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  1. I really liked the ELQ board meeting stuff. I laughed out loud when Brook made the "fish and chips" comment to the ELQ counsel, the guy Pascal. Tracy looked at him right after Brook said that and said "don't look at me, that girl is all Ned". That's my girl !!!
  2. Thanks for the clips and the help, everyone. I too am not motivated at all to watch the show without Tracy. I tried watching the 12/23/19 on the ABC website and it was just painful. I don't mean the episode was bad, I mean watching it on the website was just not worth it. I am going to be picky now and say whoever did Jane's makeup that day used a foundation too orangey for her skin. It was distracting. Otherwise, she looked great. I was kind of underwhelmed overall, though. I wanted more out of her scenes. I like her chemistry with the actress who plays Brook Lynn. I do feel at this point, Jane was just a stunt and they are not really going to use her. I am curious about ratings for the week she showed up, if there was any bump.
  3. Ms.Q I got your message. It's cool, no worries. So did anyone watch today, and how can I watch for free, is there a way ? I thought you used to be able to watch GH on ABC.com for free, but it takes a few days ? And I know it used to be on Hulu, but I don't have a Hulu subscription anymore. I have seen the pics, and JE looks GORGEOUS. Would that I can rock silver hair that way when I get to be her age.
  4. Sounds good, I will keep a watch out next week, looking forward to it. Truenorth, I would like to read your fics, and I will comment when I do. I am up to my ears right now, it most likely will be after Christmas.
  5. Oh goodness, IDK why I've been thinking so much about TQ or this place lately. I hope everyone is doing well, if there's lurking going on. Thank you hooked for the well wishes about my house, two years later LOL !! I am enjoying it, it's kinda nice to have a home of my own, I *almost* feel grown up. Thanksgiving will be here again this year ! Cherish your family and friends ya'll. I miss my mama and my dad the most at this time of year. Lots of littler ones (nieces and nephews) have come along to love, but still.....it can be hard at the holidays when you are missing loved ones. *Hugs* to all.
  6. Thank you for posting that ! I guess no one posts here anymore-we should do a Tracy clip a thon one day or something. Or a list of favorite pairings/scenes, just for old times sake. I hope everyone is doing well, if anyone is lurking here anymore. I recently bought my first house and have been busy with that. Had my first Thanksgiving there last week-the house didn't burn, the food didn't burn. I consider that a raging success.
  7. Thank you, it's appreciated more than you know. I hope everyone else had a good Mother's Day, whether you are a mother or not. hooked-not sure a life coach is what I need-but I do feel I'm on the verge of some kind of major change. It can't come soon enough-I'm in a rut-but I say that every other month because I get bored so easily. Routine of any kind is not my friend. My thoughts on JE's last show: I got a little teary-more than I thought I would. I loved the goodbyes, all of them. JE and WK just about did me in-I cried the hardest when he teared up. You could tell it was "real". The group hug tore at my heart. Sad little goodbye to Finn. No more board games. I would have loved more with Tracy/Lulu, Tracy/Hayden and Tracy/Michael. She should have had longer goodbye scenes with them all-stretched out over several days. I didn't even mind so much of Laura in Tracy's last days. Some Laura/GF fans are good eggs, and I enjoyed talking with them. Others of them? Not so much. I haven't watched GH since she left, not in a hurry to, either. I do think I'll order some Tracy edit DVD's. And I'll tune in for the Niv wedding, if we get one. But I kinda think Olivia is horribly boring, so I hope we don't. Still, if it gets the Quartermaines more focus, eh. I can live with it. I hope everyone is doing well, I look forward to any fan fictions anyone might be inspired to write.
