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  1. And this is why you guys sometimes talk about storylines and entire characters/recasts from those last five years and I don't remember them at all despite the fact that I watched until the end. They really totally wrecked the show. Only the fact that the cast was so great kept things together.
  2. She was there for the better part of 37 years. If she really wanted to give the fans a send off, she could. Makes it seem like this was about something else.
  3. I agree. No big losses thus far. I agree. No big losses thus far.
  4. So I heard the most generic song in a hotel lobby a couple of months ago, an absolutely hilariously over the top ode to the sound of sunshine, whatever that is. And it just made me laugh. I've been watching a lot of Passions recently and it reminds me of the television show version of that. There's something so generically late 20th century/early 21st century America about it, and the lack of big name actors definitely plays into that.
  5. I'm more bullish on DAYS than most of you. I think it's basically as good as a soap can be in 2020 considering budget issues and executive meddling. But darn, losing Lauren Koslow would be a huge loss. They could just use her right... She shouldn't be a sidekick for Abe. Give her a younger man to romance her and a scheming woman to feud against, and we're cooking with gas.
  6. really? Can you put your finger on what? I always liked her.
  7. Yeah, this is fine with me. With Bo dead, there's just not enough for her to do. The Princess Gina rehashes never work for me. Yeah, this is fine with me. With Bo dead, there's just not enough for her to do. The Princess Gina rehashes never work for me.
  8. there would be a nickname decoder post once every few months. I remember Juicy = Lucinda. Can’t remember any others at the moment.
  9. We were both a DAYS and an ATWT household. Sometimes the VCR would mess up and not change the channel and we'd tape "Another World." I thought that show actually took place on another planet.
  10. Can you please tell me how you're navigating it? I would love to re-read some things. I don't know why Google bought a usenet archive and then made it so freaking difficult to use.
  11. I love Martha as Lily and didn't like Heather. I'm sure Heather's a perfectly capable actress, but she wasn't Lily. And I just thought Lily in those business stories was like a little girl playing dress up. I just never bought it.
  12. I agree. I enjoyed all three of them today. Ciara/Ben are unbearable. I really need Claire to completely ruin their wedding. He has great abs.
  13. Why did the original Kay leave? She was soooo good. She reminded me of young Alison Sweeney. Nobody does scheming younger women like JER.
  14. I’m watching 2000 Passions. It is pretty darn addictive. I love how funny it is. Using Tabitha/Timmy as a Greek chorus is pretty brilliant. Also, you don’t even notice how little plot movement there is because there are all these awesome side quests like Tabitha getting turned into a fish. The individual episodes have really good script writing and seem like they have a lot going on in them. Idk how exactly to describe it, but Reilly had it down to a science of how to make it seem like the plot was moving when it wasn’t. Currently I’m in the summer. I’d totally forgotten Maureen McCor
  15. Carjack was sexy when Jack had his dangerous side. When Jack became Officer Jesus, I was over both him and Carjack. Michael Park was great, but the writing for Jack became so sanctimonious and I came to hate the character.
  16. I took it to mean "reason for being," because that's how JER wrote all love stories, not just Ethan/Theresa. Your soulmate is your soulmate, your reason for existing, and this is something that can never change.
  17. I shouldn’t be surprised that Brad Bell does not get this show. It’s been obvious for 20 years. It’s still disappointing. All they need is to go back and find episode that has Susan Flannery reading from the phone book and it’ll be better than any of this, but Brad Bell just doesn’t get it.
  18. I’m so happy we got a [S.W.S.N.B.N.] appearance! 2020 would not have been complete without it.
  19. I definitely thought immediately of Dena Higley. She and DAYS have a dysfunctional, symbiotic relationship. One of them is reckless drunk Gary Ewing and the other is Valene trying desperately to clean up the mess, and I’m not sure which is which.
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