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  1. GH - Ryan Chamberlin and Felicia. At the very beginning, she had amnesia and they were starting a romance.Turns out, he was actually an obsessive killer. But they had more chemistry than her and Mac ever had and I wish they hadn't taken Ryan down the route they did.
  2. Andrew got an Emmy nom during his brief tenure. Ironic, not in the sense of skill because he's a talented actor but because he was let go for other reasons. DId any of the other Franks get Emmy noms? Another thing I thought was kind of funny was that Frank was basically supposed to be, I think, in the mold of JFK and Andrew later played JFK in a tv show.
  3. I liked AR more so in relation to being a Ryan than in being Frank, if that makes any sense. In other words, I liked his camaraderie with the other family members and thought his chemistry with Kate as brother/sister was terrific. (From what I read they have remained friends. He's also godfather to one of Nana Visitor's sons, although I think that's more from the DS9 friendship than RH.) The relationships with Jill and Delia, on the other hand, didn't have that chemistry. No fault of Andrew's, really. I just enjoyed him more as Frank, the brother, or Frank, the lawyer than as Frank, the lover or triangle focal point. I know DHK is the definitive Frank but my first impressions of him from my school-age intermittent viewing was as Rae's boy-toy and that kind of put me off him and the character. At the time I hadn't experienced AR and MH. It's hard to believe Kate was on so short a time...they crammed in a lot of story for her that makes it seem considerably longer.
  4. I stopped watching GL the last few years it was on but had seen BE since she had started and she had become my favorite. I went to one of the fan events at the height of the Gus & Harley popularity. I had a couple of pictures taken with both of them and I told Beth I had enjoyed watching her for years and thank you. She was touched and gave me a big bear hug. I thought that was very sweet of her. I think I agree with the assessment that she was getting burned out. CBS/Les Moonves didn't give her flexibility to do other projects. I can understand frustration over her AMC experience. She wouldn't be the first actor who took a job thinking, or being told, the job would be a certain way and having it turn out otherwise. Think Marcy Walker on GL...did she not catch on with viewers because of herself or because the writing did her no favors? Also not the first actor who experienced a certain longevity and popularity and probably expected to at least be paired with other experienced actors. I mean, AMC wanted her because of who she was, not because she was some unknown ingenue. Anyway, I was curious what she had been up to as I hadn't seen anything new for years. Glad to see she's doing something she's really happy and proud about.
  5. That's why I asked the questions about B&B, since it has the distinction of being not only the sole 30-minute soap today but also one that's been on since the 1980s, offering up a comparison of their old vs. modern storytelling styles and viewership. Could that serve as a barometer for measuring how a new 30-minute soap might do?
  6. Oh, I enjoyed them up to a point, too. I just think people nowadays have a mix of shorter attention spans, more options, less time or patience, desire for "shock and awe", etc. Back then, that's what we knew and choices were limited so, of course, we watched. Using the 2 soaps I mentioned before...in the case of RH, I think it worked well in the sense that you really got familiar with the characters, their frustrations, flaws, family interactions, motivations, etc. Very realistic to have people repeat conversations and stories, just like people do in real life...and those conversations often colored the characters' interactions with one another. How many people heard about the Ryans or Delia's shenanigans before getting to know either well enough on their own? I've recently started binging DS on Amazon (up to where Barnabas is about to debut) and I made mention in another post of how that early period seemed very slow-moving and repetitive, talking about the same incidents and with not much in the way of action. Even in binging mode, it seemed to drag on. For someone to watch that in real time now, I wonder if they wouldn't give up pretty quickly. That being said, I have never watched the current 30-minute soap "The Bold and The Beautiful" (not sure what the acronym is, BB??) so I'm not familiar with its storytelling pacing. Has it changed in the years it's been on? If someone were to be introduced to it now, how would it seem? Conversely, if they were to write without a lot of that exposition now, that might cause a certain disconnect or disinterest with a viewer who's interested in character building. I just think, with anything less than 60 minutes, they're having to make decisions of how much do they show and tell in an episode, drawing and maintaining viewer interest over a longer period of time to tell a story. Do they spread it out over time and risk viewer impatience or sacrifice more in-depth character study for the action? It just came to my mind the 30-minute soap that probably depicted these differences in storytelling the best: Port Charles. We started out with a conventional soap with conventional characters, much like any other soap. Somewhere it was decided that wasn't working and the whole format was changed. The hospital setting was now an accessory rather than a focus. A continuous throughline became 13-week arcs that were told independently of each other. Character buildup and personalities were tossed aside to accommodate the plots that were now supernatural. How many new viewers took notice? How many current viewers liked it or hated it? In the new arc format, it was already a given that, for better or worse, a particular story was going to be told in that amount of time. They did what they had to do to make the story work...turned heroes into villains, destroyed long-term relationships, etc. By the next arc, that could get changed again. It all comes back to the writing and pacing.
