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  1. Here’s a Q&A with one of Sunset Beach’s scriptwriters (Lisa Seidman) that I have found. The interview was conducted by the fans at the forum an-eternal-sunset.heavenforum.org (all credit to them). 1. How do writers work? That depends on the writer and the show the writer is working on. If you mean specifically a show like Sunset Beach there were five writers who wrote outlines and five writers who wrote scripts. The outline writers worked with the head writers. They came into the office/studio once or twice a week. The script editors wrote at home. 2. Were ther
  2. Days: All the gifts Stefano left in his will to many characters in 2002. Much prominence was placed in these items and the ominous messages that accompanied them. Particular interest to Celeste’s paper dolls, a plot point that seemed connected to Caprice knowing Celeste from the past. Lots of setup that never went anywhere. I can’t remember if this was due to a change in head writers? Sunset Beach: AJ’s secret regarding Leo. He stopped Leo from donating blood and had it analysed; he hired someone to steal a lock of Cole’s hair... It all seemed to be leading to some kind of genetic
  3. You might be thinking about the time Annie stood on the window ledge of the Sunset Beach Inn and threatened to jump if Gregory didn’t prove that he loved her by signing over her stock (she always did confuse money with love). Ironically, Olivia didn’t give a f*ck and slammed the window shut, causing Annie to lose her balance just as Gregory talked her down. She fell, but she was wearing a harness. There was also the time Annie hung herself in jail so she could escape. She was wrongfully the prime suspect for Del’s murder. That scene was quite graphic as you saw her hanging from the
  4. Olivia on Sunset Beach attempted suicide twice. After believing her baby had died, and learning that she had his remains cremated but couldn’t remember doing it, she blamed herself for his death, convinced by Gregory that she must have been drinking at the time. Gregory made it clear that he believed Olivia had killed their baby, so she took a bottle of champagne and some pills to the Grotto intent on ending her life as the grief and guilt was too much. But Cole showed up in time and talked her out of it. Olivia took some time out on a cruise to regroup (in real life this covered Lesl
  5. When you have Micha Collins confirming that it was a romantic declaration of love, then it’s understandable that fans would want more. I know the showrunners said Destiel wasn’t happening, but they had to expect there would be a backlash when they did a u-turn like this. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this ending would be unsatisfactory to many. I’m not defending the hardcore shippers, because these things always get taken too far, and people will see what they want to see, and deny anything that challenges that perspective. But I do think there is a valid point here. Sur
  6. I think I understand some of the criticism, and not just the Destiel criticism, but the wider criticism as a whole regarding the final and the season as a whole. I’ve been a regular viewer for a long time (which has been difficult due to the show being dropped and picked up by different channels/networks in the UK), probably since season 4, although I think I missed a couple seasons after season 5 due losing track of the show. I can say that the show had evolved past the first two seasons of being quite misogynistic, homophobic, stereotypically masculine, and blood being thicker than
  7. I had no idea JER consulted on B&B! I can’t imagine that being a very compatible partnership. I wonder if that‘a why it didn’t last long?
  8. Not sure as I never followed it over to DivaTV. I followed it from Channel 5 to Living, but I had lost interest in the show by the time Diva picked it up, which was 2009 episodes. Given it was there highest rated show, I’m not surprised they had the sassy voiceovers. B&B is back airing in the UK again as of this year, with 2019 episodes on a rather obscure channel. I never knew the US cut the end credits so early on. I think shows should be broadcast how they were made, including end credits.
  9. That’s thanks to the UK broadcaster airing the full end credits. Some of them have a tonge-in-cheek voiceover, too, which was a throwback to the days of Sunset Beach and the infamous end credit voiceovers. That doesn’t happen now. Once I’ve finished uploading the episodes for 1999, that might, unfortunately be it, as the VCR has died. I’ll try to find a replacement, but no guarantees.
  10. If you mean when Eric and Stephanie remarried, then unfortunately I don’t. You’re all welcome. I might not have many, but I’m just happy that they can be put to good use.
  11. Hello everyone! I’ve uploaded a few episodes from 1999 to the vault. I have several more to go, it’s just not as quick as what I thought. A few might be in 2 parts, and there will be some episodes with a watermark in the corner as I had to convert the aspect ratio which was in widescreen for some reason.
  12. I agree with those, but I would definitely add Hendrix, Jane, and Terese. I also thing Nic, Dipi, and Aaron deserve some credit. I just think Matt Wilson has improved so much and is so natural with the day-to-day material, while Sharon Johal has come in leaps and bounds, and you can see she’s playing all the conflicts and nuances in her character‘a current story.
  13. I did think of Days, but Lacey is pregnant again, so their isn’t really a “crisis”.
  14. No, they just don’t use him. He should be a main character leading story, but when they do use Joel, they often waste him on offensive religious storylines that sees the character jump around from being a priest, to leaving the priesthood, to going back, to converting to the Anglican Church and becoming a vicar. I don’t think they know what to do with him, which is a shame as Joel is a very viable character. I’m not sold on Joel/Goldie (or Goldie in general - I am thankful they have gotten rid of that awful red wig that they used to try to pass off as a weave), but I accept them as a
  15. They shared loads of scenes - after all, they did live in the same house. Meg was promoted as the lead female, but I think Annie was the lead character. She interacted with the majority of the cast, and had the most storylines. I think that meant Meg was the secondary lead, not Caitlin. Caitlin was on par with Gabi. Meg and Caitlin weren’t on the sinking ship together. But I have a vague recollection of Meg giving her condolences after Gregory “died”. They were acquaintances at best. Cole shared scenes with Olivia, Caitlin, Gregory, Annie, Bette, AJ,
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