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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. This was on all of the P&G soaps. What im referring to is that Conboy gave himself a big credit at the end of the episode after the fade to black like on a primetime show.
  2. Not to mention the stupid vanity credit he put in — executive producer John Conboy in big bold letters. As if we could forget.
  3. With the P&G soaps I’m thinking we would be praying for a mercy killing at this point. Don’t know about AMC and OLTL.
  4. He was also showrunner during knots landing season 13, which fans universally consider to be a disaster (the production company did as well, since they stopped production mid-way through the season to hire different writers to wrap the season up.)
  5. It has to be Chris Goutman. He did have a vision when he started at ATWT. The episode where Katie was forced to tape a video confessing to her crimes by her stalker is a late soap classic. He directed that and the production values are extremely impressive. That episode is Marland ATWT quality, even though Lethal Leah Laiman wrote it. Perfect soap. The fact that the tape of Katie didn't come out until months and months later is also Marland quality. But he both gave up and became contemptuous of the fan base. He shouldn't have been in that role as long as he was. OMG and how good was David Andrew Macdonald once that ridiculous storyline ended and he was just David? AW's last five years are such a shame.
  6. I think it's interesting. IMO, Bernie is the most electable Democrat and would give Trump a serious run for his money. But Democrats don't like him and oppose him... we've seen that in this thread. And as a Trump supporter, I wouldn't be completely pissed if Bernie won like I would be if Harris, O'Rourke, or some of the others won. It is interesting.
  7. juppiter

    The View

    Elisabeth was shrill and OTT on the view, but listen to that clip people. Are you not entertained? The View was entertaining as hell in the mid-late 2000s. I miss that era. Such a daily trainwreck. I wouldn’t put her in the same league as Ann Coulter. Ann would never have a meltdown like that. She’d do her boisterous laugh and make a cunning, pithy, response while smirking and rolling her eyes. In fact, she did when she got into it with Barbara around this same era.
  8. Thanks! I see what you mean. The early 90s set was better.
  9. Can you go into more detail and/or provide a visual reference? This is really interesting and something we haven’t talked to death already here. I’m intrigued but can’t fully picture what you’re talking about.
  10. Ellen Dolan had so much more chemistry with Benjamin Hendrickson than she did with Scott Holmes. They should have re-explored Hal/Margo at some point.
  11. Of course, even as I watch 1991 AW I have read ahead on Eddie Drueding’s amazing AWHP. And good god did TPTB totally wreck this soap. Is AW patient zero for TPTB annihilating a soap through total malfeasance? By the plots in the last five years of AW it is no wonder this soap got canceled. It depresses me. Honestly, reading Eddie Drueding is funny because he is mostly extremely (Canadian) polite and doesn’t want to outright admit which storylines are stupid, but can’t help himself at points. Case in point, Cindy’s medicinal deficiency is “had extremely low self esteem.” Lmao, what a polite Canadian way of putting it. i do seriously admire the work he put into that website, though. Unparalleled for any other soap.
  12. It is sad. There is no legacy for this show and when the people who remember it, probably universally over the age of 35, die, it’ll pass completely from the collective memory despite being watched by millions at its peak.
  13. It would be incredibly cruel to say this about somebody you knew you were about to fire. Plus, they freeze frame on Timmins on her last day, which feels almost subversive. I’m thinking P&G and/or NBC told them to find a place on the cast for Judi Evans. But if that was the case, they should have just made her Vicky. She at least has some heart/vulnerability. Jensen Buchanan has none....
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