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  1. No, I agree gays can be boring. I have no problem with that. But we tend not to be so sexless like all of the above were/are. No gay relationship is as utterly free of passion as these ones are.
  2. Can I just say that it is a shame that gay rights came after soaps started to suck? Imagine a gay supercouple. Or not even a gay supercouple. Decently written gay characters/couples. It can be said that we all hate Sonny because we all know a sonny, or are sonny (I may hit a nerve there), but I find Leo to be the most honest gay character ever written. I know Leos. I certainly don’t know any Wills and I didn’t know any Lukes or Noahs either. Unfortunately, once gays were allowed on daytime, the writing for them showed equality as it was just as awful as the writing for the straight characters. We missed the boat. Omg the fun Doug Marland would have had with gay characters had he lived. It’s really a shame.
  3. Chelsea being blamed was ridiculous... the murderer said he has been planning this for two years. But multiple blue checks on twitter doubling down against Chelsea was surprising.
  4. There was a great article about this recently : https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/alisonwillmore/i-wish-more-tv-shows-ran-for-just-one-season So many examples of this too. Most recently I enjoyed the Julia Roberts show "Homecoming." It was really interesting, but it told a complete story. Everything was wrapped up. I can't imagine what they will do in season two, and we don't need a season two. "Handmaid's Tale" has to be the biggest current example though. They literally can't change anything because then there would be no show. I thought season two was awful. And, controversial opinion, I prefer the movie to season 1, but season 1 was at least decent.
  5. There is something to be said for telling an open and shut story each week. I didn’t realize it until The X-Files came back and the serialized episodes were a disaster and the stand-alones were pretty good, but I vastly prefer the Monster of the Week episodes of the classic X-Files too. Serialization is all the rage now, and I miss shows that did a really good job telling a complete story each week.
  6. Such a shame. I would take Luke’s bod and hairyness over the shaved Abercrombie model 10 out of 10 times.
  7. Law and Order definitely managed replacing its leads while maintaining quality better than other procedurals. ER was good at it for a while for a while, and then eventually resorted to stunt casting.
  8. South Park. Unlike The Simpsons, which went from the best show of all time to completely forgettable, this show has retained its pop culture niche as the show that will insult anyone and everyone, but do so with characters you love and love to hate. Still the most biting satire we have 20+ years in. The new episodes are just as good, if not 20 years wiser, as the old ones. We only get 10 a year now but I really cherish those 10 a year, and this most recent season was a creative renaissance for the show. How do you feel about "Is this because I'm a lesbian?" Nope on this. Nothing can match the magic of that first season. Season two has its moments as well. Almost nothing else after that. They made it up as they went, and that's fine, but if you're going to do that, admit you're doing that and don't act like you have some big plan. If I ever re-watch, I check out when Ana-Lucia and Libby die. For me, Roseanne (talking original series only, not revival.) Most series peak early. For me, Roseanne peaks in seasons 4-6. The last 3 seasons are undeniably flawed. But I can still watch them. And I can even make an argument that season 9, often considered one of the most ridiculous seasons of any show ever, is fantastic TV. It may just be me deluding myself to defend a show I love, or I may have a point, or both. I won't defend that awful Rambo episode, but almost any other episode I can watch, even if it's flawed, for the cast alone. Not gonna lie, I can watch that Rambo one too. It is god awful, I admit it, but if it's on, I would watch it.
  9. I just watched the video, and yeah, I have never seen this storyline but the video is like.... this is crazy, but in a way it’s crazy enough that it kind of works? Ridiculous and over the top, but, like the famous Sonni/Solita story, so ridiculous and over the top that it circles back to good.
  10. I’m thinking that if they thought they could make money off it it, it would be available already. Must be with residuals and/or music rights, there’s little to no upside. It it is something I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for though. Wow. I hope they win their lawsuit. I would pay a monthly fee for access to the DAYS vault.... I think they could even try setting a premium price on it at first if they think there is little interest.
  11. See I was going to say Y&R, and yes, it did remain a cut above the rest until LML IMO, but: Ashley stealing the sperm and Jill becoming Katherine’s daughter
  12. I would like the answer to this, honestly. GH in the mid-90s perhaps?
  13. Yes when I view the board on iPhone this always happens to me.
  14. +Lesli Kay (Molly) And Keith Coulouris (David #2) - now divorced
  15. The Dems are already so contemptuous of Bernie's candidacy. Even moreso than Republicans were of Trump's in 2016. They clearly do not want to have Bernie be their candidate. Unfortunately for them, Bernie has a strong following and has raised $10 million already. Bernie's fans were treated badly by the Dems in 2016. I think if the same happens or is perceived to happen in 2020, it will hurt the Dem candidate.
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