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  1. Don't get me wrong, I've surprisingly grown to really enjoy Chloe. She's such a quintessential soap bimbo--I love it! (I know this is SO not who she was originally.) And her friendship with Nicole (however insane after, you know, the flesh eating bacteria) is lovely and has become (to me) one of the real cornerstones of modern "Days." BUT NB is really lucky that, for whatever reasons, they are so committed to trying over and over and over again to find a place for Chloe on the canvas when every storyline she's had since her '07 return has basically totally flopped (except for her affair with Philip and the subsequent wtd, but I know a lot of people didn't like that because of Daniel and Melanie and then TomSell completely ruined it by making Parker Daniel's after all). If it weren't for her shockingly wonderful friendship with Nicole (which is really good for the Nicole character, too), I'd see no reason for this character past NB's really great charisma and sex appeal (because it's definitely not acting ability).
  2. I would, too. But it still doesn't change the made up stories--so weird when they had SO much real stuff to work with. And even though it was a family thing, they ought to have included more characters... not just for Caroline, but for more of Peggy McCay's colleagues to be there to pay tribute to her life. It was disappointing. And I think Patsy Pease was out of their hands, but I wonder what the coversation was re. Billy Warlock and Darrin Brooks? Back to current "Days"... how crazy is it that "Gina" and Jenn's meeting happened off screen?!? That should have been one of the BIG moments of the story, considering it was the event to basically kick off and frame the TJ. This is a production issue, and if this kind of stuff can't be worked out, the show can never truly improve. If the schedule can't accommodate this, it is broken.
  3. Omg Tommy lol. Did they mention he died in 2010? He feels like he was retconned out of the show. Bill dying is fine I guess, but if you're gonna bother to do it, it should have impact, because of how relevant he still is through multiple connections. I really enjoyed MC as Marie in 2010, but that's a character who has drifted really, really far away from current "Days"... even with Nick (who was random back in '06). Having Maggie and Julie mention her dying and playing two flashbacks... I'd think that was perfectly fine. It just feels like a waste to kill Bill this way. But considering how RC blundered Caroline's funeral... oh man. And I know he has his haters and he (and FV) did drive me away from GH (not even mother f'n Guza & JFP did that), but I know Ron Carlivati has it in him for these events--Asa's death/funeral (I forget what milestone that was for OLTL) was some of the best written (and produced) soap I've seen.
  4. Bill Hayes' tribute was lovely. Bill Horton's death was not. As a way to tie into Hayes' anniversary and a means to write out JJ (and Abby?), it was totally unnecessary. If they were going to continue to inexplicably not use him, then just leave him off canvas. Without Laura, Mike, and Lucas (and Kate and Maggie, who are ON THE DAMN SHOW lol), this was a disappointing close for one of this show's biggest tent pole characters. (Even Kayla recently worked with him... Bill was not a ridiculously forgotten character hella removed from the current canvas.) Bill's branch of the Horton family was the messiest and there was still a lot of angst to be mined. One of the dumbest things this show did was fully integrate Lucas into the Horton family, as it provided their WASP asses with some very real, complicated conflict. And they never knew whether Mike and Jenn hated Bill (and Lucas) or not... whitewashing all this is bad from a dramatic perspective. And I'm surprised RC doesn't want to use Bill & Laura for semi-regular visits, as they have high history and camp value with Kate. (I remember Dena Higley being fond of Laura vs. Kate.) As for the wedding--I loved it lol. Too bad more characters weren't there. I surprisingly felt bad for Gabi, which I credit the TJ for... we saw how much love and success she accumulated over the missing year, so I could appreciate all she lost. And despite their efforts (sincere or not), from a soap pov, I get why she and Julie will never not hate each other. I also appreciated her telling TRUTHS at the police department about Abby and Lani and how because they're heroines, they get away with everything. Gabi is so interesting, in part, because the writing has been so bad the whole time she's been on... she gets a TON of focus and the other characters constantly forgive or overlook her "sins," but she ultimately always loses. As a concept, Gabi is a conundrum. And I feel like Stefan's memory is getting the Ben treatment. Oiy. Lol.
