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  1. The scenes between James & John are truly riveting. I just love how Johnny D turned the tables on James. How i wish there was more of their adversarial relationship online. A shame they didn't keep this Rick. Rick & Babs had good sibling chemistry. I love Dana Delaney since China Beach. But i don't think she was right for Haley. I recently rewatched a clip from 1983. Where James runs into John. Who everyone believed was dead. The scene starts at 3 mins in. The look of fright and shock James has is great. It's interesting that John always seem to have the upper hand with James. Having problems embedding the video. It's called ATWT 1980's Dee's Trial John is Alive pt 2
  2. Maybe it was a good thing that Staci Gleason left when she did. I think had SG stayed JER would've thrown Izzy b under the bus. I remember Isabella being nice. But she was never a pushover. She could be strong yet level headed.
  3. I didn't hate or like Marlena's very special episode. Reminds of when OLTL Viki went to heaven. But on a shoestring budget. Will & Leo scenes were hot. Leo even kissed Will twice. Chandler was awake. For the first time i see chemistry between these two. Since Sonny isn't there. I wonder why the old flashbacks of when Marlena was possessed looks grainy?
  4. It's very look at me. I'm very cutesy pie. I don't know for some reason i don't like her. But you guys enjoy the show. I do hope someone picks it up. It's just my dopey opinion. Maybe i might enjoy it, if they all weren't so hammy. Just because i don't enjoy it. Doesn't mean other people shouldn't be able to enjoy it.
  5. I hate the show too. Everyone overacts in a cuties pie manner. Everything is WAY to OVERDONE. They beat you over the head with the fact that their Spanish. I tired recently to watch i couldn't. It may not be our cup of tea. But Netflix should've given them an ending. Maybe someone will pick it up. They clearly have a loyal fan base. This incarnation of ODAAT wasn't for this gay Latino.
  6. I'm on the fence about the beard. But he looks good in the second pic. Freddie needs a good haircut that frames his face. The slick back hair ain't working. He also needs better clothes . Those suits make him look worse.
  7. Ciara tries to persuade Ben they should reunite Leo attempts to get inside information from Brady Tripp suspects Claire has been lying to him and seeks answers Haley’s fate is decided JJ offers to marry Haley Rafe and Hope renew their love for one another. Sarah admits to Maggie she kissed Eric and has feelings for him Eric struggles to fight his feelings for Sarah Tripp drops a bombshell on Claire JJ fears he’s lost Haley for good
  8. I'm convinced were never going to see FS weight loss. His just going to get bigger and bigger. Until he crushes Will doing one of their passionless lovemaking sessions. But all kidding aside. There's no chemistry or sexuality generating from them. Unlike Paul & Will. Who had a spark too them.
  9. Jack gloating as Haley was arrest. As Eve took video of it on her phone was disgusting. Hard to believe a gay man would write this racist trash. Jack is back from the dead acting like a Trumper.
  10. I liked Brian & brunette singing Melissa. I think it was Gene Palumbo who wrote off Melissa and Sarah. The writers made Emilio unbearable then killed him off. So Days had 2 murder mysteries going on at the same time. I remember i liked parts of it. But hated that they killed both Nick and Emilio. Never liked Brian with Ginger.
  11. Claire plays innocent when Haley is arrested Sonny and Will celebrate an expected turn of events Brady warns Rex that Eric has a history of stealing his brothers’ women Stefan and Chloe bond over Holly and their similar upbringings Tripp questions Claire on how authorities knew where Haley was hiding Leo surprises Brady with news that they are brothers Sarah comforts Eric and impulsively kisses him Rex confides in Chloe about Eric and Sarah Brady blasts Eric for kissing Sarah Stefan encourages Ben not to give up on love, while Julie counsels Ciara about Ben
  12. From what i seen online i liked Hilary with Jim. She even had chemistry with Fletcher. I heard that both MC and JWS were Marland's spies.That's a messed up thing to do.
  13. I didn't know that Hillary and Kelly were a couple.
  14. It was BORING today. Wilson must be still hiding from Leo in Diana's tiny hotel room. Since they weren't on today. Eve wore an ugly coat. MAGAJack wanted Haley found at all cost.
  15. The Mayoral race with Jack acting like Trump is so bad.
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