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  1. Agreed. Maybe not so much metal rod up his ass Travis, but definitely Dimitri. My mom always said she liked Jack with Brooke rather than Erica, and Dimitri was "time enough" for Erica, a better match. As the years progressed, Jack and Erica felt more and more like a default pairing to me. Had Nader stayed on the show, I think Erica and Dimitri would have had the long-lasting on again/off again that Erica and Jack got, but who knows.
  2. Wow! How has this gone unmentioned for all these years?? Maybe folks forgot, or just didn't catch it. I'm so glad Dorothy was picked to do it, and it really speaks to her popularity. I had never heard of Rita Mae. Looks like they were going for their own version of Opal. Lorna, you little bitch. That's terrible what she said to her ADOPTED brother. That original Loving theme is quite pretty. I've mentioned this before, but Steve Harvey uses it on his morning show for their soap parody.
  3. Yes, Iris mentioned quite a few times that her apartment was being built. The layout was very reminiscent i.e., nabbed from Alexis' on Dynasty. Iris also had a huge portrait of herself and Mac over the mantle. I wonder if Beverlee McKinsey kept the infamous portrait of Iris from the seventies.
  4. And back in 1984, her mother (Alan and Alex's sister), Victoria (Kim Hamilton) and grandmother (Brandon's wife), Sharina (Janet League) were introduced.
  5. Within the first few minutes of today's episode, it was mentioned that half the damn town was away on business. That's certainly one way to address our current situation.
  6. I'm looking forward to this. But whenever I see a promo, I wonder just how many episodes they've got in the can. It would be a shame if they're dangling this carrot and it ends up being "a short-run series event." Called Filthy Rich at that. There was the satirical soap of the same name by Linda Bloodworth with Delta and Dixie pre-Designing Women.
  7. I watched for a hot second today, a scene with Carter and Zoe. What the hell was up with all of those random shots of eyes lips and hands? Is this new wave social distance artsiness or was the director just feeling themself today?
  8. For you history buffs and David Selby fans, here is Selby as Abraham Lincoln and Craig Wallace as Frederick Douglass in a Zoom reading of Necessary Sacrifices.
  9. OMG, he passed!? Truth be told, a few years ago I wasn't sure that he was still with us and I Googled him. May he rest in peace. His scenes on S&S and GT are priceless, he found an indelible niche.
  10. I could buy Roberts Newman and Gentry as cousins.
  11. I am sad to hear about Billy Goldenberg. He wrote that gorgeous theme to Bare Essence sung by Miss Sarah Vaughan. I got to see him live in D.C. as he was Bea Arthur's accompanist in her traveling one-woman show, And Then There's Bea. They had a lovely rapport and I've seen him in other videos with Bea so I assume they were old friends.
  12. I totally got the hype because unfortunately too many viewers are accustomed to bad to mediocre acting. Zeroing in on the pool of young male soap actors, it's easy to see how someone like Pelphrey would stand out. He was a talented young actor with formal training and a degree from a well-regarded program. He wasn't some model who'd never even had a single lesson and "learned how to act on the job". I'm not implying that a trained actor is a superior actor, but training certainly puts an actor at an advantage. Pelphrey had his ticks and tricks like most actors and one could sense that he fancied himself in the lineage of his idols. But I'll take that over what I call the MWM, models who memorize.
  13. 😆😆😆 To be fair, I've noticed other times where she does this but appears to be looking for the little red light, making sure her camera is on her before she proceeds with her line/blocking.
  14. Classic Ruth Warrick at 3:23. 😆
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