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  1. Man, Higley has been on and off Days so many times I've lost track. You gotta post what storylines went with each tenure. It's all a blur to me.
  2. Good question. Even Megan McTavish was considered good at her first AMC stint, right? I wonder if Lethal Leah has always been considered lethal.
  3. It was never consistently good, but it used to have like a 2 week period every 6 months or so where it was must-see TV. But it could never sustain anything because Bradley writes like he has ADHD. I pretty much gave up after one of the Sheila returns where she had a daughter (Erica) and they kind of just dropped it with no payoff, and I gave up for good for good when Susan Flannery retired. It cannot be exaggerated how awful the recasts are. I can't even tune in every once in a while like I do with DAYS because the B&B recasts immediately repulse me.
  4. I watched season 5. The first half was pretty bad. The second half I actually thought was pretty good. I'm sad to hear that they apparently don't keep that momentum in season 6. I just hate Jake/Alison as a couple so much, though they got more tolerable as the season went on. I'm glad drunk Alison came back. I really love Alison as a character, though I think CTS acted her butt off sometimes to make up for writing that wasn't all there. The Michael/Kimberly/Megan storyline makes no sense and drags on and on forever. Kimberly really leaves with such a whimper that you do
  5. Knots really is one of the best shows of all time. Writing, acting, music, everything. And the longevity of it means they could write things on levels that most shows just can’t. And I may be the exception, but I love the first three seasons. anyway, I’m watching season 5 of MP and... lol. It’s not great. The Sydney/Jane/Richard/Sam stuff could have been fun but it’s just missing something. They maybe needed more camp and they needed to do a better job making Sam the straight man in all this — it is kind of bizarre that she’s putting up with all this considering she li
  6. I just rewatched Melrose seasons 1-4. Season 1 is a forgotten gem. I love how fresh and young it feels at the beginning and it's a bit more realistic how they portray the young characters trying to make it in L.A. I actually liked Sandy better before she lost her accent. It's funny how in the beginning Michael and Jane seem the most removed from the group. Billy/Allison are a totally rootable couple. The 90210 crossovers at the beginning are so painful. If they were going to talk about nothing but the Jake/Kelly age difference, they should have found a better way to spinoff.
  7. And this is why you guys sometimes talk about storylines and entire characters/recasts from those last five years and I don't remember them at all despite the fact that I watched until the end. They really totally wrecked the show. Only the fact that the cast was so great kept things together.
  8. She was there for the better part of 37 years. If she really wanted to give the fans a send off, she could. Makes it seem like this was about something else.
  9. I agree. No big losses thus far. I agree. No big losses thus far.
  10. So I heard the most generic song in a hotel lobby a couple of months ago, an absolutely hilariously over the top ode to the sound of sunshine, whatever that is. And it just made me laugh. I've been watching a lot of Passions recently and it reminds me of the television show version of that. There's something so generically late 20th century/early 21st century America about it, and the lack of big name actors definitely plays into that.
  11. I'm more bullish on DAYS than most of you. I think it's basically as good as a soap can be in 2020 considering budget issues and executive meddling. But darn, losing Lauren Koslow would be a huge loss. They could just use her right... She shouldn't be a sidekick for Abe. Give her a younger man to romance her and a scheming woman to feud against, and we're cooking with gas.
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