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  1. I would like the answer to this, honestly. GH in the mid-90s perhaps?
  2. Yes when I view the board on iPhone this always happens to me.
  3. +Lesli Kay (Molly) And Keith Coulouris (David #2) - now divorced
  4. The Dems are already so contemptuous of Bernie's candidacy. Even moreso than Republicans were of Trump's in 2016. They clearly do not want to have Bernie be their candidate. Unfortunately for them, Bernie has a strong following and has raised $10 million already. Bernie's fans were treated badly by the Dems in 2016. I think if the same happens or is perceived to happen in 2020, it will hurt the Dem candidate.
  5. Oh I so disagree with this. I think it kept its quality to the end. A matter of opinion I guess. Her character certainly evolved and changed over time, and I see what you’re saying, but to me, JLD sold it. Maybe not for other folks but YMMV. But 90s NYC certainly could harden folks like our Baltimore native Laney. I bought it.... maybe because JLD is such a good actress. I still think Elaine is the best sitcom role for a woman ever outside of maybe Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy.
  6. The thing is though, the show is still highly profitable and will likely be for decades. The people making money on the back-end (including, strangely enough, Steve Bannon) had more of an incentive to end it while it was still getting rave reviews, so they could make more money off of it in syndication. 9 really great seasons are an easier sell than 10 good seasons and 20 bad ones (case in point, if I see a Seinfeld rerun on TV and nothing else is on, I’ll watch it. If it’s a newer simpsons, I’ll keep hunting.) Jerry’s decision to stop it may indeed have been driven by money and not art. I hope this post made sense.... I know what my argument is but had difficulty putting it into words. TL;DR: By 1997, back-end revenue was more attractive to Jerry than his salary.
  7. The Simpsons needs to be mentioned. Season 2-9 is one of the greatest and most influential shows in history. The first few episodes of season 10 are good, and then there is a huge, noticeable decline in quality. There are flashes of brilliance in the next 3-4 seasons after that, but it would never reach the brilliance of seasons 2-9 again (with the only exception being season 12’s terrific, clever “Trilogy of Error,” which was classic Simpsons.) And now they’re on season 30 and it’s been a zombie longer than it was ever good. Really makes a case for Jerry Seinfeld going out on top.
  8. Can we not claim that we know what is going on in the U.K. when Labour does seem to have anti-semites among their ranks, and the US Democrats now seem to have the same?
  9. B&B was always fully dependent on LaFlannery and I thought they knew if. Turns out they didn’t. Bradley Bell was just the figurative monkey on the typewriter in the same way his contemporary ken Corday was. Which soap trust fund baby revealed himself sooner?
  10. Susan Flannery legitimized the trash that B&B always was. In the best of times, B&B was addictive trash and a guilty pleasure, but Susan gave it a hint of legitimacy. In the worst of times, B&B was mindless Hollywood stars without a third grade education, and Susan Flannery was Alex Trebek’s mustache, sneering and towering above them. I do think B&B with Susan Flannery was sometimes a great guilty pleasure, sometimes awful, but always watchable. Without her, it’s just another soap, and coincidentally, a bad one. IDK if there’s ever been another soap so dependent on one actress.
  11. At least you take a strong stand against hate, though!
  12. The younger generations don’t watch TV at all though. It’s all about YouTube/streaming. Even if they were on TV, young people would not see them.
  13. While he did the wrong thing for sure, I don’t think this is quite the case. people have short attention spans these days. People will forget about this in roughly 15 minutes and be outraged at something else.
  14. ITA with all of these. SMG hated doing it after season 3, and it shows. And ugh, please don't get me started with Fred. Abby had all these incredibly sexy, handsome men throwing themselves at her and it just never made sense. I think Luka even told her once she wasn't pretty enough to be that nasty, and he was right.
  15. I was not sick of romcoms with Meg Ryan. Funny, I just watched When Harry Met Sally for the umpteenth time last night. And I was wondering why they didn’t release one Nora Ephron/Meg Ryan movie per year in the 90s. They should have.
  16. I believe it was mentioned when Kim onasch was Jennifer that she knew Hal was not her bio dad but I don’t think we ever saw her being told that on camera.
  17. I didn’t really remember the LB era all that well, so now I’m reading SOC recaps from that era... and what a plot-driven mess. I can’t even really make sense out of the recaps without watching some clips for context, and yet I strangely have no desire to do that. Way too many new characters, and way too many characters doing things just because. And David switching a black baby with a white one and nobody noticing still has to be one of the dumbest storylines of all time.
  18. I have to say thank you for posting this, because it sent me on a deep dive of Bloss 1992 scenes on Youtube and I just finished watching the entire playlist.... and, wow. I have loved watching this storyline over the past few weeks. And I did not realize that what you posted was Sherry Stringfield's last episode. It just sucks to see someone leave when a storyline is really peaking. GL did a slow buildup on this one, and while I'm grateful Sherry Stringfield stayed for the climax (pun not intended), it was lacking on the denouement due to her absence. But I thought the entire buildup was impeccably done and again I will say I miss stakes on soaps. This storyline was loaded with them. Watching just this storyline gives me the distinct impression that GL definitely had its [!@#$%^&*] together in 1992 and I would love to watch more from this era.
  19. These handsome pictures of Kristoff bring a tear to my eye Especially the one with his son.
  20. Yuck! I can't, with any of that scene. Can't and won't ever. I adore Michele Lee as Karen. But that scene doubled down on her worst impulses and the writers' worst impulses with her character. I really love early seasons Karen. After she had her drug addiction, it seemed like Karen's [!@#$%^&*] could never stink ever again, and it hurt the character/the show IMO. No, you're not a Pollyanna, later seasons Karen, you're a Mary Sue.
  21. I don’t mean she was always over the top, just certain moments I can’t watch. Those Princess scenes are unwatchable for me.
  22. MS played Jerry’s girlfriend who he made out with during Schindler’s list. But she is most well known for walking on on George naked, to which he famously responded, “I was in the pool.” One of Jerry’s only girlfriends to last multiple episodes.
  23. 1. Making Victor Lord a child molester is an unforgivable retcon. 2. Erika Slezak could be too over the top campy and cringey. I don’t mind camp as long as it’s billed as such, but camp that thinks it’s serious just makes me cringe.
  24. The initial Viki’s Alters storyline is a deeply flawed storyline with some terrific individual scenes. Some things are said to be greater than the sum of their parts, and the Viki’s Alters storyline is really the opposite of that.
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