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  1. Thanks so much @Marquise for the link. Much appreciated. I just want to take the time to say how amazing you guys are for uploading all of this awesome content.
  2. That would be great. Could you send/post a link to the vault as I’ve lost it since the last time.
  3. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has any HQ publicity photos from 1995-2002 without any watermarks? Specifically, anything with the characters of: - Amber/Rick/Becky/Deacon/Tawney (super grateful for any Italy photos) - Michael/Dylan/Enrique - Macy/Thorne/Claudia - Jasmine/Sly/Jessica/Dylan/Maggie - Maggie/James/Sheila. - Taylor/Ridge/Prince Omar in Morocco If anyone can help, I would be so, so appreciative.
  4. Here’s a Q&A with one of Sunset Beach’s scriptwriters (Lisa Seidman) that I have found. The interview was conducted by the fans at the forum an-eternal-sunset.heavenforum.org (all credit to them). 1. How do writers work? That depends on the writer and the show the writer is working on. If you mean specifically a show like Sunset Beach there were five writers who wrote outlines and five writers who wrote scripts. The outline writers worked with the head writers. They came into the office/studio once or twice a week. The script editors wrote at home. 2. Were there groups of writers assigned to specific characters/storylines? No. All the writers had to be able to write all the characters and all the storylines. 3. Was there a showrunner of some sorts who gave a global direction to the show? Yes. In daytime soaps the showrunner is called the head writer. We had several head writers, starting with Bob Guza/Meg Bennett, then Chris Whitesell/Meg, then finally Chris/Maggie de Priest. 4. What was the pace of work? How much time did you have before sending scripts to the actors? We had to write five or six episodes every week. The outline writers had about two and a half days to write their outlines and the scriptwriters had seven days to write the scripts. Then the scripts went to the script editor who took a week to edit five scripts (sometimes less). The actors didn’t get the scripts until close to taping: Usually a month after the scripts were turned in. 5. Did you have much freedom? How much did the execs meddle in with your writing? The outline writers had freedom to pitch ideas when they met with the head writers to discuss the week of stories. The head writers had the power to use the ideas or not. The scriptwriters had the freedom to create dialogue. For instance, when I was a scriptwriter, I received an outline. There was a scene that read, “Casey learns his mother has come for a visit.” That was it. As the scriptwriter I invented the scene, giving it substance: Casey sees suitcases by the stairs when he comes home, a woman comes downstairs, they talk and at the end of the scene I reveal that it’s Casey’s mother. The executives meddled A LOT with the outlines. It was very frustrating. Some weeks they’d throw out an entire week of outlines and the head writers would have to create new stories for that week. The executives also gave notes on each outline, so the outline writers would then have to rewrite their outlines according to the executives’ notes. 6. Were there specific ideas that got rejected by the execs? Can you give us some examples? There were specific ideas that were rejected but, unfortunately, I can’t give you specifics because I don’t remember what was rejected. 7. Which characters did you enjoy working on the most? Annie. 8. Did the actors know in advance what would happen to their character of did they just find out as they got the scripts? They just found out as they got the scripts. 9. Were the actors able to give ideas about the future of their characters ? Did some of them influence the storylines? Some examples? The actors were not allowed to give ideas, they were not allowed to influence their storylines. 10. Did you have a specific idea of where each storyline would go from the beginning of the show ? Not from the beginning of the show, no. Bob Guza, the original head writer really didn’t know where the stories were going. When Chris Whitesell took over, he had to write long story so we would know where the stories were going. I was hired to write long story as well. (Mine was about the gun stuffed into the Thanksgiving turkey by Bette and Olivia.) 11. How long in advance were the storylines planned before shooting and airing ? It differs from show to show. On Sunset Beach, we had three to four months I think. 12. What storylines ideas got rejected or dropped ? That I don’t remember. I only remember the stories that were approved. 13. Were you able to do everything as planned ? Not always–not if the network or the executive producer didn’t like something. 