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  1. Wow! I can't believe she's gone. I deleted GH from my dvr today. I've been lurking here for a long time and I have really enjoyed this group. Will the group still be here where we can stop by and say hi every now and then? I do wish Jane all the best, she deserves it!
  2. Does anyone have any idea of when we might see Tracy again on the air?
  3. No I meant the channel under Ms Quartermaine on youtube. I just figured that was you - maybe not!
  4. Thanks Partyperson25! I actually just read some of yours yesterday when I was on my search and the one that held me captive was 30 chapters long - but you left her in the nuthouse!!! Maybe there is another chapter that I didn't see or that is posted somewhere else??? Please?? It was really good!! And you should really finish it if she's still in the nuthouse - she can't stay there with Laura! :-( (LOL) Thanks for writing and sharing your talent with me. I've been lurking Ms. Quartermaine - I check in on ya'll all of the time to see what Jane is up to - especially since General Hospital is so stupid now. If I see that ya'll say she was on one day - I go look for that day somewhere and watch it. I'm actually subscribed to all the channels you listed from youtube - including yours (I guess it's yours) and I love the fan videos. We should make a site where we could just put some clips up for us to watch like you tube - they get away with it on that site - couldn't we do that on our own site? Just a thought.... Back to lurking now.....
  5. Hi everyone I've pretty much given up on GH's future and now I only enjoy watching old clips. Does anyone have any good Jane clips posted anywhere other than you tube? I think I've watched all those several times! What about fanfic? I need something new!
  6. I agree - she stole that scene - and the show!
  7. I'm doing okay.....I've been lurking too. So is Tony leaving? Does anyone know what is going on with that storyline? Pat's role didn't last long - but it served a purpose I guess. Ms Q I'll try to transcribe the speech for you - it is hard to understand......
  8. Where has everyone gone? No new posts here in days!!
  9. It looks like everyone I knew who used to post General Hospital on you tube has been deleted for copyright violations. Does anyone know of someone else who is posting it and maybe posting the name another way?
  10. Leslie Charleson I'm sad to hear about Soap Opera Weekly Magazine's demise. Another hit to daytime.
  11. Does anyone have any idea when all this Jason and Sam honeymoon and Lisa and the boring boat crap is gonna be over and something interesting will actually happen???? I watched the entire last week in about 2 minutes a day...... (crap is not my choice word - but they edit my choice word out with all these weird symbols!!!)
  12. Maybe I'm speaking out of line because I'm new here and so many have been here a long time - but I have read a lot of the comments made from years back on this board and I don't understand why people on a Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest board seem to keep saying they hope Jane doesn't renew her contract or hope she is leaving and things like that.....maybe it's just me - but that's very confusing!
  13. so is that maybe 4 days out of 5 for the week of the 29th or will they lump everything into about 2? I can hope for 4 - most of the other stuff is boring to me - how many times can Sonny try to kill Jax or get arrested and it be interesting???? And Liz and Lucky are boring - maybe because I don't care for the character of Liz at all - and Carly - wow she just gets on my last nerve - why does she get so much air time???? How many times can you say "I'm part of Jason's life whether you like it or not?" and do people really care? I don't - I'll be really excited to see Tracy tomorrow and Friday - she brings so much to the screen - not just in the scene itself - but when she has a scene with Lulu for instance - the way Jane can play it - you can feel the love and concern she has for her - and she never has to say it - it's just there - in her eyes.....Her eyes have always amazed me - she can tell more with her eyes than most of them could say with 10 pages of dialogue.....Sorry didn't mean to go on so much - but I just watched today's episode and most of it I found so boring even though the writing is so much better - the characters are dead to me.....
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