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  1. What the hell was the point of a time jump if half the show is flashbacks showing us what we “missed”? It’s like they wanted to give us the instant gratification of all these “intense” scenes without any of the build up. and yet.... it’s so bad, it’s good. I will be watching, at least for this week. It almost reminds me of Langan’s Days, where even without a time jump there were at least 10 minutes per day devoted to flashbacks. also all these flashbacks let them use the over-exposed film visual effect to their hearts’ content, which serves to hide how cheap the show would look otherwise. Meh. On the whole, put me down for “pro-time jump.”
  2. maybe it sounded ridiculous at the time, but now it sounds better than anything Days has done in years. If you’re reading this, [S.W.S.N.B.N.], I approve!
  3. lolol, I miss that delightfully weird cast of characters at WoST. We were quite the island of misfit toys. Though YouTube has given us more than we could have dreamed of back then, between that and social media it does feel like the internet has lost a certain je ne sais quoi.
  4. k, sounds like B&B has decided to have its one watchable month for this decade. Setting the DVR now.
  5. I know Donna from RATSC, where she posted for many years... She is not a Jonnysbro-style troll. Y'all can be a bit cliquish, my goodness.
  6. I think that was 2006 for the 50th anniversary, unless you mean something else.
  7. Why does Nicole always look like she’s on the verge of tears? Why can’t somebody tell Ari Zucker how irritating that is? Xander and Rolf were fun to watch on this Columbus Day. The rest of it was OK. Hope dropping the rosary repeatedly was classic Days’ obsession with inanimate objects. Going dark for six months? Yeah, that’s not a great sign. IIRC Port Charles did that and never came back. Is Days finally on its ninth life?
  8. I’ve never thought of it thus, but now that I have the image in my mind I don’t think I will ever be able to un-see this.
  9. We have to realize, though, that the writing was on the wall. I do respect her for a last ditch effort to try something different to save the show. It was a disaster, but at least they tried.
  10. NYC was different back then. People simply didn’t go to Brooklyn. It just wasn’t done in polite society.
  11. Even so, I don’t get going through the motions of pretending a Dimera is dead at this point. It’s been done to death.
  12. A B&B yearly thread would be a fascinating case study of Attention Deficit Disorder.
  13. Yes, that was him, and ITA with this (Lol and agreed about the getting rid of Rose part.) This may have been the last time the show was consistently good to me. Another rule he broke was that Rose died believing Paul had done it. That’s dark.
  14. I think he also needs to be given props for trying to develop the black characters more. Granted, nobody was really satisfied with the Jessica/Marshall storyline, but it was a daring thing to do for the time. Actually, I couldn’t see a soap doing that today. I think he was trying to stretch the limits of the genre as much as he could. I think if I rewatched 2001-2005 I might have a newfound appreciation for some of it that I didn’t have at the time. I did see some scenes from around Rose’s death recently, and it was head and shoulders above what would come later...
  15. The Rose retcon worked for me, and I’m not usually a fan of either retcons or making everyone related. But it was a rare instance where I thought it worked. It gave Iva and Lucinda good material too. Of course, Rose quickly wore out her welcome IMO.
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