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  1. Sharon's neck is extremely distracting and she has done absolutely nothing with that lifeless, stringy hair. Why she insists on not getting a layered cut after all these years is beyond reason. The actress who plays Tara is grossly miscast. YR is not just boring. It's offensively boring.
  2. In order for Ashland Locke to be a formidable character he can't just be coming to town seeking revenge on Kyle. Sure, it starts off with Kyle but then he quickly sets his sights on the Newmans and Abbotts. This has the potential to be good and the actor is excellent but JG has the attention span of a gnat. He makes his villains one note *see Simon Black* and then they peter out into the night. So many of JG's storylines start off with promise and just as quickly dropped or rushed to a conclusion without having the necessary beats for full climax. On a side note: I guess Lauren forgot she was going to work with her cleavage on full display in the dead of winter and the one shoulder/off shoulder- dress/pantsuit is thoroughly over done. Wardrobe needs to bury it never to be resurrected. Stafford always looks high in her scenes.
  3. I was literally thinking the same thing about Case. A few weeks ago I commented about her plastic surgery and she’s gone overboard in the span of 2 weeks. It can’t be just Botox. She’s looking harsh and noticeably different. Whatever she’s doing to her face, she has neglected her neck because her neck look like it belongs to a 70 year old with a ton of wrinkles which doesn’t match her ever changing face. Even in today’s episode her face was slightly puffy. It’s just odd. Great plastic surgery is suppose to be undetectable which I’m sure @DaytimeFan can attest to. She celebrated her 50 birthday recently so she’s obviously feeling the pressure to look younger but it’s having the adverse effect.
  4. I don't follow these actors on IG so I wouldn't know who is "obvious" or not it's just a gut feeling about Case and the like. Before social media became mainstream it was really easy to fall into the trap of thinking these actors were synonymous with their characters and social media just ripped the illusion right off. DB was problematic because he was so vocal. If he had kept his MAGA love under wraps the public wouldn't have known and his job would be safe. A lot of these actors are all over social media and when it really matters they don't have ish to say. I don't expect them to but it says a whole lot about them when they remain silent. I'll never forget when Aaaron Spears was tweeting up a storm during the height of the BLM movement and tried to use that opportunity to gain traction for his character and he was practically on an island by himself. Literally no one on the BB cast offered support.
  5. Yep. His firing does make make me think of all the closeted MAGA supporters which is a shame. Every time there’s a social/racial call for justice I’m mildly hopeful that one of them will tweet something in support and they give nada. EB and to a lesser extent CLB have always been vocal but the rest like Scott, Walton, Bergman, Morrow, Case... crickets. At any rate, I wouldn’t mind Jacob Young in the role of Chance.
  6. I recently looked at clips of Sharon about 6-10 years ago and she looks so different. Albeit ten years is a long time but she looks so much harsher now. It's obvious she's had a lot of botox/ fillers but has neglected her neck so her face looks extra tight while her neck sags. Maybe MTS can give her a referral. I agree her voice is higher/finer than it was but I always chalk that up to bad acting as she's has this exaggerated way of singing (yes, singing) her words in the most annoying way. Another person I'm thinking about is Stafford. She's 55 years and looks fantastic. Her veneers are always on full display since she can never stop grinning like an idiot during every single scene.
  7. I happen to catch today and Melody Thomas Scott looks extremely refreshed which leads me to believe she had some work done. Botox? Maybe even a neck and face lift. Sharon’s age is starting to show. She’s still a beautiful woman but it wouldn’t hurt if she got a neck lift as her neck looks completely different to her face. She should finally cut that stringy hair into a layered cut framing her face.
  8. POTOMAC So much to process. This easily can could have been a 4 part reunion as there was still so much we didn't see. When Giselle started screeching and being overly dramatic when Chris got up I thought what a cow. She played into the worst stereotype of the "angry black man". What did she think he was going to do? Charge across the room and attack her? I'm extremely dissapointed that we didn't get to see more of Monique's receipts in her binder. Clearly she just scratched the surface and would have revealed everything if only Andy hadn't shut her down. And it bears repeating again that Andy is the worst. Never have I seen so much disdain and condescension leveled from a host. As I process the news of Monique leaving I can't help but feel legit sad. She brought so much to the table and she was underrated. What's next because clearly the Grand Dame will have zero tolerance when they come for her so this show will have no choice but to pivot and find a new scapegoat via a new face or turn on each other. This show was clearly a stand out from the rest. There's something about Potomac that feels real even though it's reality TV. I feel the show is about to jump the shark fairly soon. I'll post some more when I watch a second time.
