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  1. Thank you guys so much for all of this info. I definitely think there is Y&R out there. Why the episodes haven't already surfaced, I'll never know. I wouldn't even know where to start searching for them, truly. Maybe I'm typing in the wrong search terms, who knows. I've looked at various trading/selling pages with no luck. You're definitely right about there may be people out there who have passed away and their tapes got lost in the shuffle or sold. Maybe I'm hoping for too much lol. I've posted on a few forums that I'm looking for Y&R from 1979-80 and 1983 and I've come up with no replies on that as well.
  2. That would be such a shame if they reused the tape with the full episodes, but I understand why they would with tapes being as expensive as they were. As far as the difficulty to find episodes of Y&R from the early 80's, I'm as puzzled as you are, especially for the early 80's (1983, specifically). There are plenty of episodes from that year concerning other soaps, especially on this site (https://soapoperas.webs.com/) (get a load of how much GH there is from 1980-84 and of AW and GL). It just makes no sense to me why we can't find more. I'm partial to 1983 because it's one of my two favorite years of the show (the other is 1979, just from reading synopses, hearing audio, and seeing some video). I sometimes wonder if there really is anyone out there that taped from 1979-1981 and 1983 that still has the full episodes.
  3. I wondered myself if the vault clips from 82-88 were from full episodes that were edited down. It would be amazing if we could find the person that originally taped them and they still had the original tapes! I’m certain there is soooo much great material to be seen that didn’t end up in the edits. Well “mysterious taper”, if you’re out there and reading this, please consider finding, digitizing, and sharing the original tapes! It would be so much appreciated!
  4. You’re probably right, it’s now just about somebody like the Obsolete Video guy locating them. I’m sure there’s someone out there with a collection of Y&R out there from the years I mentioned. I think it’s more likely to find episodes from 1983, but really who knows after that 1978 episode was posted. I’m definitely hoping for more.
  5. Do you guys think there are episodes from 1978-80 and 1983 out there that people taped in some format (VHS, Beta, etc) that haven’t surfaced yet? Or is that too much to hope for? lol. It seems that there are more episodes out there of other soaps from those years than Y&R.
  6. To the Angel that uploaded the full confrontation from January 1984 between Jill and Kay where Jill accuses Kay of sending the pictures, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been looking for that ever since I saw it on YouTube over 10 years ago and then it was deleted! I've watched it like 10 times already! Hopefully there's more rare stuff to come from the '83-'84 era!
  7. Like it’s such a shame that it seems that episodes from 1983 are very very scarce. I’ve really only seen one full one and that’s the one where Patty shot Jack, and that’s already in the vault. I hope more surface someday, it truly was such a great year of the show. My favorite year, besides 1979. Yay!!!
  8. I’m reading these weekly recaps from 1983 that @will81has been posting, and all I can think is, “GOD HOW I WISH WE HAD THESE FULL EPISODES TO BE ABLE TO SEE THIS ALL PLAY OUT!!!” I especially would love to see Lauren’s first few appearances, the complete Patty shooting Jack storyline, Brenda’s first month back as Jill, the scenes where Nikki confronts Eve and Julia (separately) after finding out about Victor’s “death”, and the full scenes where Lauren orders the sundae for Traci and in turn Traci dumps it on Lauren’s head! Can’t wait for the rest of the recaps! Thanks again @will81!!!
  9. I am soooo loving these recaps! Thank you so much for all your hard work finding and posting them! It’s so very appreciated! I have my notifications set on there so every time there’s new stuff, it lets me know when it’s posted! It’s very nice to wake up to! Can’t wait for the rest!
  10. Awesome!!Thank you again!
  11. Yay!! I’m so excited to start tuning in to the weekly recaps post-March 1983!! It’ll be worth waiting for, especially since 1983-early 1984 is my 2nd favorite era!
