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  1. Thank you all so much! I'm so pumped to get them! You all are sweet!
  2. Apparently, 6 of the tapes (I don't know how many total there are) are of 1983 episodes!
  3. I'm also REALLY excited about it!! I'm so glad you all enjoyed the 1978 episode! By the way, the actress playing Lorie is definitely Victoria Thompson. It was while JLB was off on maternity leave.
  4. Just came in contact with someone that has about 50 episodes of Y&R ranging from November 1983-November 1984!!! 😮🤩 I'm so excited!
  6. No problem! I'm pumped too!!
  7. I can't wait either!!!
  8. I'm the one who bought the two episodes (one was from March 3, 1978 and the other is from August 22, 1975 (not '78)) and I'm having them transferred now and should have them back soon. Then I will share them!
  9. Does anyone have all of the scenes from the 1993 trip to Catalina involving Sheila, Lauren, Scott, and Eric? From the flight until they came back to LA/GC? The scenes used to be on YouTube but I foolishly didn't save them.
  10. I wonder if Kay will be ranting to Brock in her hotel suite about Jill living in her home in the 1975 episode. And as for the 1979 synopsis, Derek and Suzanne lived at the mausoleum while Kay was presumed dead. When Kay haunted Suzanne, it was while Suzanne was living in Kay's home with Derek and had Liz as the housekeeper to keep tabs on Derek and Suzanne.
  11. I'm VERY excited as well! Looks like the 1978 episode has a lot going on at the Chancellor residence! This was the week after Jill found out Kay and Derek were married.
  12. So I sent the tapes to get transferred to DVD, but while we wait for them, here are the characters that we will see in those two episodes:
  13. Tell me about it! LOL I'd get everything they had 😛
  14. I hope it's not too expensive, my friend wasn't totally sure that the price was $15, so don't take my word for it. I'm gonna email them Monday and get the lowdown on pricing and how they are delivered.
  15. Click on the Y&R section and you'll be able to see what all they have.
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