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  1. Is Don Diamont still on whatever CBS soap he was on (Y & R I think...never watched)? I just saw him get eliminated from the Italian version of Dancing With The Stars (Ballando Con Le Stelle). A few weeks ago I saw Katherine Kelly Lang on an Italian talk show, The Mauricio Costanza Show. I know those soaps are big in Italy.
  2. YRBB, are you still watching the show or did you cool off with it?
  3. •Lost - I was in those droves that bailed after the first couple of seasons...too many characters, too convoluted •Under The Dome - I was getting tired of Big Jim killing everybody but when they gave Dale alternate reality amnesia or something like that, I knew the fork had been stuck in •Once Upon A Time - after last season when half the cast left •CSI - like has been said, too long the same thing
  4. Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan - Maude, Golden Girls Micky Dolenz - Circus Boy, The Monkees June Lockhart - Lassie, Lost In Space Rod Serling - The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis - Car 54, The Munsters Martin Landau, Barbara Bain - Mission Impossible, Space: 1999. Martin aso recurred on Without A Trace as Anthony LaPaglia's dad. Valerie Bertinelli - One Day at a Time, Hot in Cleveland Robert Urich - Vegas, Spenser For Hire Avery Brooks - Spenser For Hire, ST: DS9 (I don't count the Hawk spinoff, too short) Katherine Helmond - Soap, Who's The Boss, recurred on Everybody Loves Raymond Robert Guillaume -Soap, Benson Ethan Phillips & Rene Auberjonois - Benson, then DS9 for RA and Voyager for EP Michael Dorn took the character of Worf from TNG to DS9 Richard Anderson was on Perry Mason towards the end of its run, then played Oscar Goldman on both bionic shows. Lyle Waggoner - The Carol Burnett Show, Wonder Woman Conrad Bain - Maude, Diff'rent Strokes Robert Picardo - China Beach, ST:Voyager Lorenzo Lamas - Falcon Crest, Renegade
  5. Vincent Gardenia did well as far as guest spots on tv but when he recurred on All In The Family as Frank Lorenzo, he grew tired of having to sit around all week waiting to go on. He asked to be written out. Genevieve Bujold was Captain Janeway on ST: Voyager for about a day when she realized she couldn't do it. And from the original Star Trek pilot would be Jeffrey Hunter (Captain Pike), whose then-wife convinced him a tv series (and a scifi one at that) would be beneath him. When they encapsulated the unseen pilot into a 2-parter in Kirk's time, they hired another actor to play the-now disfigured Pike.
  6. Add to William Shatner he hosted Rescue 911 for 6 years. Add to Scott Bakula Star Trek: Enterprise, although "hit" might be a dubious term for it. Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek, Mission:Impossible, In Search Of Bill Bixby: My Favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, The Incredible Hulk Richard Dean Anderson: Macgyver, Stargate:SG1, plus he was on General Hospital for about 5 years Ted Wass: Blossom, Soap Raymond Burr: Perry Mason, Ironside James Brolin: Marcus Welby, Hotel Jack Klugman: The Odd Couple, Quincy
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/04/obituaries/david-ogden-stiers-mash-dies.html Honestly, I liked all the replacements on M*A*S*H better than their predecessors. So I was glad when Frank Burns was gone and Charles Winchester replaced him. He provided a stronger foil to the mischievousness of Hawkeye and BJ. Also enjoyed his work in sci-fi shows like The Dead Zone, ST:TNG, Stargate: Atlantis.
  8. The first couple of episodes are really good in setting up the premise of the show and getting the team into place. There is a strong resemblance between the two Daniels and Shanks makes the role his pretty quickly. RDA wanted Jack to have more of a sense of humor than in the film and I liked his Jack right off the bat. It's a nice ensemble. Already you can see the show is serious, funny, sad, intelligent, silly. There will be some clunker episodes as with all series but, overall, it's really good. A bit of personal trivia...the actress playing Sha're had a relationship with Shanks and they have a child but broke up before the series ended.
  9. Grimm - I still kinda miss those guys, especially the Nick/Monroe bromance. Barney Miller All In The Family - yes, the family dynamic changed but, simply put, Carroll O'Connor was still great to watch I do have a predisposition towards the various Star Trek series and watched them all beginning to end with varying degrees of enjoyment. But that is like one of my tried and true, go-to places when I want to either "hang out" with some old familiar friends or just visit that particular universe.