  9. I also forget to mention that since Gizelle's fake boyfriend is supposedly the pastor of a mega church in ATL, do his members seriously believe that this dude is a man of God, patroning with their hard earned money knowing his fraudulent lifestyle and multiple infidelities? Or are people of his church going to continue to look the other way and "pray his sins away". SMH
  10. Monique - clearly the MVP because the mean girls on the right thought she was going to lay down and slither away in disgrace. Despite their best efforts to get her fired, they thought all they had to do was present a united front in not wanting to work with her and that would be suffice. She proved them otherwise and it was pure gold. Loved the receipts ad while I have no use for Monique she definitely won me over. I think the producers were hedging their bets with the fight because she didn't always get a favorable edit during her confessionals. I thought the "evil" laugh in her last confessional was a deliberate sabotage to paint her as a bully while Candiace got the softer edits as she played victim to the hilt. Wendy - Not likable in the least and I truly wished the other women had called her out on her misuse of the word aggressive relating to colorism. She is aggressive and butts in other people's conversations when it has nothing to do with her to make her relevant. You can be black and be legit aggressive and she's both. She thinks her degrees entitles her to be condescending. She should have been dragged. And as much as ya'll rag on Gizelle about her fashion sense, Wendy's is atrocious. She is in desperate need of a stylist and her gaudy make up at the reunion was god-awful. Ashley- They will come for her husband and I'm here for it. Every time Michael is drunk drama ensues. Ashley doesn't do well at reunions. Her come backs are always lame. Robyn - Completely irrelevant. Her non story with Juan is boring. I wouldn't mind seeing her replaced. The Grand Dame - I'm totally in love. It is because of her I find myself binging from the beginning. Karen has definitely evolved the most from S1. Both in character and style. She still needs some work on those wigs but she now has inner strength that exudes without the fake Potomac bouginess and can still cut a bitch without flinching. I flove her confessionals. They always make me laugh always shady and spot on. "There will be no gang banging!" in reference to the other ladies still remains funny. When she told Robyn at her wig party when they were coming for her about Monique "I care about about you not to set your ass up. Are you good? Receive THAT". As she paid them dust when leaving "I paid for the bill. F#ck U!" Perfect! Sure, she was clearly caught lying about Monique's invite but I don't care. She knows how to stay relevant without being aggressive (Wendy) or coming off as fake (Gizelle). Gizelle - I know exactly where she lives in Bethesda, MD. Great neighborhood, tacky house. She cannot afford to keep up with Monique and her 4 homes or Karen, so she did the next best thing (for her) got herself an affluent zip code so she can still pretend to keep up with the Jones's. Gizelle has nothing coming in, she's broke, has no business, and has no cash flow except her Bravo checks. Does her "pastor whore" still keep up with child support? She's desperate to stay relevant. Candiace - If she's not careful I can see her becoming the "Nene Leaks" of Potomac. Riding the wave of her modicum of success before it plateaus and she becomes desperate. If she doesn't wise up, the inability to curb her tongue will be her undoing. All the ladies looked shook and Wendy looked legit scared when Monique read the receipts. Even Andy was speechless and shell shocked. When she asked him if he wanted to see all he could croak was yeah. Probably thinking no way we could get rid of you now. All these ladies underestimated her and had no idea she came that prepared. Best part, Karen knew. She knew Monique had her binder and knew it contained receipts. They were waiting to collect asses and I can literally envision the conversations between them as they high fived each other. When Candace deadpanned "Well that's unfortunate", she knew Giselle's lie was busted wide open. I can't wait for the next 2 parts. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint. Even big boi Chris looks ready.
  11. Could it just be that he was fired because of his [!@#$%^&*] behavior? He has said repeatedly it was not because of HK and while she has never refuted the rumor, which is also suspect, she never said it was true either. Why she chooses to remain silent knowing it's believed that he groped her is a mystery. I think none of the actors really stood up for him because he was generally unliked on set. Maybe the guy is just frustrated that people keep accusing him of it years later when he knows he's innocent of this particular rumor. It has to be tough trying to find work when people keep throwing it in his face it's the reason he hasn't been able to find work.
