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  1. Anybody who is talking about Barron needs to get a life. Barron is a child who never chose to run for the presidency. This shouldn’t need to be said.
  2. If I were writing it... Ben killed people and got away with it. Ciara is still nuts about him. All of Ciara's family and friends are worried about her, but she's hypnotized by the hot guy. Soaps started sucking when everyone had to start worshiping whichever characters the writers loved that day. For me, it started with Mike Horton on DAYS. Sorry, Nurse Ali is not psycho. OK, maybe she is, but Dr. Horton totally did sexually harass her. I'm not gonna like him just because you said so, DAYS.
  3. Totally disagree. I watch a few DAYS per year. Maybe 20. I certainly find them stupid, but I also find them comforting. It's not hurting anybody by being on. Though if we could get a choice between reruns and new episodes, I'd choose reruns in a second. I think you need to make your pronouns clearer here. QFE.
  4. What on earth does that have to do with tennis? It doesn't matter which one of them won, neither one was going to replace the man in the White House. I thought it was really great of Osaka. She tried to give Gauff the closure that Gauff maybe didn't know she needed in the tournament. And Gauff will be back.
  5. Having a "head canon" is an absolute must these days, otherwise they're not watchable. There are things people on this board tell me about the last years of ATWT, and even though I was watching, I don't remember them at all, because I never let them enter the head canon. So to answer your question, for me it was probably around 2006/2007 that I allowed myself to just selectively forget things.
  6. DJT has permanently killed the idea of the media as objective arbiters, that is for sure. We have nothing but opinion media now. It is just the new reality, and it probably already was, but now it's official. Yuck.
  7. I just don’t like the way this regime writes for women.
  8. That ad is grade A trolling! Susan has always been the Jan to Olympia Snowe's Marcia, and she knows it. Olympia saw the writing on the wall and chose not to run for re-election in 2012. She wanted to get the heck out of the toxic environment that the Senate had become by then.
  9. Lil Nas X probably did him a huge favor. I could definitely see something like that being a "Howard Dean Scream" moment.
  10. Datalounge mentions this at least 2-3 times per month from what I can tell.
  11. Omg this is trying sooo hard to be SATC. Very of its time, but still pretty hot.
  12. Lmao. That’s a classic. I loved this era of B&B.
  13. It is kind of sad that that is the most entertaining will/sonny have been in a long time, because it wasn’t all that great.
  14. I just have mixed feelings after that finale. It really felt more like a mid-season finale. i just think that this season needed to be longer. It feels incomplete.
  15. I won’t use it either. But if you already use Facebook, you should have no problem using this.
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