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  1. I saw The Messengers and Deja Vu. The Messengers is your standard "family moves out to the country after the teenage daughter experiences a traumatic event and bad things happen in the new house" story. As soon as all the main cast appears on screen, you pretty much know who the main victim and who the evildoer are going to be. Predictable and below average. I thought Deja Vu with Denzel Washington as an ATF agent was pretty good. Someone sets off a bomb on a ship, killing hundreds of people. Simultaneously, a woman's body is found in the water but she was not on the ship, she was murdered separately but the two incidents are connected. Denzel hooks up with a department of the FBI that has a device that can observe anything 4 days in the past--they can't go back further and they can't fast forward so it's always 4 days prior. So they spend a lot of time watching the woman in the days prior to her murder and trying to piece together the events leading to the bombing. Meanwhile, Denzel is falling in love with the woman as he's watching her in the past and begins to question whether she is alive or dead. Good stuff.
  2. I saw Freedom Writers and The Blackboard Jungle. Same concept, 50 years apart. Both very good. Really shows that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Actually...one of my favorite movies is the one Poitier did in this vein a decade after TBJ, To Sir, With Love.
  3. Happy Feet. Saw it this weekend. Cute movie. Robin Williams doing Ramon's voice with that Spanish accent (think Hank Azaria in "The Birdcage", lol) was the funniest thing, especially when combined with Ramon's movements. I can imagine the animator trying to match that penguin's movements to Robin's performance. "Without us, the chickas got no boom."
  4. It was good but kind of predictable. As soon as we were introduced to Pete, I knew he would turn out to be the killer and that he would probably bite the dust at Linda Blair's hands. Actually, he reminded me a little bit of that actor on a Fox show...I think his name is Peter Gallagher?
  5. I thought that was a new car? It looked different to me anyway. I thought Dean finished the demolition job on the old one when he smashed it up in grief and anger. It looked to me like their friend (I forgot his name) gave them another car??
  6. I love how the show builds stories around urban legends or, in next week's case, actual historical people. After reading the pre-vue for the show, I had to look up online just to see if the guy named as "America's 1st serial killer" was real. Okay, anyone else getting sort of a "half sister" vibe from Joanne, I think is her name? I've been wondering ever since she and her mother appeared, if that girl is John's daughter. That, and the fact that Dean isn't as all over her as he usually is with pretty girls, leads me to think she's going to turn out to be their sister. I hope John somehow gets brought back. If Buffy's rotting corpse can be reanimated without making Buffy a murderous zombie, there's got to be a way for John to come back.
  7. Is anyone watching? I love this show. It fills that "Buffy" void for me. I wish they hadn't killed Dad off but, given the nature of the show, I suppose he could always turn up again. Like soaps, characters don't always stay dead or, rather, stay buried, on these types of shows. And I like the different folklore and urban legends they use. I wonder what the secret about Sam is. Obviously there's something special about Sam that even he is not fully aware of. I'm thinking he's something along the lines of a would-be-slayer or special like the characters in "Heroes"...that there's something about him that either he alone or with others like him can destroy the demon(s).
  8. LOL, I thought Claire would just wake up right at the scene of the accident...so, obviously enough time passed for her to be lying on the slab. Methinks Claire can't go home again. Interesting, too, that she seems to have only survival strength and not attack strength, since she couldn't knock that guy off her. Not liking that girl with Mohinder. I think she's going to turn out to be a bad guy. He's trusting her too much too soon for no other reason than she says she was close to his father. And I think she got the word out to whoever cleaned out that room. I like that Hiro has his friend as a sidekick now. They're too funny.
  9. Loving this show, too. Hiro's too funny. "Super-Hiro!" Loving all the Star Trek references, too, of course. Funny when he and his co-worker were talking about Spock and Hiro gets dragged out of there by the neck, lol. Can't wait to see when they start connecting with one another and combining powers. Casey, have you watched "Supernatural?" It's pretty Buffy-esque. Love it. It fills the Buffy void for me.
  10. I like it, too, although Tony & Kate are/were my least favorite characters. I used to ff their "banter" because it was that annoying. When it was Kate that was killed off instead of one of the others, I was happy. I like Ziva much, much better. I haven't seen the season premiere yet, though. (I tape everything and watch days later, usually).
  11. In the theater - Walk The Line (Johnny Cash fan here...and Joaquin did a great job, I thought) Rental - Good Night and Good Luck But since I saw it months ago, the movie I am most madly in love with is "Mad Hot Ballroom" (as you can probably guess) and it's a documentary. The kids are adorable...some of them awkward, definitely, but some of them dance better than most adults I know. Plus I love the soundtrack, especially the Spanish songs.
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