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  1. I almost want to say Kate Collins playing RM's stuff (and Vice-versa). After watching the early stuff of her 1st run, I think ate could be an entertaining 'sane' Janet. Early she was just awkward. And I think RM could do Janet's returns but far more nuanced.
  2. Loving Murders sl has been taken down. I didn't get to finish.
  3. I went to continue watching AMC 1991. But it seems like most of it has been erased from YouTube. Seems like a lot of those playlists have been erased. Maybe I'm not searching right? Can anyone else see? I was in June 1991.
  4. It's not working for me. Nevermind
  5. What was the crux of the purge?
  6. I think the various 70s episidoes are... Gone. Like The one from 76 with Rachael and Mac reconciling at the end. Or the one with Iris trying to seduce Mac. Or the one where Rachael learns Mac is sterile.
  7. My apologies. And you are correct about the dynamic of the board. That's why I rarely post here.
  8. I agree with you on all accounts. And that haven't retconed the time jump? Are they legit going to celebrate NYE 2021? I can imagine someone flipping through the channels, seeing a 'New Years 2022' balloon (the text written on the balloon using chalk) and saying 'those damn soap writers! How stupid can they be? That can't get the year right!'
  9. I've been on a KL binge. At the end of season 7. Why isn't the show held in thr annals as The West Wing or St Elsewhere?
  10. I will give you what it says in the AMC bible -- I found a copy dated 1967 at Northwestern University. The last section reads: But underlying our story, the inexorable fact is always there; that in this, our human predicament, what happens to the LEAST affects the GREAT, the STRONG are indebted to the WEAK, that SORROW and FEAR are the absence of JOY and HOPE, and that without TRAGEDY there could never be TRIUMPH. Further, every Anniversary, beginning with the 20th, someone states: The Great and the Least The Rich and the Poor The Weak and the Strong
  11. Where in the video did the babe thign happen? I just read that Kristi Ferrell is from my hometown!
  12. I've been lurking. Who has been asking? @Vee? @Khan? 'Cause we all know how much they **LOVE** me (sarcasm).
  13. I just [!@#$%^&*]*d a guy and now I'm ready to go again!
  14. It's a better choice than RS, I feel. Robin Strasser, when she feels like it, is quite good but she hams it up. It also seems like Ron has a tendency to want to put 'fag-hags' on his shows and RS satisfied that urge.
  15. Here you go! Radio_IN_DEFENSE_OF_DAYTIME_S(1).pdf
  16. I've been on a Marland binge. Started with Oct 1985 and now I'm at Chris' funeral. A lot of the audio is so terrible that I have to skip though. I am amazed by the pacing. It's so. Deliberate? Intricate? I know some hate the Snyder's but they really offset the Walsh's in a good way. And it's classic ATWT. Rich but unstable family clashing against a poor but stable family. I also have heard that the Snyder's, in essence, took over the show. I know this is blasphemy but is it really that bad of a thing for a new family to come in, as long as it's well dev
  17. Radio_IN_DEFENSE_OF_DAYTIME_S(1).pdf What I posted is an article co-written by Irna Phillips AND Elaine Carrington
  18. I have been watching this playlist. I'm enjoying the show! I do have a question, what was Ada's last name known to be? Rachael was Rachael CORY. Felicia was Felicia Galant. On AMC, Erica was always Erica KANE and on OLTL Vicki was always Vicki LORD.
  19. I'm trying to watch this show. Any playlist you guys recommend? Any particular year? Was any of it inherently bad?
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