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  1. I mean, I didn't want the pairing either, it was stupid. But DG is like blandly good looking and has no charm. There are thousands of men in Hollywood who look exactly like him. Meanwhile Traci was married to Don Diamont's Brad Carlton, one of the hunkiest soap hunks of all time.
  2. I was open to a non-Eileen Kristen, and to the idea of the Kristen in a Nicole mask storyline, but the execution is just awful and I think they should retire Kristen after this. They’re just not getting her character right. And Kristen is too beloved a character to ruin. I think gabi should just embrace being the ho that she clearly wants to be and go for it with Stefan.
  3. I can definitely picture Joseph Cross. He had a big growth spurt and just showed up one day during the Margo Hepatitis C storyline like 6 inches taller than the last time we'd seen him. I have zero memory of Ian Boyd and Peter Vack in the role. Or Scott Porter for that matter. But Joseph Cross, Zach Roerig, and Billy Magnussen were all memorable to me.
  4. The writing sucks. “Nicole” just seems unstable. The real Kristen would be playing the damsel in distress for all it’s worth. She’d be a better Nicole than Nicole.
  5. I just read what happened and I really can't say that I'm surprised. The thing is, they used to be able to sweep these things under the rug easier because only .1% of fans had live feeds and those who didn't could be easily fooled by whatever anodyne edit they are trying to sell (I actually really disagree with Audrey that Grodner has any bad intentions. Rather, she is just extraordinarily lazy and inept at her job.) With the advent of social media it is not so easy to cover these things up anymore. They used to not let people lie... I remember when Frankie kept saying he was 28 in the pre-season interviews and the subtitle said, "Frankie, 32" the entire time.
  6. I’m surprised that BB15 didn’t result in them getting rid of live feeds. Most international BBS have. I love seeing grodner’s stupid twists blow up in her face though, so *shrug*
  7. I think it’s pretty apparent that DAYS can no longer be good due to the shoestring budget and production schedule. But surely we all can agree that they could do a better job of making it so bad it’s good. That shouldn’t be so hard.
  8. How many times is Kristen gonna mess up her hotel room? The hotel maids must hate her.
  9. Scheming vixen is in love with hunky but terminally stupid man (JER)
  10. I love when soaps re-record the same scene with a recast. There used to be a Brenda Dickson/Jess Walton one on YouTube that was to die for.
  11. Kamala Harris has had the strongest performance of any candidate thus far, IMO. Bernie and Biden are doing fine, but I don't see them doing anything to appeal to those outside of the people who already support them.
  12. I love how Delaney keeps begging to speak and then the moderators are like, "ugh, fine, you can have thirty seconds, I guess, but then don't say anything for a while." 😂 But you can't blame them because he does nothing with the little time they give him. Why is he running?
  13. 😂The worst thing is you could see the wheels turning in Booker's head when Beto spoke it first. "NO! That's my cool party trick that I do." IDK, Booker is just such a goober to me... Like, why do you keep mentioning that you face constant gunfire in your neighborhood? You were mayor of the city you live in, so that makes you look not so great. To me, Julian Castro is having a breakout night. He is offering a lot of policy ideas but delivering it well. Warren is not having a great night, at least to me. I really dislike deBlasio but he has been making the most of the little time he has gotten (although I've been able to finish a few of his sentences, having heard them before. I guess NYC was the test audience.)
  14. I mean, that is a totally unfair question to Bernie or any candidate over a year before the convention. “Oh nobody has voted yet, but will drop out if you lose?” The message that he is seeking to undermine the presumptive nominee and contest a convention is underlying in that question, when he didn’t last time, and it is way too soon to assume he would this time. Idk. I hate that question. It would be different if it were June 2020 and he were asked that question and he was in 2nd place. “Are you gonna stay in this and harm the presumptive nominee?” Fair question. In June 2019, “if you’re hypothetically in 2nd a year from now, will you drop out?” FOH. That’s not a fair question.
  15. What I really love about this season is that it's doing what soaps never do anymore -- paying off the storylines from season 1, and doing it in a very satisfying way.
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