14. What were your favourite storylines ? The gun getting stuffed in the Thanksgiving turkey, obviously, since I came up with that idea! And anything having to do with Annie. Oh, I also loved Gabriella (I think that was her name) falling in love with Father Antonio, and he with her. And their getting trapped and making love, thinking they were going to die. But they were rescued. That was fun. 15. As a writer, did you get censored by yourself or the execs at some point because of the conservative viewers of the show ? What ideas got dropped because of that ? I was never censored and if the head writer [was] he never shared that with the writing team. 16. Was the writing process and the storylines influenced by the public’s reactions ? Which ones ? The writing process/storylines were NOT influenced by the public, mainly because Twitter, the Internet, blogs, social media did not exist the way they do now. So we really didn’t know what the public wanted or didn’t want. 17. Why wasn’t the Kansas Dream the final scene after all? Aaron Spelling didn’t understand it, so the head writer came up with the final version. Everyone liked the new version, saw it as a twist on The Wizard of Oz. 18. Is it true that Virginia’s « Operation Insemination » almost got the show cancelled? No, that’s not true at all. 19. Did the cancellation of the show ruin some storylines plans? What would you have liked to happen? Actually, the headwriter was very burned out by then and really didn’t have any more story ideas so the cancellation didn’t ruin future storyline plans. 20. What were the last-minute changes made due to the cancellation of the show? There were no last minute changes made due to the cancellation because we were given enough notice about it and were able to simply wrap up the stories. 21. Why did Elaine and Paula disappear from the show so abruptuly? Especially right after the rape trial climax? Elaine and Paula disappeared so abruptly because the executive producer was very disappointed about how they acted (or rather didn’t act) during Gabi’s rape trial climax. 22. Why was the story about Virginia’s secret regarding her husband’s death (late season 1) dropped? The story about Virginia’s secret regarding her husband’s death was dropped because the executive producer thought we had a story about two nice women in a relationship with a nice man. Gary thought the story needed to be edgier, that Virginia should be evil instead of nice. Which meant her secret didn’t make sense anymore. 23. What about Cole’s hair sample storyline? Who was supposed to be behind this and why? Why was this just left aside after a while? The head writer doesn’t remember that Cole’s hair sample story line was set aside. He thought (as did I) that we had played it for as far as it could go. 24. What was planned for the Antonio/Gabi/Ricardo triangle if the show hadn’t been cancelled ? If the show hadn’t been cancelled, Ricardo would have found out about Gabi and Antonio’s love affair and would have turned evil. Antonio was going to either leave the priesthood or join a monastery where Ricardo would have disguised himself as a monk and tried to kill him. 25. Is it true you wanted to bring back Lisa Guerrero ? What were the plans for her ? There was some discussion about bring back Lisa Guerrero but the show was cancelled because anything definite could be set up. 26. What was the original storyline plan for Tess and Benjy ? We know that Benjy was actually supposed to be Maria’s son originally and that a lot of changes happened, mainly due to the cancellation. Can you please shed some light on this ? There wasn’t an original story plan for Tess and Benjy. We were making it up as we went along and there were no changes due to the cancellation. 27. Wasn’t Jude really supposed to be Ajay’s son originally ? What was the storyline you had planned about this? Jude was never supposed to be Ajay’s son and there was no story line planned for this. 28. Is it true that the idea of a romance between Annie and Francesca emerged at some point but got dropped ? Can you tell us about some other dropped couple ideas (gay or not) ? There was no idea of romance planned between Annie and Francesca. And there were no dropped couple ideas (gay or straight). 29. Don’t you think there was too much focus on Meg and her entourage as the show progressed ? Yes, we do think there was too much focus on Meg and her entourage as the show progressed. 30. Was Tobias planned from the beginning of the “whodunit” storyline about Francesca’s murder, or was it some sort of a last-minute thing ? How was this supposed to end before you knew the show was cancelled ? It was not planned from the beginning that Tobias would be involved in Francesca’s murder. It was a last minute thing. We didn’t have anything planned for the future. Chris, the head writer, admitted that he was burnt out and that he had no future stories for most of the characters when we got news that the show was being canceled. 31. Why did it never happen again between Cole and Olivia ? Was it considered at some point ? Cole and Olivia didn’t get together again because their first and only time was a plot point, not a relationship that the head writer wanted to develop further. 32. Who was playing the faceless Maria that appears in several flashbacks during season 1 ? No one famous played the faceless Maria in the flashbacks. It was just an actress/extra that casting hired. 33. Why is Maria so different from the Annie-like mischiever depicted in season 1 and the sweet and nurturing woman shown in seasons 2 and 3 ? The headwriter saw Maria as a free spirit–not like Annie at all. When Ben said he hated her it was because he hated her for dying–not because she was a bad person. 