  10. How about a Southern style, testosterone-filled billionaire barbecue with Asa, Clint & Bo Buchanan mixing it up with the good ole Lewises of GL--HB, Billy & Josh. Although somewhere in there, they'd probably work in a long-lost son story.
  11. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/nanette-fabray-dead-at-97_us_5a90967ee4b0ee6416a34d70 I think I liked her work on "Your Show of Shows" with Sid Caesar best.
  12. Vicky Stubing on The Love Boat Liz Miller (Barbara Barrie) on Barney Miller. Thankfully, they realized the comedy goldmine was in the precinct. They stopped showing Barney at home and eventually stopped showing Liz.
  13. With so many OLTL mentions, the one that stood out to me is Jerry verDorn as Clint. Granted, the role was, quite literally, made for Clint Ritchie so nobody was going to even come close. Clint (the actor and character) was my favorite on OLTL and I really also liked Jerry on GL so, while I liked Jerry being on OLTL, it was just so different. It was like Ross Marler with a bit of a cowboy flavor. I thought AR's Frank was great as Mary's brother, they had a great sibling chemistry and it's where he and Kate Mulgrew started their lifelong friendship. But he didn't quite fit what I think was the JFK mold they seemed to have intended with Frank. Terrific actor but he just had a few things working against him, I think. The Dirty Harry thing, plus, with his looks, he seemed less like a stereotypical hunky leading man and more of a character actor. More Emmy-worthy than Sexiest Man of the Year type thing.
  14. applcin

    Classic TV

    Bill Bixby on The Incredible Hulk. So handsome.
  15. He's my favorite (hence my avatar). Have seen him 4 times and I'm happy for that. He puts on a fantastic show and he connects with the audience, both with his songs and charisma. Today is actually his 77th birthday. He's going to continue making music. Hoping for the best, least progression of this thing as possible.
  16. I miss OLTL of the 80s. Clint & Viki, Asa, Jenny & David, Brad, etc. Peabo Bryson singing the theme. If anyone had consecutive episodes from that decade up on youtube, I'd probably watch all over again.
  17. Bruce Gray (Owen Madison) has passed away. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/bruce-gray-my-big-fat-greek-wedding-star-dies-at-81/ar-BBGNfVa?li=BBnbfcL
  18. Before I opened this thread, Larkin was exactly who I thought of first because he was the reason I even started watching GL. I literally was watching EON that final week, then GL on Monday. Add to the AW migrations after the finale aired at the end of June 1999, David Andrew Macdonald started appearing on GL about a week into July.
  19. Aw. AMC was the first soap I ever watched and I think Eddie Dorrance was the first murder storyline I saw.
  20. The answer may surprise you... I won't give it away. I do have to say, though, that even though I didn't really care for Barry, I did enjoy the friendship he and Jillian developed bonding over the whole Ken situation, esp. towards the end and afterwards. Barry chased anything in a skirt but he was respectful of Jill, he didn't judge her for cheating on his cousin, Frank. His love for Ken was sincere and that, along with his befriending of Jill were, basically, the redeeming qualities for me with his character.
  21. So was his acting career. After this, Trent Jones wrote for the soaps...within 2 years he was writing for RH. Longest time I think, though, was for Y & R.
  22. Also agree about Thorsten Kaye. Every time he hopped from one ABC soap to another, he ate up the screen time. Also agree about Roger Howarth. I had stopped watching OLTL by the time he and Hilary B Smith started and didn't return for a long time so I never warmed up to either one of them. But my biggest soap turnoff, literally, was Roscoe Born. Hated his Joe (RH), hated Mitch Laurence (OLTL). For all I know he could be the nicest guy but I just didn't want to see him on the screen.
  23. Amber Tamblyn has continued with an op-ed piece in the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/16/opinion/sunday/amber-tamblyn-james-woods.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share
  24. Wow, Amber Tamblyn (GH) had a lot to say to and about James Woods: https://www.facebook.com/officialambertamblyn/photos/a.448610989953.233351.175297439953/10155776515804954/?type=3
  25. Over the years, between acting, directing, producing, voiceovers, hosting and, of course, all things Trek related, I imagine he's got a pretty nice nest egg. They seem like they live comparatively modestly, actually. I wonder if they kept their house in Maine. She had a store there.
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