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  1. We need to give Ron time as rome was built in a day and that promo looked awesome. So i feel we should allow Ron to show us what hes got.
  2. Omg omg Shelly Altman is soaring like a phoenix with Chris Van Etten. Its just an amazing team with them as they are the freaking superduo. I hope everyone showers Shelly Altman with praise she worked her career off and shes one of the best
  3. Omg that promo looks incredible and Ron Carlivati is killing it. Omg we were in Dena hell for too long.
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5059447/Meghan-McCain-micknamed-Elsa-Frozen-View.html Apparently Meghan isnt a hit with Sunny and Sara. She has been so rude to Sunny and Sara snubbing then. Joy apparently thinks thr girl needs to go back to co hosting school. That shes a real bitch behind the scenes. Meghan was rude again to Donna Brazile. Being rude to guests is awful. Have tact and professionalism. God i miss Jed.
  5. See u all are noticing Shelly and Chris brilliance on GH. The pace is a mindblowing action packed adventure. Its so good viewers sure are responding. U guys can now see Shelly is really a seasoned head writer now. She could have been Mals co head writer on YR
  6. How is a show doomed when it has higher ratings? Lol. Pratt hit 5.5 million at his highest. I dont want the show as erratic as Pratts but the faster pace is good.
  7. Why wouldnt Mal try to mimick the Pratt days just a bit? The ratings were HUGE.
  8. Read the ratings and weep. Shelly and Chris are taking us on a thrill ride. Its beautiful to see.
  9. Omg look at rude Meghan was here. Its one thing to be rude to your co hosts and she was really downright disrespectful to Sunny. She was horribly rude to the guests. That imo should not be tolerated by the producers. The guests should be treated with respect who come on their. She was downright nasty. Shes make the whole panel uncomfortable. I really miss Jed but i also think Whoopi hated Jed. She was always pissy with her and was rude to her last day. With Meghan she never says anything to her.
  10. Omg omg omg GH surged bigtime. I told u all people were raving right and left about this thrill ride. Steve Burton is worth every penny .the patient 6 story is just awesome. Chris Van Etten u are such a fresh young voice to the soap world. My dear Shelly Altman to say u are the biggest supergem girl u are killing it in the main seat. Best writing team in years.
  11. Khan well it seems like u should follow Shelly Altman who is a supergem at GH
  12. Honestly lets give Ron some time and so far its way better then Dena. Anything is better then that hack
  13. Again we are not the same person. Its been verified already so move on.
  14. I bet Mals ratinga go up. He is going back to the wildy successful ratings of JFP/Pratt. Not surprised he would mimick some of it as it brought ratings better ratings mean more money for YR. Mal is refreshing in his approach.
  15. All i am saying is the Views ratings are doing very well. I am not really a fan of Meghan i think shes rude, doesnt engage with the panel and needs to have more respect for the others. I think shes a bit nervous and i hope she works through her kinks.
  16. I dont think anyone called you stupid. Btw i am not Jerry that has been validated. All i am doing is raving about how amazing GH is. Its fabulous right now. Thats all.
  17. Kman I swear its the same thing with you. I see you do it to many posters on this board. U do this sanctomonious hypocritical holier then thou bs. Honestly lets see the ratings for last week and we will notice GH is a hot show. I had to see u praise that hack Sally Sussman for months on end. Right now i feel like i have been taken on a thrill ride.
  18. Nope its a complete total thrill ride. Whats crazy is the only ones complaining are on this board. Other boards just rave about the show. Shelly is a SUPER Gem to ninth degree. Chris Van Etten is a genius. Chelly rock the house
  19. The Paul Hospital Seriel Killer story written by Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman.
  20. Um Toups asked both of us in private our identities and guess what two different people and it was verified. Otherwise it wouldnt be allowed to happen.
  21. “The View” Scores Its Most Watched Telecast in 9 Months with Guest Senator John McCain ‘The View’ Outperforms CBS’ ‘The Talk’ Across the Board Week to Week, ‘The View’ Improves Over the Previous Week in All Key Target Demos Season to Date, ‘The View’ Leads ‘The Talk’ in All Key Target Demos, Substantially Increases Its Advantages from the Same Point Last Season in Total Viewers and Posts Its Largest Season Leads Over the CBS Program in 5 Years ABC’s “The View” averaged 2.929 million Total Viewers, 521,000 Women 25-54 and 340,000 Women 18-49 during the week of October 23, 2017, based on Live + Same Day Data from Nielsen Media Research. “The View” led CBS’ “The Talk” (2.599 million, 403,000 and 268,000, respectively) during the week in Total Viewers (+330,000), Women 25-54 (+118,000) and Women 18-49(+72,000). “The View” improved on the previous week (2.819 million, 487,000 and 319,000, respectively, for w/o 10/16/17) in Total Viewers (+4%), Women 25-54 (+7%) and Women 18-49 (+7%), seeing its most watched week in 7 months – since w/o 3/13/17. On Monday (10/23/17) with guest John McCain, “The View” scored its most watched telecast (3.368 million) in 9 months – since 1/24/17. Season to date, “The View” leads CBS’ “The Talk” across the board, substantially increasing its advantages from the same point last season in Total Viewers (343,000 vs. 145,000), Women 25-54 (126,000 vs. 25,000) and Women 18-49 (82,000 vs. 39,000). In fact, “The View” is posting itslargest season leads over the CBS program in 5 years – since the 2012-13 season. In addition, “The View” is improving compared to the same point last season in Total Viewers (+11,000 – 2.863 million vs. 2.852 million), posting its strongest numbers in 3 years – since the 2014-15 season. Source: The Nielsen Company, NTI Total Viewers, Women 25-54 and Women 18-49 Live + SD, 2016-17 Week #5 (w/o 10/23/17), Previous Week (w/o 10/16/17) and Year-Ago Week #5 (w/o 10/17/16). Season to Date through 5 Weeks: Most Current: 2017-2018 Season (9/25 – 10/29/17) and 2016-2017 Season (9/19 – 10/23/16). Averages based on regular telecasts. *COPYRIGHT ©2017 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All photography is copyrighted material and is for editorial use only. Images are not to be archived, altered, duplicated, resold, retransmitted or used for any other purposes without written permission of ABC News. Images are distributed to the press in order to publicize current programming. Any other usage must be licensed. Photos posted for Web use must be at the low resolution of 72dpi, no larger than 2x3 in size. See abcnewspr's whole Tumblr Wow seems like the View With John McCain had big numbers. It did over 3.3 million viewers for the hour and the View has 2.9 million viewers. Meghan McCain has brought in viewers so ABC loves her.
  22. She loves him as a visionary and says it right there. As i said the cast has said great things about Mal. We know Doug Davidson dissed Sally and i loved it.
  23. How is Mal Young to work with as your new executive producer? EILEEN: I love Mal. He’s terrific! I got along well with Jill Farren Phelps (Ex-Y&R, executive producer) and I get along well with Chuck Pratt Jr. (EP and head writer, Y&R), too. So, I don’t have any issues there. But right now a story for Ashley isn’t quite happening, so I have been concentrating on other thing. From michael fairman interview august 2016. Read it and weep.
  24. No Sally and Kay were fired not retired. Jean P retired big difference. They still had like 2 more months left on their contract. They were immediately gone. Jean on other hand gave them notice and stayed until the end. Eileen interview is with michael fairman and melodys as well. The crazy thing everyone complains oh we have the same head writers always and finally CBS hires from outside as Mal is new blood and people want tired Sally who btw had one day at 3.8 million on one of her episodes.
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