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  1. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    Just read today's recap and unless I misunderstood, Carrie is in the same episode as J&M and Will and no scenes... AND she's at Salem PD at the same exact time as Will. Burn! Lol. Anyway, I've enjoyed this week quite a bit... but the Andre story requires a lot voluntary amnesia. I could barely stomach Abby being aligned with him, but now with all this nonsense... omg. It looks like they're dropping anvils that Abby did it. Good potential shock value, but it's not a good long-term investment to make the show's lead young female lead a murderer with a likely stupid, random motivation. I love that Abby is "crazy," but you wind up walking a fine line in these situations. I'm afraid Abby is RC's answer to Jessica.
  2. Days Feburary Sweeps

    These actually sound promising! Thank you (But I am really, really hesitant about the John/Steve story. And I'm glad it sounds like Carrie and Billie will have a variety of things to do... really hoping for scenes with Will, ESP. with CARRIE!!! Lol.)
  3. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    I want Julia Barr as Laura.
  4. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    I didn't watch RC's GH after the first few months bc as much as I HATED the Phelps/Guza decade, FV & RC's campy and silly af interpretation of the show wasn't 'my GH' at all... but I actually loved the first couple years of his OLTL and I loved the crop of characters who'd appear a few times a year... and I really appreciated we'd visit where these characters lived, and London, esp., became a secondary setting for the show. And when he opened with guest stints for Hattie, Bonnie, Sheila, Xander, Ben, and Clyde and knowing Sami, Susan, Shawn, Belle, and Vivian were popping up in the future, I was so hoping for/expecting the kind of recurring cast you mentioned above. Seeing Leann Hunley and Christie Clark together for the first time in over 30 years was the biggest treat, but they wrote Anna as such a loon and skipped over any emotional resonance in their scenes... and they missed the opportunity to have one of the show's most significant character moments addressing how Marlena was the mother to Carrie Anna never was with Dee, Leann, and Christie all there. And IA about Austin and Rafe lol. Another treat would be to see Austin, Billie, Lucas, and Philip all together with Kate again (last time would've been around '06). Kate works as a DiMera, but it cheapens the fact that the Roberts/Reeds were THE 'other' family on the show for 20 years, outlasting the Johnsons (since they're not played like that now), Walkers, Lockharts, etc. But I would love to have Austin, Carrie, Mike, and Billie back full time, even more than Shawn, Belle, and Philip (who I'd also love back lol). And, ya, Bill & Laura should absolutely be recurring on a basis similar to Doug & Julie, though I wouldn't use Jamie Lynn Bauer. And Xander not being Alexander was one of the more WTF casting choices in years. Lolol, this show...
  5. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Totally agree about the Black/Evans family... seriously glaring oversight for Christmas, and in general. Belle came back hot this time with tons of natural relevance, then disappeared without even seeing Brady or Eric (weird omission for RC and Anderson). Wtf?!? Another huge oversight is how MIA Steve is with Abby and JJ. Really criminal. At least Adrienne has had a presence in their lives. But block taping is obvs. a huge problem... we'll see people for a solid few days, then it'll be another week. This is particularly evident with the likely expensive Dee Hall, Drake, Missy, Mary Beth, and Stephen (and Wally & Judi are basically MIA again). Kris Alfonso feels like the only vet star to be regularly featured.
  6. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    The budget is definitely the common denominator. However, I thought RC really improved on this issue by leaps and bounds, but then Theo waking up fell completely flat. That should have been an episode brimming with relief and rejoice. I haven't seen the party yet, but if this isn't going to be an all-cast event, why bother hyping it so much? I was shocked that the double wedding was basically all-cast... first time we got one of those in several years, and hopefully not the last.
  7. Days cast GH vet?

    This is all very true.
  8. GH: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    I haven't watched GH in a few years but this would kill me. AJ is my fav. character and I can't even with how this played out over 15ish LONG years. The mob three are such contemptible, disgusting characters, and it has been utterly sickening to see decades of them being treated as alternative heroes.
  9. Days cast GH vet?

