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  1. Certain characters like Jamie Frame, Tom Hughes, and Mike Horton seemed like Spider-Man or Batman in that they seemed almost preserved in time; the fossilized amber of daytime, if you will.
  2. Nicholas Alamain on DAYS has the record I think. He was a hunk hooking up with Cougar Kate when he only should have been old enough for Kindergarten. It was so wrong.
  3. The Alli Fowler/Lucy Montgomery Rule - the first SORASed actor will become a massive star despite not making much of a splash at the time s/he is on the soap.
  4. The lack of stakes is the major problem with this show nowadays. We know that this weakass tumor most definitely will not kill Will, and even if it did, he’s already come back from the dead once, so really who cares?
  5. It honestly felt to me at the time like this couldn't happen because TPTB didn't remember where they left these characters and couldn't be bothered to check.
  6. Yes, lol, I grew up in an area that does not get severe weather. I mean, we got winter weather, but we were used to it (I am the type of person who laughs at Southern US news reports that are like, "OMG it's snowing, do NOT go outside or you WILL die!") But we had a CBS affiliate that acted like we got Hurricane Katrinas on the regular. I at least tolerated it when they would announce that they would run the show in the middle of the night and you could set your VCR (later DVR) accordingly. It sucked when you were just SOL though, especially pre-internet.
  7. ATWT: When Holden unknowingly slept with Rose when she was pretending to be Lily, she whispered to him what she wanted to do and he got a [!@#$%^&*]-eating grin on his face and said, "I thought you didn't like that?" What was it?! I always interpreted it as anal, lol.
  8. It doesn't... but is it that interesting or remarkable that ATWT had quads if none of them ever become central characters? It's easy to just have the quads, not so easy to write major storylines for all quads.
  9. My understanding of this topic is twins who were born onscreen and both became major characters as adults and neither one was a retcon. The only one I can think of is Sami/Eric on DAYS. And even then, Sami was a much more central character for most of Days' history.
  10. When I was in high school, getting annoyed when there were harsh weather conditions, because I knew it meant the news would interrupt my soap and mess up my VHS recording with what would be outdated information by then.
  11. If it were 80s it would be La Isla Bonita easily. But you're right, her 90s output, though technically superior and more diverse, doesn't lend itself to this kind of event as easily. Oh, I didn't even think of remixes. Have to listen to the Miami Mix of Don't Cry For Me Argentina again as that was a top 10 billboard hit, even though people don't remember it now. I haven't heard it in years either.
  12. I'm having a 90s themed pool party in a few weeks. Which Madonna hit from the 90s should I put on the playlist? "Take A Bow" was probably her biggest hit of the decade but I don't think it's appropriate for a pool party. It seems wrong to exclude her, but I don't know if any of her hits from the 90s really fit a pool party -- a lot of her 80s ones definitely do but I'm doing 90s only.
  13. He won his state in the primary. Obviously he wasn't gonna win the general. Anyway, I was referring to the primary.
  14. Also expressing my love for this board. You bitches dissecting days really make me laugh.
  15. This character who isn’t related to anyone was actually a Bauer/Hughes/Brady all along. A young unmarried man who accidentally knocked a young lady up is so excited about his upcoming fatherhood that he runs in slow motion to the abortion clinic, where he arrives just in time to talk her out of the procedure. A villain has completely changed his entire appearance without any scarring.
  16. DeBlasio has no record to run on. The subway is falling apart. He promised to end homelessness and instead it doubled. Public housing is falling apart and infested with rats. He has a limo take him to is gym in Brooklyn. He spends way too much time outside NYC when we need him here. He talks out both sides of his mouth on a regular basis. Luckily he has 0 chance of getting the nomination. I don’t know why he would even try when 80% of NYCers polled do not want him to run. If you can’t even win your home state what is the point of running?
  17. I hated Langan's DAYS and stopped watching then after I'd been pretty addicted under JER and SSM -- looking back both of those HWs had flaws as well, but they did a good job of drawing you back in with great cliffhangers. But would I trade today's DAYS with Langan's? In a heartbeat. At least it was so bad it's good.
  18. Hogan always randomly brought back the most obscure characters that nobody was asking for, even as the fans begged for even a cameo of Scott DeFreitas/Andy.
  19. I don't think Seyfried was "fired" from ATWT. It was always intended to be a short term visit. Then they decided to bring the character on full time and brought on Peyton List. Holy wow, I don't remember the last Lucy at all. The last five years are such a freaking blur. People on this board keep saying things about the last five years of ATWT that I know I saw, and I don't remember it at all. It shows *how bad* those last five years were, and how much they threw at the wall, and how ridiculous the pace was, that I don't remember any of it. I at least remember the bad storylines/recasts from before that.
  20. Y&R in the 90s was one of the best at doing it. Black viewership is what made them the #1 soap, and they honed in on that once upon a time. ETA: Oh, soaps now? IDK, don't really watch. I know Y&R does not have the black families anywhere near as frontburner as they were in the 90s... they were consistently frontburner.
  21. But really, you never know what you have. Even Anne Heche was super green when she first started. Looking at her in 1991, you have a 21 year old tour de force who is really carrying this show. There was no indication that she would turn into that when she first started. Not that she was bad when she started, but by the time she left she was really something special.
  22. The look on JFP's face is totally priceless, and I can't be totally anti-JFP here. We don't know what the heck happened in what must have been a truly toxic environment, and JFP is the heroine in her own narrative. If only we could have an "I, Tonya" style movie of the SB BTS. The Santa Barbara cast and crew celebrating really is great to watch though. They would have been the underdogs going against more established shows.... they had to be two times better to even be considered, and they know it. They were truly shocked and honored to have won.
  23. Prediction of month and year that the last traditional U.S. soap airs.... and which soap? TBH, if we were predicting ten years ago I would have thought it would have already happened by now. The zombie soaps are surprisingly resilient. For me: Y&R and B&B end on the same day in May 2022.
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