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  1. Ugh can we get Toups in here? I’m really not the person to defend Passions, because I never watched it consistently, all I’m saying is that it very temporarily revived interest in the genre amongst a coveted demographic.
  2. I refuse to blame the audience. They were just too incestuous and unimaginative. Yes, network shows declined across the board, and there was a bit of inevitability to it all, but it didn’t have to be this bad. It’s just a very conservative genre and that’s what killed it. Too formulaic. The Real Housewives and Kardashians are absolutely the new soaps. But soaps could have been on top of that in some way had they kept innovating. All innovation on soaps stopped in the mid to late 90s. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... JER’s Days was the last soap that ever innovated and also the last soap that ever saw huge ratings increases. But the other shows (and Days itself) didn’t learn the lesson. JER almost recaptured that magic on Passions, but never quite did. Believe it or not, Passions could have been the soap to save soaps, lol. It was buzzworthy for a hot minute in the early 2000s. Never quite as buzzworthy as 90s Days, but it did get buzz and it did get young viewers. But a poor overall cast (with a few wonderful standouts) and just neverending turnover in its cast I think doomed it.
  3. Yeah, I’ve never heard that before but I really like it. A slutty core under a polished veneer... quite DC. I love the American version but I really love this too. It’s so early 80s new wave. And the French Dallas theme is awful IMO so I’m amazed that this is so good. The lyrics sound really dumb in English but they’re melodramatic and fun in French.
  4. Men’s thoughts: Djokovic is a heel and it’s fun. Happy for him. Anderson has sexy abs. Both men’s semifinals matches were historic and I don’t think Wimbledon should adopt tiebreaker... it’s rare but fun when this happens. I was in a Dominican barber shop of all places during Anderson/Isner and people were transfixed by it. The six year old boy sitting next to me waiting for a haircut, who was absolutely hilarious and awesome, was shocked when I told him it had been going on six hours and was desperate to know if it would ever end. Good for the sport. Women’s thoughts: Kerber’s odds were underrated. Serena had an ideal draw and only Giorgi gave her any trouble until Kerber. Still, Serena in her prime gives Kerber much more of a run for her money. It just shows that Serena isn’t 100% yet. That she isn’t 100% yet and she made the finals is amazing, but people shouldn’t be so down on her. Idk. The media built her up too much. Kerber was always going to be a huge threat to her considering Kerber has beaten her in a GS final before.
  5. Last time they took it down, it was back up a few days later... fingers crossed.
  6. All these are good. But the hourglass. The orchestral flush. The simplicity. The "sands through the hourglass." The timelessness. Days 1993-present is the best of all time. And, I mean, how breathtaking is the closing? That's a closing that, in the best of times, made you think that the schlock you just watched was more intelligent TV than it presented itself as, and not just a guilty pleasure, but an institution rooted in deep history, and in the worst of times, made you anticipate that the relentlessly slow pace and idiotic storylines would eventually have a great payoff if you just hung in a little while longer, because a show with this respectable a theme song and half a respectable cast couldn't be as dumb as you thought it just might be deep down. I may be projecting a little here. But the Days theme and opening are magical and always will be, and TPTB should rethink the shortened version, because this theme makes DAYS an institution and I feel it's part of what kept me hanging on at points when I felt the show was disappointing. IDK. It's hard to compare 90s DAYS to now.
  7. Days of Our Lives 1993-present is clearly the most iconic. When is the last time you can remember a soap opening lasting 25 years? It's so soapy and dramatic. Yeah, they shortened it in recent years, but at least they kept "Like sands through the hourglass..."
  8. I think ATWT touched on that with Jessica/Duncan. Knots Landing tried to with Eric but it was totally lame. I agree it would be a very good storyline. It's never gonna happen nowadays with the zombie soaps Hopefully it will in the next iteration of whatever soaps become.
  9. She was an actor who could overcome bad writing though. I really did enjoy what I saw from her, which admittedly was not a lot since I'm an infrequent viewer. She will land a primetime series or something, I'm sure. I do believe that black viewership is what made Y&R number 1 in the 90s and what has kept it there since... I don't have the numbers, but I'm sure if somebody dug for them, that's what they'd find. The thing in, in the 90s they did something to earn that, and they really haven't in a looooong time.
  10. Her photographs should be burned lol. Reminds me of the 90s... Don't know when the "liberals" became the censors, but it happened!
  11. ^lmao @ "A New Day Dawning for Days of Our Lives." An earlier iteration of "The Plan to Save Days." They have literally been saving Days for an entire generation now.
  12. I really wish they had just let this die. She is the one who fought to make it the classic it was. I understand that they couldn't go on with her, but they really shouldn't have gone on at all. While I'm curious about what happens to the other characters, this show is so dear to me that I'm just going to pretend it ended after last season's finale. It is up to Sara Gilbert now to do what Roseanne did on the original show and fight for a certain vision of a working class family that deals with real problems... I just don't know if I trust her to do that when she hasn't lived that experience and Roseanne has.
  13. What are the thoughts on Peter Fonda saying Trump’s son should be locked in a cage with pedophiles?
  14. If anything this merits a Brady Bunch style reboot where we laugh along with how dated everything is.
  15. Hmmm.... love this show, but I don't think this works with a revival. It's just very 90s.
  16. I really liked today’s episode too. I thought the whole time it was just a filler episode, but I was ok with that. Then, boom, twist ending. Which I’m sure was spoiled for all of you but I didn’t see it coming.. Also, I want to marry JJ.
  17. I watched today after not seeing the show in a while and I thought it was pretty decent. I think Chandler’s acting was fine. He seems to realize how ridiculous the storyline is and is just having fun with it. And, yes, it helps that he’s hot. Ben and Ciara actually have chemistry. Sonny is awful awful awful. But, like, in a love-to-hate way.
  18. Can we do one of these with recasts? Or did we already? Too lazy to check.
  19. She is a great actress. I'm sure she'll go on to bigger and better things. I only watch soaps every once in a while nowadays, but whenever I watch Y&R she jumps out to me. She could be a big star. Would absolutely love to see her on Starz's Power... she would fit in perfectly there.
  20. I really love your recaps YRBB. Keep them coming. No comment because I really hate this season and these storylines, but I’m looking forward to you getting to season 12.
  21. Please. Don’t sympathize with these suits. They are cunning.
  22. No, I don’t want a spin-off. Just let it die. Roseanne without Roseanne isn’t Roseanne.
  23. Watching Ames McNamara WAS like watching young Sara Gilbert.... I think that’s the worst part. He was only going to get better.
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