34. What about Sara and Meg’s brother, mentioned twice in season 1? Was he just forgotten ? There was no time to bring Sara and Meg’s brother to the show. 35. Ben mentions an older brother called Ted in the grotto in season 1, who never gets mentioned again. Forgotten as well ? The older brother Ben mentions in the grotto–Ted–eventually became his twin brother Derek. 36. When was the idea of Derek actually fledged out ? At the early writing stages of the show, was the whole Ben/Maria past supposed to be different than what we were shown later ? Was Ben actually supposed to be the psycho himself at some point ? The idea of Derek came up only a few weeks before you actually see him on air. Ben/Maria was also developed a few weeks before we introduced Maria. We were making things up as we went along. Ben was never supposed to be Derek, or psycho. The headwriter saw him as Laurence Olivier in Rebecca and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. 37. Why does Amy’s name changes between her Terror Island appearance (Amy Dreyer) and her Shockwave come-back (Amy Nielsen) ? Amy’s last name changed because we decided to make her the daughter of the ship’s captain, which was Nielsen. 38. During season 3, an old friend of Olivia’s, Barbie, shows up for a couple of scenes on the phone. They seemed to go as way back as Olivia and Bette, so why wasn’t this colourful lady brought back to shake things up a bit ? Barbie was merely a story device because Olivia needed someone to talk to. She was never going to be a major character because we already had too many characters on the show. 39. Why was Bette sort of left aside in seasons 2 and 3 ? She never had any real storyline and that’s really a shame given the potential of the character and how great Kathleen was in the role. Bette’s role was diminished because the executive producer grew very annoyed with the actress who always came to his office to ask for a bigger story. He decided to do the opposite. I agree it’s a shame because Kathleen is a friend of mine and I think she’s terrific. 40. Jack Wagner guest-starred as a former partner-in-crime of Cole’s in late season 1. Weren’t these two supposed to have shared a bit more than friendship, swindles and thefts? Jack Wagner was never supposed to share anything more with Cole than just a partner in crime. 41. Did you plan on keeping Spike along for the whole show or did you just find him cute ? Haha. We all found Spike cute but he never listened to direction. 42. Do you remember what were the general plans for season 4 of the show, character-wise and storyline-wise ? There was no plan for Season 4. The headwriter was tired and didn’t think any further than Season 3. 43. Were there plans to reunite Gregory and Olivia after his prison time ? Same answer as above. The head writer wasn’t thinking that far in advance. 44. Did you plan to make Antonio leave the Chruch ? Antonio would have left the church but not for a while. 45. Is it true that Annie’s mother was supposed to show up ? What were the ideas for other new characters ? Annie’s mother was not supposed to show up. There were no ideas for other new characters. 46. Is it true that an episode was shot and aired live ? What happened in this episode ? While we discussed doing a live episode it never happened. 47. Would you have like Sunset Beach to be less tame, more edgy ? The headwriter (Chris Whitesell) thinks the tone for the show was about right. 48. You worked too on “the young and the restless” and we wonder if you work in the same way for “Sunset Beach” and for “The young and the restless”? and if the atmosphere was the same? The atmosphere at “Young & the Restless” was toxic. I hated working on that show and was very happy when I was fired. “Days of our Lives” is more pleasant and similar to the atmosphere on “Sunset Beach.” Most of the writers are old friends of mine; in fact, I visited three of them when I was in New York. Or maybe you meant the working atmosphere. That was different from Sunset Beach. On Sunset Beach all the writers met at the studio and helped the headwriters with ideas and story each week. On Days and Y&R the headwriters work without the outline writers help–we don’t even go into the studio on Days. The headwriters email us our assignments, we speak on the phone the next day with out questions and then have three days to write our shows. ———— Something I would like to know from peeps in the know: Is it common practice for soaps to not plan in advance and work on the fly like this? This element really surprised me. I don’t know how they could have worked without knowing where storylines were going in 6 months time.
  5. Days: All the gifts Stefano left in his will to many characters in 2002. Much prominence was placed in these items and the ominous messages that accompanied them. Particular interest to Celeste’s paper dolls, a plot point that seemed connected to Caprice knowing Celeste from the past. Lots of setup that never went anywhere. I can’t remember if this was due to a change in head writers? Sunset Beach: AJ’s secret regarding Leo. He stopped Leo from donating blood and had it analysed; he hired someone to steal a lock of Cole’s hair... It all seemed to be leading to some kind of genetic disorder or something, but then it was never mentioned again.
