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  1. Did you see Kayla new condo. It's Jarlena's townhouse redressed.
  2. Hi Edward. I loved how Mel disappeared as the truck ran her over. After a brief rise in quality. EE has gotten boring.
  3. Freddie is wearing one of Sonny bears ugly suits. While Brock and Chandler are looking cute in their own clothes.
  4. With Days having a dollar store budget. They will never show flashbacks of Ben's or Will's trial's. Or Adrienne's and Haley's deaths.
  5. The time jump feels like an alternate timeline. Most of the episodes have been dull. Peppered with outrageous shock value reveals. Like Will being Ben's cellmate. Or bland Lani & DiMera demon queen Kristen being nuns. Maybe hanging out with Kristen. Lani will finally get a much needed personality. Princess Gina sucked 20 yrs ago. She sucks 20 yrs later. KA will her emaciated Princess Gina resting bitch face. Is a real turn off.
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