  8. Truenorth congrats on your babies, that's wonderful. Big wave hello to everyone here. Yep, today is Jane's last day. I'm relieved, happy for her, sad too. I've been especially emotional the past few weeks the closer we get to Mother's Day, facing my first without my mama. It's been pretty rough, and I say that as someone who is not ashamed to cry. Jane leaving is also like a death in a way, because this time, I have very little hope if any, that she will be back. All the times before, there was was at least that. Now, I doubt the show will last long enough for her to ever do so. And in her interviews, she seems pretty definite on not acting anymore-at least not on GH. So yeah, yesterday I did weep a bit. It's interesting what hooked said, that Jane was there when she needed her and is going out now that she doesn't. Sometimes though, we don't get a choice about when we have to let go-and that's my situation here. Jane was on so infrequently since really for the whole entire time of this run, that it was hard to get as attached as I did back in the late eighties/early nineties. So it will be easier to let her go now. I will miss Tracy and her family, Tracy and her friends. I think the people in the room yesterday were the people that needed to be there-no more, no less. Would have loved to see Brook Lynn come back briefly, though. Oh, well. I feel the "story" they have given her has been a lame joke, but as always, Jane is making diamonds out of coal. No surprise there. I think we are supposed to assume now that the plaque never really knocked her out-she just had, as she put it yesterday, a "hallucination"(isn't that what she said?). Samira was pointless. I didn't like most of the clips-most of them were not great choices-I was confused as to why they picked the ones they did. Anyway-today's the day. Would be nice if we all still check in from time to time-would love to read what you all are up to. Been nice chatting with you all over the years. I am very inspired by Jane's reinvention of herself now as well-I too have been contemplating the same thing, but I have been traveling for my job almost every day, so making plans for the future is on the side(not back) burner for now. I loved her quote about her education, because going back to school is something I am contemplating. I hope everyone is well. We will have to gather and dish on what we thought about the last episode.
  9. Has Jane even been on in this entire month? If so, I missed it. Stupid show. At this point, by the time she leaves, people will be like, "Tracy who?" Ms.Q, I PM'd you.
  10. Aw Ms.Q that Burgi quote makes me miss Tracy/Paul SO much. Thanks for posting the AMC clip, DRW50. So, who is enjoying Tracy and Hayden? I kinda like them and Finn together, but hate that they won't write for Tracy. Stupid show. Still, JE has had awesome stuff the last month or two. It could be(and has been) worse. Ms.Q, I left you a PM.
  11. Jane has had some great stuff the past few months. Sorry I have not posted here much, so much going on IRL and with the holidays and all. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, had a good Thanksgiving, and here's to a great Christmas and Happy New Year. I am anxious for 2017. It's going to be a year of change in many ways. Here's hoping they are good ones. And yes Ms.Q, happy late birthday !
  12. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so the rumor of Jane retiring doesn't mean much to me unless there are concrete details about when. Sure, she's probably *thinking* about retiring, and God willing, will retire one day. Besides, we knew about TG retiring MONTHS ahead of time. So it will be with Jane, unless she herself says to keep it secret until the end, and why would she? I really don't think Frank Valentini is that dumb, to not give the mags and the fans a heads up in advance to prepare to say goodbye. She's the current oldest contract cast member, and the longest contract character in terms of years of show history. He'd be foolish to just drop a line in SOD the week before she's out. Then again, a lot of the stuff he has done has been very foolish. I still doubt it's going to be anytime in the next few months. Her contract is up for renewal-or it is close to that time-and talks start months ahead of time. Jane would have told them then, I think. We'd already know by now. Mags typically don't comment any more about an actor signing a new contract, only when they are coming and going. Either way, I do think the viewers would know a few months ahead of time, especially considering they tape about six weeks ahead, and stories are written months in advance. So for now, we're safe. Personally, as long as they keep giving her good material like she's gotten the past month, I want her to stay until GH ends, if SHE wants to.
  13. Jane has just been awesome recently. No posts in two weeks here? :(( I hate what they did to Paul. Even if Richard wanted to leave, it didn't have to be like that. Last week, yesterday, he and Jane and even FH-who I normally don't think much of-have been great. Robert has been good, too. I love how forceful and protective Dillon can be over his mama. That, my friends, is a real man. Kiki deserves to lose any hope of a chance with Dilly.
  14. Congrats truenorth, that is wonderful news. I have been so busy with work and traveling, no time to post online really. But will have to watch this week's episodes and let you know what I thought. For those who have already watched, wasn't Tracy on all five days?
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