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  1. Oh WOW! We finally see Will's at the Spectator.
  2. The strike ended in late August. The two Bo's was strike material. Yes Mari Lynn was a Riley. Mari Lynn's father Tom was Joe's twin bro.
  3. Days is being artsy fartsy for the flashback week. Everyone looks bright orange. The foreshadowing for Adrienne's death was extremely heavy handed.
  4. Ben, Ciara and Will become a throuple. As they support him being a male prostitute.
  5. The Days cast wandering around aimlessly. As hand held camera's show their nostrils. As awful inspirational folk indie music plays in the background.
  6. Of course the name has to be annoying and cutesy pie as hell.
  7. General Hospital Thursday August 29, 2002 (Beginning) General Hospital 2004 Clip Part 1--Ned/Lois, Faith, Courtney, Jason/Max. Lorenzo's boat explodes
  8. Days of Our Lives 2003-2004 Salem Stalker--Interviews
  9. Weekly Preview (1/20/20) - Days of our Lives Tony learns Anna has betrayed him. Maggie gets an upsetting visit from someone from her past. Kayla has devastating news for Justin and Sonny about Adrienne. Abigail tells JJ that Haley has died.
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