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  1. So far i've been enjoying the 35th anniversary week. I hope they don't kill any legacy kids. Not a fan of either Bex or Dennis. But it's rather shortsighted to kill a young legacy character. Like they did with Lucy a couple of yrs ago. I know EE is far from prefect. But it's still way better than the American soaps that lack any sort of real excitement. 






  2. 57 minutes ago, ranger1rg said:

    Huh? Who looks at Freddie’s stuff? He does nothing that interests me and I don’t like his looks, so why would I click? But here’s the thing — he’s not getting tons of clicks without me. He’s no big deal on social media. I know that much.


    i repeat: Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey are both TERRIBLE actors. Today was more proof with their laughing and grinning through their insipid ice skating scenes. It was PAINFUL watching them.


    If there’s a God, they’ll disappear from DAYS and find new lives away from any soundstage.

    They both have such an indifference and mocking contempt.. 



  3. 20 minutes ago, NothinButAttitude said:




    Which is sad b/c KMH's Emily lacked it. While she was "my Emily," she didn't possess the sexy siren that Melanie Smith had. 


    I always wondered had MS stayed in the role of Emily, how she would've been in stories opposite Scott Holmes, Ben Hendrickson, Roger Howarth, Grayson McCouch...

    Maybe it's a good thing. That Melanie left when she did. After Doug died most of Emily's stories were awful. I couldn't see Melanie playing Emily and Tom's awful affair. The only story i liked was Emily and Hal. Who fell for each other while investigating the explosion in the boat house. Which badly disfigured Babs for awhile. Which is one of the few Hogan Sheffer stories i liked.

  4. WilSon being all lovey dovey was so forced. As a gay man. It makes me sad. Seeing two straight actor being disgusted playing gay.  Did Sonny bear go ice staking in his ugly suit? Those piss poor weddings at HTS. After all this time Lani is still no match for Gabi. She hasn't experienced any character growth. She's still bland as hell. Her interesting friendship with Kristen is being overlooked. Chandler and Freddie are indifferent towards their characters. And the material their given to play.






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