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  1. If you mean when Eric and Stephanie remarried, then unfortunately I don’t. You’re all welcome. I might not have many, but I’m just happy that they can be put to good use.
  2. Hello everyone! I’ve uploaded a few episodes from 1999 to the vault. I have several more to go, it’s just not as quick as what I thought. A few might be in 2 parts, and there will be some episodes with a watermark in the corner as I had to convert the aspect ratio which was in widescreen for some reason.
  3. I agree with those, but I would definitely add Hendrix, Jane, and Terese. I also thing Nic, Dipi, and Aaron deserve some credit. I just think Matt Wilson has improved so much and is so natural with the day-to-day material, while Sharon Johal has come in leaps and bounds, and you can see she’s playing all the conflicts and nuances in her character‘a current story.
  4. I did think of Days, but Lacey is pregnant again, so their isn’t really a “crisis”.
  5. No, they just don’t use him. He should be a main character leading story, but when they do use Joel, they often waste him on offensive religious storylines that sees the character jump around from being a priest, to leaving the priesthood, to going back, to converting to the Anglican Church and becoming a vicar. I don’t think they know what to do with him, which is a shame as Joel is a very viable character. I’m not sold on Joel/Goldie (or Goldie in general - I am thankful they have gotten rid of that awful red wig that they used to try to pass off as a weave), but I accept them as a
  6. They shared loads of scenes - after all, they did live in the same house. Meg was promoted as the lead female, but I think Annie was the lead character. She interacted with the majority of the cast, and had the most storylines. I think that meant Meg was the secondary lead, not Caitlin. Caitlin was on par with Gabi. Meg and Caitlin weren’t on the sinking ship together. But I have a vague recollection of Meg giving her condolences after Gregory “died”. They were acquaintances at best. Cole shared scenes with Olivia, Caitlin, Gregory, Annie, Bette, AJ,
  7. I see. I didn’t realise that had happened. People not following the rules - shocker! Such a shame others spoiling it for everyone else. Apologies if I made an error in judgement. I was only asking because I did have access to the links, which wasn’t a lie. I do get where the poster is coming from, as I had uploaded the entire series of Sunset Beach, as well as a huge collection of Days promos from 1999-2003, which ended up being deleted a few years ago. So, yeah, I get it.
  8. I was wondering if someone could help me out. I don’t keep up with the thread, but I assume some might know of DaysEpisodes (this being there Twitter handle, I think) who had uploaded loads of episodes in private playlist form on YouTube. Anyway, I had subscribed to a few playlists and was in the process of d/l episodes from 2001 when other stuff came up. By the time I re-engaged I had forgotten my login details and which email I had used. If anyone has access to these playlists, could someone PM me the links to 2001 and 2002. I really want to have certain episodes from that era, a
  9. Yeah, I think I liked most of her work, too. I wasn’t a fan of the teen scene and how they were written. I never really liked Ricardo’s revenge, either, and I thought they wrote Gregory into a corner. But, everything before that was great. I loved how they gave Virginia a big send off; I liked how alive Francesca felt right up until she was murdered; and I thought they gave Gregory and Annie some brillent material early on in ‘99. I adored Antonio/Gabi. I enjoyed Francesca’s murder, and I also thought the Maria/Tess/Derek stuff was great fun. I was not a fan of her decision
  10. Do you think that had something to do with NBC owning Passions outright? Or did they just learn from their mistakes?
  11. Me too. I think it’s quite sad how the show had a lot stacked against it, tried to be something to everyone, and was cut down before it had a chance to really get going. It was an international hit (especially in Europe), and I think it tells you something of its popularity that it recently had a complete rerun on CBS Drama in Poland! It’s sad that the US audience wasn’t there. It’s also sad that NBC kind of short changed it in the end by moving its time slot and not having every state air the show. I loved how Sunset Beach had real location shooting every week. It rea
  12. That’s how it was being foreshadowed on screen. Leo and Sean became friends, and Leo started getting feelings for Emily in secret. Amy figured out that he liked Emily and wanted his help to break them up, but Leo had morals and did the opposite by becoming a thorn in her side. At this point, Brad was a spare part. Sean was the problem, or more specifically, Randy Spelling. He was horrendous in the role. If they had pushed a quad, Emily/Leo would have been the more popular couple for sure. But they wanted Sean/Emily to be end game, so they dumped Leo, and moved Brad into his role b
  13. Virginia was insane and so was the decision. I get that the character needed a comeuppance and for everyone to find out about her schemes, but they could have kept her on. I know Dominique Jennings turned down the offer of being recurring.
  14. I think you are conflating dates. Susan Ward took a break during the later half of 1999, when Sydney Penny was brought in as temp Meg. It was during the point in the story where Derek returned and he and Tess were half plotting. I think it worked fine, as Susan came back for the denouement, so we got to see original Meg work out that Derek was back. I liked Sydney in the role; I thought she brought some much needed energy to the character that was lacking. Eddie Cibrian left around about the same time, which was after Trey’s real paternity had been revealed. So we did get a resolut
  15. Actually, Gabi’s father was seen, briefly in her hallucination on Terror Island. He was clutching her doll and being creepy. So, you have an actor to find! The characters played by Kelly Hu, Leigh Taylor Young, Laura Harring, and Adrienne Frantz didn’t test well with focus groups, which is why their characters were let go. Tiffany was recast with Jennifer Blanco simply to play out the storyline - she appeared in a recurring capacity with a limited number of episodes. Adrienne Frantz was happy to leave as she said at the time she was forced to cut her hair s
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