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  1. I'm hoping for a permanent recast. Vaughan seems uninterested in returning full-time. I also would like to see Will & Sonny (Chandler Massey & Zach Tinker) to return fulltime. Plus Arianna, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey preferably, if not how about Melissa Archer), a re-cast Rex(maybe Ryan Paevey or Robert Adamson), plus SORAS Parker Jonas, Holly Jonas, Sydney DiMera, & Joy Wesley.
  2. Great idea. Under a different regime, one could hope that a resurgence of the Brooks family would happen.
  3. I bet Jordan will be recast in a few months. She did pretty good in the role, however she was much too young for the role. Hopefully the future nu Jordan will be more age appropriate. Some possibilities, Ellen Bethea (ex-Rachel, OLTL), Tina Andrews (ex-Valerie, DAYS), Daphnee Duplaix(ex-Rachel, OLTL), Karla Mosely (ex-Maya Avant Forrester, B&B, ex-Amanda fill-in, Y&R), ....
  4. Surprised of the axing of Jamie Gray Hyder, I really like her on the show. BUT I am SO GLAD that Demore Barnes is OUT. I never liked him, he is cold, and stiff. I am wondering who will be coming to the show to take their places in the cast.
  5. I definitely am glad. Now DAYS bring back Cady McClain as Jenn, put Matt Ashford back on contract, and bring back JJ, Casey Moss playing him or recast, if he's not wanting to return and concentrate on his rock n roll career.
  6. C'mon GH, learn how to write people off permanently. First Peter, now Cyrus. SMFH!
  7. Good casting by looks. Robert Adamson was always too old for Noah, and in the last couple years, it showed, although I liked him as an actor. Hopefully we will see Adamson somewhere.
  8. Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison are on contract and have been for over a year.
  9. Glad, I predict a wedding. I think with a different regime, Hunter King and Michael Mealor would've never left in the first place.
  10. Co-signed!!!! It is a DISGRACE for Matt Ashford to be off-contract and ESPECIALLY if it's because Missy Reeves doesn't want to return. DAYS, be smart, put Matt back on contract, and re-hire Cady McClain! Maybe this is a temp thing, and Matt will go back on contract, especially if Missy returns on contract.
  11. I'm okay with Vivian, maybe Nicholas returning, but HELL NO to Lawrence Alamain being back from the dead, and especially Crystal Chappell ever to be back as Carly. If Carly must be brought back, and I don't see why she should or would, then re-cast.
  12. AGREED! I used to be a big fan of Ingo Rademacher as Jax, UNTIL I found out what a Trumper and Q-Anon crazy he is. I think Jax has ran his course, instead of recasting (which I once thought would be best), it would be great to have Jax be a mob casualty. Maybe he dies saving Carly's life, or he's shot mistaken for Jason. I agree Lindsey Morgan was much better as Kristina, than the over-hyped, Lexi Ainsworth. So pissed and NOT surprised that Peter is alive. Must be nice being Laura Wright's boyfriend? Right Wes Ramsey?
  13. Sounds like maybe a 1 day return. Hopefully that's it.
  14. Glad Rogers is back. He should've NEVER been suspended when he spoke the truth about Wes Ramsey. He should be ON CONTRACT.
  15. AWESOME! Cannot wait for this, and Tara & Sally getting their comeuppance. Surely Jack will leave the money hungry almost young enough to be his granddaughter Sally ALONE! Pair her with Adam, a returned Noah ,or a returned Daniel!
  16. Glad I don't watch B&B. IF Kimberlin Brown were coming back, I'd quit the show.
  17. Great casting news. Shows someone at DAYS must be watching these boards here and elsewhere. First Cady McClain was picked as Jennifer when the role had to be recast, now one of the top mentions for a Sonny recast, Grant Tinker is the Nu Sonny! Awesome. Glad to see Lisa Rinna, Austin Peck, Christie Clark back too. And then we get the shocker of Eileen Davidson back as Kristen, which I didn't think would ever happen again. I just wonder if Stacy Haiduk is out. IF not, it is pretty shitty for DAYS to be doing this to her.
  18. Josh Morrow(Nick) was very likely on a break, he took Summer to Italy, and wasn't seen most of that time Summer was off. And before that he wasn't seen too much. WOW lousy Elizabeth Lenier(Tara) is tied for #1 for the 2nd month in a row!?!!? WTF?? Is she banging someone at Sony, CBS or behind the scenes of Y&R? Worst actress by far on the show. Hopefully she's gone once Hunter King(Summer) and Michael Mealor(Kyle) leave.
  19. Me too, just SMFH at the hate. I loved Gina Tognoni as Phyllis and I love Michelle Stafford as Phylls too.
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