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  1. 2003 was Y&R at its apex and probably the genre too
  2. Been watching a lot of episodes from 98 to 04 and I see why it was #1 soap. Straight fire
  3. LOL why this fool running like Aladdin in that One Step Ahead song
  4. The worst storyline...I pretend it didnt exist
  5. EB was on fire this time...personally I feel that it had to do with the stellar writing then. I love how he kept slamming that notebook. Agree.. most of the time she seemed bland.
  6. Found it. So many quotables in this scene 59924142_1997-02-25VictorargueswithJackJillAndDennison.mp4
  7. Bryton is carrying the Winters legacy wonderfully
  8. Tbh I like Cyrus as a villain even though he can be grating.
  9. Im loving this Does anyone have the clip when Victor goes in on Jack, Jill and Keith Dennison over the low sales of the Dennison Deal. I loved Victor's line when he said, "In this piece of fiction that you wrote!!" EB went in. I remember he was slmming a black notebook repeatedly Also the scene when Victor got MAtt Clark in a headlock. LOL Nathan was no match for the force of The Barber Sisters
  10. Yea I was watching the 1994 and 1995 Primetime Special and it was like the writers did their damndest to make everyone turn on him. Hell even Paul turned on him and fired him episodes later. Thanks so much loved this fight. Now if only I can find the clip when MAtt was intimidationg Nick And Sharon and Christine met MAtt.
  11. Does anybody know the date when Nick and MAtt had that bloody fight The date when Olivia confronted Nathan of his affair MAtter of fact did you guys think they villainized Nathan over time they paired him with Olivia?
  12. Jacky was more in the Vein of a Yuppie JR Ewing at that time Terry played him. To tell the truth the first two years of Peter B. you can tell he tried to capture Terry Lester style
  13. Rewatching the Summer 89 episodes made me realize to this day he is the best Jack Abbott. No shade to Peter B.
  14. Can somebody tell me the date when it was revealed Victor took JAbot in 1989?
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