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  1. CoD is sooo good. Richard Allen & Anne Schoettle's hw tenure gets mixed reviews--I think their "Days" was as realistic and dark as this show gets... but events like CoD and Alamania really paid tribute to the adventures that defined the '80s. Jack & Jennifer are my fav. couple, though, so obviously I'm biased. In 2006, Anne Schoettle wrote the script for Jack & Jennifer's farewell and Claire's paternity reveal. It's so interesting to see her writing for familiar characters like J&J, S&K, B&H, Maggie, Jo, Vern, and Alice juxtaposed with the long-awaited Philip/Belle/Shawn/Mimi fallout.
  2. Kassie is great, and she has really settled in at "Days"... but ya, this is too far a departure from CR's Eve, even if it was 20+ years later. Still sad to lose a legacy character... do we consider Eve a "legacy character?" Lol I loved Brandon Barash on GH but maybe Stefan was too damaged with the Abby/Gabby story... or there was too much of a reset after Chabby left/BB took over... but I still have trouble with him. But it's too bad we're losing BB. Hope he gets to interact with Billy & Kate.
  3. It would be such a shame to lose Casey Moss. The times he has been front burner, he has really shown how he can and should be the future of the show. Where is Judi Evans on the recurring list? 😬
  4. RE Chabby in Paris... who knew Austin and Abby's worst story would make for such a lovely webseries...??? Lol. Genuinely shocked.
  5. I feel like the show is on a real creative high right now... not that it's necessarily "good"... but RC is playing with the structure of the episodes and character dynamics are finally being mixed up. The Brady/Chloe/Rex/Sarah/Eric/Xander/Leo/Sonny/Will situation is the kind of risk taking this show needed, even if it's not quite working. And I'm thrilled with Jenn/Jack/Eve.
  6. Christmas Eve was very nice. It isn't just a tradition for the Horton family, it's a tradition for the fans I found I really needed this year. Hope thanking "Gran" for Ciara and Claire reconciling and everything Abby were the best parts for me... and I cried when Hope hugged Jenn
  7. Oh gosh I read Blanca too quickly and jumped to Rosa! Lolol.
  8. I agree. I think Yolanda fell out with the audience when she showed her cards that she was anti-LVP. Then with the Brandy/Kim alliance and how shockingly inarticulate she was about her Lyme... she was sunk. I'm suspicious of her (esp. with the way she marries and divorces), but give her the benefit of the doubt mostly... I think she suffered from a real language barrier (and probably a very real break with reality). But what she did deliver was a glimpse into REAL wealth, power, and celebrity in LA. It's a shame they didn't show more of Eileen's home and work life, because she also had a lot to share as a working actress with a husband from a famous Hollywood family with hot, young stepsons lol. They should be getting this out of Rinna but she's a little too thirsty for it to come off as authentic as it may actually be. And Erika in that big ass mausoleum in Pasadena isn't bringing this lol. I didn't know they were trying to sell. Despite how I feel about them, while I think the lot is so special, the house is . . . it just doesn't feel like a home, with those glass office building doors and LVP's garish style... then with the landscaping and animals... it's like a crazy, tacky theme park. But I'm sure it cost them a fortune and I'd understand why they wouldn't want to settle.
  9. It felt like Rinna had all the receipts to level LVP and Yolanda, but she got scared about alienating the audience, which had happened anyway. Lol. You could see that Eileen was disappointed she didn't commit to exposing the "truth." It was all a mess. And Yolanda was weirdly vindicated and the last scene of the season was post-shot to frame that year as her journey??? But I actually liked Yolanda--maybe she was fake and nutty, but I don't think she revels in being malicious like LVP. Yolanda was just pathologically jealous of her and did not know how to get a hold of those emotions.
  10. I understand why Rinna won't let it go with LVP... I 100% believe that LVP "suggested" that Rinna defame Yolanda on camera and then when Rinna realized she was left holding the bag solo, she turned on her. She saw things for exactly as they were--LVP and Yolanda stopping at nothing to ruin each other. Kyle all but confirmed the stupid Munchausen crap but LVP STILL got away with lying about it. Meanwhile Ken was spitting out profanities nonstop about Rinna and Eileen... you know who didn't do that to/about LVP? Harry Hamlin or Vinny Van Patten. Because they're not pigs. It's crazy to me how teflon Lisa & Ken are. But I can't argue that Rinna is her own worst enemy. That crap with Dorit was just beyond, then "forgetting" she said that about Kim... even in the beginning, when she claims she was helping Kim... she knows this medium well--Rinna knew what she was really doing was making a storyline out of Kim falling off the wagon. She really suffered last season without Eileen... it was clear no one wanted to film with her lolol. The only actually interesting thing that happened was off-camera with Kyle running into Harry with him wanting to keep Rinna and Kim separated. Which, btw, I do think was out of line for Harry. But it doesn't come close to the sh!t Ken says.
  11. He gets away with murder. He is a vile, disgusting, misogynistic creep. The sh!t that comes out of his mouth to the other hws, to their face or behind their backs, is horrible. On a show like OC for example, the husbands/boyfriends are held crazy accountable, as they should be... but Ken is coming out with profanities and character defamation like he's Tamra Judge or Kelly Dodd and he's never held accountable. I don't agree with the other hws' feeble and childish attempts to take down LVP, but it's clear to me that she and her husband are awful c u next Tuesday's that hide behind their British accents and tacky af over-the-top lifestyle to hide their utter treachery. Irl they may have really redeeming qualities, but on this show they're real pieces of work. And on pump rules, they both better get wise to the fact that those kids are making the show and generating immeasurable tourist interest in the restaurants.
