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  1. The View

    https://abcnewspr.tumblr.com/post/165369651356/for-premiere-week-of-season-21-abcs-the-view/amp Interesting View its highest rated premiere week in 3 years so why get rid of Jed? Clearly she had great chemistry with the ladies and it was working. Honestly i think Jed has a wealth of opportuniturs ahead of her. U know before the View not many knew who she was. She was a FOX news girl but now with the View she has gotten way more promotion and she was a pitbull in asking tough questions and challenging the other co hosts. Nicole W got the Today show and has her own show now. Anyone think a rival network might snap up Jed? Honestly girl has gotten tons of exposure now.
  2. The View

    Thats complete utter BS because Jed actually asked her a real question and its true why Trump voters voted the way they did. What is every interview have to be a softball interview?
  3. The View

    Its obvious Jed was let go from the show. She was the best conserv they had. She challenged them and made the show more interesting. Elisabeth was always so scripted, Nicole i liked but she wasnt tough, Paula was a complete dud and Candace was annoying. It seems Meghan Mccain is in talks and i love her. I am starting to feel Jeds tough questions on Hilary was it. The View had highest ratings in 3 years and Jed had alot to do with it. The liberal view was a dull view. I am no trump fan but after last nights emmys all time low in ratings. People are sick of self serving liberals telling u what it is. I am no trump fan but we shouldnt shut down conserv perspective. I hope we see Jed somewhere else she is extremely smart and ambitious. Too smart and diffrent for network tv.
  4. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Do u all think Ron is doing better without Frank Valentini? His ratings are going up.
  5. GH: Dear Shelly Altman wish list

    See Errol i am enthused with Chris Van Etten. Hes only 38 years old and Ron Carlivati mentored him. He might have a ton of fresh ideas as head writer. Whats cool is going to be how different the vibe will be with him.
  6. LATEST RATINGS: September 4-8, 2017

    Well this is three weeks of increased ratings for DAYS. Thats awesome news as Ron is finally seeing results. Its been 2 months and most of the first months were getting out of Higley hell. Do u all think Ron is doing better without Frank Valentini? Ron is working with Albert Alarr mostly. Yeah GH went up cant wait to see the Burton effect. Mostly just cant wait to see how Shelly and Chris work as a team. YR going up is a good thing. Honestly wr have to.wait until end of October for Mals first episodes. Sally is almost off thank god she was so dull.
  7. So this post is meant to be a dear shelly post on what u want to see for GH? Dear Shelly, The time is know for u to fly solo as head writer with Chris Van Etten assisting. I hope to see more romance with couples, more vets showcased, excitement and great umbrella stories that have payoff. With all this stuff u can help GH soar. Sincerely, JONNYSBRO What is your Dear Shelly letter and what do u want to see?
  8. September GH Thread

    Just trust that Shelly Altman has alot of tricks up.her sleeve. Altman is writing an umbrella storyline that encompasses the whole cast.
  9. September GH Thread

    Shelly Altman has stated Steve Burtons return is like a jigsaw puzzle and putting the pieces together. Wonder what her take is. Steve shes thrilled by her material.
  10. September GH Thread

    Again Errol.and Toups asked not to bring this up. I feel.Vee should be suspended for contuinly intigating drama and also for not respecting Mods here. U are comparing ny love for Jean/Shelly the same as someone who said he had AIDS. Create your own board and make your own rules. Maybe its time for u to part ways from this board. I see Vee rude to many other posters here.
  11. Errol ABC owns GH thats why they dont have an annaul contract. Its cheaper for ABC to produce GH then DAYS for NBC. They dont have any licensing fees.Jamey Giddens have said ABC is happy with GH. This is Shelly Altmans third year as head writer. Why do u think ABC keeps Shelly and who would u rather have as head writer?
  12. Oh god John havent u said GH would be cancelled years ago and its still on the air. They have zero plans to cancel. They love Shelly Altman. Nathan Varni thinks Altman is brilliant
  13. September GH Thread

    Dragon shes the one continuing to bring stuff up. When it been proven me and Jerry are not the same. If we were the same do u think they would allow it. Plus shes extremely disrespecting to the MODs on this board. She should voice her frusturations in private. Actually on other boards challenging other mods authority or telling them how to do their job has gotten people banned. She compares my Jelly gushing to someome saying she had AIDS or whatever which is nowhere near the same. Its like in life u hate your job hate your bosses then theirs the door bye. Shes downright rude, sanctimonuous and condascending to other posters.
  14. September GH Thread

    Then leave if this board bothers u and start your own. Problem solved.
  15. September GH Thread

    Errol exactly thanks i appreciate that. We are not the same person.