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  1. DAYS: April 2017 Discussion Thread

    I think what's most disappointing about this Abby/Chad/Gabi triangle is that one of the best things TomSell did was the younger set... I initially lamented that Abby and Melanie were seemingly de-aged to fit with Will etc. in 2011, and Dena and MarDar did a spectacularly horrible, and random job with them... but when TomSell reintroduced Nick and had Rafe burry Gabi's stalking (which led to the "Daysaster") by not following up on Chad beating Nick up, a years-long story thread was born. This played out in little beats for over two years, and even though Gabi was let off the hook too easy by everyone, it was a mark she could never escape. Chad would NEVER fall in love with her, Abby SHOULD never forget this caused her father's death, and this is so rewritten... total bs. I actually really love CB, but Gabi is a trashbag character and Dena's obsession with her is too bizarre. This story lacks as much integrity as any I've ever seen, and it doesn't have any value to excuse it.
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Eileen has a really fabulous life, it's a shame they don't (or can't) show it. Between Y&R and her Malibu family life (that screams early OC 'wives), she should be providing the kind of content we all beg for. It's too bad she's edited as a meddler and/or killjoy.
  3. DAYS: February 2017 Discussion Thread

    I didn't think today's episode was bad... something I haven't thought in DAYSSSSS lol. For the Higley/Quan regime, it was shockingly organized and hit a lot of good beats... and though the dialogue had to devolve into lameness, it wasn't nearly as bad as it usually is. I, too, was disappointed about Anna, Austin, and Carrie's returns... wonderful to see them, but godawful execution. I don't know how Prague was greenlit between the producers, NBC, and Sony. The tension between Austin/Carrie/Rafe was horribly handled and Anna was really butchered. And what could have been one of the modern show's more significant and poignant scenes was barely touched--the juxtaposition between Marlena and Anna in Carrie's life and how Marlena has always been the mother that's counted. Infuriating miss. Not to mention A&C could've had a quick moment with Sonny about Will, but I know that's way too much to ask for lol. Really hope Austin has a scene with Kate and Lucas this week!!! Am I delusional? Lol
  4. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Ken is a real nasty pos. You can take the whore out of the gutter . . . this creep never disappoints. What a pig. Everyone looked like fools, esp. Lisa Rinna and Eileen, which is a shame, because I at least feel like LR had a real point that she just didn't know how to make (kind of like Yolanda always, LOL). Nice to have Kim, Faye, and Camille at what I assume was supposed to be the finale party. I got the 'confrontation' between Kim and LR--Kim will never own her s (she's made that abundantly clear by forcing herself and everyone around her to only look forward, not backwards . . . which is fine in some cases, but not one as serious and chronic as hers . . . she'll never learn anything from her mistakes because she's admitting she's unwilling to acknowledge them and won't let anyone else, either) and LR was not there for that dogshit but wasn't going to start hooting and hollering. So she tried to condescendingly and passive aggressively shut her down with a smug last word . . . not cool but Kim Richards doesn't deserve better. However, while she keeps on going on and on and on about how she owns everything she says and does, LR really should own that she knew exactly what she was doing last year by making a freakin' storyline out of Kim's addiction just like she did with Munchausen (not a "comment," a storyline . . . which is what LVP wanted I'm sure) this year. Come on. Very interesting that this season was framed really as Yolanda's journey . . . which I guess turned out a tragedy? All in all a very a disappointing season, for so many reasons. Despite last year's ramifications, the dramatic potential was fully realized . . . this year was just hurtful but lame.
