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  1. Jane is in spoilers for next week as well as I think the last week of January. Guessing she is gone after that, but not sure.
  2. sneak peek for monday -- seems odd to mention Luke as Tracy's boyfriend Sne
  3. She is in spoilers for T W and TH January 14,15 16. All with Michael and Ned -- would hope she would have a scene with Lulu somewhere.
  4. Looks like sometime in December -- I read somewhere she was not in the Thanksgiving episode
  5. I knew about two weeks ago and tried to find your number TL but couldn't in my phone. I texted Ms. Q! I think it is more than just a few episodes -- but not sure if it sort of a recurring thing ongoing -- think it might be
  6. Congrats ILTQ! I don't know what made me check this thread today but congrats on the house! That is exciting! I sure do miss JE on GH!
  7. So sounds like it was a great last show except there was only the one luke tracy scene and no dialogue -- would have liked a luke? Spanky? line at least but nice they leave it up to them being destined to live on their own terms together but opened ended up to fans imagination!
  8. I saw JE for a quick second last week. She did buzz her hair and its grey and it is the long swoop piece like Tony's hair! Our last day tomorrow! GH will never be the same!
  9. sorry I missed this post, but congratulations on your twins! That is so amazing! Enjoy every exhausting minute cause you blink and they are off to college!
  10. Jane finished taping Wednesday. Tony is back and will usher her off! Yay! At least Tracy gets a HEA
  11. Hey all -- really hoping that Jane gets some sort of exit storyline worthy of her!
  12. Just posting cause I don't ever remember this long with no post. Hope everyone is doing well. Jane is leaving to retire but not until the spring. so we have a few more months left to enjoy!
  13. I'm so glad Jane has gotten some really good scenes. I'm still hearing she is definitely retiring. It was such a waste of a great actor on such a stupid contrived obviously last minute story of making Paul the hospital killer. I mean really -- he killed sloane for revenge and waited an entire year to kill the rest of the victims for revenge? Hell he was living with monica he could have killed her a year ago. JE looks fantastic and its odd she has gotten a bunch of new clothes it seems before she is leaving. She has scenes coming up with Monica and lucy regarding the hospital I know she iso n the 10th, 12th and 17th for sure.
  14. Wow twins at 44 -- you are going to be busy True North but that is fabulous news! How exciting! Do you know what you are having? I'm so happy for you! I'm at the tail end of my kids at home. my youngest is 16 so I've got two more years with him home. I think when I started posting here he was 5! Or something like that. Jane looks amazing lately -- not just her hair but overall! I think she is ready to peace out and move on! I think either Luke will show up to usher her off or she will reunite with him maybe offscreen? Sabrina is dying around the 13th I think or so. Wonder if she will want to keep Teddy? That would be a lame end to Tracy Q for her to exit to raise her baby. I hope we have one last Q thanksgiving ! Wally is back this fall supposedly Hope Paul doesn't kill tracy -- LOL She had a SOD preview about being very busy this fall with a personal crisis, family crisis and dealing with repercussions of the hospital killer crisis and re-examing her past. There is one spoiler for her on the 15th getting devastating news
  15. Hi all...long time no post/chat I do believe Jane is ready to retire and will do so this fall. I've kind of been ok with that knowing that it is her choice and not her being let go or dropped to recurring like most every other vet on the show. Jane strikes me as the type who makes a decision its time to move on and won't look back no matter how much convincing. She has said she has a full pension from the union so she is good. I hope she doesn't hang up acting totally like she said because it would be fun to see her in another role. a netfilx show like Grace and Frankie -- would be dream show for me! Anyway, hopefully we will get some exit story. On a personal note, just moved my son out to LA, and have been traveling a ton. Have a busy travel fall coming up too! Hope everyone is well here! I got to see TracyLuv in New York this past spring which was a nice treat!
  16. Tracy is spoiled to be on Monday taking a turn for the worse, Tuesday needing surgery and Friday a definite change SOD also has her showing her softer side RPW said more Tracy Ned Dillon coming so probably next week JE interview in this week's TV guide magazine...few excerpts were on soapoperaspy twitter page
  17. Actually Ms. Q Wally and Frank are friendly and Frank really likes Wally. wally told me that himself! He is still with Days and still working but just not on contract anymore--not sure he is working very much as he was pretty much doing hardly anything when I saw him but he is still the DA on the show I do think they will bring him back. FV is friendly with Days EP that I know for sure. I think they will eventually bring him back
  18. Tweeted Nathan Varni after his lame interview with basically no story teasers if there was anything for Tracy coming up. He actually tweeted back and said this -- will believe it when I see it though Nathan Varni ‏@nathanvarni 2m2 minutes ago @xxxYES we have what I think is a BIG and emotionally appealing story for Tracy coming up in the first 3 months of 2016 View conversation 0 retweets0 likes
  19. This was Tracy's winter preview for 2016 Tracy will face new challenges after taking a journey to refocus her life. Look for her new direction to involve Laura. Hopefully her journey will not be offscreen. There is a SOD spoiler for Monday 12/21 saying Tracy's rose colored glasses come off. I assume she busts Paul and Ava together
  20. 2016 Previews -- shocked Tracy got a line!http://i64.tinypic.com/28i6vtk.jpghttp://i66.tinypic.com/qqu0j9.jpg
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