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  1. Sounds like a keeper! Will be the first one I've bothered to watch. And I watched a lot of B&B back in the day (it was never "my" show, but it was on before ATWT so it was always a soap that was on my radar.)
  2. I loved Nikki stripping! I miss soaps going out of their way to be outrageous. And then you’d be on the phone for 45 minutes with your mom or your girl friend, “Did you see Y&R today?! I couldn’t believe Nikki stripped!” I miss the 90s y’all.
  3. I'm so shocked that people aren't loving the classics. Everyone I've ever known who watched soaps started watching because of their mom or grandmother... half the fun was your mom telling you about the stuff that happened before you were born (invariably "back when it was GOOD") and then occasionally getting to see the odd flashback or Christmas classic episode.
  4. I’m sick of characters being redeemed. Like, every soap needs villains and bitches. Just let her be the bitch. She’s good at it.
  5. I think Gabi’s dress is cute. She is a fun bitch character IMO.
  6. What is the matter with them? Nobody wants to see episodes from the past 15 years. Zzzzzzzzz
  7. Didn’t bother with today’s. What’s tomorrow?
  8. The Kiriakises have just become more important to modern DAYS than the Bradys. With Shawn and Caroline gone, Bo and Shawn D gone, Sami and Carrie gone, Josh Taylor's Roman's failure to launch, the Bradys just aren't a major part of Salem anymore. Yes. No complaints from me.
  9. Josh Morrow’s suspenders were adorable. I wish that look would come back.
  10. Please take it to off topic, y'all. Part of the beauty of these Y&R classic episodes are that they're taking me back to a simpler (better) time.
  11. Is that better or worse than usual?
  12. I turned it off... had no idea that was supposed to be a classic. Do they not get that when it comes to B&B, if there is no Susan Flannery, it's not a classic?
  13. My CBS affiliate is habitually 10 minutes late on airing these. So annoying. I don’t love this one as much as last week’s. But it’s still head and shoulders above anything any soap has done in the past 15 years.
  14. Somehow in alll these years of ATWT fandom, I never heard about CZ's reputation. But I'm OK with it. The person who brought us Barbara probably should be a bit of a diva.
  15. I think the amazing thing about 90s era Y&R is how effortlessly good it seems. And I remember feeling that way about it at the time compared to other soaps. Everything about it is just so damn competent and you never question that it is going to hit all the beats it needs to. Even though we knew at the time that it was a cut above other soaps, you really appreciate it even more now.
  16. I am so amazed by how damn good that episode was. This is why Y&R was such a ratings juggernaut in the 90s. So much happened in one hour of TV, and yet everything that happened felt earned and not cheap.
  17. This is soooo freakin good. Why can’t they just keep airing sequentially from this episode?
  18. Wow! I love the beach scene! Look how young and sexy they were.
  19. My local cbs jumped into it at 12:37. No explanation, no nothing. At least I get to see it.
  20. My local CBS isn’t showing it and isn’t explaining why they’re not showing it. How obnoxious.
  21. IIRC, that cast photo was taken to commemorate the 11,000th episode.
  22. Guess I’m the only one who thought it was funny.
  23. I thought it was funny. But the only reason they were able to fool me is that I really could see DAYS doing some of those plot twists.
  24. Lmao. OK, the DAYS writers have a way better sense of humor than I thought. Now it’s hilarious! And they totally got me.
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