  12. What's the story behind Heather Tom leaving YR? Was she fired or did she want to go to BB?
  13. I think some in the media shared your concern because they're now including the allegations stating he wasn't perfect. It's interesting because some are going in detail while others are simply calling it the "Colorado incident". When a celebrity dies the media always anoint them to sainthood. A petition to change the NBA logo in his image, retiring his number so no other player can wear the numbers #8 or #24 is a bit much. If the allegations were true she may be the only person who's happy he's dead. Women take the money because in most part, while they want to see justice served, they know their entire life will be ruined. I wont judge her for taking the money. This was before the Me Too movement and given his global status she was fighting a losing battle anyway. Regardless I'm already tired of the media coverage surrounding this. It's non stop and I need a break. If the news are correct and other planes and helicopters were grounded due to the weather, his pilot was the only one given permission to fly. Kobe's arrogance and entitlement is ultimately what killed him and everyone else. RIP
  14. How about the three years? That's the number a woman got for lying about her address so her children can go to a better high school as opposed to the high school she would have been assigned due to zoning. My heart broke for that mother. People can feel sorry for Loughlin, Huffman, etc, all they like but their money and privilege afforded them the opportunity to cheat the system when others aren't afforded the same opportunity and were jailed for it. "Money passing" is not just limited to getting their children into better schools. This s.hit has been going on for years so all this outrage is a bit comical to me. I'm wondering if those celebrities who publically clutched their collective pearls at the horror of Loughlin haven't also gotten special favors by secretly shelling out thousands for some other thing that will never be exposed. I'm sure they did. I hope they throw the book at Loughlin but I know they won't. Her smug ass is just offensive - at least pretend to look remorseful.
  15. I’m so confused I don’t even know where to begin. Smollet initially said he was attacked by 2 MAGA white guys. He said he saw the skin around their eyes through their masks and knew they were white. He refused to give up his phone. The Nigerian brothers said they were paid by Smollet and were seen on camera buying the masks and noose. The brothers were let go and were no longer persons of interests. Chicago police are spitting mad because Smollet wasted their time and deduced this was all an elaborate scheme by Smollet for a pay raise who was about to be fired. Network says otherwise. Now all charges are dropped. No plea deal was struck and no community service was mentioned so I have even more questions now than I did before. My threshold for Smollet and by extension Empire has reached it's limit. Even if they don’t bring Smollet back, Empire is done.
  16. You're right. At the very least Kandi can sue Phaedra for defamation of character and she will win. Phaedra admitted the lie/rumor came from her so that's an admittance of guilt. When she tried to backtrack Porsha came at her hard and she admitted she used "bad judgment". Kandi has a case if she wishes to pursue. At any rate the bitch is gone, per TMZ. After reading Nene's tweets, if she always knew that Phaedra was such a fraud since she debuted then why did she try so hard to befriend her when Apollo went to jail. Nene always has selective amnesia. Bravo always plays a clip where Nene is looking like big bird in that horrendous wig when she visited Phaedra at her home. Phaedra boo hoo-ed that out of everyone Nene was the only one who was there for her. Nene was very friendly with Phaedra and Porsha. It's not until the trip to Jamaica? where Nene showed up unexpectedly and both Phaedra and Porsha distanced themselves from her then Nene started saying she thought all three of them were cool and she didn't know why they turned on her. Now she wants to act like she was never friendly with Phaedra. Nene can have several seats.
  17. Phaedra should be fired. Falsely accusing someone of rape is a crime and Kandi should press charges but I know she won’t. If this accusation was made against a man folks who think this isn’t a big deal would be signing a different tune. She should lose her license. Phaedra has no credibility, zero morals and if I was a client of hers I would drop her in a heartbeat. What I found interesting is that even after it was revealed that Phaedra lied, Kandi was still very unwilling to reveal everything she knew about Mr. Chocolate. All bets should have been off at this point. For 2 years Kandi knew that Kenya was right about Mr. Chocolate (and other men) and she sat back and said nothing while Phaedra continually called Kenya a liar and slut. Phaedra was dragged but it could have been so much more justifiably worse. Everyone should have called her out but they mostly kept silent with Kenya smirking and Cynthia’s few words of advice. Forget advice. Time to get gansta on a b.itch! It’s in that moment I missed Peter. As for Porsha? Trash. She should have been fired 2 seasons ago. Bravo lost their credibility when she wasn’t fired after dragging Kenya by her hair across the reunion floor. She continued initiating physical altercations with people and Bravo did nothing. Her entire reaction was an act which she got better at with producing actual tears. When Andy asked if Pheadra and Kandi's friendship would recover and Kandi kept silent that would have been a HELL NO for me. Phaedra still got off relatively easy in hindsight.
