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  1. I love how Delaney keeps begging to speak and then the moderators are like, "ugh, fine, you can have thirty seconds, I guess, but then don't say anything for a while." 😂 But you can't blame them because he does nothing with the little time they give him. Why is he running?
  2. 😂The worst thing is you could see the wheels turning in Booker's head when Beto spoke it first. "NO! That's my cool party trick that I do." IDK, Booker is just such a goober to me... Like, why do you keep mentioning that you face constant gunfire in your neighborhood? You were mayor of the city you live in, so that makes you look not so great. To me, Julian Castro is having a breakout night. He is offering a lot of policy ideas but delivering it well. Warren is not having a great night, at least to me. I really dislike deBlasio but he has been making the most of the little time he has gotten (although I've been able to finish a few of his sentences, having heard them before. I guess NYC was the test audience.)
  3. I mean, that is a totally unfair question to Bernie or any candidate over a year before the convention. “Oh nobody has voted yet, but will drop out if you lose?” The message that he is seeking to undermine the presumptive nominee and contest a convention is underlying in that question, when he didn’t last time, and it is way too soon to assume he would this time. Idk. I hate that question. It would be different if it were June 2020 and he were asked that question and he was in 2nd place. “Are you gonna stay in this and harm the presumptive nominee?” Fair question. In June 2019, “if you’re hypothetically in 2nd a year from now, will you drop out?” FOH. That’s not a fair question.
  4. What I really love about this season is that it's doing what soaps never do anymore -- paying off the storylines from season 1, and doing it in a very satisfying way.
  5. Thorsten Kaye is *still* on this? How has this disastrous experiment gone on this many years? He’s so incredibly not Ridge.
  6. Wait, is Hilary coming back? Permanently? Michelle Stafford looks great. However, she’s giving me drag queen vibes. Chloe is back? Meh, she’s always so boring to me.
  7. I wonder why they never tried to get KS back from GH. Shawn and Belle were a pretty popular couple and should have been the Bo and Hope of their generation. Instead they have been MIA for years. It’s weird. also, it sucks that the charity rahmer clips are off YouTube. They were always a good watch.
  8. I liked season 1. Didn’t love the ending, as the entire season had built up to one moment, and when that moment came it felt so incredibly clunky and just terribly staged. But imperfect ending aside, I was pleased with what felt like a finished product, and I wasn’t especially looking forward to season 2. I was predicting handmaids tale season 2... book material run out and just spinning in circles. The season 2 premiere was so much better than I thought it was going to be, and I’m looking forward to season 2 now. I did really miss the Greek chorus from season 1. But I think all five leading ladies are off to really interesting starts, and the addition of the sixth leading lady in Meryl Streep is intriguing.
  9. This type of storyline really can't work on modern soaps because they move too fast.
  10. The Dem debate lineups are out. The first debate on Wednesday, June 26, in Miami will include: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren Former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan The second debate on Thursday, June 27 will include: Former Vice President Joe Biden Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg California Sen. Kamala Harris New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet Author Marianne Williamson California Rep. Eric Swalwell Businessman Andrew Yang Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper The draw was random, but the second night is definitely more stacked. Is Warren blessed or cursed by being the biggest name on night one? On one hand, she will be the most recognizable face on the stage. On the other, they'll all probably be coming for her.
  11. Meh, I find the constant fanservice that is so en vogue now to be completely exhausting. Orange Is The New Black was an intriguing show in its first season that was completely overwhelmed in subsequent seasons by constant and grotesque fanservice.
  12. Something like Marley’s trial for shooting Jake (AW) or Reva’s trial for pushing Annie down the stairs (GL) are templates for how these things were done for decades on soaps.... everything else on the show screeched to a stop for big events like that. Btw— neither person was guilty. That is another American soap trope. If you see the trial, that means the person didn’t do it.
  13. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this post 😓
  14. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NoBisexuals
  15. In my version Leo just has both Paul and JJ run train on him at first, but then JJ gets the courage to experiment with bottoming.
  16. I swear, Days is the most inbred soap, bar none.
  17. No, wait. Can we just have JJ discover his bi side instead of casting someone new?
  18. Dating myself here.... back in the day before the switch to digital (I think that was 10 years ago), you could hear channel 6 on FM radio station 87.7... for me, that was the local CBS affiliate. So I would sometimes listen to my soaps at the office on the radio.
  19. And I mean, let’s just face it. Phyllis/Nick was a farce because it was just not believable. He was too hot for her/she looked 10 years older than him. Phyllis/Adam with MS and this sexy new Adam would/will be deja vu in that department. I can’t complain about Y&R reusing the same set for a restaurant/night club. Have you seen Days of Our Lives, people? Y&R’s production values are nothing to complain about. Yes, the Genoa City Country Club is skimping a little on the Grey Poupon these days, but the budget motel over on NBC Blvd. is just putting yellow food dye in mayo and calling that mustard, so we really can’t complain.
  20. They’re really not even going through the motions. I grant them that the material is beyond horrible, but still. They’re not even just boring to watch but painful to watch.
  21. My proposal for a WilSon storyline would be spousal abuse. It's the only way they'd be watchable.
  22. Will: I'm dying 😃, and Kayla says it could be a matter of days 😄
  23. What is with the network wide mandate to ABC-ify the CBS soaps that has clearly been in place since the mid-90s? Are the demos the ABC shows get really so much more attractive to advertisers even though CBS' overall numbers have been higher the whole time?
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