  6. You might be thinking about the time Annie stood on the window ledge of the Sunset Beach Inn and threatened to jump if Gregory didn’t prove that he loved her by signing over her stock (she always did confuse money with love). Ironically, Olivia didn’t give a f*ck and slammed the window shut, causing Annie to lose her balance just as Gregory talked her down. She fell, but she was wearing a harness. There was also the time Annie hung herself in jail so she could escape. She was wrongfully the prime suspect for Del’s murder. That scene was quite graphic as you saw her hanging from the prison bars. Or, you might be thinking about when Annie jumped off of the Lifeguard Tower after she fled the police. She was jealous of Ben fawning over Meg, so she jumped, pretending she had fallen, just to get his attention.
  7. Olivia on Sunset Beach attempted suicide twice. After believing her baby had died, and learning that she had his remains cremated but couldn’t remember doing it, she blamed herself for his death, convinced by Gregory that she must have been drinking at the time. Gregory made it clear that he believed Olivia had killed their baby, so she took a bottle of champagne and some pills to the Grotto intent on ending her life as the grief and guilt was too much. But Cole showed up in time and talked her out of it. Olivia took some time out on a cruise to regroup (in real life this covered Lesley-Anne Down’s maternity leave), and when we saw her next, she was on the boat, contemplating jumping overboard. This time AJ (Cole’s estranged father) stopped her, pulling her back from the railings. He got her to open up, giving her hope that they would figure out what really happened to her son. As for her baby: Annie had stolen him and given him to Olivia’s daughter to raise as her own; she planted the seed in Gregory’s mind that Olivia was drinking on the night she gave birth.
  8. When you have Micha Collins confirming that it was a romantic declaration of love, then it’s understandable that fans would want more. I know the showrunners said Destiel wasn’t happening, but they had to expect there would be a backlash when they did a u-turn like this. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this ending would be unsatisfactory to many. I’m not defending the hardcore shippers, because these things always get taken too far, and people will see what they want to see, and deny anything that challenges that perspective. But I do think there is a valid point here. Sure it’s always been the Sam and Dean show, but I do feel like it evolved into something more than that, so for them to strip all that away at the denouement is deeply unsatisfactory to me. There are ways of writing an ending that keeps S&D the main focus without decimating the supporting cast and the new ethos that they themselves had woven into the show. They had Sam and Dean develop relationships, friendships, and redefine the meaning of family, so to kill them all off just to say: ‘actually, the only thing that matters is each other - the brotherhood’ was disappointing and unnecessary. It didn’t need to be that way.
  9. I think I understand some of the criticism, and not just the Destiel criticism, but the wider criticism as a whole regarding the final and the season as a whole. I’ve been a regular viewer for a long time (which has been difficult due to the show being dropped and picked up by different channels/networks in the UK), probably since season 4, although I think I missed a couple seasons after season 5 due losing track of the show. I can say that the show had evolved past the first two seasons of being quite misogynistic, homophobic, stereotypically masculine, and blood being thicker than water, into a show that redefined what family was to Sam and Dean, that it was more than just about their brotherly bond. The show even evolved to include Castiel as a main player in later seasons; I think the shift started to occur from season 12, and I could see how the show was investing in him more, investing in his relationships to Dean, Sam, and Jack. I never really saw those charged moments that many Destiel fans say existed, but in later seasons I do think the writing changed to incorporate something. The relationship between Cas and Dean was different to Cas and Sam, and given they went out there way to have Cas declare his love for Dean, only for Dean’s response to be, basically, nothing, and for Cas to be killed off, it does play heavily on the bury your gays troupe. I do understand why many are upset about that. But this is a wider issue. The show killed off all of its supporting characters. I still don’t get why they killed Mary off the way they did at the end of season 14. All of the diversity they brought into the show was swiftly thrown away. What became of Eileen felt unnecessary. The whole final season was quite miserable, and the final took the show back to the first season where things became all about Sam and Dean, as if all those that had changed them for the better were secondary and unimportant. I think they could have given Destiel a better ending, something that explored Dean’s character. Maybe it would have been better to not to do anything at all, but they chose to have Cas utter those words and do what he did, so they should have had more conviction to take that all the way. I found the final season disappointing with many of the choices they made. I think the show runner even said that only 30% of fans would be happy with the ending, and Jensen was also very skeptical about it, too, but I’m not sure what either of them were specifically referring to. I think that if you were a lapsed viewer and only tuned into the final, you might not get what all the fuss is about.
