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  1. American Express don't play. They're known to be hard up. I guess that is how they fund that amazing 6% cash back at the grocery store. I'm sure KSJ had hundreds of thousands if not millions in life insurance thru SAG-AFTRA.
  2. This was on all of the P&G soaps. What im referring to is that Conboy gave himself a big credit at the end of the episode after the fade to black like on a primetime show.
  3. Not to mention the stupid vanity credit he put in — executive producer John Conboy in big bold letters. As if we could forget.
  4. With the P&G soaps I’m thinking we would be praying for a mercy killing at this point. Don’t know about AMC and OLTL.
  5. He was also showrunner during knots landing season 13, which fans universally consider to be a disaster (the production company did as well, since they stopped production mid-way through the season to hire different writers to wrap the season up.)
  6. It has to be Chris Goutman. He did have a vision when he started at ATWT. The episode where Katie was forced to tape a video confessing to her crimes by her stalker is a late soap classic. He directed that and the production values are extremely impressive. That episode is Marland ATWT quality, even though Lethal Leah Laiman wrote it. Perfect soap. The fact that the tape of Katie didn't come out until months and months later is also Marland quality. But he both gave up and became contemptuous of the fan base. He shouldn't have been in that role as long as he was. OMG and how good was David Andrew Macdonald once that ridiculous storyline ended and he was just David? AW's last five years are such a shame.
  7. I think it's interesting. IMO, Bernie is the most electable Democrat and would give Trump a serious run for his money. But Democrats don't like him and oppose him... we've seen that in this thread. And as a Trump supporter, I wouldn't be completely pissed if Bernie won like I would be if Harris, O'Rourke, or some of the others won. It is interesting.
  8. juppiter

    The View

    Elisabeth was shrill and OTT on the view, but listen to that clip people. Are you not entertained? The View was entertaining as hell in the mid-late 2000s. I miss that era. Such a daily trainwreck. I wouldn’t put her in the same league as Ann Coulter. Ann would never have a meltdown like that. She’d do her boisterous laugh and make a cunning, pithy, response while smirking and rolling her eyes. In fact, she did when she got into it with Barbara around this same era.
  9. Thanks! I see what you mean. The early 90s set was better.
  10. Can you go into more detail and/or provide a visual reference? This is really interesting and something we haven’t talked to death already here. I’m intrigued but can’t fully picture what you’re talking about.
  11. Ellen Dolan had so much more chemistry with Benjamin Hendrickson than she did with Scott Holmes. They should have re-explored Hal/Margo at some point.
  12. Of course, even as I watch 1991 AW I have read ahead on Eddie Drueding’s amazing AWHP. And good god did TPTB totally wreck this soap. Is AW patient zero for TPTB annihilating a soap through total malfeasance? By the plots in the last five years of AW it is no wonder this soap got canceled. It depresses me. Honestly, reading Eddie Drueding is funny because he is mostly extremely (Canadian) polite and doesn’t want to outright admit which storylines are stupid, but can’t help himself at points. Case in point, Cindy’s medicinal deficiency is “had extremely low self esteem.” Lmao, what a polite Canadian way of putting it. i do seriously admire the work he put into that website, though. Unparalleled for any other soap.
  13. It is sad. There is no legacy for this show and when the people who remember it, probably universally over the age of 35, die, it’ll pass completely from the collective memory despite being watched by millions at its peak.
  14. It would be incredibly cruel to say this about somebody you knew you were about to fire. Plus, they freeze frame on Timmins on her last day, which feels almost subversive. I’m thinking P&G and/or NBC told them to find a place on the cast for Judi Evans. But if that was the case, they should have just made her Vicky. She at least has some heart/vulnerability. Jensen Buchanan has none....
  15. I am watching 1991 on YouTube. I’m guessing this is an era AW fans are fond of? I’m really enjoying it and find that this show largely has its [!@#$%^&*] together and has a good cast and writing. I’m familiar with most of the characters as I watched 87-89 on SoapNet and kept track of AW over the years but never watched it day to day except when it was on soapnet. But this seems to be better than I remember the era soapnet showed was. Why did they switch Paulinas? I didn’t think the old Paulina was bad. The new one is fine, but the timing just seems so strange. They must have known that it would be very difficult for the audience to adjust to a new Vicky (and, indeed, I hate this Vicky), so why put the audience through two major recasts within days of each other? I wonder if there was some behind the scenes change or if the network insisted since this actress came from DAYS. Poor P&G soaps. In the 90s they always wanted to turn ATWT and GL into the ABC soaps, and they seemed to always want to turn AW into DAYS. Why couldn’t they just accept their soaps for who they were? #bornthisway
  16. If only I could stream ATWT, GL, and AW. I love that I can watch what is available on YouTube, but that is very limiting. for God’s sake, The Wonder Years was released with substitute music. I have to think it was much more damaging to the integrity of that show than it would be to release our soaps with substitute music. Why not just charge money and release the shows in their original condition? You wouldn’t make much money, but you also wouldn’t make zero.
