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  1. Why was DOOL considered bad before Bill Bell took over? What was wrong with it? What stories were taking place?
  2. Regarding Mike's paternity, why did Tom know Mickey was sterile but Mickey himself didn't know?
  3. Were we watching the same show LOL?
  4. 1) What was "Out of Ashes" 2) what is this about Victor's epilepsy? 3) And what about Jack! Please tell me he didn't actually become the devil LOL
  5. I thought Irna wanted Bell at DOOL? Why did she feel betrayed?
  6. Why do people assume she is telling the truth? I have known PLENTY of women who have lied about doing this kind of stuff -- including a few family members. That being said, I do hope he is out as the show needs a shakeup (assuming the replacement is someone solid).
  7. Everyone at the end keeps saying "Nobody knows where he is". Watch the Alice/Rachel fight
  8. Why didn't they know where Steve was?
  9. A long while ago I saw these scenes of Kay talking to Esther about all of Jill's sins. It was an early sin and I think it was around the time Jill and John first got married.
  10. In the vault I posted the Bill Bell interview titled: "Just Plain Bill" from 1973. He says that he hates melodrama and that he feels business storylines would be boring LOL
  11. You mean, she should have been EP because she had pretty episodes? Okay! Perfect reason!!!
  12. I've been watching all of that and I disagree with you. She was going to the Snyder farm because she felt welcome. They provided her the warmth and structure and support Lucinda, and that world as a whole, wasn't giving her but she needed.
  13. Does anyone know where the 1980/1981 episodes went? They were on Youtube but seemed to have vanished. Perhaps on another site?
  14. I have to get stoned in order to watch him. I'm outta weed right now but I hope I'll have some by then.
  15. I too find that it is refreshing to watch the British soaps as they are more realistic. The US soaps could learn so much from them.
  16. I recreated the 1980-1984 opening for a class project at Northwestern
  17. Nice I Always Preferred This and so I will do this for Now On.
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