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  1. And Jason, and Frankie...
  2. SFK

    The View

    Just like when folks wish cancellation upon the soaps, I say hope for improvement or just ignore the show altogether. No matter how annoying the talking heads are, the show employs a bunch of people behind the scenes (like my friend's wife, mother of their young child).
  3. Buzzr is a regular part of my latenight TV viewing. Brenda Dickson was in a couple of episodes of Match Game the other night. Richard gave Gene the whole rundown of her storyline with Phillip and Kay. I also enjoy What's My Line? It's so charming to me how formal the show is with the tuxedos and gowns. Being on television was a big deal in those early years, when people still got dressed to go shopping downtown or to take a flight. It's also really sobering to watch the episodes right after the deaths of Fred Allen and Dorothy Kilgallen.
  4. Adam gesturing with and "sipping" that obviously empty cup of hot coffee made my teeth itch.
  5. We have an old Fifteen thread buried somewhere around here. I was a huge fan, appointment TV for me Sunday evenings after church. Of course Brooke was my favourite character and I was heartbroken when she didn't return for season 3 and we got this basic Brooke bitch replacement who had a bratty little brother. I don't know if they're still available, but I'm pretty sure the entire series was up on iTunes. I met Ryan Reynolds at a screening of Van Wilder in D.C. and couldn't help but mention Fifteen. We had such fun mocking the accents when I was in 7th grade.
  6. I think about her often! I wish she was active on IG, but I hope she's enjoying her life with friends and family and fabulous vacations.
  7. SFK

    Old TV clips - misc.

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the piece. Read the Wiki where it's mentioned that Simon's wife's early death brought about his exploration of more serious issues in his plays. Did you watch Fosse/Verdon? I don't think we even have a thread about it here. At any rate, I highly recommend it and the Verdon-Fosses' relationship with the Simons is rather prominently featured.
  8. Could be wrong, but I assumed it was a network decision/suggestion. Not unlike the Parkhursts and the Corbys becoming the Carringtons and the Colbys.
  9. Erica's name isn't on the script cover because she didn't appear in the first episode on January, 5. She made her debut in the eighth episode, which would have been Wednesday, the 14th.
  10. @John, great is thy faithfulness. You've kept him as your avatar all this time.
  11. What was said about Dimitri?
  12. Sorry for the wait, but I'm working in NC until mid-June. I'll upload them as soon as I get home.
  13. I've got Llanview and Pine Valley from the '90s, they were on postcards sold at Disney. When I was little in the '80s, they had a big poster-sized one of PV at my mom's office. I met another lady who'd managed to hold onto one of those '80s maps as well, in hard plastic on her office desk.
  14. I wish a Capwell C would fall on Claire, I cannot stand that macadamia. How long before she hauls off and shoots someone...
  15. It interested me how Dorian became an oft-used name for black male sitcom characters in the '90s/'00s. Certainly more in the vein of Dorian Harewood than Dorian Lord. And later on OLTL, Dorian had a young black male aide also name Dorian.
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