  5. "Days" hasn't aired yet in California and I'm SO glad someone finally mentioned Ben's victims!!! About time is right! lol
  6. I think I'd love the Abby storyline IF there was some, any, inclusion of the "necktie killer" sh*t with Ben . . . the fact that no one has directly mentioned Paige or Will (esp. JJ and Lucas) during Ben's return is a reprehensible writing oversight. It's not just Abby's retribution. I am so not here for this likely doomed romance of Joey's. He is such an idiot, and I'll be real surprised if she isn't some kind of psycho, probably somehow connected to Ava. Can't believe they get airtime when Judi Evans has been on, like, two times this year or something. Speaking of JE, I thought Adrienne was in the hospital on Mon. for a split second, not Kayla, lol. This new development with Steve & Kayla is . . . head-scratching. Total letdown with Steve's acquittal, and a real contrived plot point with Kayla turning on him--had she remained worried about him coming back into her and Joey's life this whole time, fine. But this lady was ready to go on the run with him forever hours before. Ridiculous. And as a diehard Jack & Jennifer fan, this kind of writing, however justified it may be, can be very destructive . . . Jennifer's constant trepidation over Jack (abandonment, endangerment, etc.) really eroded the couple and character. There's a fine line between cautious and caustic. But I guess it depends on whether you sympathize with Kayla, or with Steve. And this head trauma would be fine if it weren't a convenient additional reason for Kayla to use as to why she can't be with Steve. Glad that Jennifer & Eric are back! Really disappointed that this story never actually happened. Also, for all the plotholes lately, I can't believe that not only has Shawn not had any screentime about Ciara's rape, but that Jennifer, a rape survivor, didn't get a scene reacting to her niece being raped IN HER OWN HOME! Ahhh, lol. I get why they had her interact with Abby to parallel the two plots, but this story, which NEVER should have happened, has been so mishandled . . . and good God the actress isn't getting any better, but I will say she has been styled beautifully lately. Which can be a feat for this style-challenged show.
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I think it's unfortunate that it sounds like Lisa Vanderpump will be able to freeze out, not acknowledge, and talk over Lisa Rinna at the reunion. Lisa R. is stupid for putting anything in writing, though. And while it seems obvious to me that Lisa V. wanted a "Yolanda's full of bs" convo. to be on-camera and was happy to let Lisa R. (and Kyle) take the blame, Lisa R. should've let it go like Kyle since Lisa V. seems pathologically incapable of taking real responsibility for anything she does. It's pretty ironic since she seems very sensitive and unforgiving. I get why Lisa R. was pissed that she was taking the fall for the group, but it was done . . . and she shouldn't have just directed her frustration at Lisa V., but at Kyle, too. Meanwhile, who thinks Kyle wouldn't be so quick to sweep this under the rug if she caught the heat like Rinna?? Kyle, in so many words, confirmed that they were talking s about Yolanda and that if Lisa V. tries to take her down, she's going down with her . . . something tells me Kyle will worm her way out of all this, lolol.
  8. Wow, that sh*t with Maggie's paralysis really HIT me! Otherwise a pretty lackluster episode. Belle was growing on me the last two weeks and lost all goodwill today. I'm completely dumbfounded how John is letting it go that Theresa almost killed him and it's like nbd for anyone, ugh lol. Nice Abby scenes.
  9. Making JJ a cop was so stupid. He was so good as a bratty little sh**. (So was Theresa . . . I get both needed to evolve, but de-clawing them was a big, big mistake that's really hurt the viability of the characters.) And I can't believe they've stuck JJ in a non-story with Gabi?!? I thought CB surprisingly excelled under TomSell, but when the Nick story concluded the way it did . . . it worked. I hated to lose BB, but it felt like a natural and fitting end to a story that was stretched pretty thin with its redundancy. I appreciated the circumstantial gray area with her killing Nick, after everything he did (despite everything he went through, which wasn't properly dealt with), but she in some ways got her comeuppance when Abby finally found out about Melanie/the explosions. And her visits were totally fine and welcome--FROM PRISON, lol. Exonerating her after killing a Horton and putting her with another one and completely letting her off the hook is crazy. And I know they're writing Kate as a crazy boss b*tch, but I'm surprised they had Gabi turn on her so quickly. This Gabi character is just the worst and I think she should've been the first one on the chopping block, even before godawful Summer or Fynn. Dena Higley can keep pushing the freakin' Hernandez family without her. Or just used her occasionally and effectively from prison like when Melanie went to see her.
