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  1. Oh it made them look so bad! Lmao that DanaPam contributed to this.
  2. Ya, Crystal seems really mean girl. I like parts of her, but I equally get bad vibes. But in her defense, Sutton WAS acting like a freakout. Which sucks, because I really wanna like her, but I get major Karen vibes. I wonder why Crystal joined the show?
  3. When Eboni asked LuAnn what she meant about being "raised in the church" and conflating that with "class" etc., Lu said it's not about class, it's about education. I don't think LuAnn meant only uneducated people speak in a "derogatory" way like Leah, what she likely meant is that people like Ramona who were raised with a Catholic education were taught to not behave "like that" (which I personally think is absurd) or whatever. That's what I meant about LuAnn not articulating herself properly. Regardless of any miscommunication, LuAnn was dead wrong (so was Ramona for yelling at Eboni, who a
  4. I just binged all the NY eppys . . . I loved reading all your guys' thoughts! Re. LuAnn . . . this does NOT look like it's gonna be a good season for her. But I have to disagree with everyone about her and Sonja. Sonja has been droning on about this very false narrative that Lu steals all "her guys" since s6! So Heather (and I think Carole) confirmed that the Sonja/Harry "engagement" was a flat out ruse. Ramona lent him a ring specifically for that scene, and Harry & Sonja haven't been actually romantically involved since way before he married Aviva. And LuAnn didn't just
  5. Paul Telfer is lucky tptb are hot for him because usually when you abruptly lose your love interest/big story, you languish on the backburner lol. I like Xander and think he functions really well like this, bbuutt . . . he is problematic af. He was legitimately psycho until his unexpected romance with Sarah. Like, it is really disgusting that Nicole hooked up with him after EVERYthing he did to her. And it wasn't just her; remember everything he did to Eric, Theresa, Chloe, etc?!? I know they explained that Jack is friends with him (which I love, btw) because Xander didn't know who he was
  6. Re. EJ's effect on the canvas . . . I think he was/is a very important character, and he caught on very early in his run . . . bbbuuut I don't think *he* changed the show. "Days" desperately needed to pass the torch around his entrance; the show was just unable to truly move past Marlena, John, Hope, Bo, Jenn, and Jack (and I guess sorta Steve & Kayla) being the leads. Even with characters like Austin, Carrie, Lucas, Sami, Shawn, Belle, Philip, Chloe, and Brady getting a ton of focus, tptb just couldn't really pass the baton like all the ABC soaps had done by the 2000's (I'm not familiar
  7. No doubt. I will never sing DOOL’s praises re. sets (even when we had like 50ish of them in rotation during the Langan/B&C era). I just appreciate that in the last few years, there’s been some effort on the production design front. I don’t have much positive to say about Frank as GH’s EP, but I am so impressed with how he’s completely refreshed the look of the show (even if a lot of it isn’t my taste nor is it very reflective of the actual characters who are supposed to be inhabiting those sets). GH has a serious visual POV—lots of moving cameras and different angles.
  8. While the Griffith era WAS terrible, I actually thought the show never looked better during late 2015/early 2016. The lighting was way too dark, but I loved how they used the studio as sets and there was a depth to the sets that was lacking when the show was hella bright in earlier years. And we got Hope's house back, Kayla got a house, and you could tell there was way more $$ being put into the show. Then it abruptly stopped around summer 2016. Since like 2018, I've noticed that production has really tried to work with the budget to give us refreshed sets . . . sometimes it works, sometim
  9. They did the Reva/Annie story almost 10 years ago with Jenn/Nicole, too. I haven’t seen today’s show yet, but Wednesday and Thursday were the best episodes they’ve put out in ages. Things were actually happening, which made me be able to handle Nicole/Rafe/Ava and Kristen. The show has been going through a pretty low period for me since Gwen’s secret was revealed and Charlie got murdered (since then we’ve had to endure Cin 24/7 ahhhhhhhhhhh lol), so here’s to hoping it’s about to rebound.
  10. Wow! lol Between them and Jonathan Bennett, that was quite a before-they-were-famous blip for AMC.
  11. This is not the right direction for Abby/Chad/Gwen. Even though it's INSANE that Gwen is going to have Chad's baby, allegedly lol . . . it's kinda crazy that no one has brought up that everyone initially thought that both Thomas and Charlotte weren't Chad's . . . and they worked through that. Lol. I know it's apples to oranges, but still. But I think the last time we saw the DiMansion stairs was just before the Time Jump when they rested the big DiMera set for the small study. I am still getting used to new DiMansion. I'm very glad we're getting the staircase because for a min
  12. I can’t believe I didn’t see Gwen’s pregnancy scare coming a mile away. But isn’t unconfirmed that she and Chad actually had sex?
  13. I loved him on Spartacus! Great news if this is true. Since we were talking about Aiden Turner, he was actually one of the front runners for Spartacus after Andy Whitfield died.
  14. I think Viki & Dorian own this title, but I'm only really familiar with "Days" and the '00ish-onward ABC Daytime lineup. As for Kenlee . . . I LOVED them, but esp. during my early 20's during the last few years of AMC, I was really into best friends/frenemies stories. I was honestly really surprised they didn't get a big scene during the finale at Fusion with just the two of them. Broderick's final weeks, and esp. days, really displayed her commitment to closing the show in a way that honored its legacy and kinda rejected the whole Frons era. Which was for the best, but it w
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