  17. Currently watching 1990 on YouTube. marland certainly has some annoying ticks as a writer. But I can’t fault him. This show is so damn watchable. What jumps out is that Oakdale is a terrific place, and I want to live there, and the Hughes family is front and center. pros: Ming-Na is very likable as Lien in spite of the writing. courtney is a unique and interesting character. doug marland uses the Greek chorus technique to great effect. Oakdale is a town ruled by gossip. From day to day, who knows what and who was told by whom is the main plot. This is awesome and something that soaps have lost. The dishiness of Oakdale is highly addictive. characters have jobs that we see them doing. characters have values and morals. Scott DeFreitas is terrific as Andy and Andrew Kavovit is terrific as Paul. They are not the mold of soap hunks, unfortunately, so they would not last. cons: Heather Rattray. Not her fault, but she is just not Lily. The character should have been written out when Martha Byrne left. People treating Lien as if she is special needs. She is not special needs. She is Vietnamese. Kim keeps saying she doesn’t want to talk about Susan and doesn’t want to see Bob, but sees Bob every other scene and mentions Susan every other sentence. The Duncan/Shannon disappearing dead body storyline makes no sense and I don’t care, but Michael Swan was shirtless for half an episode which was lovely. It it is a juicy and terrific show in 1990 and I am enjoying it.
  18. B&B could have this thread to itself with some of the pervy things Brad bell wrote over the years. Ridge believing Taylor has given him email permission to have sex with another woman, lol. Taylor having sex with James so he wouldn’t die a virgin, lollll.
  19. ATWT — Emily becomes a prostitute for no reason and almost gets raped by one of her clients. I was watching with non-soap people that day and they were like, “wtf?” Around that same time there was the endless saga of Lily’s diet pills, which my non-soap friends also mocked ad infinitum. Knots Landing had Karen have a problem getting “ready” to be intimate, which was definitely TMI.
  20. I don’t watch regularly — saw two episodes last week when I had work off. The romances have no rooting value and the characters themselves are extremely unlikeable. Leo was fun though. IMO, Judith Chapman was playing the exact same role she played on Y&R. I wasn’t impressed.
  21. Well, is it? She seems to have had luck with guest spots in the 90s on prime time. So considering the way AW treated her, maybe that is for the best.
  22. I haven't watched any of The Conners episodes. It is too painful for me. I am still not fully comfortable with what happened and never will be. I wish we could be more nuanced as a society. When Roseanne says in the quoted article, "They're taking my show from me" I feel for her, because she expressed the exact same sentiment in the 90s. It was true then and it was true now. And yeah, I am kind of mad at Sara Gilbert. Roseanne had the energy to fight the network in the 90s, and didn't anymore. Sara promised she would and didn't deliver. I can feel for Sara, because Roseanne was not exactly stable, but Sara knew that going in. What Sara didn't know was that Roseanne had to fight the network when Sara was a kid and hid that from Sara. IDK. I am not cool with Sara Gilbert becoming famous off of Roseanne and then instantly dropping her. Only there wasn't twitter then in the 90s. We all can agree the original series was terrific. But if there had been twitter then, would it have been? Roseanne was as batshit crazy then as she is now, but fought the network, and won. Because there wasn't twitter for her to show her insanity. I'm extremely torn. I hope Roseanne's reputation will be rehabilitated at some point. I do think she has a brilliant creative mind and is a brilliant writer, and is not a racist. She just couldn't make it in these somewhat ridiculous times. And when her daughter told her, "You did that on purpose," there is also a kernel of truth to that. Roseanne is a self-saboteur and always has been. I know it seems like I am making excuses for her, and I also am, and admit that, but she is way more complex than these black or white times give her credit for. It's still so unfortunate. IDK. It saddens me. She is an artist and always will be. It is a shame that her art will be tarnished just because she is imperfect. If we start demanding artists be perfect what kind of art will we get? IDK. I may not be rational on this subject and I admit that. I am extremely upset by what happened and always will be. To me, this was the corporate fist crushing Roseanne. The corporate fist that tried and failed to crush her in the 90s and easily succeeded in our era. I hate it.
  23. Brady: Oh Leo SWALLOWED it *pause* hook, line, and sinker. Really, Ron? Unfortunately that line is more witty/amusing than the rest of this terrible show so I can't really complain.
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