny) or Steve Burton(Jason), Burton should've stayed on Y&R as Dylan, liked his acting and Dylan better than dull, stoic Jason.
  14. Paul Telfer looks much better with the long locks. He needs to grow the hair out again.
  15. Awesome New!!! Great cast pic btw. Who on Earth are the blonde woman and African-American woman in the back ? New castmembers? Staff?
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