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  1. AJ, AJ, AJ! during his 2005 return on GH. It was completely insane, even by Guza & Pratt standards. A close second from that era is Zander.
  2. I actually really liked Kyler Pettis, I never understood why they wrote him out, esp. right after the shooting story. Glad that Theo is back, but I’m disappointed he’s being recast. And the new Claire still hasn’t grown on me... I assume he’ll be in a triangle with her and Allie?
  3. Today was random, definitely. But I liked it, except for Marlena/Ben. There was an effective foreboding mood and I liked how DiMansion was filmed. I'm so into Jake/Gwen/Chad/Abby, I really hope it doesn't get old too fast. I was hoping for more Cady--weird how they paid her & Matt for only one act of the episode . . . I wonder if stuff got cut?
  4. This sounds identical to Higley & Quan's debut. This does not feel like an homage, it's plagiarism lol. Despite her "personality," I'm devastated about losing Missy, but look forward to seeing Cady next week. And RC has been heavily relying on Shelle since their return this summer . . . they're being used very effectively and I hope Brandon & Martha finally get treated better.
  5. Even though I really like Gwen (she has brought so much life to the show), I am now VERY afraid that she's obviously some kind of Deveraux, and, even worse, maybe a long lost kid of Jack's. This is not the story that J&J need, and it feels like we JUST went through this with Steve/Kayla/Tripp.
  6. I think that RC has mostly been good for "Days," esp. following Griffith & Higley. But he has crazy missed the mark on whatever attempt he thinks he's making at current events/seriously important social movements. Last year, they literally made a soapy, funny joke out of #MeToo on "Chad and Abby in Paris." And while I thought JJ/Theo was a powerful, compelling STORYLINE (though totally plot-driven), it wasn't JUST a storyline. It was impossible not to read it as social commentary and the fact that anyone in charge of this show thought a Blue Lives Matter storyline was a good idea.......... I'll leave that there. They should not be touching this with a ten foot pole. Tripp will likely be vindicated and, again, there's no way to not read this as social commentary on #MeToo, women accusing men, blurry consent, etc. These are conversations we should be having with our friends and family, and in a larger social, legal platform . . . but the messaging from a soap with a BAD track record with this stuff will never move this forward in any positive way. It'll be the exact opposite outcome. It's reckless and irresponsible. And if it isn't and Tripp is guilty . . . holy $hit, what a waste of Lucas Adams AGAIN. If they actually write and produce an effective date rape story, the perp shouldn't be a character played by an actor with his potential. Just my opinion.
  7. This Tripp/Allie story absolutely shouldn't be happening. It will be mishandled and is completely irresponsible at any time, but esp. now. I've been enjoying "Days" for most of the year . . . but since summer when there was an obvious shift, I agree with lots of others that it has REALLY improved with the cast and story changes. However, imo, it has felt kinda aimless . . . there are a lot of great beats played with the right characters, but I see very few real stories. The show is in a serious state of transition that's working, but there has to be a long-term plan. This may be unpopular, but the only return that isn't working for me is shockingly and disappointingly JKJ as Philip. He's great with Belle & Shawn still, but his scenes with literally everyone else (including Lauren Koslow and John Aniston!) seem just sorta "off" . . . I hope this turns around because we've all been wanting this for nearly ten years. Also, the beat they shockingly didn't play during JPL's stint was Philip/Claire. I can't believe RC has Phil "protecting Belle's family" and they haven't acknowledged this super important, character-defining connection. The other elephant in the room is no one mentioning Sydney (except Sami, and it was honestly glazed over) amidst this lovely Nicole/Allie relationship. I mean what the actual F?!? lol
  8. Gene Brisco! I loved how there were so many ancillary characters back then, that we actually saw and had speaking roles--Gene, Marie, and Henderson for Titan/Victor, Eliana for Stefano, the blonde waitress at the Brady Pub, Dr. Bader and Nurse Brenda who always gave Sami a hard time at University Hospital, etc. etc. etc.
  9. SO down for Dorinda on Heather's podcast.
  10. Langan was knee-deep in who's the daddy. Between Greta, Chloe, and, of course, Zach. And I think it was always obvious Abe would be revealed as Brandon's father. The most disappointing was never finding out about Greta, who I guess confirmed John wasn't her father when she left. The Greta character had a lot of disappointments, from that to dropping her & Austin . . . I think it was a big mistake to dump her after the Jack debacle because she had SO much story left and was a breath of fresh air, esp. during that period, despite some extreme writing with being a forever virgin and Virtual Eden. I'm surprised RC didn't bring her out for the recent Gina mess. But Craig being Chloe's father was total WTFery. And frankly, so was Bo being Zach's father. I LOVED Brash & Cwikly, but those were two sloppy retcons to make fans happy.
  11. I'm so confused about the contracts. So after everyone was released, they re-signed everyone except Galen, Chandler, and Freddie? I am lost lol.
  12. He's from Real World DC from about 10 years ago.
  13. Thank you! This was amazing! I always loved their friendship . . . prob. my all-time fav. on RHoNY.
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