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  1. Julie was called out on her racism by her grandson Eli. While trying too apologize to Gabi. For past racist comments. She had a heart attack. Vivian is alive. Now being played by Robin Strasser. She will debut next week. Auntie Viv will bury Kate alive. Eric is reunited with Nicole and Holly. Victor orders Xander to kill Ben. Both Chloe and Tripp left Salem.
  2. I'm just an occasional Y&R viewer. I came across this article and wanted to share it . https://t.co/cWLuhDIImR?amp=1 Deconstructing Y&R: Flashy Sets Compensating for Inadequate Writing
  3. A thirsty power bottom like Will. Needs a man who can properly pleasure him.
  4. Will's always giving thirsty lustful looks. While next to Sonny Bear LOL. He did the same thing with Xander.
  5. Sorry i misunderstood. There was no foreshadowing at all. Just like you said it was out of the blue. If nothing else it gave an underused Elani something to do.
  6. On today's show. Eli called out Julie's racist comments towards Gabi. Julie went to find Gabi too apologize. She literally ran into her at HTS. At the tiny park bench. Julie tried too apologize. But Mrs. DiMera wasn't hearing it. That's when Julie had a heart attack.
  7. Ben and Callum are making me watch after a long absence. It's nice to see EE going through an upswing in quality.
  8. Things are looking up for Stefan and Gabi after all the backstabbing. They deal with Vivian being back and Vivian has her own revenge plan against Kate and drags Stefan into her revenge plan.Vivian's antics ultimately leave Gabi with a horrible choice to make. Tony is charged with killing Ted because he was the one holding the gun and Kristen won't step up because she's Kristen lol. But you have Anna in the picture who is standing by Tony and determined to clear his name. While Kristen wiggles her way out of legal problems she realizes she has lost Brady forever. There is part of him that can't resist deep down her but this time she has crossed the line. She turns to Dr. Rolf for help as she gets an idea. Vivian sneaks back into town and wants to pay Kate back for shooting her. Kate ends up in a life and death situation. Lucas and Will will rush to Kate's bedside as she hovers on the brink of death. Jennifer sets Dr. Rolf up at the lab at the hospital to make this serum so that Jack can regain his memory. Giving Dr. Rolf a lab is really playing with fire. Ron said he wants to raise the stakes so instead of Rolf making a new formula he will make it more dramatic. They are building towards Jack getting his memory back. He said it is an old school action/adventure .Jordan is released from Bayview. Ben deals with Jordan being back in his life but he wonders if he has to worry for Ciara's safety. Lani is on duty. Ron said he won't get into much but it puts Lani in a crisis that threatens to postpone the wedding. Julie was going to host Eli and Lani's wedding. Julie is insisting they have the wedding without her but they don't want to. It turns out there's a bigger incident that threatens to overshadow their wedding Not sure who the father of her baby is. She is forced to make a decision when Xander who has a soft spot for her discovers Sarah's secret, he offers his help." Something is going on with Hope and John and Marlena try their best to help her. They said the story will come more into light as time goes on.
  9. I was really hoping they would win. So they could get some better sets. I'm so sick of everyone living at Vic's. Rich people living in ugly tiny hotel rooms. I can't stand to look at HTS.
  10. Somewhere along the line all soaps entered a bizzaro alternate timeline. I would say this started around the mid 90's thru late 90's. I like to think that in the regular timeline. All our soaps are timely and in the midst of a golden ages. For example everything that happen on GL after 94 took place in the bizzaro alternate timeline.
  11. The set their in looks like Jarlene's townhouse with ugly paintings.
  12. That's a great way to watch. The reveal and fallout have been decent. Even somewhat enjoyable. But all the months of sitting through the mask #[email protected]&%*! wore me out.
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