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  1. Something like Marley’s trial for shooting Jake (AW) or Reva’s trial for pushing Annie down the stairs (GL) are templates for how these things were done for decades on soaps.... everything else on the show screeched to a stop for big events like that. Btw— neither person was guilty. That is another American soap trope. If you see the trial, that means the person didn’t do it.
  2. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this post 😓
  3. In my version Leo just has both Paul and JJ run train on him at first, but then JJ gets the courage to experiment with bottoming.
  4. No, wait. Can we just have JJ discover his bi side instead of casting someone new?
  5. Dating myself here.... back in the day before the switch to digital (I think that was 10 years ago), you could hear channel 6 on FM radio station 87.7... for me, that was the local CBS affiliate. So I would sometimes listen to my soaps at the office on the radio.
  6. And I mean, let’s just face it. Phyllis/Nick was a farce because it was just not believable. He was too hot for her/she looked 10 years older than him. Phyllis/Adam with MS and this sexy new Adam would/will be deja vu in that department. I can’t complain about Y&R reusing the same set for a restaurant/night club. Have you seen Days of Our Lives, people? Y&R’s production values are nothing to complain about. Yes, the Genoa City Country Club is skimping a little on the Grey Poupon these days, but the budget motel over on NBC Blvd. is just putting yellow food dye in mayo and calling that mustard, so we really can’t complain.
  7. They’re really not even going through the motions. I grant them that the material is beyond horrible, but still. They’re not even just boring to watch but painful to watch.
  8. My proposal for a WilSon storyline would be spousal abuse. It's the only way they'd be watchable.
  9. Will: I'm dying 😃, and Kayla says it could be a matter of days 😄
  10. What is with the network wide mandate to ABC-ify the CBS soaps that has clearly been in place since the mid-90s? Are the demos the ABC shows get really so much more attractive to advertisers even though CBS' overall numbers have been higher the whole time?
  11. Amelia is just boring. Joshua Morrow can be decent with the right material. Not great, but decent.
  12. My goodness. I have always disliked her, since she worked at the AVclub. With this piece of writing, I dislike her even more. Season 1 of The Handmaid's Tale was quite good. Season 2 was quite bad. What will season 3 be? I have no idea based on this review, because Emily spends the entire time talking about herself, just like she has always done.
  13. Yeah, kudos to Suzanne Rogers. She's fabulous and I kind of want her to stay off the wagon as long as possible. She's a really fun drunk.
  14. Passions did better in the demos, though, didn't it? ^Not trying to be an [!@#$%^&*] with this comment. Just saying, the decision to cancel AW was right from an economic standpoint by the time you got to 1999. We can still hate NBC and P&G for letting it get so horrible in the first place.
  15. LOL I'm glad it was not just me. I got seriously turned on by him, especially during that scene with Victor where he talked about how much Nicholas/Victoria wanted him gone. It was hot.
  16. It kind of reminds me of Bradley Bell in his prime (sic.) Pervy, degrading, and no attention span, but are you not entertained (russellcrowe.gif)?
  17. It is kind of sad. A lot of women on the show seem kind of low rent. It's not surprising that it was all written by a thirsty gay man.
  18. Kristen destroying her hotel room while Jack and Eve walked by being like, "Oh, poor Nicole" was pretty funny though. This show is so trashy, lol.
  19. Jack has never had a good return. He seriously should have just stayed on African safari or wherever. Why on earth would the show dip its toes in politics? They'd have to be insane to think literally anybody wants to see that. I'm guessing that Kristen pretending to be Nicole sounded like it would be more fun in the writer's room than it has been on screen.
  20. His being back is creating problems for multiple characters and multiple actors who have been asleep for years are waking up. Today's show actually wasn't half bad! Y&R is the only one of the 4 current soaps that occasionally has a heart beat. Balance that with Traci writing a book about Cane and Lily which was totally boring and stupid though.
  21. I haven't watched in a while but I am today and I really like the new Adam. He is really good at being the heel. He has a vague arrogance and narcissism about him that is kind of hot, TBH. And Eric Braeden actually looks alive in scenes with him which is unusual.
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