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  1. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/tv/angela-griffin-returning-coronation-street-16466959 Angela Griffin returning to Coronation Street as Fiona Middleton in secret love child storyline
  2. Today's show was boring. Even though there was a lot going on. Don't care about Ben or Ted. Eve as PC is so stupid. I did like the Hope. Claire and Ciara scene. Sarah & Rex are awful together. At least Wilson weren't on.
  3. Caroline's episode felt like a GL special episode. I did like Kayla telling Victor about Caroline. Hope being there for Victor. Will has cheated death. Lost his great grand and still looks like he just came from a day spa. The whole thing was way way too rushed. But it was still a decent tribute to Caroline & Peggy.
  4. At least it looked like Caroline. Fake Edward & Lila were so fakey.
  5. At least they tried something different. I also liked the moody lighting and fog. It's a mess of a story. With no real stakes. But i did like the way Will's near death experience is tied to Caroline's passing.
  6. For anyone who didn't see Marlena & Maggie's brief scene together. Here you go. Their scene takes place after Wilson. At the start of the show. https://dai.ly/x7bggnw
  7. Will's flatlining was so bad. They don't even bother making CM look sickly.
  8. https://news.avclub.com/fx-renews-pose-for-a-third-season-1835594185 FX renews Pose for a third season
  9. What a boring wedding. Will scaring Ari. He looks like he came from a day spa.
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