  7. For me, it would depend on the writing, but I would lean more towards 60 minutes. Looking at some old 30-minute soaps, they did a lot of exposition scenes. Two people have a conversation or interaction and the particulars of that event are then retold at least one other time, if not more, to other people, who then continue to talk about it amongst themselves. Some of it was necessary to make other people aware of the event for story purposes but, beyond that, it got repetitive. Granted, it likely resembled real daily life in that sense, plus it probably also made people feel so familiar with the characters. In the 60s and 70s, with fewer options, the audience was probably used to that and the resulting longer play-out of storylines. Write like that now and it would probably bore people who want to see more action-driven stories, or something more than characters having repeated conversations about the same incident. In this case, 30-minute soaps would take too long for most people's tastes at this time to tell a story. If I were having to watch Ryan's Hope and Dark Shadows now in real time (an episode a day, no fast forwarding option), I would probably fall away from them from getting tired of the repetitiveness of dialogue. For years now, I've tended to watch dramas rather than sitcoms...some serialized, some stand-alone, some sci-fi, some real-life based. I like being told a story that builds up in that episode, has conflict and may or may not get resolved in the same hour. It's hard to do that in 30 minutes with any real depth.
  8. Matt Ashford (DOOL) was on a recent NCIS, playing the father of Sloan's daughter, resulting from when he raped Sloan.
  9. EON - pretty much anything pre 1979. TD - Buddy's accident while Nick & Althea were together; actually, anything within a couple of years preceding the 1968 episodes. AMC - Charles Tyler & Mona first falling in love (was surprised to see Hugh Franklin pop up on Dark Shadows as the Collins family lawyer (currently watching it for the first time)...funny how Phoebe's 2 husbands worked together before); OLTL - more of Viki & Joe Riley's relationship...she was a widow when I started watching and the only clips they ever really showed was when he brought Clint around
  10. Rachel Miner (Michelle Bauer, GL) appeared in both Supernatural and Chicago Fire a couple of weeks ago.
  11. I have it on the Roku but haven't seen it in the playstore on my Android yet.
  12. David Selby (Dark Shadows, Falcon Crest) turned up on NCIS: New Orleans this past Sunday.
  13. I had saved that scene on tape at the time but I don't know if I still have it. What I remember is they were in a house together, she started to have a meltdown and he was grabbing her arms trying to calm her down. The panic turned into kissing and boom, they did it on the floor. Afterwards, the two of them are sitting/lying on the floor, with Lucy all happy and grateful and Jake guiltily toying with his wedding ring.
  14. Catching up on some shows and saw Brynn Thayer (Jenny Renaldi, OLTL) playing a sheriff on February 11's NCIS .
  15. I downloaded the Roku channel and am also experiencing the buffering problem. I was just playing around with it, trying to ff, etc. and that's when it just hangs there "loading". It also doesn't seem to remember where to resume when you've exited; it just returns to the beginning. I know it's not the internet connection because I was just watching Dark Shadows on prime earlier with no issues. I asked about the phone app on their FB page since it's not in android playstore yet and they answered: "The iOS, Apple TV, Android and Amazon are rolling out now! The Web and Roku platforms drop first and the others should be following shortly."
  16. I'm about 4 dozen episodes into Dark Shadows. I've been ff-ing some because the Burke/Roger/Sam/Carolyn stuff is so redundant. Miserable, scared folks who argue and drink, argue and drink some more. I'd heard the early part of the series wasn't very exciting. I'm still finding the acting theatrical and somewhat stilted. Although, it has been nice to watch a young Louis Edmonds, pre-AMC. I read that he was a cut-up, very funny and totally unlike Roger. Joel Crothers looks different enough that I'm not thinking about Miles Cavanaugh. But I hope it moves onto something else soon, other than just talk about Burke. I guess I'm also kind of comparing it to the debut episode of Ryan's Hope, which kicked off with a character falling down the stairs, an election campaign, the start of Jack & Mary's romance. I'm waiting for stuff to actually happen with DS, instead of just talk. So far, the only active event has been Roger's car accident, although it seems to be leading up to a bad event for Bill Malloy at this point.
