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  1. Well people on this thread started blocking me when I said things they disagreed with, so yes, those people WOULD think that Garland support was universal.
  2. And how exactly are the FBI supposed to investigate an allegation that we don't where when or where it occurred because the accuser can't remember? Also, liberals' sudden love and devotion for the FBI is really weird. It is clearly a political stalling tactic on behalf of the Democrats. Once Ford refused to testify, the tide turned back in Kavanaugh's favor, and that is evident. Garland didn't have the votes to be confirmed, but I always thought McConnell should have given him a hearing. Now I see why he didn't. It was the right move.
  3. Lol at the above. Well as long as you’re all in agreement. Kavanuagh’s accuser is def credible but Ellison’s is totally a lying slut. Just because. There’s no evidence either way on either account. But Ellison’s accuser is an inconvenient whore. Toats. mazie Hirono said men should just shut up today. So I guess if I’m to listen to the democrat message I will do that.
  4. My god y’all are brainwashed. Everyone jumping to Ellison’s defense because there is no proof and shaming his accuser are “feminists.” i am being demonized for pointing out there is no proof against Kavanaugh. and the “theatrics” I was referring to isn’t the accusation, it was the democrats’ conduct during the hearings. get a grip, y’all.
  5. There is an allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Meanwhile, there is also an allegation against Deputy Chair of the Democratic Party Keith Ellison. Guess which one the Democrats are outraged over and which one they're sweeping under the rug... the "pro-woman" party... If I were Donald Trump, I would withdraw Brett Kavanaugh's nomination immediately and nominate Amy Coney Barrett ASAP. Let the Democrats re-enact their shameful theatrics again before election day and see if people buy it again. Try arguing that she raped somebody. He should have just nominated her in the first place.
  6. They definitely haven't known what to do with him for at least 20 years now. But it's not the first one I would have fired. Why does Christian LeBlanc still have a job? Didn't they re-hire Greg Rikaart? It is sad, though. Y&R has always been the gold standard of daytime. Now, it hasn't really been that since LML, but it kept up that appearance. But it is finally all catching up with them. Far from cathartic, it's so sad. Just cancel these remaining soaps already, jeez...
  7. I had no problems with her initial comments to Ramos that maybe he thought she was cheating, but she wasn't and she just wanted to clear the air. But smashing her racquet and continuing to carry on back and forth with him? Yes, she should be held responsible. Part of being an adult and a good sport is keeping your emotions in check. It's not fair to Naomi and she has nobody to blame but herself for those actions she chose to take. Why is Serena not responsible for Naomi but Ramos is responsible for every umpire that has officiated Nadal? Come on now, it's double standards. Serena made Naomi's first slam all about herself and it does make me think less of her. But then again my opinions on her don't hurt her one bit. Let me step back for a minute though because I realize I have cheered on Djokovic's bad behavior in the past. I don't excuse her smashing her racquet. There is something to be said for treating the men the same as the women, but I think Serena could have handled this better. My opinions on this are more complex than my initial reaction.
  8. Naomi Osaka just played the match of her life, and it’s tainted because of Serena’s behavior. I have lost so much respect for Serena today.
  9. Of course there’s a reason. Same reason Newt Gingrich suddenly started saying nice things about Bill Clinton when Obama was president. Politicans are all a bunch of whores.
  10. https://twitter.com/Seinfeld2000/status/1036067220827164672
  11. It is so hot and humid in NYC right now, y’all, and these men are drenched in sweat. all I can think as I watch is, “I hope they talcum powdered their balls.”
  12. I could definitely see this being an even bigger fault line in the 2020 dem primary than it was in the 2016 dem primary.
  13. And this is an interesting point too. How far left do white lefties go before they lose the black vote? Because black voters do tend to have different interests than woke white lefties. It's an interesting thing to consider.
  14. Democrat Andrew Cuomo said today that America was never that great. Sad thing is, he will still probably be elected this fall. But it kind of dooms him in the 2020 presidential campaign. That is a sound bite that can be repeated ad nauseum. Honestly, the polls have Nixon way behind, but I could truly see her pulling an Ocasio-Cortez on him. NY resident my entire life, both upstate and downstate, and his poll numbers surprise me. I don't think he is as popular as his poll numbers suggest. Nixon is a dark horse, but her chances are higher than 0%.
  15. All soaps: you are required to confess to murders you did not commit if you suspect your loved one, in fact, committed them. You’re not allowed to ask first if your loved one actually did commit the murder.
  16. Very juicy, thanks for posting Carolineg. There is a good one with the Emily valentine actress on there too.
  17. Who else could they have put him with? Maybe Molly? But Jake wasn't dead yet.
  18. Rose was refreshing at first, but she got super annoying super quickly. She was only ever intended to be temporary, so it all was so funny at first. But once her initial storyline was over, the joke stopped being funny almost immediately. OMG I was soooo happy when Will poisoned her. And just how drab they made Lily when Rose was on. Lily spent about 3 years dressed in all brown. I think the Allison after JD was Marnie Schulenburg? She grew on me eventually, but I looooved Jessica Dunphy. She just reminded me of the kind of girl who would have befriended the gay kid and skipped class to smoke with him in high school.
  19. ATWT post-2000 Stable married couples may only have sex on the couch. The bed is reserved for one night stands.
  20. JamesFromLondon on soapchat.net has one of the best threads on the internet comparing Knots Landing to the other primetime soaps, week by week: http://soapchat.net/threads/knots-landing-versus-dallas-versus-the-rest-of-them-week-by-week.223/page-15 He's finally reached the storyline of Jill trying to kill Val, which I think is my favorite Knots storyline, just because of how absolutely unique it was. My favorite Knots seasons were definitely the first five, but I consider Jill trying to kill Val and the aftermath of that a rare late season gem, and Teri Austin and Joan Van Ark just played it so extremely well. You rarely see something that dark in a soap and I just ate that storyline up. Will we ever see anything that dark on TV again? The only thing I think of comparing to it is Walter letting Jane die on Breaking Bad, which I also loved (though I was sad, because I loved Jane.) But that wasn't pre-meditated. Jill's attempted murder of Val was just so unique on American TV, because you got it, you sympathized with her, she was completely evil but completely understandable. I really can't think of any other storyline quite like it. And Teri Austin in the opening credits of season 10 is just the piece de resistance. I do find Latham/Lechowick obnoxious in general, and especially on Knots, but when they were on, they were on, especially on Knots.
  21. Here you go: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wgi3cqRB-A He was embarrassingly bad... his only redeeming quality was when they showed him in his underwear.
  22. I mean Alan White was literally cursed from his first day. Don’t get me wrong, he was hot and couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag, but Nancy actually uttered the line, “so, what do you think?” It was either a Craig Heller or Lynn Martin day, as we were frequently subject to back then. It was immediately clear that he was quite sexy but had zero acting chops.
  23. I think this is the comprehensive list of the adult Chris Hugheses: Ben Jorgenson Paul Korver Alan White Bailey Chase Dylan Bruce Daniel Cosgrove They could never get the character quite right.... honestly, I think Paul Korver was my favorite. Poor Daniel Cosgrove... He is the Ted McGinley of soaps. I think his best role was on Beverly Hills, 90210. But, unfortunately, in all of his roles he is always just kind of there.
  24. Ugh. Such a mistake. Bradley Cole needed to go and stay gone, and when he came back it was even worse because his hair was so stupid. The P&G soaps just made every single wrong decision in their last decade.
  25. I thought he worked best with Molly. And he was definitely better than any of the Chris Hugheses who came after....
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