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  1. IIRC, Gary Morris also sang on GH for Scotty & Dominique. Shaun Cassidy was famous before appearing on GH, as were Jimmy McNichol, Lois Nettleton, Beverly Garland (on PC). Dame Judith Anderson was on Santa Barbara. Carolyn Jones on Capitol. Richard Roundtree on Generations. Oh, and how could I forget...after Rosalind Cash's death (herself a familiar face guest starring on tv), GH went all out for Mary Mae's funeral. As it served as a memorial also for Rosalind, several of her real-life friends were part of it. Lou Rawls sang in the choir, Andrae Crouch, Phillip Bailey (Earth, Wind & Fire) along with other gospel singers...I think Bebe Winans among them? Richard Roundtree again. Esther Rolle sat in one of the pews. They were just part of the mourners. They were never acknowledged as celebrities or even had dialogue, for that matter.
  2. Rick Springfield was known before joining GH but I think his being on the show at a time in the early 80s when it was extremely popular helped in terms of his visibility for his music career. Ricky Martin was also famous before GH, having been in Menudo. I don't know that being on the show necessarily helped much but, of course, post GH, his music career reignited. Well-known character actor John Fiedler did double stints on OLTL, first as Virgil (the angel that guided Viki to Heaven) and then as just regular guy, Gilbert. Les Tremayne, another old Hollywood actor, was Victor Lord in that same Heaven storyline and also subbed for David Lewis (himself also an old character actor) for a time on GH. Frank Maxwell (Dan Rooney, GH) can also be seen on many old tv shows prior to starting on GH in the 70s. We may not always remember their names or watch some of those old shows & movies anymore but these guys had extensive bodies of work before the soaps. Larry Gates (HB Lewis, GL) would be another one. Joseph Campanella & Nita Talbot others. Kim Hunter was Nola Madison on EON. Arlene Dahl came to OLTL for several years in the 80s. Anne Meara on AMC.
  3. Linda Dano John Bolger Melissa Archer Thorsten Kaye Robin Christopher Charles Keating Michael Easton Robert S. Woods Mary Beth Evans Denise Alexander
  4. Yeah, I believe it was Viki's highschool reunion because I seem to recall Viki & Clint being there. The song had just come out. Mike Love mentioned that the appearance on the show helped to raise the song's visibility. John Stamos may have even been with them on drums at the time, I don't remember. I know I taped it at the time but don't know if I still have it.
  5. Kevin Pollak appeared as himself on OLTL in the 80s doing a standup routine with impersonations. I also remember The Beach Boys singing Kokomo on OLTL. Phil Carey had a tv and movie career before joining the show. Nolan Ryan, Johnny Mathis, Van Johnson, Otto Preminger and Christopher Reeve as themselves on RH. Star Trek's James Doohan on B&B. Ditto Dr. Joyce Brothers. Randolph Mantooth was a prime time star before he started showing up on soaps like Loving. Jack Scalia was also better known outside of daytime prior to AMC. David Canary best known from Bonanza before soaps. Celeste Holm on Loving. Anna Lee on GH. Actually...back to Ryan's Hope again...they snagged some old Hollywood stars....Sylvia Sidney, Gloria DeHaven, Gale Sondergaard, Joan Fontaine.
  6. Mary Beth Evans Billy Warlock Jon Lindstrom Charles Grant (aka Flohe) Marj Dusay Nicholas Coster Joseph Mascolo
  7. https://www.gateworld.net/news/2019/02/carmen-argenziano-1943-2019/ He did a lot of guest-starring roles over the decades but is probably most familiar as Sam's father, Jacob Carter, in the Stargate SG-1 series. Robin Strasser was among those commenting on Twitter: "I hope his passage was filled with Grace-I feel privileged to have known him-We studied with #MiltonKatselas at the same time. He was dedicated to his work-he had a distinct but humble elegance RIP... "
  8. This Susan Lucci article caught my eye because my mom also got stents (3 of them) over a year ago. Unlike Susan, she didn't have any pains or symptoms and, in fact, was undergoing stress testing for a potential shoulder arthroscopic surgery when the blockages were discovered. https://people.com/health/susan-luccis-emergency-heart-procedure-i-feel-lucky-to-be-alive/ BTW, Susan and Helmut will be married 50 years this year.
  9. Anna & Buzz briefly dated in the beginning. Then Duke Lavery came along and it was obvious where the chemistry was. There were a lot of unhappy looks on Buzz's part when that started. 😄
  10. Agree with those who mentioned Linda Lavin on Alice and SMG on Buffy. Sort of a 2nd lead with this one but I didn't like DiNozzo/Michael Weatherly on NCIS. I especially tended to fast-forward the first scene in the office where they all chitchat (mostly because of him)...although I still do it now, too, that he's gone. The narcissism and badgering was just annoying to me. To hear it from Eliza Dushku these days, it seems DiNozzo and Weatherly are not all that different.
  11. Russ Anderson, who played Steve Holden on OLTL around the late 80s. During that time he appeared on Geraldo with other celebrity bachelors talking and joking about how to approach women. I remember reading he came out some years ago.
