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  1. Michael Zaslow from villainous Roger Thorpe (GL) to good guy David Renaldi (OLTL) twice over for each Michael Easton - vampire Caleb on PC to cop John McBain on OLTL Kassie DePaiva and Laura Wright both played basically nice girls on GL (Chelsea and Cassie) and not-so-nice girls on OLTL (Blair) & GH ( Carly) Stephen Nichols from streetwise hero Patch (DOOL) to wealthy, manipulative Stefan (GH)
  2. Been binging The Edge of Night this week. Almost to the end of Draper's amnesia story which I actually ff-ed through as I saw it when AOL first streamed the episodes years ago and once was enough. Feels long even ff-ing! Always found Draper and April (and Emily) rather boring. But I originally saw the show only in its last few years so I missed a lot of its history.
  3. DS is on my watchlist but haven't started it yet. I've never seen a single episode of the original but they have it on several streaming platforms, I see. I see a few of us got into Unsolved Mysteries lately. Love that they brought it back, and with updates, where possible. I'm almost done with the Stack episodes.
  4. Just thought I'd start a topic about what everybody's currently watching...like, maybe your regular shows aren't airing right now so you're tuning into something else, or you found time to watch something you'd been meaning to see, or something you discovered recently. Here are some of mine: Detective Anna - a Russian show (with subtitles) on Amazon Prime. Takes place in the late 1800s in a small Russian town and it's about a 19 year old medium who unofficially helps the police solve crimes. It's pretty good. The Doctors - I'm way behind but I've watched most of 1970 the last few weeks I started some other older shows on my watch list during the summer but haven't binged them at this point: Babylon 5 - couldn't last through 5 minutes of it and took it off the list. I think the silly spiked hair makeup jobs turned me off. Earth Final Conflict - about the same as above. Just zzzzz... Torchwood - watched 2 or 3 episodes so far...can't say I love it but will give it another chance or two before I decide The Time Tunnel - 60s classic...kinda meh about it but that may partly be because it's on youtube in reduced-screen fashion (to avoid the copyright bot I guess) Unsolved History (not to be confused with Unsolved Mysteries, which I binged earlier this year) Star Trek Into Darkness (film)....wow, that sucked on so many levels I've made a bit of a game of things. Since I have a bunch of stuff on my watch lists and sometimes don't know what I feel like watching, I wrote them all down on little pieces of paper and folded them. When I don't know what to watch next, I'll pull one of the papers and watch at least an episode of whatever is written on it.
  5. The first ones that came to my mind were GL's Billy & Little Bill, Jordan Clarke & Bryan Buffington. Also, there's something about the original Buchanan boys that just made me believe in them as father and sons, especially Phil & Clint:
  6. 1987 - Dawn Rollo (AW) becomes the first HIV+ soap character
  7. Another pregnancy one...Kate Mulgrew while on RH. Mary kept her baby but Kate gave hers up for adoption. I remember Larkin Malloy's car accident while he was on EON and James Horan replacing him. I don't remember if anything was majorly rewritten because of it, though. When Larkin returned, he/Sky was using a cane. Real life couples being written off their show together: Beth Ehlers & Mark Derwin, Judith Light & Robert Desiderio On AW, when Linda Dano was going to get a facelift, didn't they write about Felicia falling through a window?
  8. I co-owned a David Andrew MacDonald website and board while he was on GL...my first and only foray into that sort of thing. I saw the Rassie/Jassie vs. Cadmund stuff. I heard and saw stuff about how rabid some of Bradley Cole's fans were, to the point of some of them hating DAM. They would never post on our board but they read everything. We were always careful about not allowing any negativity from any fanbase there because my friend and I didn't want that to be associated with DAM in any way, esp. since we were really the only site about him. But, yeah, that whole time was really my first exposure to fanbase wars and methods.
  9. OLTL - When Clint Ritchie had his tractor accident they wrote the character of Clint off the canvas as recovering from a plane crash, hence out of the Viki/Sloan story. GH - When Luke & Laura returned in the early 90s, with Frank Smith still after them, I think TPTB intended to continue their adventure-type stories but then Genie became pregnant. I think that's when Laura became Mother Earth a la Mary Mae Ward. Michael Zaslow's ALS diagnosis and eventual death impacted both GL and OLTL. AMC - Louis Edmonds' death wasn't addressed for years but since they didn't recast Langley, he was forever on expeditions. As an aside, I always thought it kind of a shame that he never got the tribute treatment other actors, particularly on AMC, got when they passed away (Herlie, Heflin, Mitchell, Warrick). DAYS - One of Mary Beth Evans' pregnancies resulted in Kayla being drugged, lying in a bed in the Devereaux mansion.
