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  1. I phrased it wrong🤣🤣🤣🤣. I was trying to explain that I love watching episodes from the first 11/12 years of the show by buying DVDs from Soap Trading or purchasing sites and that I'll pretty much only watch episodes from those years. When I see stuff from 1986-the present, it doesn't satisfy my Y&R needs like those first years did. I did phrase that weird though LOL.
  2. Well I’d think they’d maybe show a couple and then introduce them as ones for the “die hard fans” or the “long-running fans”. They probably won’t, but it would be nice. Even if they showed stuff from 1983. After 1984/85, the show really wasn’t worth watching for me. And I’m only 23, so I only can see the old episodes by what people find and post, buying DVDs, or what used to be on YouTube YEARS ago that I was too stupid at the same not to save LOL. They’ve gotta add some variety, you know? I can understand how some people might be confused, but it would be sooo fun to see the good ol’ days of the Kay/Jill rivalry when it began and the first few years of it.
  3. Right!! And if some viewers are confused, they could easily look up the character(s) mentioned in said episode on Google. There are lots of ways to be able to understand what was going on during those days in these advanced times in technology.
  4. That’s a shame if that’s they way they’re really planning on deciding which ones to show. I mean Katherine was a HUGE part of the show and I can’t think of any good reason why they wouldn’t want to include her, or any other former big character from the first 10 years. I mean, they showed V&N’s 1984 wedding and Kay and Derek were there. Along with others that aren’t there anymore.
  5. They’d be fools NOT to show episodes from the first 10 years of the show. THOSE years are what I think of when referring to “Classic Y&R”. They could easily show the good ol’ days of BD’s ‘73-‘80 run as Jill and show her and JC’s best episodes together in those 7 years (there’s an episode from April 12, 1978 where Jill attacks Kay with a letter opener but misses her). Two episodes would make a whole hour’s worth of a timeslot. They could also show some good stuff from ‘83 of Lauren and Tracy’s rivalry, Dina being revealed as Madame Mergeron, Jack getting shot by Patty, Jill and Jack in the cabin, the episode(s) where Kay makes Jill faint and the aftermath where she finds out she’s pregnant. I honestly would be truly shocked if they showed any episodes from the first 10 years, which is a shame since so many other soaps have done that. And as for Terry Lester, he was/is a better Jack than PB will EVER be.
  6. Unless they're showing episodes from the first 11 years (especially 1979 and 1983) (which I know they won't), I'll stick to my true-crime shows🤣🤣🤣.
  7. Does anyone have the following episodes/scenes: -May 26-June 2, 1989 (surrounding Phillip III's car accident/death) -November 28-December 6, 1994 (surrounding Rex's death) -May 19-20, 2003 (Katherine finds out Jill is her daughter) -June 13-27, 2003 (Jill finds out Katherine is her mother/Billy and Mac find out they're cousins)
  8. i hope the follow-up episodes from the February 14 & 15, 1984 episodes that we have surface someday. If I'm correct, either in the following episode or the episode afterwards, Rick tells Nikki that Victor is the true father of Victoria and he ties her hands together. why is it all the good and suspenseful episodes never have the follow ups🤣
  9. i feel exactly the same way! i'd LOVE to see Suzanne gaslighting Kay and vice versa. I'd also love to see Kay's resurrection after Derek and Jill's wedding ceremony when she crashes through the terrace doors.
  10. Reading stuff like this is SOOO frustrating for me....I mean WHY can't they do this for Y&R🙄...apparently Sony owns both DOOL and Y&R...ughh. Apparently the entire library of DOOL could be streamed at some point sooner than later. https://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2020/01/days-of-our-lives-peacock-nbc-streaming-service?fbclid=IwAR0zm5s8aEaxlz2mJKboO_xx-kD3aByFFPIHCpet9QVuAiFU8BXqOn-5vrM
  11. Well my favorite year of the series is 1979, and I've kinda given up hope of ever finding episodes or edits of that year.
  12. Does anyone think that people recorded episodes of Y&R from January 1983-March 1984? I've kinda given up hope for 1978-80. These are some scenes of the full episodes I'd KILL to see: 1983 -Lauren's first appearance (also scenes of her from '83) -John's heart attack/open heart surgery -Victor's poisoning/fake death/Nikki finding out and her reaction/the funeral/raising from the dead -Dina revealing her true identity to the Abbott clan -The lead up to Jack's shooting/the shooting and the aftermath/the recreation to make Patty remember -Traci dumping a sundae on Lauren's head -BD's first scene with Jeanne after her return (Jill lying and telling Kay that she's pregnant) -Traci's accident after ingesting diet pills/the hospital scenes/her convulsions -The lead up to Jack and Jill's cabin tryst/the cabin scenes/the aftermath -Kay confronts Jill over she thinking Jill is faking her pregnancy/Jill faints/the hospital scenes where Kay and Liz find out that Jill really IS pregnant -The beginnings of Paul and Lauren (while she's still involved with Danny) 1984 -The beginnings of the Jack and Jill pictures saga (their first few times receiving them/both Jack and Jill realizing it's them in the pictures/Jack trying to corner the man he saw deliver them and them opening the envelope revealing their faces in the pictures/Jill confronting Kay over them, then realizing Kay's bluffing and knows nothing about it/Lindsay revealing to Jack that she's the blackmailer/Lindsay taunting Jill about them and Jill throwing milk in her face) -All the episodes involving Nikki and Rick in St Croix and her rescue -Jill finding out from Liz that Kay made a new will, leaving Phillip Jr. half of everything she owns/Jill confronting and taunting Kay over it others that are not from early 1984 but i'd still love to see: -Jill telling Jack he could possibly be the father of her child/her "accidental fall" while changing the drapes -The saga where Dina's divorce from John wasn't legal and Jill fighting Dina and Jack tooth and nail until the end, where John tells Dina his lawyer said he's wrong. -The saga where Nikki finds Victor's mother/he meets her/their Christmas in July -The Lindsay/Jack fake marriage storyline/Lindsay storming over to the Abbott house demanding to see Jack and confronting them both -Lindsay fired from Jabot (maybe this is when Lindsay confronts Jill and Jack, I'm not sure) -Lindsay paying Kay a visit and showing her the negatives/Kay considering buying them/Kay paying Jill a visit to see if she's changed before she buys the negatives, yet it quickly shows that their hatred is still strong/Kay buys the negatives/Jill believing Kay is the one who bought the negatives after Jack informs her that Lindsay told him she has another buyer/Jill confronting Kay over it
  13. Hola VPN doesn't work with the Videoland site, I just tried. and @FrenchFan, you can download an HD Screen Recorder.
  14. Thank you so much!! I so appreciate this!!
  15. Does anyone have the following episodes with these scenes: -Nathan confesses his love for Olivia to Dru and she has one of her infamous breakdowns (I know it was 1991 but I don't know the date) -Dru and the infamous "bookcase" scene (March 1, 2005) -Katherine and Jill stuck in a room after the masquerade ball explosion (April 6, 2010)
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