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  1. Sounds like Justin Hartley changed after his success and probably took up with someone else.
  2. Seen a recent YouTube interview with DAYS cast members and Eric Martsolf has grown the beard out again, and it's fuller than he's every worn it.
  3. Hmmmmm Justin Hartley seems like he may be more like Adam than we thought. Something's weird with him lying that they've been separated since 7/8, and they've been seen together several times since then.
  4. GH is stupid. Rebecca Budig is very talented and love Hayden. GH should be axing much, much others.
  5. Y&R should put Zach Tinker back on contract as Fen. It was stupid and ignorant how they treated him and Lorna Lott(ex-Ana). They both should be front and center.
  6. Looks to be a great re-cast! He's got a mix of Coltin Scott/Stephen Martines and Tyler Christopher. Hope he's a good actor. I do think it's a shame the show didn't give Nick Stabile a contract to play Nikolas, he was good in the role and had great chemistry with Maura West(Ava).
  7. Wow, sounds like I made a good decision to quit GH. Sad they're ruining Monica like that.
  8. Glad to see Daniel Goddard and Cane gone. Y&R should re-cast Lily since Christel Khalil doesn't want to be on the show permanently anymore. I used to like Goddard & Cane, but the writing of Cane has made him a total douche, and looks like for a reason since Goddard seems like he is in real life too, especially the way he treated Beth Maitland!
  9. Buh Bye. Once liked him, but got sick of him, especially after his treatment of Beth Maitland.
  10. I freaking hate the return of Princess Gina, which is my least fave Hope storyline, or was before the horrible Ted Laurent crap. Who's that with Brady & Victor in those pics? Nicole? Ariane Zucker(Nicole) with a wig, or Stacy Haiduk(Kristen), although looks like neither.
  11. Stupid if he is another bastard son for John. Already done with Paul, and almost Leo!
  12. I wonder if she's back for good, back on contract. If so, Christel Khlalil back on contract is a great thing. Now bring back Ana, and the Ashby twins and bring back writing for them all! Also bring back Reed, and one of the Fens.
  13. I dropped this show, AGAIN. It's a mess, Shiloh has lasted way too long, the baby-switch mess way too long, Joss's depression over Oscar too long, Franco getting Drew's memories is idiotic, the treatment of Billy Miller is idiotic, Ryan still on the show is idiotic (plus he should've killed more of the cast), too many cast members (esp. those with NO ties to anyone), Dev, giving Maura West(Ava) nothing, the continual worshiping at the feet of Sonny & Jason, the stupid faux wedding of Mike & what's her name, and on and on.
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