  10. I thought the episode was really good, and unique. I just wished there would've been more long-shots. So good to have the DiMera mansion set back--it was as much as a character in yesterday's ep. as Abby, Chad, JJ, Thomas, "Ben," and Jennifer. I wish Harold was there! lol. When exactly did they get rid of Eliana? The problem, though is that it was another horrible break in momentum. After all the John/Hernandez and Maggie/Summer/Brady stuff . . . no Mon. pickup. And this felt like it was LATE at night, and in the middle of a crazy storm, complete with a power outage . . . and we're supposed to be having a party at The Edge for Brady & Theresa's engagement announcement on this same night??? The Stefano special had the same effect on the timeline. The episodes are structured wonderfully again (for the most part), but through the week, there seems to be such wacky planning with breakdowns . . . maybe this is symptomatic of their insane block taping???
  11. Days: Vet Returns this fall

    I've been worried about this, but I think this is good news re. Jennifer staying. I think Laura is a very, very important character and should be featured in some recurring kind of capacity like Doug & Julie . . . but for so many reasons, it shouldn't be JLB. I've had Julia Barr in mind for years.
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Wow, Lisa V. slaughtered them in that blog! LOL. I think, though fabulous, Lisa V. is a cold bitch only out for #1 and it's pretty amazing how bulletproof she is--no one can chink this lady's armor, and that can't be said for the other hw head bitches (Vicki, Ramona, Nene, Teresa, etc.). However, I don't necessarily think Lisa R. is trying to "take her down" . . . clearly, all these hens, among millions of others, were talking about Yolanda. And in private, I'm sure all these women speak about each other SO disparagingly and cruelly, esp. Lisa V. and that husband of hers. Lisa R. was probably fed up TO HERE that she was catching all the flack for something that she was hardly the only one guilty of--I absolutely believe she, Lisa V., and Kyle (and EVERYone else) talked about "Munchausen" or something similar. And Yolanda is the biggest liar of them all claiming she's never heard of it before Lisa R./this season. Yolanda and Kyle play victim better than all of them combined (Eileen is inching up there, too). But, ya, I do agree that Lisa R. is TRYING HARD and giving these producers their money's worth . . . the fact that she's doing it to expose Lisa V. and Kyle is stupid af, but I don't think she's lying. It'll be interesting to see how likely successful Kyle will be at crying/outraging her way out of it and how Lisa V. will just not acknowledge anything and then deflect. Lisa R. better be ready. Eileen, on the other hand, is hard to watch. I think she's coming off thirsty with forcing everyone to "confront their feelings" . . . it's a bad look, clearly producer-fueled. And this thing with Lisa V. is sad. I think Eileen has actual knowledge of Lisa V.'s transgressions (that she won't tolerate ever being brought up) and that soured her this year, AND Eileen couldn't handle Lisa V. callously and crassly hitting her Achilles' heel (the "unsavory" origins of her current marriage). Lisa V. knows how much this affects Eileen and, when it suited her last year, chastised Brandi for going after her. If Lisa V., in a moment of ignorance, misspoke, then she should have just apologized sincerely because she clearly knew what she did. But this lady can't ever be wrong. I get how this would dumbfound and upset Eileen. However, if Eileen can't handle this very public part of her life being brought up, she has NO BUSINESS being on this show! Lol. And I thought the scenes with Yolanda at the gala were nice. I completely believe she has it . . . it's just that she obviously uses it as a shield (like Lisa R. said) AND this woman is not only insanely stupid, but her language barrier (she obviously has difficulty picking the right words to articulate herself) makes her come off horrible re. Lyme. That and she's as sensitive as Eileen and an incredibly paranoid person. She's been acting like an attacked animal all season and she's been unfairly attacking back haphazardly and it's understandable how she's made real enemies, Lisa R. is just the only one with the balls to come forward. And her scene with Brandi was so contrived--I get the show needs to thread a narrative, but for a woman who tirelessly goes on and on about "real vs. fake friends," she could've tried harder to not have come off so FAKE! lol. And however arrogant she was in the past, I feel humiliated for her watching her scenes with David (like I did with Ramona/Mario on NY). It's too bad because I think in better circumstances, she seems like a very lovely woman.
