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  1. OH wow! I didn't recognize him. He was the hot daddy Alfonzo hooked up with😲
  2. I'm so sick of HTS & the nurses station. Which are always empty. Or everyone living at Vic's. Marlena & John's home. As well as Hope's and Kayla homes are seldom seen. The whole time Valerie was back we never saw where she lived. Kate, Jack & Eve all living in tiny hotel rooms. Doug's Place is always a ghost town too.
  3. JJ is troubled by the lighter found in Claire’s jewelry box Hope and Rafe have a tense conversation about Ted Claire is upset when Eve informs her about the change of plans Will and Sonny try to find answers to Will’s unexplained medical issues Tripp and Haley struggle to maintain their cover story Claire feels the heat when JJ questions her about the lighter Hope tells Ben about Jordan’s secret Rafe returns from California with surprising news Sparks fly between Abe and Sheila Eve drops a bombshell at Jack’s rally
  4. spikeyroberto has been uploading episodes.
  5. I would consider Gabrielle a legendary character. Being watered down. Put in a boring romance with Bo. Badly killing her only child Al. Never repairing her with Max. Badly killed off. In a really bad serial killer story. Did her no favors. Poor Gabby! I do wish they had never brought her back for that.
  6. Leo cursing Will with the evil eye was silly and campy. But it still felt like something Leo would do. Without GR Leo the cursed/medical emergency is going to be a snooze.
  7. Bringing back Diana, now a bitter old witch. Could've worked with better writing and casting. Judith Chapman played Diana as she was Anjelica Deveraux. Marlena giving Leo a check for $500. So he can pay for his room at the Salem Inn was funny. The Salem Inn must be cheap. Chloe singing opera to the all new all different Stefan felt meh to me. As well as her making out with Brady. All the romances feel hallow. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Leo. When he learned John wasn't his father.
  8. I loved when Lexie became a bad girl. Desperately trying too prevent Zach's true parentage from being discovered. She became a worthy adversary and rival for Sami. During this time period Lexie was the most interesting she would ever be. Renee Jones really got to showcase her acting talent. Sadly this didn't last long. Poor Lexie became nice and bland. Stuck with Abe. But it was great while it lasted.
  9. Great post on Mary Kay Adams. She's still a beautiful lady.
  10. Of course before Griffin left town he had to kiss Sonny & Carly butts. Wow! Griffin & Lucas had smoking hot chemistry. A shame GH wouldn't go there. GH always takes the wrong path on everything.
  11. John turns the tables on Diana Leo receives devastating news Will is rushed to the hospital after his collapse Ciara expresses concern over Ben’s injury As Haley and Tripp prepare for their upcoming nuptials, Claire turns to Eve for help to stop the wedding Eve and Claire set a plan into motion to expose Haley Rafe gets Ted in trouble with Abe JJ starts to have questions about the fire Jordan supposedly started at the cabin last year Claire secretly records Tripp’s admission that his impending marriage to Haley is fake Ciara and Ben share a sexy moment as she takes care of him Leo signs the annulment papers and gives will a cursed eye necklace. Sonny tries to laugh it off, but when Will collapses later , Sonny worries that the curse may be real.
  12. RH comes across as very arrogant. Love the looks of sheer repulsion Becky is giving him.
  13. The scenes between James & John are truly riveting. I just love how Johnny D turned the tables on James. How i wish there was more of their adversarial relationship online. A shame they didn't keep this Rick. Rick & Babs had good sibling chemistry. I love Dana Delaney since China Beach. But i don't think she was right for Haley. I recently rewatched a clip from 1983. Where James runs into John. Who everyone believed was dead. The scene starts at 3 mins in. The look of fright and shock James has is great. It's interesting that John always seem to have the upper hand with James. Having problems embedding the video. It's called ATWT 1980's Dee's Trial John is Alive pt 2
  14. Maybe it was a good thing that Staci Gleason left when she did. I think had SG stayed JER would've thrown Izzy b under the bus. I remember Isabella being nice. But she was never a pushover. She could be strong yet level headed.
  15. I didn't hate or like Marlena's very special episode. Reminds of when OLTL Viki went to heaven. But on a shoestring budget. Will & Leo scenes were hot. Leo even kissed Will twice. Chandler was awake. For the first time i see chemistry between these two. Since Sonny isn't there. I wonder why the old flashbacks of when Marlena was possessed looks grainy?
  16. It's very look at me. I'm very cutesy pie. I don't know for some reason i don't like her. But you guys enjoy the show. I do hope someone picks it up. It's just my dopey opinion. Maybe i might enjoy it, if they all weren't so hammy. Just because i don't enjoy it. Doesn't mean other people shouldn't be able to enjoy it.
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