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  1. @Soapsuds final_60a407d242dd8b004d155c75_251245.mp4
  2. It was a great touch having Robert and Anna go tell Monica about Sean. But then we don't see Monica at all. Should've know something was up. When Ned told Robert to go to Monica's study. Don't overthink it. This is GH after all.
  3. The late Tawny Kitaen was so good. In these scenes. She holds her own. As well as having great chemistry. With her screen partners. Lisa had so much potential. Of course this being SB. She was only on for 5 months.
  4. A bio about flamboyant fashion icon Halston writes itself. The Ryan Murphy, Netflix bio was BLAND, BORING and by the numbers. A total waste of time

    1. NothinButAttitude


      Thank you! I was tempted to watch but I'll take your word.

    2. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      @NothinButAttitude I found this bio doc more interesting.. Plus the doc on the Battle At Versailles is also quite good too.


  5. @Elsa @Taoboi As much as i like Prey Tell. His eating a lot of airtime. This Sunday's episode spotlights him yet again. I do wish this season was longer than 7 episodes. I hope Damon gets a spotlight episode. Before Pose ends it's run. Just want to see everyone shine. Here's my favorite House of Abundance scenes.
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