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  1. It was nice seeing Rory again. Everything else was boring.
  2. I loved Anna from that time period. She was a strong independent woman. Who could kick butt.
  3. They found some more change to do Sonny's hair.
  4. Angry Will strikes again. Angry Will is HOT. But he quickly goes back to his bland passive personality. I don't even think this outburst was tumor related. It was a natural reaction over what Ted & Leo did. Will shouldn't have to apologized to Ted.
  5. I tried watching a bit of it. The characters aside from Renee Zellweger were so dull. Supergirl's ex-hubby looks good.
  6. This being GH. They would go for a beyond played out Brenda/Jax/Sonny triangle.
  7. I don't know who Will Farrell was playing. But that most certainly wasn't Tom Willis. Jackee Harry was pretty good.
  8. I thought it was ok . Doesn't capture the energy the original had. But a decent try nonetheless. Great twist having Marla Gibb reprise Florence.
  9. I loved Dangerous Women. I hated when it was cancelled. It was pure soapy fun. I could could never get into Port Charles. I did like the first supernatural arc. After that i got tired of all the bad supernatural arcs. I hated them killing of both Eve and Karen.
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