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  1. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    I haven't been here for so long! Don't know if I'll be back on a regular basis... Just really wanted to give Carl a different perspective, as I don't really agree with Ed on many points. I loved the Fake Dee story. Sure, I was super disappointed that she wasn't the real Dee, but I really loved the drama and the writing for everyone involved; it also helped give the awful surrogacy story some purpose and depth. There were actual cliffhangers and real shocks, something that I thought Neighbours had forgotten how to do. Madeleine West really infused depth and nuance to her performances, which made watching her all the more easy. It was a melodramatic story, but I feel like it worked. Not everyone was going to like it. Clearly it's been a success seeing as the ratings are up in both the UK and Australia. I didn't like want they did to Sindi and Stu, who broke up off screen. They could have explained this more, but instead Sindi was treated as a plot device. The episode that Sonya watched Toadie sleep with Fake Dee via Skype was shocking and surprising. The show hasn't delivered that kind of episode for a long time. The acting has really improved, too. Scott McGregor (Mark) has really come into his own playing Mark's grief. I loved the scene where he told little Nell about his baby's death; it was so emotional and sad. So glad they didn't shy away from writing this; it showed maturity in the writing that Neighbours hasn't had for many years. I don't feel the show relies too heavily on the past. I guess it just feels like that now with Dee's return and the Tanaka twins paternity being linked to a 1980s story. They reference and use the past brilliantly, I think, which shows good continuity. I think the actor playing Leo can be ropey. He's OK with general material, but ask him to emote and he's not so good. David is better, but his coming out story is so under played. Kim's actor is the worst I ever seen. I don't care about who's their daddy, or the mess they've made of connecting them to the past in such a way that messes with continuity. Paul doesn't need any more children. They could recast the ones he has. Love Aaron. He has so much potential, but it's wasted. It's like they can't see past him being gay, so he doesn't get much to do. I don't mind him being a social media manager, as it's a modern profession. He's also Toadie's legal assistant, and I feel that works, too, minus any reality of Aaron not having any qualifications to be a legal assistant. I can suspend by disbelief with that one. Love Tyler, too. I also love his pairing with Piper. I'm a sucker for a good romance story, and theirs worked for me. They are a believable couple. He does need more to do outside of Piper, though. Andrew Morley (Jack) is mediocre. He has chosen to play Jack in such a dull way, with no charisma at all. His acting choices are off the mark. Paige is one of my favourite characters, but she's stuck in this Jack story, wanting a man who treats her badly. Jack is a terrible character with no redeeming qualities. He relies on other people making the decisions for him.
  2. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    So NZ is a week behind Aus/UK. Not just what Nick did to him, but he also battled depression last year after Kate's murder, so you would think he'd have more empathy for those with mental health issues. I think it shows underneath all the excuses and reasons for his behaviour, he's actually not a very nice person at all. I can't wait until everyone finds out what he did to Steph. I was disappointed she didn't want Lucas/Vanessa to know that she wasn't having a psychotic break after all, something I would have thought she would have been more concerned about. I loved the Shay twist, too. I didn't see it coming at all. I'm interested to see where they go with this story.
  3. Home and Away: Discussion Thread

    I don't know why they always burn through these types of characters so quickly (except for the Braxtons, who they continue to milk to death). Do you think killing her off was premature? It always seems to be their go-to plot of choice.
  4. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    That's exactly how it'll all go down. This Jordan story has failure/predictability written all over it. I really don't get why Denise is such a difficult character to write for? DTC puts more effort into Kim than he does Denise. Thanks Carl. I stopped coming here b/c I got busy, dropped B&B (I couldn't take any more of the awful Steffy/Liam/Ivy/Wyatt mess, or the equally bad Ridge/Caroline/Thomas garbage), and the soaps became mediocre/started to really suck, so I had nothing to contribute. I did miss you guys though. I'm loving Neighbours ATM, and will try to post more, even if it's just to criticise EE and ED (although, ED is in a more healthier place than EE). LOL I really hope Jay's major story is not going to involve a love interest. I have a feeling it isn't going to be as major as the hype suggests. They were silly episodes. The whole stunt was laughable. Mick was scared of water and can barely swim, but he manages to dive down and rescue both Shirley and Dean like he's been swimming all his life, and no-one bats an eye; Buster randomly and pointlessly jumps in, instead of just helping Mick out of the water; Linda's dress got so dirty it looked like she had been crawling through the mud, despite her staying glued to the same spot throughout. I hate how badly plotted the Mick/Shirley reunion has been, and how he's already calling her 'Mum'. The wedding was kinda sweet, but it was ridiculous how Mick changed into the pink bath robe - what was that even doing there? And all the guests stayed glued to their seats despite the drama unfolding directly outside. All of it was so hollow.