  5. It's not perfect, but I think there's been a huge improvement in the last couple years. The updates to the Kiriakis and Horton sets are great, in my opinion. The Kiriakis redecorating looks like something Maggie would have done in the late '10s. (I admit all that teal had to grow on me, but I love the two kinds of wallpaper now.) Putting wood floors in the Horton home is so much better than the white carpet. And changing the green felt sacrelig', but that super muted blue is lovely. The art got slightly changed (I love the stacked botanical prints to the right of the fireplace). The spirit of Alice's home is completely intact, but it feels like Jennifer's now. Eric's apartment has his Africa photography. J&M's townhouse isn't as hideous... and though obviously redressed, Kayla's condo's furniture and drapes feel like her... the Titan CEO office has those Greek wall sculptures, which is obvious but I like to think it amusingly reflects Victor's nouveau riche, self-congratulatory tackiness. Rafe's kitchen is obviously decorated by Gabi and reflects her Pinterest-esque style, their family (Arianna's art), and even a little bit of their Latin American culture. The 3-in-1 Basic Black office feels like a contemporary space Nicole would work in, it's a very masculine space for Eli/JJ, and Gina's layer created tons of character mood. A bigger budget would really help this set out, though. Then the square clearly has Gabi Chic, Saxtons and the Bistro, Ornament Home Decor (the sign has that Greek wreath looking metal sculpture from the K mansion on it), Bookclub bookstore (for JJ lolol), and Salem Inn. A few years ago, it had nothing. And this is much better than the 2011 storefronts. Even the small DiMansion study has so many little vignettes in those bookcases. And the Chabby in Paris set looked European and reflected Abby's art background. Of course the floating bedroom sets are terrible, but it's better than when everyone was having sex on their living room couches lol. This show is never gonna be like when Tom Langan was EP/HW and almost every character had their own home with bedrooms and kitchens, but I really feel like they're trying after a decade aesthetic hell. Sorry for the long set post! Lol.
  6. Ed Scott produced a great show. Even Steve Wyman's "Days" looked pretty good (minus the "special effects). It wasn't until Gary Tomlim that the show aesthetically went to hell. Recently, I thought the lighting was so good for the outdoor nighttime scenes with the car crash. Production has super steppped up, but it's so obvious there isn't any money lol. At least they're trying again. I especially like how personalized and detailed the sets have become.
  7. Like a lot of other people, I think Brock Kelly's Evan is gonna be a pretty huge upcoming twist. I'll love it if he's a bi murderer baby daddy lolol. It's terrible the producers don't respectfully sit down with the actors. Though recurring and spottily featured for the past ten years, Judi Evans should have had a meeting with Corday, not even just Meng or Alarr. And isn't Alarr gay??
  8. Carly ate the show alive immediately, without any real ties to the canvas... they shoehorned her in through Justin & Adrienne, gave her backstory with Jenn, retconned Frankie's entire character premise to give her family, created Lawrence (another airtime hog) around her, and RA & AS even included a flashback situation where she had a chance encounter with Bo that changed her life forever... then she was EVERYwhere until she (and Lawerence) abruptly left in '93. And when Louise Sorel and then Victor Webster left in 2000, you never would've even known she was on the show. Then 2009 happened when CC was one of the biggest things on soaps and it happened all over again, only for CC to get the Matt Ashford/Christie Clark testament. MESS. Lol. They even tied Carly/Rafe together, iirc. I liked that set. I loved the Josh Griffith era production values. Most everything else then was pretty horrible lol. And Gray Bunny is right, we REALLY need a set like that. But I think they're doing their best to mostly feature multipurpose sets.