  10. I had no idea JER consulted on B&B! I can’t imagine that being a very compatible partnership. I wonder if that‘a why it didn’t last long?
  11. Not sure as I never followed it over to DivaTV. I followed it from Channel 5 to Living, but I had lost interest in the show by the time Diva picked it up, which was 2009 episodes. Given it was there highest rated show, I’m not surprised they had the sassy voiceovers. B&B is back airing in the UK again as of this year, with 2019 episodes on a rather obscure channel. I never knew the US cut the end credits so early on. I think shows should be broadcast how they were made, including end credits.
  12. That’s thanks to the UK broadcaster airing the full end credits. Some of them have a tonge-in-cheek voiceover, too, which was a throwback to the days of Sunset Beach and the infamous end credit voiceovers. That doesn’t happen now. Once I’ve finished uploading the episodes for 1999, that might, unfortunately be it, as the VCR has died. I’ll try to find a replacement, but no guarantees.
  13. If you mean when Eric and Stephanie remarried, then unfortunately I don’t. You’re all welcome. I might not have many, but I’m just happy that they can be put to good use.
  14. Hello everyone! I’ve uploaded a few episodes from 1999 to the vault. I have several more to go, it’s just not as quick as what I thought. A few might be in 2 parts, and there will be some episodes with a watermark in the corner as I had to convert the aspect ratio which was in widescreen for some reason.
  15. I agree with those, but I would definitely add Hendrix, Jane, and Terese. I also thing Nic, Dipi, and Aaron deserve some credit. I just think Matt Wilson has improved so much and is so natural with the day-to-day material, while Sharon Johal has come in leaps and bounds, and you can see she’s playing all the conflicts and nuances in her character‘a current story.
  16. I did think of Days, but Lacey is pregnant again, so their isn’t really a “crisis”.
  17. No, they just don’t use him. He should be a main character leading story, but when they do use Joel, they often waste him on offensive religious storylines that sees the character jump around from being a priest, to leaving the priesthood, to going back, to converting to the Anglican Church and becoming a vicar. I don’t think they know what to do with him, which is a shame as Joel is a very viable character. I’m not sold on Joel/Goldie (or Goldie in general - I am thankful they have gotten rid of that awful red wig that they used to try to pass off as a weave), but I accept them as a couple because I think without Goldie, Joel would be seen even less. He should be hanging out with Brody and Damon, Sylver, mixing it up with them; having more scenes with Warren. I find the show quite flat at the moment, and the Toby/Celeste plot is awful and dull. Tony/Diane/Edward is also awful and boring, and Edward must be the worst character on the show.
  18. They shared loads of scenes - after all, they did live in the same house. Meg was promoted as the lead female, but I think Annie was the lead character. She interacted with the majority of the cast, and had the most storylines. I think that meant Meg was the secondary lead, not Caitlin. Caitlin was on par with Gabi. Meg and Caitlin weren’t on the sinking ship together. But I have a vague recollection of Meg giving her condolences after Gregory “died”. They were acquaintances at best. Cole shared scenes with Olivia, Caitlin, Gregory, Annie, Bette, AJ, Francesca, Sean, Ricardo, Antonio, Elaine... A few scenes with Bernie, Hilary, Philip, Gabi, Paula, Tyus, Michael, Casey, Amy, Brad... I do agree with your overall point. In some way it felt believable that not all of the characters would interact given they came from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The Richards were rich and unlikely to want to hang with the Surf Central gang, so it made sense that Cole and Caitlin rarely interacted with Casey, et al. But I don’t think they made the most of the big set pieces, like the earthquake/tsunami, in mixing up the interactions for those moments. The Richards (who are the equivalent to OLTL’s Viki) were too self absorbed to care about what was going on in the town. No way would Gregory and Olivia give a damn about Vanessa losing her baby, or Casey and Sara getting stranded on an island, or Derek abducting Meg. They only cared about what affected their children or the business/property that Gregory owned. I have a vague reference of Caitlin passing comment on Vanessa and Michael’s break up, mostly in relation to her own life. Yeah, Virginia had some interaction with the Surf Central gang (Casey, Gabi, Meg, Antonio, Mark...), but the majority of the time it was always with Michael, Vanessa, and Tyus. It would have been great to see her mix it up more regularly with the others, but in what capacity I’m not sure. I really disliked that pairing. Jude and Sara had no chemistry and felt so mismatched. Speaking of Sara: she really should have had more crossover with Annie given what she did to Meg, and Sara was a feisty, confrontational character, so it would have been believable.
