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  1. She's baaaaack! So far, Tracy has been on 11/30 (very briefly), 12/01, 12/10, and 12/11. She is also in the previews for 12/14. She hasn't received a lot of screentime, but it's so nice to see Jane Elliot as Tracy again. Hope everyone is well. :)
  2. Right clicking and opening a new tab doesn't work for me, but I'm also on my phone, so maybe that has something to do with it. Tracy's return...
  3. To everyone celebrating, Merry Christmas! ILTQ, I still can't read replies, but I do see that you've responded. I keep getting an error message. Anyway, to answer your question, you can see the Christmas Carol episode on Instagram (it's sped up and the audio doesn't sync with the video, but it's something). You have to do a search for "Tracyquartermaine." You can see her return that aired in Canada below... https://mobile.twitter.com/FrizFans/status/1209204371239493632
  4. It's been awhile since I've posted here (I've been lurking though...) Just some comments about HRC, the electoral college, et. al... When Hillary blames the loss on other factors, she is basing this on Nate Silver's analysis and possibly others (though his is the only name I can recall). Yes, she made mistakes and admitted as much, but those mistakes wouldn't have mattered if the election was held on October 27th. Plus, mistakes are common during a campaign, but I get the impression that Hillary was supposed to be perfect and not make any. Meanwhile, there
  5. nex and LuAnn, so good to "see" you both again!!! ILTQ, I'll be thinking of you this Mother's Day. *hugs* And you're right. GH did seem to undo the plaque falling. She just blacked out and hallucinated apparently, and Dillon wondered if doing the right thing caused her to have some kind of nervous breakdown. I have 2 questions... Question #1: How did we go from "I've been a horrible person, let me give the painting to Samira" to "I'm at peace and done chasing my father's love?" Question #2: And I wonder why Tracy didn't investigate S
  6. The Samira thing was dumb. Absolutely no point. Tracy didn't need to prove that she could do the right thing because she's actually done the right thing a lot in her latest (and longest) stint. She had her moments in the early 90s too. I don't know what the "perfect" exit would have been, but definitely not this. When JE was asked about her exit story and what she thought, she said something like, "It works well enough." To me, that's a classy way of saying "It was f---'n ridiculous."
  7. Figures. Silly of them to even put that promo on today: "General Hospital, Farewell to Tracy, Next on ABC." Except not.
  8. TL, I believe the date that truenorth provided is correct. Also, AJ's plaque definitely hit Tracy, but I guess the scenes were filmed out of order, and someone forgot to put the plaque back on the ground at the end. slick jones, 2 episodes would have been good. They could have also used the extra time for her to defend herself (show some positive clips?). And I agree about Sonny and Nathan. Sean K. as the prosecutor never came to mind, but it would have been better to have only Q's in those scenes. I missed the other episodes with Ashton (I have them on my DVR still),
  9. truenorth, congratulations on your twins!!! --------------------------------------------------------------- I can't believe that next week is Jane's final episode. I've been on this board since February 2004 (though all members had to re-register in 2005), and even though it's been "dead" for at least the last year, that hasn't stopped me from lurking. 13 years is a long time, and I've never been more involved in a fandom that this one...posting in the forum, creating music videos, writing fan fiction, remember chatting in the "break room?" Again, none of this has happe
  10. Thanks! (and thanks for sharing that episode) I think I need to update my avatar and signature with something more recent...I do wonder how that Paul/Tracy/Laura triangle would have worked out if Maura hadn't wanted to be paired with Burgi - or so the story goes. As for the last couple months, I gotta check episode counts to see how she made out for 2016...
  11. That's a good point. A colleague of mine who supported Bernie, voted Stein, saying Trump and Clinton were both terrible candidates. Another, who also supported Bernie, told me over the summer she may have to vote for Trump because she just doesn't like Hillary. I encouraged her to research and look at the issues. These colleagues are both in their younger 20s for what it's worth. The second one would later say she didn't like Trump, but she and I never discussed who she voted for. Back to third party candidates... If people truly believed in what Stein or J
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