  9. Dee Hall always does that. It is such a horrible, bizarre acting choice (deficiency?). Unless it's emphasized that she's supposed to be warm in a scene, she acts like Marlena doesn't give a f or is pissed af. (Unless it's John, Eric, Belle, Claire, or Will.) At least since the 2011 return. But I think there's something to the Dee/Suzanne rumors. Even when the taping schedule conflicts and we don't get, say, many Hope/Jennifer scenes... they still have them. They just straight don't have scenes together and they were best friends pre and post JLBLaura and they've had quite a bit of intersecting story since 2011. They were even neighbors in 2016 in that condo complex. Lol.
  10. WOW. FS must have been blindsided with all the promoting he's been doing lately. I get this move (they have just been plain boring since Will got his memory back), but it is shocking and disappointing to me to lose the gay representation and they're such legacy kids. I think Will has a ton viable story left (and I really like CM) and Sonny was feeling like dead weight for a while, but after everything and sacrificing Paul twice for them (who was the real gay star), I am happy that they'll presumably leave happy together... it will feel right after ALL this to me. And I think they'd be great candidates for the web series.
  11. The other thing that really bothers me about Ben is that he could've been one of my favorites IF they kept him psycho and had him pop in and out a few times a year like they've been using some characters (think Tony & Anna). But I guess they wanted to lock RSW down with a contract... and RC has this bizarre agenda with him. And none of the actors, including RSW, play the necktie subtext (unless it's called for in the script like with Hope and Eve). It's infuriating! Like any time his name is brought up, characters like JJ and Jennifer should be visibly shaken.
  12. This storyline is so bad, so embarrassing. But I do feel like there have been a handful of cool "mood" moments, but they can't sustain the creepy, kinda luxurious ambiance because the whole thing is so stupefying (and no budget). However, I will admit to actually getting a kick out of Friday's episode--they embraced the lunacy and went full ham with the two body snatchers and a doppelgänger situation. "Gina" and "Stefano" revealing themselves, the Rafe/Kate exposition about them, and finally Hattie giving herself away... I'm not even going to try to articulate what happened in terms of everyone identifying themselves set against their actual identities, etc. LOL. I've also been ok with this week so far because things are finally happening and it feels like this is ending. (And Stevano flashing on Abby was great.) But while this stupid story is climaxing (and Ben's story is picking up), we're breaking baby switch/Will/Maggie momentum. I'm all for the rotating stories, but this is whiplash--every few days it's like it changes to a different show. And on another story note, I'm super stoked to pick back up on Gabi/Eli/Lani/JJ... another stupid story, but I'm very genuinely curious where they're going with it.
  13. Everyone forgets that except Eve, and she was supposed to be a b!tch. Ben is a mess. This second act of his has lacked any and all integrity. And it's also too bad, because he could have been an effective fan favorite in a recurring psycho role. It's telling that they keep Ben separate from Chabby, but they've even had Abby defend him?!?
  14. I don't know about his financial situation, but I doubt it was mutual. He seems like one of those very admirable soap actors who has no illusions about their situation--this can be an incredibly stable career if you tow the line. (Or at least it could in the past.). You may be forfeiting risk/reward, but you're enjoying security. And soap lifers can still advocate for themselves, they just have to be willing to roll with the punches. Galen seemed perfectly content to be a team player and ride the wave for as long as possible.
  15. He is lucky he lasted so long. Dena Higley relentlessly tried to make the Hernandez family work--never did. And after they fired Christie Clark and finally dropped Safe, they kept Rafe as supporting (the only time I liked him, when he was f***ing Kate and wrapped up in Sami's murder trial after Stefano tried to cut his di*k off) before giving him Jordan. When that didn't work they stalled while Aiden went darkside and Bo died, then they tried to really renascence the character by positioning him as the post-Bo(/Daniel) hero lead opposite Hope. And it didn't work. Rafe just doesn't work. But admittedly, after a decade+ of investment in the Hernandez family, I would've tried to keep him for Gabi's sake. But, ya, this is vague and I don't understand what GG is saying. Galen seems like a real nice guy and is very well liked among the cast, so it's sad to see a "vet" like this go, if he is actually leaving?
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