  12. I knew I had remembered correctly about the pictures scene. I sooo wish we could find it. Somebody must have it somewhere I’m sure. Yes!! I remember seeing Phillip’s death scene too on that site! It’s so weird how it seems like the episodes surrounding his death in English just don’t seem to exist at all. I know they do, but they just don’t seem to turn up. I’m sure they will sometime, I hope. Damn, I so wish I would’ve thought logically back then and downloaded that stuff. But I was so wrapped up in watching it in the moment that it didn’t even cross my mind that it could be gone someday! Ugh, that’s such a shame they were taken down. Maybe someday there will be another Anonymous Angel who will upload those lost episodes/scenes! I'm still waiting for the Angel that starts uploading episodes from January 1983-March 1984 (right before Jeanne's facelift)
  13. Isn’t it true that there used to be some full episodes from 1983-early ‘84 of the show on Youtube over like 10-12 years ago??? I swore I read someone said there used to be full episodes and many scenes from that year on Youtube. I can almost remember seeing the full confrontation between Jill and Kay from January of ‘84 when Jill accused Kay of being the reason for the pictures being sent to her house. And it wasn’t the version we’ve seen from the compilation, it was the full unedited scene. I can also remember seeing a video between Dina and Katherine and all I can remember from it is Kay saying “Dina I assure you...”Maybe I’m just losing it LOL.
  14. Also, it’s a shame we haven’t seen more of Nikki & Greg’s marriage. I would kill to see the full episode from this promo....Wing’s eyes and facial expressions kill me LOL.
  15. Forever hoping we can get episodes from 1983 and episodes from late June-July 1987 featuring Jess Walton’s debut and her first few episodes. Maybe someday.
  16. I hope we get them in English too! Jess and Jeanne’s chemistry in those episodes is PALPABLE!!!
  17. Oh awesome!! I wish we could find the full episodes of Traci and Victoria in the hospital!!
  18. i’ve never seen these promos before and i LOVE them
  19. Here’s to another year of finding more rare Y&R!!
  20. Yes!!! That’s exactly what she was talking about! I’m so glad I’m not off base hahaha! This is true, I just couldn’t find the right word LOL I was actually gonna say, the actress herself seemed a little “too perfect” for the roleFigures
  21. Okay I may be completely off-base here, but just from seeing that clip of Erica Hope as Nikki with Paul, she seems like she could play the role of an “easy girl” (trying to be nice here LOL) better than Melody could. Erica looks like, from what I could see and also the weekly synopses I read that I can now now be able to picture her portrayal of, she had the right “look” of the easy girl that an everyday high school might see. I can see why they chose her for the role for that period of time. Melody seemed to bring more class to the role when she began. Even though she was still supposed to play the “easy” role at first, she still seemed to have a certain poise about it that Erica didn’t. Now mind you, I’m just going off of what I saw, but for me it doesn’t take too long to be able to figure a person out by being able to observe them...even if it’s just for a short time. Erica with Doug seemed like “the freshman in college tramp with the horny boy down the street”. Anyone else following me or do I just seem to be pulling this stuff right out of my ass?
  22. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm reeeally hoping some wonderful person sees the Vault and adds full episodes or edits from 1978-80 concerning Kay and Jill and their storylines and also full episodes from 1983 with early appearances of Lauren, Brenda's first few weeks after her return, and pretty much the whole year LOL! I'm also hoping the end of June-early July 1987 show up with Jess Walton's first weeks as Jill and Phillip III's death from May 26-June 1, 1989. I lastly want to see all the episodes from 1994 involving Rex's shooting, death, and aftermath. If we get those, we'll be on easy street!
  23. yes!! i’ve always wanted to see the scenes you mentioned as well! i’m pretty sure he had to be rushed to the hospital and then Vanessa and Lorie blames each other. i sure hope someday we get to see it! This is very true. I’m always hoping there’s that one person that will know what they’re doing and they will unearth all the great stuff we’ve been wanting to see! I sure was shocked to find the scenes that were being uploaded to the Y&R vault. I never thought we’d get to see stuff like that!
  24. I'm hoping this vault will bring forth people to upload episodes and/or edits from 1978-1980 concerning Kay and Jill and their storylines, and also both Erica Hope's and MTS's portrayals of Nikki. I, too, want to see scenes featuring Suzanne and Derek, together and separately. With the recent edits popping up, I'm certain there is someone out there that has stuff from '78-'80. Could you all IMAGINE getting edits surrounding Kay/Jill/Derek/Suzanne/Stuart/Liz and also Nikki/Casey, all from those years (especially 1979)? That would be such a DREAM!
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