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  1. juppiter

    The Politics Thread

    Pelosi uninviting Trump to the SOTU was a brilliant move on her part. She has played the shutdown damn near perfectly.
  2. *blinks* *shakes head* Umm... sorry.... what was the question again?
  3. juppiter

    DAYS Renewed

    I do think it’s the best soap still on the air, but it’s still not good.
  4. juppiter

    Carpenters discussion thread

    I love this movie. It’s bloody brilliant. How in the world do Barbie dolls make me emotional? But they do in this film.
  5. juppiter

    Madonna's 15 Best Songs: Billboard Staff Picks

    Well, the problem is a lot of my favorites from her were not hits and a lot of her hits have not aged well. i agree with “rain” and I would also add “rescue me,” “you’ll see,” and “human nature.” i cant stand “material girl” and I don’t think Madonna can either, lol.
  6. juppiter

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I remember the Scotland storyline was not well-received, but that really wasn't the actors' fault. I remember that Bonnie was recast later on, but I can't for the life of me remember a thing about the recast. They did that way too much in the last decade.
  7. juppiter

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Just saw Napeira Groves (Bonnie) and Tamara Tunie (Jessica) on Say Yes to the Dress. Don't know how old the episode was, but they both looked great and I think it's cool that they've stayed close.
  8. juppiter

    The Politics Thread

    Weird that Obama is saying Republicans “will never stop” regarding healthcare when the Dems have moved from the ACA to single payer within a decade. also weird that Obama is active at all since we didn’t hear a peep from George W. Bush during his presidency. I am old enough to remember when Antonio Sabato Jr. was practically a god to gays. We fed his career and he knew it and catered to us. All it took was becoming a Republican to undo that. the gay movement has just become something I can’t support. I will happily state I’m a gay man against what the gay movement has become. The gay movement are now the bullies. Shame on them. I’m not LGBTQ. I’m old fashioned gay. I am government stay out of sex gay.
  9. juppiter

    The Politics Thread

    And Stacey Abrams totally didn't just refuse to concede her election. Not at all. Tell me again how Trump refusing to accept the results of the 2016 election (assuming he lost) was going to irreparably ruin our democracy. Geez Louise.
  10. I haven’t watched an episode in months but you guys really crack me up in this thread. The days discussion thread is the first one I check when I come here.
  11. juppiter

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    This thread is addictively dishy. Headed to this tumblr immediately.
  12. juppiter

    Greatest Soap of All Time?

    I’ll do best (not necessarily best, but most influential/unique) soap by decade. 1960s: ATWT pioneered the genre, gave us those soapy tropes that the genre would come back to over and over. 1970s: Y&R really put the focus on youth and beauty. Sex sells. Great music and production can make a difference. 1980s: GH supercouples and big moments are what you need on your soap. Soaps can have mainstream appeal when they play that up. 1990s: DAYS You can play up the old soap tropes, while adapting them to fit a modern narrative. A blend of traditional 60s ATWT, 70s sex appeal y&r, 80s GH supercouples, with supernatural added. 2000s: Passions Really a combination of the 70s Y&R focus on youth and the 90s supernatural Days, but to the extreme. Set at the glacial pace of 60s ATWT, with the supercouples of 80s GH (without the substance.) basically, taking the lessons of the previous 4 decades and playing them to their logical extremes. 2010s: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. juppiter

    The Politics Thread

    Omfg. Yes. This. im the Republican (ex-Democrat) that many have blocked and I agree on this post 100% Congress punted difficult issues to the presidency and the courts and that is what got us into this mess to begin with. Yes. If we can agree on that, it is indeed a start.
  14. juppiter

    The Politics Thread

    Well people on this thread started blocking me when I said things they disagreed with, so yes, those people WOULD think that Garland support was universal.
  15. juppiter

    The Politics Thread

    And how exactly are the FBI supposed to investigate an allegation that we don't where when or where it occurred because the accuser can't remember? Also, liberals' sudden love and devotion for the FBI is really weird. It is clearly a political stalling tactic on behalf of the Democrats. Once Ford refused to testify, the tide turned back in Kavanaugh's favor, and that is evident. Garland didn't have the votes to be confirmed, but I always thought McConnell should have given him a hearing. Now I see why he didn't. It was the right move.