  10. I don't particularly think the rise (no pun intended) of L & L and the action-oriented emphasis was the beginning of the end...perhaps it was for a certain type of storytelling, but not for the genre. I think that phenomenon and the copying of it, gave soaps a presence and "hipness" beyond what they had before. Without it, it's possible the soaps might have declined and gone off the air sooner. I think the fact that GH is the only soap left on ABC is a result of the favored status it gained during those years. Likewise, DOOL for NBC. Mind you, I haven't watched any of them for years but they're still there so a lot of people must be. Curious about something for those in the know...I know that the CBS soaps have a big overseas presence and I see stars from those shows now on my Italian cable channels. What about the other soaps? What kind of life, if any, did/do they have internationally?
  11. Not to play devil's advocate here, especially as I agree with the point about mediocre and redundant storytelling, one thing is that these are shows that, unlike most others, have been on for decades and daily, as opposed to weekly. I think the possibility of any type of original storytelling ran out a couple of decades ago, probably more. Even the youngest soap (B&B) is over 30 years old. Any character on the canvas long enough is going to have multiple relationships, spouses, children, personality changes, and retcons of all of the above. There is nothing new left to do with them except tell the same stories with new faces added to the mix. Otherwise, the folks end up like Emily McLaughlin (GH's Nurse Jessie), who, as I recall, pretty much spent her later years manning the nurse's station and doing little else. So while I think we did get saddled with a lot of mediocrity over the years/decades, I think even a Labine or Riche type would be hard-pressed today to come up with something that hasn't been done to death before. They may present things better, but the stories would still be who's cheating on whom, who has a terminal disease, a long-lost child, etc.
  12. Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery, AMC) is replacing Mark Steines on Hallmark's "Home & Family." https://www.countryliving.com/life/entertainment/a22572539/cameron-mathison-hallmark-home-family-mark-steines/
  13. At one time, I thought you couldn't be part of the Corinthos clan if you weren't named Michael. There was Mike Corbin (aka Michael Corinthos, Sr.), Michael Corinthos, Jr. (Sonny), Michael (Stone) Cates, Carly's son Michael. Years earlier, I think the Webbers (Rick & Ginny) adopted a kid named Mikey, too.
  14. GH I hated that the Cassadines were revived and wished they had been left in the 80s. OLTL I liked Nicholas Walker's Max better than James DePaiva. RH/OLTL I hated Roscoe Born as Joe....and his reappearances as Mitch caused me to "go on hiatus." I considered Thorsten Kaye the guy who ate every soap he was on at ABC.
  15. You mean.........they're not really real?????????? Ironically, DS9 and Enterprise tinkered with this concept a bit, with differing reactions. In DS9, the possibility was presented (not at the finale, though) that Sisko was really a 1950s writer named Benny who imagined the whole concept, using his fellow writers as the cast of characters. But that was not the reality within the show and things went back to their normal universe. The much-hated finale of Enterprise, while it didn't turn the characters & stories into someone's imagination, turned the series into a holographic historical program that 2 characters from TNG were running. BTW, I have it on good authority that one of Captain Kirk's ancestors was a cop. His initials were TJ and were reversed when Kirk's folks were naming him..or will name him.
  16. I actually found the Eterna storyline less crazy than Viki and the viewers supposedly trying to figure out for months which Gordon sister (the elder Megan or the younger Sarah) was her daughter when Roger didn't have any other children at the time she was conceived.
  17. Jefferson Brown, aka faux Sky Whitney, on EON...hands down shocked me the most. He was in one of the most popular pairings with Raven. And I loved "Sky" & Raven. But they wrote that, despite his love for Raven, he decided he had to kill her to keep her from revealing his secret. Instead, he was shot to death by Damien Tyler in Switzerland. My teen-aged self was bawling my eyes out along with Raven, plus I didn't want Larkin Malloy off the show. Of course, unbeknownst at the time, they would come up with the story that the real Sky was still alive so we got our second version of Sky & Raven.