  13. 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations List

    This feels like throwing ALL the spaghetti to the wall and seeing what sticks, lol. "Days" is the only soap I truly followed in 2015 and I have to say that Billy Flynn, Kassie DePavia, and Kate Mansi are very brave to submit leading. Kassie may still have a lot of support in the industry, but the other two have no idea what they're doing not going for supporting . . . but, truth be told, they led story all year, and were basically given the anniversary story alongside Kris Alfonso, Peter Reckell, Mary Beth, and Stephen (and Daniel Cosgrove and Rob Wilson). I remember when the Daytime Emmys were a bigger deal and some actors, who were clearly leads, would submit supporting to get an unfair advantage, lol.
  14. Friday was a really dazzling episode. "Days" hasn't pulled something out like that shooting in, easily, 10 years. I understand why the cliffhanger wasn't Abby/Ben, because the producers wanted to highlight the production values in the John story. Buuut, there was a little too much going on. Chad & Abby's wedding should've been saved for a time where it could receive the attention it deserved. Monday's episode highlighted how bizarre the breakdowns on this show have been for years now, though--no followup on Chabby but playing the Steve/Kayla story?!? I get that it has to do with the block taping, but it was a little inexcusable to have Kris Alfonso, Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth, Wally Kurth, and Suzanne Rogers all appear in episodes on the wedding day, but not be there. Anyway, great scenes with John, but I feel like without the "location" shoot, those scenes would've fallen SO flat . . . the long shots and angles enhanced that stuff tremendously. If that stuff would've been filmed in a storage room like where Steve & Kayla were trapped a couple months ago, it wouldn't have had nearly the same impact, IMO. The full wedding on Tuesday was pretty wonderful, I have to admit. It's just a shame no one was there, LOL! The direction the last few days has been top-notch and Bill & Susan Hayes were the biggest treat today. Really great content, all around. At least they tried to logic away nobody being there with JJ mentioning the kidnapping. Jack's presence on Fri. and today was really felt--very effective use of Adrienne and the book . . . Susan read that passage beautifully. It's just a shame Steve wasn't there. I would've liked Kate there, too. And I could've cared less about Summer & co. today, but I have to acknowledge how well Jen Lilley did at the end . . . as much as I hate this protagonist turn for Theresa, JL always shows up for work. And I agree with KMan101, it was stupid to have reaction scenes from Lucas and Adrienne re. the kidnapping but not Eric. Oversight! LOL. I'm so here for Eric/Jenn but it's such an afterthought. And I've also been waiting forever for a "Laura" mental illness story for Jenn, but I'd be happy with one for Abby.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I think EVERYone has stepped in so much sh** on BH. Not a single one of them is coming off unscathed, but it looks like Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle are avoiding the fray more than anyone else . . . but, IMO, they're as transparent as Yolanda Foster Hadid. I'm not on a crusade to "get" her, but it is puzzling to me that Lisa Vanderpump gets away with everything, esp. since she owns nothing. Maybe that's it--she doesn't give a f about anyone but herself and hers and has never pretended otherwise . . . but she still wouldn't ever come out directly and say it that way. Anyway, even if Lisa Rinna tries to bulldoze through everyone at the reunion, she should get destroyed by everyone but Eileen . . . even though they're all on a tv show and this is work, Lisa Rinna (who I do love) has taken it to the point of no return.