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  1. Hola VPN doesn't work with the Videoland site, I just tried. and @FrenchFan, you can download an HD Screen Recorder.
  2. Thank you so much!! I so appreciate this!!
  3. Does anyone have the following episodes with these scenes: -Nathan confesses his love for Olivia to Dru and she has one of her infamous breakdowns (I know it was 1991 but I don't know the date) -Dru and the infamous "bookcase" scene (March 1, 2005) -Katherine and Jill stuck in a room after the masquerade ball explosion (April 6, 2010)
  4. Absolutely! I just wish they uploaded 2-3 episodes a day besides just 1, but I guess that's what keeps the excitement going!
  5. AmySilence just uploaded episode 508....aaand the miracle BEGINS!!! 🤩🤩
  6. I thought those scenes between the two were hysterical as well! I have to say, I enjoyed Jess' portrayal of Jill from 1987 and 1987 ONLY. After that, I don't enjoy it at all. I mean, don't get me wrong, the TRUE and ONLY Jill for me will forever be BD from her '73-'80 run. But there was something different about Jess during '87 when she first got the role....she seemed to play it the way the role needed to be played and added nothing that would ruin it.
  7. Not to change the subject, but seeing Stephanie and Caroline talk about the "reason" for Stephanie fighting so hard for Caroling to let go of Ridge in episode 490 brings up a question for me...was Caroline ever told about the Thorne and Ridge situation?
  8. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, the two best years of Y&R where there were no dull moments were 1979 and 1983. I'd also love to see 1975-78 and 1980 as well.
  9. The 1975 episode was a wonderful start to my day! That is the TRUE Young and The Restless we all know and love! From the believable acting (unlike today) to the background music cues (again, UNLIKE TODAY LMAO), everything was just great. The last scene was both sad and hopeful, as it showed that no matter what happens in life, family is always the most important thing. No one overdid it or tried to out-act the other. There was a certain fluidity that Y&R has lacked for a few years now. The writing was impeccable.
  10. At this point I'd even settle for a couple of 2-4 hour compilations such as: -BD scenes from '75-'80 -Kay/Jill scenes from '75-'80 -Various 1979-80 scenes (including scenes of Bond Gideon as Jill) -Jeanne scenes from '75-'80 -Nikki scenes from '78-'81 (before Victor)
  11. See!! I'm absolutely certain that there's someone out there like that that did it either with Y&R itself or the entire CBS soap lineup from 1977-1980 (mainly from '79, of course )! They've got to turn up sooner or later! The person (and or people) probably have no idea what a goldmine they're sitting on!! Maybe the new and upcoming decade will bring new finds!! I sure hope so! That's the problem, a lot of them are probably unlabeled.
  12. I know! It just doesn't make any sense at all to me. I just know there's someone out there that has all kinds of Y&R stuff from 1978-80. 1979, IMHO, is the best year of the show. I'd give anything to see episodes from that year. I'll say it until the day that they resurface that there are episodes from that year that someone (or multiple people) have, and for some reason they won't give them up. But I mainly want to see the episodes featuring Kay and Jill (not necessarily both in the same episode, but both of them in general), because I've seen just about all I can take from the Brooks... I wanna see Jill giving Stuart the tracheotomy, Suzanne gaslighting Kay, Jill's fall down the Brooks' staircase, Kay in the asylum, Kay revealing herself to Derek and Jill, Kay haunting Suzanne, and all that good stuff from that year!
  13. The entire year is just chalked full of great scenes!
  14. I knew I wasn't the only one that felt that way. I soooo wish that these people would just come forward 😕 There are so many people out there (including myself) who would be more than willing to transfer them. I would kill to see all the episodes/scenes that feature the Kay/Jill/Derek/Suzanne/Liz/Stuart saga from '79! I just hope someday the people that have them will come to their senses.
  15. Question: Do any of you by chance know if there's even the slightest possibility that there are episodes of Y&R from 1978 or 1979 (mainly '79) that people recorded on either VHS or Beta that still exist? At all? I just can't bring myself to believe that there aren't.
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