  18. On RH, we had the retcon of Faith's resentment towards Jill being created to bolster the Frank/Jill/Faith story. One retcon that bugged me at the time was on GL with Jenna. She, Harley and Phillip were trying to get the goods on Jenna's husband, Geoffrey Morgan, and Harley was pretending to be "Starla". At one point, Jenna had to distract Geoffrey from discovering Harley. She managed to do this without having to sleep with him, and said as much to Harley later. And there was no sex scene shown, as would be typical for a soap. However, later, the story became that she did have to sleep with Geoffrey and conceived Rocky in the process.
  19. I would venture to say, however one may feel about it, that the most successful retcon, strictly in terms of what it did for the show, was GH turning Laura's rape into more of a seduction. Realizing that the popularity of the Luke character was growing, plus Asher Brauner, who played Roy, was leaving, they made Roy the doomed mob assassin instead of Luke and began to put a lot of their eggs in the L & L basket.This not only took the show to a hugely popular level but influenced what other soaps did.
  20. The good: trying to come up with one but it's tough The bad: OLTL - Viki's ever-changing history, between long-lost children, the start of her DID...she must hold some sort of record for most ret-conned character, probably followed by Asa, at least in long-lost children scenarios. The ugly: GH - Laura bore a Cassadine during her captivity. I loathed the reintroduction of that family, particularly Helena.
  21. I had taped a lighthearted episode of Geraldo once that featured celebrity bachelors and how they would approach women. This was the late 1980s and among the guests were Robin Leach, Yakov Smirnoff, Jack Wagner, Keith Hernandez, Cleavon Little, Storm Field and Russ Anderson, who was playing Steve Holden on OLTL at the time...and would come out of the closet years later. This one was more a personal feeling but Larkin Malloy was one of my early favorites from when he was on EON. First, he got hit by a car. Then he had some kind of apparent meltdown on a hotel balcony in Italy, I think it was. From then on, I got this concern in my head that the man was not going to have a long life. Even though he went on to continue working (not always in front of the camera) for decades and had basically a normal life, I just felt like he was going to go too early. When he passed in his 60s, part of me was stunned and another part of me was like I knew it was going to happen even though I had hoped it wouldn't.
  22. Whenever I try to identify where I've seen an actor before, it's either from Star Trek or the soaps. Those are my 2 biggest frames of reference. The singer Anne Murray...she always reminded me of Erika Slezak because of the hair. I can't see Anne without thinking Viki. When I hear the name Duke anywhere, Ian Buchanan pops into my head.
  23. There was a brief interaction with them in the diner immediately after Harley & Mallet's wedding, which was the couple's exit from the show. Lucy had just arrived and had been sitting in the diner, angrily waiting to confront wayward father Buzz while the party was going on outside. Neither knew who the other was and Lucy made a comment to Harley about how pretty she looked in her wedding dress. I think Harley even glanced back at Lucy with a quizzical look right before she left.
  24. This particular team, the celeb was a middle-aged guy who wasn't very good. If the couple was that caliber over here, anybody who wasn't aghast would probably see it as a joke. If DWTS ever wants to push that envelope, one hopes they would pick someone who turned out to be a good dancer. A slight aside....I subscribe to a couple of Italian cable channels and some of their game shows are a lot more risque than normally you see here on mainstream channels. Very scantily-clad buxom models and references to them, guys in the audience wolf calling, women charging the stage to kiss the supposed male hottie, contestants' weights, looks and quirks being made fun of, skits where people are made up to look and act like ethnic stereotypes (Japanese, Russian, Sicilian, etc.). Some of their game shows are like game/variety shows combined. One show is a competition where celebrities have to imitate famous singers each week, including being made up to look like them, which includes white people being made up to look black. They also seem to have a greater fascination with their versions of the reality shows like Big Brother, Survivor, etc., not only airing them often and longer (sometimes episodes are 2-3 hours) but talking about them on other programs often. At least, those are my impressions based on what these 2 channels choose to air for their US viewers. I'm a first generation Italian-American so, while I understand the language (some of it), seeing their pop culture and just how they behave and think overall is an interesting contrast. They do seem to really enjoy American pop culture, past and present, as well.
  25. Yeah, I've seen bits and pieces of the Italian version. The production value is way below the US version, even the pro dancers seem less skilled. Five judges, a lot more talking. And I guess if we can use a Brit announcer on the US version, they can use a (very) foreign score announcer there....it just sounds so cheesy. And one thing I saw I've never seen on the US version...a same sex team.
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