  12. One of Jackie Joseph's posts...Ken with his partner. Another of her posts mentioned that they remained friends and that her current husband included Ken in many of their events. Ironically, today was her 15th anniversary with her current husband.
  13. It's been posted on Larry Storch's FB page, with confirmation from Ken's ex-wife, Jackie Joseph, that Ken Berry passed away today. https://www.facebook.com/LARRYSTORCHSPAGE/
  14. For those who don't know, Rachel has MS. She's also the current Executive Director of a nonprofit that Misha Collins co-founded, Random Acts. Both wives of Jensen and Jared are on the board.
  15. Rachel Miner (Michelle Bauer, GL) did the Amica Seattle Marathon this weekend in her wheelchair with other cast from Supernatural. Prior to it, she posted a video in which she mentioned her friends would have to push her wheelchair.
  16. Probably Star Trek: Enterprise. I mean, it was on shaky ground all along. The inherent disadvantages when presenting any new Trek (as we continue to see) are the inevitable comparisons to what came before and the amount of adherence, in the fans' perception, to canon. Even though it was a "prequel" set a century before TOS, I think the fans expected more familiarity to TOS than there was, at least initially. I didn't hate it but didn't love it either. I did find half the cast bland and uninteresting and the stories likewise....not to mention the drab sets. It took them until around the third season (out of 4) to start to reach their stride. I think what disappointed me is that it had the potential to have been creatively better and better-received than what it was. It's a tough thing to do in Trekdom as the years go on and the offshoots and reboots increase....facing that choice of trying to keep the overall Trek universe consistent with what's been seen before vs. new visions. It seemed with ENT that TPTB had made too many unpopular choices for too long...and the series finale hit that home all the more, with a couple of story choices that fans found insulting, not just to them but to the cast.
  17. So....I gave this one more try. I watched the season premiere. Finally admitted I either don't like or don't care about these characters. I understand the show is based on books that I've never read so I guess I'm coming at it from outside but I keep comparing it to other shows that just seem to have done it all better, like Supernatural and Buffy. I'm glad there's talk of a Grimm 2.0.
  18. The first one from that EON period would be on eonschuylerwhitney's channel, episode 6051 (7/17/79). This is the same starting episode from when AOL was streaming them some years back. Apart from the occasional single-episode omittance, there are some gaps of missing episodes later on...so far I've come across several weeks during Nov/Dec 1980 and the better part of January-early June 1981 missing. The early part, for instance, of the Raven & Jeff Brown/FauxSky relationship wasn't there.
  19. There are 2 folks on youtube I subscribe to that have the eps from mid-1979 to the end: eonschuylerwhitney and MrEdge80s.
  20. On Days, Steve lost the same eye twice in a fight. He lost his real eye in a fight with Bo. Years later, he donned a glass eye to go undercover and it was damaged in a fight with Victor's men so it was back to the patch.
  21. I just started the first half dozen or so episodes of the original Dark Shadows (I had only ever seen the brief 1990s remake). I've heard things are kind of slow in the beginning. So far I'm just having fun spotting the familiar faces....although I didn't even recognize Joel Crothers looking very unlike Miles Cavanaugh.The acting so far seems to comes across very theatrical, as if they are on stage doing a play in front of an audience.
  22. Yes, about Lee. Plus, as far as contributing to Luke winning, I think Luke was also riding high on the town being grateful over the whole Luke saves the world from the Cassadines and the Ice Princess thing. IIRC, between the actors coming and going during that decade, one or the other was off the show so they didn't interact for a long time. After Laura "died", Scotty became involved with Susan & Heather, then left. When Laura returned she was being pursued by her other obsessed husband, Stavros and I don't think Scott was around. That got wrapped up and L & L didn't stay on too much longer after that so they took off together and didn't return for almost a decade. During that time. Scotty returned, eventually starting relationships with Lucy, Dominique and Katherine. Also, Scott got transplanted over to the spinoff Port Charles. So, yeah, I think it was a very long time before they shared scenes again.
  23. GH - Luke became mayor of PC in the early 80s during the period Laura was presumed dead. They reunited in front of the mayor's mansion. GL had Ross Marler running for the Senate. One of Ryan's Hope's ongoing storylines since it debuted was Frank's political aspirations and campaigns.
  24. Just curious...how is anybody posting anything DOOL on youtube at this point with their copyright police in seemingly full force? I'm asking because I haven't uploaded anything in over 10 years and stopped because it wasn't worth the effort, what with getting the e-mails later that they got blocked. I used to have about 50-60 soap clips on that account, all 1980s-1990s, nothing current. Over the years, they've reduced that to about half...particularly BMG with the music clips in some of the soap scenes and Sony. I just got another 7 e-mails about blocked videos, all Sony, all posted more than 10 years ago and all Steve & Kayla. I've gotten a few others the last few weeks. Funny, I have another channel with some old GL clips and I never hear a peep about those....maybe because that one has a lot fewer subscribers or less interest.
  25. I see what you're saying j swift. I guess I was thinking more about character motivations than the actress' performances. OTOH, I definitely wouldn't have pegged Stephen Nichols for the role of Stefan Cassadine after he had made such an impression as Patch who was, quite literally, the polar opposite.
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