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  1. I would really like to see Kyler as Theo. Despite a lot of criticism, I thought he did well with Theo’s autism and there’s an emotional connection for me between the actor/character. I do NOT understand Rex being brought back in any form, esp. played by Kyle Lowder. I know Kate was on the phone with Cassie during TomSell, but I was hella down to think the Gemini Twins were deleted from the Canon. And between the two, Cassie was definitely the more interesting character... esp. right before the piñata, Alexis Thorpe was really coming into her own.
  2. I started casually watching AMC in 2001, but didn't start watching daily till summer 2003. So I was not very familiar with Dixie, but knew all about her. So maybe because I didn't have the history, I loved Dixie's return. The darker turn for the character really, really worked for me and while I usually HATED Zach, I really liked his connection with her and really enjoyed her rivalry with Kendall. I never loved anything to do with Kathy, but Dixie basically worked for me on every level then. It was beyond disappointing losing her to the pancakes, but that was when Brian Frons was in full
  3. Fun promo! Except for Ben/Ciara ugh lol. Thank God Jack (and Jennifer) is out of DiMansion. That was insane. I'm really looking forward to Abby and Gabi teaming up!
  4. I totally get this. Up until 2008, except for Lucas & Sami, "Days" was dominated by these vanilla couples and it was overkill and sooo simplistic. But after years and years of being force-fed leads like EJ, Theresa, and Ben, I am nostalgic for couples like Shawn & Belle and Austin & Carrie. Perhaps I only like them in theory and, in practice, I'd be over them after a couple months on contract, but I just feel like the hero has been out of fashion in most fiction for the past 10-15 years and I tend to always favor the underdog . . . somewhere along the line, to me anyway, the her
  5. I guess I’m glad Austin & Carrie got back together but I wish we’d get to see all this play out on the show! I know every return of theirs gets seriously f’d up, but I think they have a lot of potential after such a long break from the canvas. I’m just glad Shawn & Belle have a place on the show with RC. After a decade+ of “gray” (or just villain) leads, I really miss the role heroes used to fill. And while I super appreciate J&M and S&K, they’re way past their adventure “Days,” as Stevano proved. Abby is probably the only long-term traditional heroine under 55 the show ha
  6. I’m not here for the Evan twist. BK is really good and I thought they could rehab the character given enough time... never mind! Lol.
  7. This is one of my favorite GH scenes, but in hindsight, I can totally call this ott af--when Tracy found out Lila died, after lashing out at everyone, I believe she fell into either Ned or Edward's arms and SCREAMED, "I want my mommy!!!" It was raw and so painful to watch, but also a lot.
  8. Ya I'm hella down for Abby/Gabi. Good or bad, there is SO much history there at this point . . . when Kate Mansi returned for the Time Jump, I was honestly most interested in her scenes with Camila Banus. But the show is getting totally schizophrenic with which storylines they're featuring again--like Antoyne mentioned, the rape story is FINALLY getting play again . . . while I personally preferred the Deveraux and Elani/Vivian drama, that was too important a story to essentially drop for weeks after Charlie/Ava got all that focus after Christmas. And ugh Cin seems like it'll be
  9. That was the BEST. And TC & NL were the presenters--she seemed genuinely thrilled for him.
  10. Why?!? Despite her “beliefs,” I will always prefer Missy Reeves as Jennifer but Cady was doing an absolutely fine job. Jennifer is SO needed right now! Is this because the show can’t afford her or something???
  11. Wow just wow if RC really kills Laura. I do NOT care for JLB's version of Laura, but she is as legacy character as it gets and to do this to generate story for Gwen would be insane. She has been a shot in the arm for the show, but she is a new character, whose background has been changed and is now convoluted at best. And Laura didn't even get scenes with Julie, Maggie, Marlena, or Doug . . . if she does die, RC wouldn't even have capitalized on the dramatic impact. Whether it's death or a coma, Laura's run-in with Kate will obviously play into this. Btw, those 2 scenes were great--the be
  12. They don’t need to do this wedding if that is what it’s gonna be, lol. Unless they’re out of frame, looks like Jack and Roman won’t even be there?!? BARF to Shakespearean Cin! Will they put us out of our misery and really off themselves for real?!? Lol
  13. Linda Dano seemed very unsure, which is unlike her. It felt like she was imitating Louise, and she was doing a fine job . . . but LS's deadpan Vivian is equally funny, aloof, and crazy. LD's portrayal just felt confused, sedated, and too elegant. But hopefully she'll find her footing. And anything is better than whatever Robin Strasser (who I love!) thought she was doing. Like others have said, LS brings something so unique to the role to the point that no recast stands a fighting chance. After the last week, I'm officially done with Kristen. Just put a cork in it. And I thi
  14. Given how Maggie is now Xander’s #1 fan, I’m not taking her as a judge of character seriously. Lol. This Bonnie story is displaying how stupid it was to kill off Adrienne. I am glad that Wally Kurth and, especially, Judi Evans are still being used... they have been such team players in daytime, rolling with whatever punches have come their ways. After being front burner to forgotten, it’s so nice to see them still get play on their shows at this stage in their careers.
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