    I'm hella down for Vivian to have a longlost son w Stefano, but this feels really redundant after Quinn. To me, this is a fun concept, but I don't know how you execute this well??? And even if it detracts from the long-term integrity of the show, I am all for these short-term arcs for characters like Hattie/Bonnie, Sami, and Vivian to spark/enhance new stories.
  10. Days actress returns

    I would normally say this could only be good news, but her last two returns were so mishandled.
  11. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Haven't seen today's episode yet, but I'm really looking forward to it! I actually really like Camila Banus, but I alternate between not "getting it" and downright resenting Gabi. But I really enjoyed her & JJ on Thurs., and I figured halfway through Lani would see them, jump to the wrong conclusion, and hook up w Eli. I found it curious that RC subtly teased this quad when E/G and JJ/L were the clear couples, but this is a nice long-game situation for me... it has revived and improved upon a Dena Higley dud and now I'm really interested in seeing where this goes, when these two couples, along with Rope, were the low points of the show for me.
  12. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    The Kiriakis mansion revamp sucks, but it's def. an improvement. When Gary Tomlin was ep, a lot of the sets were redecorated and scaled back... the K mansion got crazy angular (like the Horton home) and was dressed hideously. I'm curious to see how the new foyer looks... I'm afraid the white paint over the wainscoting makes it look less "rich"?
  13. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    I think that one thing TomSell really understood was that Jennifer and her kids are the heart of the show... and, honestly, they created this concept. Despite the Daniel propping, they saw potential in this leg of the Horton family and maximized it. Starting this show in 2000, I thought the Horton torch would've been passed to Hope and her kids... but when Higley & Griffith tried HARD to make Hope happen again in late '15/'16, she/Shawn/Ciara never had the emotional and sentimental impact that Jenn/Abby/JJ had... this could be emblematic of writing, but idk. While Abby and JJ feel like the strongest young Horton's, I've always felt like Jenn and Hope are maybe the show's most important characters, as the Horton stars. Seeing Abby slowly evolve to their level has been a pleasure, and I'd like to see JJ and Shawn receive the same committed attention. Shawn's long rest has definitely renewed my interest in the character. It's funny how in the late 90's, we thought Carrie, Eric (Jensen Ackles), and Sami would become the heart of the show... I'm glad the Horton's preserved as the show's #1 family.
  14. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    I didn't care for how Jack was made an enabler... that contradicted how he raised a teen (Ashley Benson) Abby... but I'm thinking that that Abby may have been erased from the show's continuity. But other than that, whether it was RC, Sherri, Ryan Quan, or Lorraine Broderick, TPTB managed to touch nearly every significant part of JJ... the only notable omission was Daniel, and I'M not complaining about that lol. The It's a Wonderful Life flashback was equally heartwarming, funny, and tragic. The scene where he popped the pill in Alice/Jenn's living room--rough. And Marci Miller showed up when she compared herself to Laura... Kate Mansi made Abby the show's lead ingenue and rocked the breakdown, but seeing Marci Miller's subdued approach was maybe even more heartbreaking than KM's charged take. And when Casey Moss did the voiceover about him and Abby as kids and Jenn teaching him how to drive and that he sometimes still drives on the wrong side of the road--I was torn up. I always try to find the best in things on the show lately, but I didn't have to look hard toady... maybe it's just because I love the Deveraux family so much lol. My only regret was that Steve and/or Adrienne weren't included.
  15. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    As a Jack & Jennifer fan, today's episode was such a treat. To see this kind of a spotlight on the Deveraux family (and JJ) is almost really emotionally significant to me after all the bs thrown at Jack/Matt Ashford. It's crazy how well they've treated Jack in death, esp. TomSell--if they did such a good job keeping his ghost alive, why kill him the second they were rehired? (Oh ya, bc of Daniel lolol.) I get that the episode felt long at times... but a lot of the newly-created flashbacks were wonderful... I so appreciated RC including Hope and I was in tears during a lot of them. Seeing Jack, Jennifer, and JJ together and Jack teasing Jenn... it was so wonderful. JJ/Casey Moss is such a valuable asset when used correctly... he and Abby really feel like the heart of the show to me. But it could've been produced better... really good intentions, but it looked like someone edited the flashbacks on a MacBook lol. It was incredibly visually similar to Aiden's standalone in 2016. And I understand the "Blue Lives Matter" comment... they were never REALLY going to go there with this story, which I'm relieved about because they would have had to introduce racist tendencies in a lot of legacy characters... but since this story is so tepid, just forget it. At a time filled with so much racial violence perpetrated by police in America, it feels incredibly unnecessary, if not insensitive, to tell this story from the pov of an innocent cop. But I won't lie and say I haven't enjoyed many moments and it has connected the canvas really successfully.