  18. ATL: The preview of Bob saying maybe he didn't choke Sheree hard enough made me go "Wow!". Not sure what the hell would prompt such a comment and if he really was abusive to her during their relationship and never paid child support why would she entertain the fact of getting back together with him. Bob is a sweaty buffoon who looks nasty. Every time he's on screen I wonder if he and personal hygiene are enemies. Sheree cannot be this desperate to stay relevant. Porsha saying Hawaii is in another country is dumbfounding. Kandi brought the receipts. The party they got turnt up happened in 2014 I believe. I don't keep texts passed 6 months but I guess when you're dealing with treacherous bitches it's essential. I preferred Porsha when she pretended to be a righteous twit because the real Porsha is a grade A slut who is unwatchable. This chick was actually on the podium pontificating about the Bible two years ago. Did she really tell Cynthia the only thing she has is a divorce decree not remembering Cordell divorced her ass? Amazing. I hope Kandi really does sue her for liability and defamation of character if she continues to spread those ugly lies. And I hope she goes deep into outing Phaedra next week.
  19. I like Kenya too and above all Matt seems extremely frustrated to me. Too bad he's not articulate enough to express himself correctly and he has anger management issues. When they had that argument outside of her house after he broke her glass initially and she was railing at him he countered that she does things to make him act that way. He said she's deceptive and fundamentally manipulative (or was it the other way around?) I believe it. He needs to be done. He said he wanted to speak to her alone and asked her if the crew was there she said they would be leaving soon making him think when he arrived they would be alone. Obviously, when he shows up the crew is still there and wanted their conversation on camera. He wanted to leave and Kenya refuses. She set him up. Even that conversation with her dad felt like an ambush. If Kenya wanted her dad to intervene it should have been two grown men conversating. Instead Kenya was needling her dad on talking points on what to say to Matt which made him immediately defensive. When Peter told him to walk away he said then Kenya needs to stop playing games and she needs to stop calling him. I believe that too. Kenya is the kinda chic who will play mind games with the guy to keep her story line going. I like Kenya but I can call a spade a spade. This wont end good for Matt if he doesn't end things permanently. Re: Bob - Yes, the man is always sweating buckets. I'm not sure if it's the overhead lights or him being out of shape but he looks extremely gross. There's nothing attractive about him and Sheree must be really hard up to even contemplate putting herself with him again.
  20. ATL: Kandi was doing a whole lot with her rant against her employee. What I found interesting is that she was yelling no one can ever call her fake and that's exactly what she was for the past 3 seasons when Kenya was being humiliated and slut shamed by Phaedra. She said nothing. She did nothing. Just sat back and watched Kenya get constantly berated knowing Phaedra is one of the biggest sluts in the A and everything she said about "Mr Chocolate" was the truth. Shamea confirmed Phaedra is a slut. Now because she and Phaedra are no longer friends she's airing all her dirty laundry. Some may argue that she didn't owe Kenya anything but if Kandi had kept it 100 she would have saved Kenya a lot of humiliation. I hope this is one of the questions Andy asks at the reunion.
  21. Not sure if this was mentioned previously but David Fumero (OLTL) and Matt Cedeno (Brandon, Days) have shown up on Starz Power.
  22. Lips brought the receipts. I wouldn't consider those to be receipts. Yeah, LVP called her ten times but so what? That still doesn't mean she pushed her into bringing up Munchausen. Rinna brought that crap up b/c SHE needed a story. She did the same crap with Kim's alcoholism last year. It doesn't matter. The second Rinna said LVP called her she said she never called and then said if she did she rarely called her at her home. That's when Rinna pulled out the call history because she knew LVP would lie and brought proof. It's also why Erica was amused. If LVP can clearly lie about not calling her, it's more than probable she's lying about everything else and Rinna is correct. Rinna is tired of being thrown under the bus since they all engaged in the Munchausen accusation, which she was all too happy to be the ring leader but she thought LVP would own her part in it. I suspect LVP did more than her fair share off camera since she doesn't like Yolanda however LVP is acting like she never did. If I was Rinna I would be pissed too.
  23. Wow, I'm surprised they killed Abbey and got rid of Beharie. I didn't watch the finale but got feeds of her departure. I wondered if her character was truly dead and would be revived if there's a season 4 but after reading Beharie's comments it's final. Reports are also saying she wanted out of her contract for quite some time. http://tvline.com/2016/04/08/nicole-beharie-leaving-sleepy-hollow-abbie-dead-season-4-interview/
  24. I had no idea Tom was gay or even sleeping with Cyrus. Funny how Olivia didn't want Abby to be a "monster" all this time when she's always been one. Leave it to Olivia the narcissist who thought Abby would be fine taking orders from her again. I knew she was going to kill Andrew the second Papa Pope went into that monologue after she told him she wasn't him. I guess Olivia being a killer is suppose to be shocking but if you're hanging and sleeping with a bunch of murderers it should be par the course. I see there's a lot of praise for her being a bad b!tch on-line and putting the fear of God in Abby and I'm like, NEXT. Olivia continues to be an insipid character on so many levels.
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