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  1. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    Doesn't reflect well on his upbringing.
  2. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    Havent you seen Seinfeld? He was in the pool!
  3. Soap Vets That You Never Got Their Appeal

    Michael Easton Brian Gaskill neither man was interesting or attractive and yet they kept soap hopping
  4. Wow, that Hope/Gina storyline really did drag on forever. good work as always!
  5. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    She was good for a while, but by the time it got to this point she was just chewing scenery. Another ridiculous one from ATWT - David Stenbeck switches Holden and Lily's baby with another baby. But instead of finding a white baby to switch it with, he switches it with a baby that is half black (we would later learn it was Denise and Andy's baby.) Lily swears it's not her baby and everyone thinks she's crazy. Of course, at first Lily's baby was cast with a white baby. It wasn't until Denise showed up in Oakdale months later that they gave Lily a black baby, and it just looked ridiculous. Sad thing is, as ridiculous as the whole David Stenbeck/Reid Hamilton baby switch saga was, it was actually an improvement. The mid 90s had been rough.
  6. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    Subverted once on ATWT when Mitzi was watching Guiding Light.
  7. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    Any time a soap character says she is going to have an abortion, you know her mind will be changed, often by the man who knocked her up running in slow motion at the last minute to stop her. That just doesn't happen IRL.
  8. NBC talks DAYS future

    I don't think that is the case at all. If anyone ruined Days, it was Langan. But he didn't either because it showed sparks of life after him too under B&C.
  9. The attitude era of WWF was one of the best soaps ever made.
  10. Most Reviled Words in Soapdom

  11. Let's play a game. Post one-word responses that immediately conjure up painful, cringeworthy memories amongst soap fans. Responses must be one word only (no initials) and identifiable to one soap only (so most character names are out.) should be the most infamous and reviled events, storylines, or moments in soap history. Bonus points if you one-up the post immediately above yours. I will start. Subsex.
  12. Y&R July 2017 Discussion

    Devon really wears the aggro/jealous look well. I was kind of hoping they would start fighting/kissing.
  13. Y&R July 2017 Discussion

    This episode is so awkward. Why did everyone say offensive things to each other just as the fireworks went off? lmao. Really gauche dialogue all around today.
  14. Y&R: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    Monday July 3, 2017 Kevin complained to Chloe that being locked inside was no way to spend summer. They searched the house and found an unlocked window, which they cracked open. Unfortunately, the fog that turns people inside out was lurking outside and seeped into the room. Kevin and Chloe were unable to escape and succumbed to their injuries.