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  1. Today had some momentum. Due to last weeks mask reveal. Everyone was rather insufferable . Jarlena are MIA. WilSon are recapping with Susan.
  2. I thought it was cute. A total product of its time.
  3. I thought Rea was an interesting character. It was also the only really good story Chelsea ever got.
  4. Reading the synopses for 1980. The AM business stuff reads as interesting. Mary keeping her late father Bob's legacy going. While fighting both her husband Alex and newcomer Kellam. Who wanted to takeover AM. Mary was assisted by Chris and newcomer Leslie James. In helping her thwarted a takeover.A shame it wasn't. DRW50 thanks for post the episode. Always been very curious about that era.
  5. Did anyone see the unmasking? Of the never ending Kristen in a Nicole mask saga.
  6. This episode has a coldness to it. The Anderson Manufacturing business stuff is rather dull. Reading old recaps The AM business stuff came across as more interesting. Really liked Doug & Sister Marie's scene. Kellam & Jarvis were boring and unlikable old farts. Early Liz & Neil is a joy to watch. A rare bright spot during this deary era. Where Julie & Neil ever involved ? The way Neil talked about Julie implied that they were.
  7. Jake's presence in Oakdale/ATWT felt a bit off too me. Tom/Jake's saving grace was his amazing chemistry with Molly. Which helped ground Jake in town. Tom always gave me a sleazy vibe. But i thought that was just the character not the actor.
  8. Hi Eddie. I've been watching 1989. A year which is not considered one of EE's best. Donna's OD was hard to watch. I don't hate the new short lived crop of characters introduced that year.
  9. I think both regimes were equally damaging. Completely different but just as malignant. Even though Bob completely decimated GH. Frank found new degrading ways to further decimated GH. As bad as Gloria's second run was. It left no long term damage. Wendy quickly repaired the damage Gloria did.
  10. I loved Molly & Jake. Then Jake died. Donna & Marley got custody of the twins. Abby left for college . All that and her pairings with Mike and fake greasy Dusty. Lead to her characters ruination.
  11. Did anyone see last week? When Will was giving Xander lustful looks.
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