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  1. Sharon's neck is extremely distracting and she has done absolutely nothing with that lifeless, stringy hair. Why she insists on not getting a layered cut after all these years is beyond reason. The actress who plays Tara is grossly miscast. YR is not just boring. It's offensively boring.
  2. In order for Ashland Locke to be a formidable character he can't just be coming to town seeking revenge on Kyle. Sure, it starts off with Kyle but then he quickly sets his sights on the Newmans and Abbotts. This has the potential to be good and the actor is excellent but JG has the attention span of a gnat. He makes his villains one note *see Simon Black* and then they peter out into the night. So many of JG's storylines start off with promise and just as quickly dropped or rushed to a conclusion without having the necessary beats for full climax. On a side note: I guess Lauren
  3. I was literally thinking the same thing about Case. A few weeks ago I commented about her plastic surgery and she’s gone overboard in the span of 2 weeks. It can’t be just Botox. She’s looking harsh and noticeably different. Whatever she’s doing to her face, she has neglected her neck because her neck look like it belongs to a 70 year old with a ton of wrinkles which doesn’t match her ever changing face. Even in today’s episode her face was slightly puffy. It’s just odd. Great plastic surgery is suppose to be undetectable which I’m sure @DaytimeFan can attest to. She celebrated her 50 birthday
  4. I don't follow these actors on IG so I wouldn't know who is "obvious" or not it's just a gut feeling about Case and the like. Before social media became mainstream it was really easy to fall into the trap of thinking these actors were synonymous with their characters and social media just ripped the illusion right off. DB was problematic because he was so vocal. If he had kept his MAGA love under wraps the public wouldn't have known and his job would be safe. A lot of these actors are all over social media and when it really matters they don't have ish to say. I don't expect them to but it sa
  5. Yep. His firing does make make me think of all the closeted MAGA supporters which is a shame. Every time there’s a social/racial call for justice I’m mildly hopeful that one of them will tweet something in support and they give nada. EB and to a lesser extent CLB have always been vocal but the rest like Scott, Walton, Bergman, Morrow, Case... crickets. At any rate, I wouldn’t mind Jacob Young in the role of Chance.
  6. I recently looked at clips of Sharon about 6-10 years ago and she looks so different. Albeit ten years is a long time but she looks so much harsher now. It's obvious she's had a lot of botox/ fillers but has neglected her neck so her face looks extra tight while her neck sags. Maybe MTS can give her a referral. I agree her voice is higher/finer than it was but I always chalk that up to bad acting as she's has this exaggerated way of singing (yes, singing) her words in the most annoying way. Another person I'm thinking about is Stafford. She's 55 years and looks fantastic. Her v
  7. I happen to catch today and Melody Thomas Scott looks extremely refreshed which leads me to believe she had some work done. Botox? Maybe even a neck and face lift. Sharon’s age is starting to show. She’s still a beautiful woman but it wouldn’t hurt if she got a neck lift as her neck looks completely different to her face. She should finally cut that stringy hair into a layered cut framing her face.
  8. POTOMAC So much to process. This easily can could have been a 4 part reunion as there was still so much we didn't see. When Giselle started screeching and being overly dramatic when Chris got up I thought what a cow. She played into the worst stereotype of the "angry black man". What did she think he was going to do? Charge across the room and attack her? I'm extremely dissapointed that we didn't get to see more of Monique's receipts in her binder. Clearly she just scratched the surface and would have revealed everything if only Andy hadn't shut her down. And it bears repeating aga
  9. I also forget to mention that since Gizelle's fake boyfriend is supposedly the pastor of a mega church in ATL, do his members seriously believe that this dude is a man of God, patroning with their hard earned money knowing his fraudulent lifestyle and multiple infidelities? Or are people of his church going to continue to look the other way and "pray his sins away". SMH
  10. Monique - clearly the MVP because the mean girls on the right thought she was going to lay down and slither away in disgrace. Despite their best efforts to get her fired, they thought all they had to do was present a united front in not wanting to work with her and that would be suffice. She proved them otherwise and it was pure gold. Loved the receipts ad while I have no use for Monique she definitely won me over. I think the producers were hedging their bets with the fight because she didn't always get a favorable edit during her confessionals. I thought the "evil" laugh in her last confe
  11. Could it just be that he was fired because of his [!@#$%^&*] behavior? He has said repeatedly it was not because of HK and while she has never refuted the rumor, which is also suspect, she never said it was true either. Why she chooses to remain silent knowing it's believed that he groped her is a mystery. I think none of the actors really stood up for him because he was generally unliked on set. Maybe the guy is just frustrated that people keep accusing him of it years later when he knows he's innocent of this particular rumor. It has to be tough trying to find work
  12. What's the story behind Heather Tom leaving YR? Was she fired or did she want to go to BB?
  13. I think some in the media shared your concern because they're now including the allegations stating he wasn't perfect. It's interesting because some are going in detail while others are simply calling it the "Colorado incident". When a celebrity dies the media always anoint them to sainthood. A petition to change the NBA logo in his image, retiring his number so no other player can wear the numbers #8 or #24 is a bit much. If the allegations were true she may be the only person who's happy he's dead. Women take the money because in most part, while they want to see justice served, they kn
  14. How about the three years? That's the number a woman got for lying about her address so her children can go to a better high school as opposed to the high school she would have been assigned due to zoning. My heart broke for that mother. People can feel sorry for Loughlin, Huffman, etc, all they like but their money and privilege afforded them the opportunity to cheat the system when others aren't afforded the same opportunity and were jailed for it. "Money passing" is not just limited to getting their children into better schools. This s.hit has been going on for years so all this outrage
  15. I’m so confused I don’t even know where to begin. Smollet initially said he was attacked by 2 MAGA white guys. He said he saw the skin around their eyes through their masks and knew they were white. He refused to give up his phone. The Nigerian brothers said they were paid by Smollet and were seen on camera buying the masks and noose. The brothers were let go and were no longer persons of interests. Chicago police are spitting mad because Smollet wasted their time and deduced this was all an elaborate scheme by Smollet for a pay raise who was about to be fired. Network says otherwise. Now al
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