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  1. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Michelle Fowler to leave EastEnders Updated / Monday, 19 Mar 2018 15:14 0 Jenna Russell as Michelle Fowler Jenna Russell will depart from EastEnders as her character Michelle Fowler is being written out of the soap as part of a "mutual decision" between the actress and the production. Russell first appeared in the BBC One soap in December 2016, taking over the role of Michelle from Susan Tully, who originally played the character from 1985 until 1995. An EastEnders spokesperson said: "Jenna is a terrific actress who has loved her time on the show playing Michelle and it was a mutual decision to write the character out. "We wish Jenna all the best for the future." Rumours had been circulating that Russell would be leaving the show, with a source telling The Sun UK that producers had made the decision to write her out in order to focus more on the returning Slater family. "Bringing back an an old character always adds much needed nostalgia which fans love," they quote a source as saying. "But Michelle simply wasn't going anywhere and was deemed a bit of spare part. Jenna is an established actress in her own right and wouldn't want to be on the periphery." Hitting back at speculation she was axed from the soap, Russell tweeted: "Just for clarity, I wasn't 'axed' just fancied doing something else. Nothing else. Have a great day x #actorslife." Jenna’s exit as Michelle is the latest in a number of big changes new producer John Yorke has made since taking the helm last year. He also axed other long-standing characters Lauren and Abi Branning and Ben Mitchell, as well as bringing back old favourites like Masood Ahmed and Mel Owen. This week will also see the return of Kat Slater, with Jessie Wallace making a comeback as the Walford’s wild child, despite residents currently believing she is dead. However, she will not be accompanied by husband Alfie Moon, who was last seen fighting for his life in spin-off series ‘Redwater’. Actor Shane Richie admitted he turned down the chance to return, although has insisted his character is still alive.
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I never knew that Maggie and Steve were a couple. I liked the scenes between Karen and Cricket. LL and SB had a nice sibling chemistry. Ariel and John had great chemistry. it's a real shame Marland never brought back Ariel. Ariel locking horns with Lucinda would've been awesome. Steve was so annoying.
  3. The Doctors

    I loved Richard Niles as Rico. But i'm really liking Chandler Harben. My girl Penny has already set her sights on yummy Dr. Bellini. It's so funny how both Stacy and Penny have quickly forgotten Andy. Stacy is already obsessed with New Rico. Stacy was an annoying nut. Poor Rico he seems to attract nutty girls. First Julie Forrest now Stacy.
  4. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Your right Monday was the only good show of the week. The rest was the dreadful DID story taking place in Steffy Jr ugly bedroom. At least Tess on OLTL went to a pool party to the Hamptons on location. AbbyGabby/Dr.Laura is stuck in that deary and ugly bedroom.
  5. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    It would've been better if Sonny caught the boys in the afterglow. Sadly there was no follow up between Shady Sonny bear and the hunky bartender.
  6. Classic GH Thread

    I never understood that either. Since the story would've worked way better with Dawn. GM fired everyone that was hired while she was away. I remember 1991 being a mess. I remember during this time Tristan Rogers had a tired look on his face.
  7. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Buzzkill Sonny had to ruin HoRita's romp.
  8. Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

    First look at the new Coronation Street set: Weatherfield cobbles are now home to tattoo parlour, Urban Garden and even a Costa Coffee The new street also features a memorial bench to Corrie superfan Martyn Hett, and all who lost their lives in the Manchester Arena bomb attack in May last year By Lucy Needham Rose Hill FIRST LOOK AT THE NEW CORONATION STREET SET The famous Coronation Street cobbles have been given a thoroughly modern makeover and are now home to an Urban Garden, Costa Coffee and a new police station. For years the area surrounding the terraced houses, Rovers Return and Cornershop have existed only in viewers' imaginations. But now the extended exterior has been unveiled for the first time in the show's 57 year history, with the residents of Weatherfield being treated to some swanky new developments. The new look street boasts a modern retail area complete with a tattoo parlour, snookerhall and even a Weatherfield North tram stop. The new look street boasts a brand new police station. Weatherfield residents will also have access to a Co-Op supermarket and a Costa Coffee. Victoria Street also has a new Weatherfield North tram stop. A tattoo parlour and snookerhall also feature. Speed Dial is a trendy new bar on the cobbles. A modern restaurant brings the show bang up to date (Image: ITV) The cast unveil the new look Street (Image: DAILY MIRROR) Product placement deals mean for the first time well known retail outlets will be represented in the ITV soap in the form of Costa Coffee and a Co-op supermarket. Residents will also be able to visit Tattoo'll Do Nicely for all their inking needs - and pop into trendy new restaurant Speed Daal as a welcome change from Roy's Rolls. And no doubt the brand new two story police station will be kept in good use with the sheer amount of crime going on in Weatherfield of late. Coronation Street opens new Victoria Street set. The colourful new Urban Garden is sure to brighten up the street. A memorial bench in the Urban Garden is dedicated to victims of the Manchester Bombing. The police station will be put to good use. Residents will be strolling round the streets with their Costa Coffee cups in hand (Image: Daily Mirror) The station will eventually have a reception, cells, corridors and interview rooms. Victoria Street, as the new set has been dubbed, also features a memorial bench to Corrie superfan Martyn Hett, and all those who lost their lives in the Manchester Arena bomb in May last year. The colourful memorial was unveiled by Series Producer Kate Oates in front of cast members and Martyn's family. The famous cobbles have been given a revamp (Image: ITV) How the Street used to look "The Victoria Street extension represents an exciting chapter in Corrie history: an amazing new stage full of dramatic potential," said Oates. In a nod to the ITV soap's long-running history, the new set is made from cobbles from the old Quay Street site which was home to the residents from 1982 to 2013. 'Wider Weatherfield' will be seen on screen for the first time on Friday 20th April.
  9. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    Yes when Nick was reintroduce. It was sadly a very brief return. Marie also reappeared as well.
  10. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Abby's second alter Dr. Laura has made her first appearances Is Abby's entire DID story going to take place in Steffy Jr ugly bed room? They're no really high stakes in Andre's murder. We all know nothing is going to happened to Gabi. I do love DA Trask and Julie giving Gabi hell. I'm not really into Eve & Brady's story. I'm glad Eve turned the tables on Brady. It would've been nice if John & Marlena were at Brady's wedding. At least Paul was there. Erika Slezak. Anna Holbrook and Bree Williamson were mesmerizing in their DID stories. MM is god awful. Since Days is done on the cheap we can't see AbbyGabby in different settings. Not that would help this clunker. Sonny has become intolerable is time for her to go.
  11. Days Of Our Lives Renewed

    I'm happy Days has been renewed. I only wish the quality of the writing and production values would improve.
  12. AMC Tribute Thread

    Thanks but seeing this made me feel sad for Shane. I hope he gets help. He has to be around my age yet he looks so much older.
  13. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    I want Sonny to catch them in bed too. I want Sonny to go bonkers
  14. AMC Tribute Thread

    Do you know whatever happened to Shane McDermott? I still remember him and SMG from when they were on Swans Crossing. I had given up on AMC by the time CC was playing Bobby. I loved CC in the gay movie Trick.