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  1. There is ALOT I wanna say, but its 3:30 am and I just wanna say that I wanna keep this place alive and I miss it all! I missed out on posting for years, but I was always lurking! So let's keep this alive as possible
  2. Hey! I'm kinda known for popping in on occasion and I honestly hate to ask since I'm never replying on the regular but its kinda urgent and important to me. Does anyone here have the last Luke and Tracy scenes? They are NOWHERE on YouTube -.-
  3. Sorry I haven't been posting, especially since I'm posting my own fanfic link! A little sad and self promotion :/ LuAnn if you want fanfic I have some. Also go under the GH category and go under Tracy in the character filters and a few should come up. Ms.Q also has a few fics https://m.fanfiction.net/u/3881884/ Its my profile and it consists of GH (obviously, Tracy+Tracy/Luke centric) and american horror story I'll stop in again to make a longer post soon!
  4. So it's me again, dropping in after months of not posting on here. I'm always on the board reading what you all are posting but never giving my opinion. A silent watcher. I've obviously missed alot by not posting, like Tony's leave which has got me super upset. Well wishes for him, it was just the worst blow after the fact that Jessica is leaving AHS and Finola is gone as well. I came in to this show on a Luke & Tracy relationship and hopefully it will end on that note. I wrote Tony a letter and mentioned Jane alot and Luke & Tracy as well. Tracy has been getting some good screen time which I greatly appreciate. Dillon back is AMAZING, I just miss SC. Glad that Nathan Parsons and JJ are back for Tony. I miss Ethan Aside from GH, I hope all of you are well and good And another thing, I know I already mentioned it once, but my L&T fanfic is solid & found it's true place in my writing repertoire. I've gotten some pretty decent feedback on it. If anyone is interested I'll just leave it here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11197093/1/A-Labor-of-Lunacy
  5. Hello, hello, hello all! So it is I, infamous for leaving for very long periods of time and then dropping in to say hi again and catch up. I've never seriously mentioned how much I enjoy this board but I very much do! Gh is pretty ehh right now but I'm enjoying all of the Corinthos chaos! All 4 of those actors play off as family very well. Congrats to Chad Duel, Maura West, Donna Mills and Tony Geary for their Emmy wins! I'm upset that Jane probably won't be on for the live show or the Nurses ball It's always fun to see all the characters attending the events, and not to mention, just seeing Tracy on-screen. Since the last time I posted on here back in Feb, I mentioned how I fell into American Horror Story and Jessica Lange and to reply to you halee I was also disappointed in Freak Show, but I did enjoy it, especially Elsa. Ahs never fails to deliver! I'm still sad about jess leaving but I understand and respect her decision. My life has been busy and eventful. A few birthdays, including mine. Spring Break was awesome this year! I went to a Fleetwood Mac concert and it was the best experience of my life, hands down. I've never mentioned my love for them on here before but Stevie has been there for me since childhood and I hadn't even known it at the time. I love the band so much so that was a very, very special moment for me. All of my favorites have a special place in my heart. Anywho, enough about me. What about you guys? How are you, what's up? What have I missed? Thanks for the interview hooked! Oh I almost forgot! I actually published a "new" GH fanfic! Tracy (and Luke) centered obviously. (I put new like that because it been literal years since I updated or even posted on my other GH fics) It was months in the making but I had a super hard time starting it. I've also written for AHS. My writing career has grown TREMENDOUSLY! If you all want to read it here's the link It's just gaining it's footing. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11197093/1/A-Labor-of-Lunacy
  6. Woah. I guess I'm back! Does anyone remember me? Well I'm sorry I haven't properly posted on here since a true year! I did check in once mid-year last year but just for the Emmy's and a few little updates. No real posts. Happy new year! Merry Christmas! Happy 4th of July! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy/Merry all of the holidays I missed by not being on here! Sooooo much has happened within the 2 years I haven't really been on here. Fandom/ television wise, all I have to say is horror; mainly American horror story & Jessica Lange. Very much Jessica Lange. Personally, a lot as well. I mean for the first time ever, I didn't set a 2015 new years resolution. I cannot stress the amount of events that have happened that I would very much like to share with you all. My first real fandom family. My writing career has expanded vastly. I never knew how much, writing would be a part of my life. As for General Hospital, I'm still and always will be, always has been, Tracy pro & LuNacy pro. There has never been a time where I wasn't. I was even watching todays Gh while I was typing some of this. Tracy is and always will be for Luke, and Luke needs to be straightened out already! We've endured two years of this torture! Around the beginning of this year/late of last year I mellowed back into gh. For almost the entire year of 2014 and some of 2013 I fell out of the loop (why I stopped coming here), and American horror story took tha=e place of gh's wholeness, bc it was such a mess and lackluster and bs mostly around that time. I was tired, and I've a;ways enjoyed horror, not to mention I wanted to watch the show in 2011 but I didn't want anyone in my family questioning what I was watching (and for good reason). And 2013 Oct. when I watched Ahs on a very 2 minute short notice through twitter, I watched and was hooked. That summer I even watched 4 episodes of the first season but my amazon prime trial expired and forgot about it til that October. I had even said a few times on here how I fell into ahs and Jessica Lange. But I never fell out of Gh or Jane. I have soooo much more to say but I guess this was my intro back? I've been in touch with ReginaMonsoon on twitter and Ms.Q on tumblr; Glad for both of those two I'm probably gonna type more about my life in the past two years soon just this is an intro lol
  7. Yay!! I'm just hoping and praying that she wins! Sorry I haven't been posting! I'm just starting to re - customize my twitter, tumblr and this profile.
  8. ^^Agree. And ugghh, I really would hate to see a recast
  9. I seriously want Dillion to come back. I love nee but Dillion like died. Can that be a storyline?
  10. Wow, it's been literally forever since I watched gh and was genuinely interested which was great because I've been just deciding to return from my gh hiatus. They always make me smile more than I should. My true otp. I will never be over them tbh. And I'm also freaking out over Jane submitting to the Emmy's??!? I really want her to win, I have everything crossed a person can cross! I can't wait to see her all dressed up
  11. Seriously! It's so not right when she's not on screen for so long! And although thatch be true Jessica's performance on American horror story deserved an emmy or sag award (also the show itself) Seriously! It's so not right when she's not on screen for so long! And although thatch be true Jessica's performance on American horror story deserved an emmy or sag award (also the show itself) Seriously! It's so not right when she's not on screen for so long! And although thatch be true Jessica's performance on American horror story deserved an emmy or sag award (also the show itself)
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