  19. I see. I didn’t realise that had happened. People not following the rules - shocker! Such a shame others spoiling it for everyone else. Apologies if I made an error in judgement. I was only asking because I did have access to the links, which wasn’t a lie. I do get where the poster is coming from, as I had uploaded the entire series of Sunset Beach, as well as a huge collection of Days promos from 1999-2003, which ended up being deleted a few years ago. So, yeah, I get it.
  20. I was wondering if someone could help me out. I don’t keep up with the thread, but I assume some might know of DaysEpisodes (this being there Twitter handle, I think) who had uploaded loads of episodes in private playlist form on YouTube. Anyway, I had subscribed to a few playlists and was in the process of d/l episodes from 2001 when other stuff came up. By the time I re-engaged I had forgotten my login details and which email I had used. If anyone has access to these playlists, could someone PM me the links to 2001 and 2002. I really want to have certain episodes from that era, as it was the last time I properly watched the show.
  21. Yeah, I think I liked most of her work, too. I wasn’t a fan of the teen scene and how they were written. I never really liked Ricardo’s revenge, either, and I thought they wrote Gregory into a corner. But, everything before that was great. I loved how they gave Virginia a big send off; I liked how alive Francesca felt right up until she was murdered; and I thought they gave Gregory and Annie some brillent material early on in ‘99. I adored Antonio/Gabi. I enjoyed Francesca’s murder, and I also thought the Maria/Tess/Derek stuff was great fun. I was not a fan of her decision to axe Francesca, Virginia, and Leo. The excuse they used was two many characters confusing the audience, and then they went and added in Tess and Benjy. Francesca was great. She was good at mixing it up with everybody, who could be a real bitch but also convey some sympathy. She was the sexy villainess that the show never replaced. I get that they wrote Virginia into a corner, but did she really have to be written out? Leo had a lot of potential, especially as they had the option of building up a relationship with Cole. I guess he would have been too good playing against Sean, who was letting the team down by Randy Spelling’s bad acting. I also didn’t like how they put Vanessa/Michael on the back burner and dropped Tyus to recurring, just because they wrote Virginia out. They could have picked up the aftermath with them and had Vanessa blame Michael for brining Virginia into their lives and not believing her suspicions (she moved on from the rape way too easily), and had Michael wrestle with his guilt and anger towards Vanessa for lying. Tyus could have been there as a shoulder to cry on. There was more they could have done instead of just dropping them. Apart from all that, I did enjoy most of her run.
  22. Do you think that had something to do with NBC owning Passions outright? Or did they just learn from their mistakes?
  23. Me too. I think it’s quite sad how the show had a lot stacked against it, tried to be something to everyone, and was cut down before it had a chance to really get going. It was an international hit (especially in Europe), and I think it tells you something of its popularity that it recently had a complete rerun on CBS Drama in Poland! It’s sad that the US audience wasn’t there. It’s also sad that NBC kind of short changed it in the end by moving its time slot and not having every state air the show. I loved how Sunset Beach had real location shooting every week. It really made the location feel like another character, and something that really set it apart from every other US soap.
  24. That’s how it was being foreshadowed on screen. Leo and Sean became friends, and Leo started getting feelings for Emily in secret. Amy figured out that he liked Emily and wanted his help to break them up, but Leo had morals and did the opposite by becoming a thorn in her side. At this point, Brad was a spare part. Sean was the problem, or more specifically, Randy Spelling. He was horrendous in the role. If they had pushed a quad, Emily/Leo would have been the more popular couple for sure. But they wanted Sean/Emily to be end game, so they dumped Leo, and moved Brad into his role by having him catch feelings for Emily. And so the boring, tedious quad laboured on and on and on. Amy was whiny, dull and drippy and a pain, while Brad was a simpering sidekick. Sean worked best within his family. The only decent thing about their storyline was Mrs Moreau and Annie getting involved. Amy and Brad had no development throughout their stints. Leo had potential, but was dumped en masse at the same time as Francesca, Virginia, and Jimmy, while Tyus was dropped to recurring when they had a head writer change.
  25. Virginia was insane and so was the decision. I get that the character needed a comeuppance and for everyone to find out about her schemes, but they could have kept her on. I know Dominique Jennings turned down the offer of being recurring.
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