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  1. "boyfriend" just makes me ccringe, when applied to anyone over thirty, but since it wasn't Tracy saying it... Counterfeit tulips?! LOL Glad they mentioned Luke by name, rather than just pretending he doesn't exist. And so far, no comments from Tracy about a break up, so that's something--not that it much matters, at this point, I guess.
  2. Hi, everyone. MSQ, I guess we had the same idea. I dropped in to share clips. Here are the Q clips, so far; merry Christmas, to us! It surely did feel like a gift, to have these to watch. I'm glad someone's taken the time to put these up, and hope they continue. I'm not very motivated to watch the show in its entirety, and I don't have a clue what the current storylines are about. I did sit through it Friday, though, but it's not really convenient timing, and I don't have Hulu either. i'm feeling kind of grumpy about having to endure the presence of Sonny, again. LOL 12-26-19
  3. For anyone who enjoys such things, I did FINALLY complete my lengthy FlukeTracy fanfic last summer! I don't think I posted the link, so it's here: A Stranger in My house https://archiveofourown.org/works/3284759?view_full_work=tr, Because it was still going on when I was writing, the ending takes a turn from the show's conclusion to that story. i know this SL isn't a favorite of most, but it was my intro to Tracy and Luke, so I have a soft spot for it. And its prequel, of sorts: https://archiveofourown.org/works/5799064 Also this little thing--by way of processing the f
  4. I just read the news!! I see I should have visited this board first. I check in on GH every Thanksgiving and Christmas (without actually watching), just to be sure I'm not missing this very event, but never really expected this. Can't wait to see JE again! I hope it's more than just a single appearance, but I'll be delighted with just about anything...unless perhaps we hear unhappy news about Luke, if he's mentioned. Well, I'll live with that too, I'm just thrilled to be able to see more of Tracy, and I hope there are some good scenes involving Ned.
  5. HookedonhGH, you put that so nicely. it's true for me as well--although not for as many years--I found GH and Luke and Tracy when I really needed someone to love and a harmless distraction, and a new fandom to immerse in was just the thing. But I'm stronger now, and not happy about saying goodbye to JE on my screen, but I can. I did cry a little, today, before I watched the ep. I do wish TG had spoken at lease one line, however. To hear him call her Spanky one last time would have completed it, for me, and I'd forgive all the missteps in this exit storyline, for that one small thing. *si
  6. Hmm, Tracy, if you spend so much time talking to your dead kin, they will want you to join them! MsQ, re your post above, she did seem to make a surprising, quick recovery! LOL I didn't know about there not being any blood or apparent injury, so thanks for your comments. You'd think someone, aside from fans, would notice such details. It was slanted toward the negative, a bit too much for my liking, though I'm glad they devoted the time to her, and from the little I've read elsewhere, seems most people thought it was well done and quite a treat. So I don't want to complain too much..
  7. Really?! Really and truly?! Luke? HookedohGH, thanks. I'm so happy!--not happy that Jane is going, though, but if Tracy must leave, I want to think she's going off to be with Luke. But why this fake Ashton? LOL And Laura just so happens to speak the language? After living there for just a year (o riiiight!) and that, 30-odd years ago? Okay then...
  8. On the Feb 17 show, I hoped for an old-fashioned Q fight over whether to buy the hospital--seemed the perfect opportunity for that. Bah.
  9. I've been meaning to pop in and post, for weeks now! I hope everyone's well... I know we don't have a lot to discuss, sadly, not with just one ep with Tracy, this whole year, I think. Shameful! But... happy birthday, to Jane! It was the 17th, right? I haven't had much down time to watch GH, or anything else, though. My little twins were born on the 17th! (My husband wouldn't let me name the girl Tracy. LOL) So we have Sharon Ruth, and Lucas Graham. (No, I wouldn't have named the boy Lucas, if I picked Tracy as the girl's name! That would be a little too odd, even for me
  10. ILTQ, she was indeed on, all five days last week! There were nice scenes with Monica. According to the preview, Tracy will be on tomorrow. ;
  11. Ooh, unseen Tracy footage! Thanks for sharing the link, DRW! I saw her first scene, but will have to continue it another time. Odd to have Lucy among the Q's. "Mother Quartermaine." LOL I like the lengthier scenes of this era, and the comedy that's more obvious than it is, now.
  12. MSQ, I wish you very good luck with the hard work of grad school! I'd like to hear more about that, if you feel like sharing anything. HookedonGh, thank you. We found out last week--the babies are a boy and a girl! I very much wanted a girl--I've only ever imagined myself having a daughter...probably just because I only have a sister, and only girl cousins, and I know next to nothing about little boys. But he will be mine, and I'll learn. And of course I'd have welcomed whoever I got. I swear the ultrasound tech drew out the suspense of revealing the gender of the second baby, though. LOL
  13. What a contrast, between Tuesday's and Wednesday's shows! If we had more like Wednesday's, I'd watch more often. (Or maybe it's just that Sonny, Jason and Sam weren't on, and that improves any episode. LOL) If JE is leaving, it does seem that they're setting the stage for that possibility, or that was my thought after the Tracy/paul scenes, tuesday. I'd have liked Tracy's voicemail to Luke to reveal that she actually does know his whereabouts, but otherwise, I'm happy with what we got, yesterday. I might have liked Tracy to talk a bit about her relationship with Luke, in the way Laura did, alt
  14. I meant to say--and I hope i'm not the only one!--that if I quit watching GH, I will still be interested in fan fic, writing and reading it. I have years of Tracy DVDs to rewatch, and get the ones I haven't yet seen, so plenty of story ideas may come from that...I hope. bb
  15. If JE's going, I'm also glad it's her own choice, not someone else's. I'll miss seeing Tracy, so much, though. I started watching as a distraction in a really bad time for me, and as part of what helpfed me get through that, she's very dear, and...there's just no one like her. Oh, I like Grace and Frankie, too, btw! It would be fantastic to see JE in something like that--any sort of show that would place her in a central role would be a dream! But at the moment, personally, I guess the timing is fine. I'm not as bothered as I would have been a few months ago. I'm expecting twins in early Febru
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