  5. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I haven't watched for a while, but did see one NYD episode, and was surprised to see Glenda back. Love Glynis Barber. Love Glenda. The show (and Ronnie) needs someone like Glenda. But of course EE disappoints. Glenda makes an unnecessary one-ep guest appearance, yet we were subjected to 3 months of the awful Elaine. And Jack's back for no real reason, only to disappear again, only he'll be back, b/c Scott Maslan is permanent. Why can't they pace story properly on this show? I have nothing to add to the mess that was Mick/Dean/Shirley or the disappointing wedding. NBA has already said it. Why is Sharon so pathetically weak? What's with the awful writing for her and Gavin? She texts him she misses him, too, complete with kisses, then acts petrified when he randomly shows up?! She shouldn't want anything to do with him; she certainly shouldn't be sending sweet texts to the man she's literally just met, whom she knows is a nasty piece of work. What an awfully silly character Sharon has turned in to. Also, how much more of the awful, tedious, repetitive Bobby/Ian/Jane story are we going to be subjected to? The only positive thing on the show is Denise (and possibly Shabnam bonding with Jade, but that could easily get over shadowed by the mess around it), and she's stuck in a possibly dead-end story. Don Gilet (Lucas) is contracted to Holby City, and while both shows are with the BBC, thus allowing him to do double duty for guest appearances, I can't see this going anywhere important due to that fact. Plus, I think they've pulled Lucas out of the woodwork just b/c they don't know what to do with Denise.
  6. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    Is anyone still watching Neighbours? I think it improved a lot late last year. Steph's story was awesome, and played brilliantly by Carla Bonner. Paul gaslighting her the way he did has to be the worst thing he's ever done. It was such an unnecessary act of cruelty and horror. So glad he lost everything in the finale. Having Shay revealed as a plant all along was such a good twist, and a good use of recent history.
  7. Home and Away: Discussion Thread

    That's a blow to the show. From what little I recently saw, the show had improved a little. Marilyn's amnesia story was quite engaging, even if there was missed opportunities in not bringing back past characters for the story, and Charlotte's story seemed interesting, and reminded me of Josie Russell's intro back when Dan Bennett was in charge.
  8. Why must every character who isn't rich go through an opportunist or gold digger phase on this show? Seriously, it's so boring and uncreative. You can tell Bell doesn't know how to develop Nicole, Zende, or Thomas when he falls back on this cliché.
  9. I know what you mean about DTC and interviews (he's quite cringe-y in this). I say give it a watch; it's a bit boring in places, and kinda predictable with some of the questions, but it's OK. They do bring up the time CS fired the guy who played Martin Platt (they don't name names, and everyone there is totally clueless for some reason), and Darren Little is all, like, he disagreed with a story direction, so we fired him. Everyone else is like, we're open to discussing through actors concerns. b/c it gives you a more rounded story, and KO even calls him harsh (you can tell she probably wanted to say something else). It's a total tumble-weed moment.
  10. Donna! I'd totally forgotten that she even exists. I don't even remember the last time we saw her. I agree, the show is stale and needs a shake up. I'd be really hesitant about Deacon cheating, b/c we'd probably get lazy psycho Quinn back, instead of something more nuanced. There's a lot of characters with either no purpose or direction (Bill, Katie, Quinn, Deacon, Brooke, Carter, Oliver, Pam, etc). The Liam/Wyatt rivalry is a tired copy of Ridge/Thorne, but more lazy and worse; bitch Ivy has been a highlight, but character destroying; the less said about the super predictable Ridge/Caroline/Thomas mess the better.
  11. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Totally echo everything you said. But... BIB: ED likes to avoid that kind of thing these days. I think that's why a lot of HF families fail, b/c they are never allowed to be the rich, scandalous characters they need to be. The Whites are better than the Maceys in that respect, but no where near the level of rich and scandalous as they should be. By scandalous, I mean the inter-family skeletons kind. So, I don't have faith that Sadie would be written like she should be.
  12. I'd be interested to here what people thought of that, and if you thought TPTB came across well or not. On a superficial side note, Kate Oates looked hot! She's also the one who I feel "gets it". She knows what it means to juggle audience expectations, network interference, keeping to character, etc, etc. Sometimes the show veers into melodrama a bit too much, but I feel she always has the characters' integrity in mind. Contrast that with DTC, who puts a lot of stock in storylines being rooted in truth, as in real life believability, that he forgets about the character truth. Kathy's return is a prime example of this. The story is based on a RL case, forgetting that Kathy would never fake her death for money; that's not a part of who that character is. Of course they could say she was forced into it, but you're still in dodgy territory when it comes to the integrity of Kathy's character. ETA: Who do you think DTC was referring to when he said an upcoming character was set to die? People are speculating Lola for some reason, but I assumed he was talking about an upcoming character exit, like Charlie or Carol. I'd be very surprised if he thought it was a good idea to literally kill off Carol.
  13. This whole Ivy/Steffy/video story is so boring. Why did they think it was a good idea to show us what happened, only to then run a story where Steffy is suspected of murder? Any kind of suspense and mystery is eradicated when we know the truth. It's so stupid, and a really poor writing choice. It's such a non-story. It's so sad to think Aly was killed off for this rubbish.
  14. I don't believe it's rape, but Thomas certainly took advantage of Caroline. Regardless of whether she took anxiety pills, drank wine or text her address to Thomas, she was in no fit state to consent. Thomas should never have slept with her when she was in such a vulnerable state - even without knowing about the pills, she was an emotional mess and not in her right mind. Any other situation and Caroline would not have gone near Thomas, and he knew that. Any decent guy would have been a friend, instead of acting all creepy and taking advantage. I didn't see a lot signals that said 'yes', in fact I saw an emotionally vulnerable woman who had too much to drink. Thomas is a creep.
  15. Neighbours IN: Scott Major (Lucas Fitzgerald) returns on the 22 September for apparently 2 episodes; Alin Sumarwata (Vanessa Villante) returns on the 23 September for 1 episode.