  12. Like Vee said, Abby and JJ are Jack & Jennifer's kids... Jack is Steve and Adrienne's brother. From what I understand, they (the Johnson's) are the prototype for DAYS' "underdog" family... Adrienne is the "type character" for Billie Reed and Nicole Walker. I love that Abby and JJ are positioned as the next generation of Horton's (even above Shawn, Ciara, Claire, and Will), but they are apart of an oft-ignored significant "Days" family, the Johnson's. Fun fact: Jackson "Sonny" is named after Abby and JJ's father, Jack.
  13. I think LuAnn/Carole/Adam is gold and the show prefers to overexpose whatever conflict Bethenny is involved in. "Not the sharpest tool in the shed" Kristen called it in the beginning that Carole better explain her and Adam to Lu before things get messy. Heather was blindly (and, to a point, wrongly) defending Carole because that situation was legit complicated. Carole was spending weekends with LuAnn in the Hamptons and had gone out with Nicole, who was totally heartbroken over breaking up with Adam. Then after the first week of filming, Carole meets Adam and starts dating him and mentions nothing to LuAnn. LuAnn had a lot of reasons to at least need clarification on what Carole was doing and why, and she had a right to be protective of her niece (who she's extremely close with) who was understandably shocked and hurt that Adam moved on with a hw and filmed it (so many implications there). But LuAnn was dead wrong . . . she attacked Carole's character, called her a pedophile and demeaned Adam by constantly referring to him as "the help" and boy toy. And Adam seemed to basically be part of her family and was very important to Noel. And up to this season, LuAnn still dismisses their relationship as a "fling." Like Adam or not (and I think there's enough reason to at least be suspicious of him), he and Carole were together for years and had a much more serious relationship than LuAnn's sham with Tom. And LuAnn wouldn't take kindly to one of the other hws referring to her Jacques as some light May/December fling. They were together for as long as Carole and Adam were. And LuAnn really went after Adam echoing B's concern that he was an "operator" and accused him of using her and Nicole, all the while sponging off her sleeping on the couch in Sag Harbor. I get why Carole wanted to defend him and set the record straight . . . but in the process, she aired family secrets that involved a teenage Noel. Not a good look. Two wrongs don't make a right. I still don't get why or how Carole and Bethenny became besties . . . but I hope Bethenny started turning on her because she was hurt/jealous that Carole was spending so much time with Tinsley and she was afraid their friendship would fizzle. But if B started passive-aggressively slandering C for a STORYLINE, she's even more morally depraved than I already thought. But C attacked every aspect of B's life in her blogs, which is wrong and hopefully it won't be a "get out of jail free" card for B. Admittedly, by the time season 3 started filming, "fame" had completely ruined Jill Zarin and turned her into a pretty ugly person . . . but I get why she felt abandoned and betrayed by B. B used her not only in real life, but in reality life to bolster her popularity which led to all her opportunities. B left J in the dust and it's kinda horrifying. It was lovely to see them reunite this year, but B might've done that for cameras and she still doesn't want to resume an actual relationship with her. That was brutally painful to watch all those years ago. That was the defining breakup of all these shows, not Vicky & Tamara, NeNe & Kim, or Teresa & Jacqueline (though this one might be a close second). So sad to hear about LuAnn . . . hopefully she just relapsed after this lawsuit and she hasn't been lying about being sober. Sad to think she might have an out of control substance problem.
  14. This LuAnn news is really disheartening . . . she's been enjoying an epic comeback/redemption tour and this is about as serious an accusation as it gets. I know many hate on season 4 LuAnn, and without getting into the Alex stuff (which I thought was justified), I think the most significant wrong a NY housewife has dealt another was Ramona calling LuAnn out on her parenting and then going after a teenage Victoria at the reunion. Just WOW. In her blog a few weeks ago, Carole came after LuAnn similarly, saying Adam was an unpaid babysitter for Noel while his mother was gallivanting around with men . . . I get why Carole felt compelled to defend Adam when LuAnn was carrying on about how he took advantage of her/Nicole/the family . . . but I also felt she just didn't need to go there. Would Adam want her to do that? Would Noel? But if LuAnn's own children are coming after her now, it looks like there was a fire behind all the smoke. On a related note, I think Carole/LuAnn is one of the more interesting, under-featured relationships on this show . . . from a silly feud in season 5 to becoming actually really good friends in seasons 6 and 7 and for it to all fall apart . . . there's a lot to mine here. And Carole is stupidly not learning from LuAnn's mistakes . . . Carole got off the hook for Adam/Nicole because LuAnn ridiculously started slandering Carole and Adam every way she could think of instead of concisely expressing her grievances (shades of NJ's Jacqueline) . . . now Carole is coming down so hard on B on social media that everyone might forget that B was actually the original culprit in this war. Even though I never understood their friendship, it's always sad to see a real relationship destroyed on these shows.
  15. Just read today's recap and unless I misunderstood, Carrie is in the same episode as J&M and Will and no scenes... AND she's at Salem PD at the same exact time as Will. Burn! Lol. Anyway, I've enjoyed this week quite a bit... but the Andre story requires a lot voluntary amnesia. I could barely stomach Abby being aligned with him, but now with all this nonsense... omg. It looks like they're dropping anvils that Abby did it. Good potential shock value, but it's not a good long-term investment to make the show's lead young female lead a murderer with a likely stupid, random motivation. I love that Abby is "crazy," but you wind up walking a fine line in these situations. I'm afraid Abby is RC's answer to Jessica.
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