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  1. Jane is in spoilers for next week as well as I think the last week of January. Guessing she is gone after that, but not sure.
  2. sneak peek for monday -- seems odd to mention Luke as Tracy's boyfriend Sne
  3. She is in spoilers for T W and TH January 14,15 16. All with Michael and Ned -- would hope she would have a scene with Lulu somewhere.
  4. Looks like sometime in December -- I read somewhere she was not in the Thanksgiving episode
  5. I knew about two weeks ago and tried to find your number TL but couldn't in my phone. I texted Ms. Q! I think it is more than just a few episodes -- but not sure if it sort of a recurring thing ongoing -- think it might be
  6. Congrats ILTQ! I don't know what made me check this thread today but congrats on the house! That is exciting! I sure do miss JE on GH!
  7. So sounds like it was a great last show except there was only the one luke tracy scene and no dialogue -- would have liked a luke? Spanky? line at least but nice they leave it up to them being destined to live on their own terms together but opened ended up to fans imagination!
  8. I saw JE for a quick second last week. She did buzz her hair and its grey and it is the long swoop piece like Tony's hair! Our last day tomorrow! GH will never be the same!
  9. sorry I missed this post, but congratulations on your twins! That is so amazing! Enjoy every exhausting minute cause you blink and they are off to college!
  10. Jane finished taping Wednesday. Tony is back and will usher her off! Yay! At least Tracy gets a HEA
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