  17. Okay, I just went to the website again and this time I saw a field to enter my cc information so I was able to purchase an annual subscription. The contrast between the dark background of the site and some of the print is not that great and I'm not sure if I missed the field earlier or what. At any rate, I can now access the episodes they have up so far. I only got to about 1972 and fell way behind before the dailymotion and youtube channels went kaput. Guess I'll wait and see what all is available after launch. Sounds like I'm going to be using a bit of everything (website, Roku, phone app) to check things out.
  18. I'm not sure about the region question. I'm in the US. There are credit card logos for Visa, MC and AmEx. So far, I haven't seen anything about Paypal but I don't think the forms/fields on the site are fully functional yet in terms of being able to set up account and billing info. I wasn't able to actually select the payment method or plan or watch anything as a result. I think, since this is a preview at this point, we can only just create a login for now. Either that or the forms didn't work for me across 2 browsers.
  19. I was especially touched by the vet who had the dry, scaly skin all over his body and she had him do the wet wraps with Vaseline. He was so much improved when he returned and was so happy. He even danced with Dr. Lee. Makes you wonder if/why no other doctor ever suggested the moisture wraps; something relatively easy (compared to a medical procedure, that is). And his military manners...he was older than all the medical staff there and kept saying "yes, ma'am." He seems like such a sweetheart. I'm glad he has his son to help him.
  20. I'd seen commercials for "Dr. Pimple Popper" on TLC but wasn't interested. Then I caught part of the show last week and ended up binging the rest. It's weirdly fascinating, sad, happy, a little gross (some might say a lot) at times. But the doctor does really good work and she seems to have a cool personality.
  21. Wow, he really doesn't age. He looks almost the same as he did when I first saw him on OLTL in the early 80s.
  22. Didn't notice this mentioned but Pamela Payton-Wright, who played Addie Cramer, died on December 14. http://www.playbill.com/article/drama-desk-award-winner-pamela-payton-wright-dies-at-78
  23. I think I come from a different perspective because that was actually around the time that I first watched the show, regularly up until around the time that Kayla was dating Shane and a presumed-dead Marlena was on the verge of returning. (I did revisit briefly when Steve came back from the dead.) So, while I saw the intros of those characters you mentioned, I wasn't around for very long before and didn't have the investment or character knowledge longtime viewers did. From my perspective then as a new viewer, I was interested to see these characters that I was able to "get to know" right from the beginning and having them connected with established characters helped me to get to know those characters easier as well. I do remember the show being quite popular during that time, particularly as it began a period of focusing on couples (or creating couples) that the viewers really seemed to enjoy. Steve/Kayla, Kim/Shane, Drake-Roman/Diana, Justin/Adrienne, Mike/April, Jennifer/Frankie...even the pimp Nick Corelli and Eve Donovan, the teenager he got into hooking, were being written as a star-crossed couple and had their fans. I think it was remarked in print at the time how the show had a knack for creating so many "supercouples" with chemistry. Also, a couple of other factors...I think this was the first soap role for both Genie Francis (Diana) and Judi Evans (Adrienne) since their big successes on their previous soaps (ie, their "returns" to daytime) so I imagine they brought some new fans to the show. Wally Kurth (Justin) was likeable and could sing. There were a number of romantic musical pieces being used for these couples back then. I'm guessing Steve and Kayla were to fill the void of Bo & Hope. They became extremely popular. I mean, from what I was seeing and reading in the mags, viewers seemed to really enjoy this period.
  24. Matthew Cowles (Billy Clyde, AMC) was husband to Christine Baranski. Nicolette Goulet (Mary Ryan, RH), daughter of singer Robert Goulet. Richard Merrell, who played Viki's butler, Herron, on OLTL when her boys were little, was married to Jan Miner, aka Madge, the Palmolive lady. Antony Alda (Johnny Corelli, DAYS) was the son of Robert Alda and half-brother to Alan Alda. Erika Page (Roseanne Delgado, OLTL) married to country singer Bryan White. Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL)...leaving out Michael E. Knight as he wasn't really known beyond AMC, she was married to David Hasselhoff and currently married to Todd Fisher (director/producer/actor), thereby, her in-laws were Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. Nana (Tucker) Visitor (Nancy/RH & Georgina/OLTL) is the niece of Cyd Charisse. Carolee Campbell (Carolee, The Doctors) has been married forever to Hector Elizondo.
  25. On GH, I enjoyed Kevin & Mac dressing in drag as Norma and Eve to investigate Madam Maia.
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