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  1. Somehow in alll these years of ATWT fandom, I never heard about CZ's reputation. But I'm OK with it. The person who brought us Barbara probably should be a bit of a diva.
  2. I think the amazing thing about 90s era Y&R is how effortlessly good it seems. And I remember feeling that way about it at the time compared to other soaps. Everything about it is just so damn competent and you never question that it is going to hit all the beats it needs to. Even though we knew at the time that it was a cut above other soaps, you really appreciate it even more now.
  3. I am so amazed by how damn good that episode was. This is why Y&R was such a ratings juggernaut in the 90s. So much happened in one hour of TV, and yet everything that happened felt earned and not cheap.
  4. This is soooo freakin good. Why can’t they just keep airing sequentially from this episode?
  5. Wow! I love the beach scene! Look how young and sexy they were.
  6. My local cbs jumped into it at 12:37. No explanation, no nothing. At least I get to see it.
  7. My local CBS isn’t showing it and isn’t explaining why they’re not showing it. How obnoxious.
  8. IIRC, that cast photo was taken to commemorate the 11,000th episode.
  9. Guess I’m the only one who thought it was funny.
  10. I thought it was funny. But the only reason they were able to fool me is that I really could see DAYS doing some of those plot twists.
  11. Lmao. OK, the DAYS writers have a way better sense of humor than I thought. Now it’s hilarious! And they totally got me.
  12. Is there an April thread? Cause I needed to say what the [!@#$%^&*] with today’s episode.
  13. How many times are people gonna pull guns on each other? This is getting ridiculous. Reminds me of this South Park episode where everyone pulls guns on each other.
  14. What was Marlena going to do if John hadn’t showed up then?
  15. What the hell was that Ciara/Ben shower scene today? Kudos to them for showing off his body, and he looks great, but WTF @ her lathering him up and then making out with him? WHO WOULD DO THIS? 😄 You'd get shaving cream in your mouth!
  16. I don’t know what they could have done with that material though. It seemed like Chandler was hamming it up.... but it was all so painfully dumb I don’t know what else he could have done. And Freddie is just bad.
  17. Today's Will/Sonny scenes are so excruciating. The Lani/wedding scenes are working better than they should. The Lani/Gabi actresses are having fun with the campy material and I hope they keep this rivalry going for a long time.
  18. I get that, but it doesn’t make it any less stupid. of course, I still watched it anyway, so what does that say about me?
  19. Celebrating Mother's Day on a random day in January. Yeah, they're really doing that right now.
  20. Here’s the thing: I don’t mind Ciara being dickmatized by Ben. It’s perfectly realistic. I’ve seen plenty of intelligent women and gay men (including yours truly) who have lost their wits and gotten with a guy who is totally wrong for them because he is good in bed. what bothers me is that they force all of Salem to constantly sing his praises.
  21. Today's episode was pretty solid. I think all the storylines that were featured in today's episode are working. Gabi is a fun little bitch and in retrospect it's such a shame that Gabi/Stefan got cut short. DAYS also does such a great job blending the vets with the younger characters and having interesting diverse characters.
  22. Gina as Hope rolling her eyes at Rafe is great. But why does Hope like Rafe? She could have had that same reaction without the Gina plot device being needed.
  23. Yeah, I thought Langan made the show way too stupid and slow, but it looks like Shakespeare compared to 2019 Days.
  24. Dang, the Princess Gina storyline only lasted from February 1999 to March 2000? It seemed to drone on and on for years.
  25. It's great to see Kristian Alfonso show some spark. But they could just, you know, write Hope better all of the time instead of repeatedly dipping back into the Princess Gina well.
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