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  1. I think cutting Luann would be a grave mistake. RHONY has succeeded based on its organic relationships between the cast. Luann, Sonja, and yes, even Ramona, have always had organic relationships with their cast mates. Leah and Eboni are the ones without any organic ties to this cast. That is where the weak spot in the armour resides. But I wouldn't cut Eboni. I think she has an interesting life in non-pandemic times. Leah is the one who doesn't bring anything to the table. She had to film with her family because there was nobody else! No business scenes. No romance scenes. No levity. She's an albatross and the show would be well rid of her.
  2. RHONY was absolutely awful this season for a variety of reasons. Nobody asked for a reunion and it was obvious nothing had been scheduled as the cast were all travelling so when Andy sent out that message I was perplexed. Now it’s officially cancelled? Someone above Andy made a decision (in my view the right decision) and perhaps it’s a warning to the cast that they’re all replaceable - who knows. But I expect some changes for next year, probably to the show’s detriment.
  3. "Let's not do the brain, let's do the f*cking ankle. The wife says 'No, No, NO! Not the brain, do the f*cking ankle!'" - PK That about sums up this evening's RHOBH - that was one of the purest moments this show has ever had. Absolutely hilarious and demonstrated the total vacuum of logic going on in Erika's narrative.
  4. @Paul Raven Deidre has her twin sister for comparison. They're both good looking women, but the difference is clear. Deidre looks to have had careful, conservative work over the years that have gone a long way to maintaining her looks. Lauren Koslow is an interesting one because she has really not changed and looks quite ageless, but I'd note she never looked young even when she was a young woman on Y&R and B&B. She always had a mature look to her that has obviously served her well as she's gone down the path of life. Lauren as Margot on B&B (between 1987 - 1992): Lauren has hardly changed since then. Like Donna Mills and Joan Collins, I'd expect that Lauren uses HRT, she is vegan, and has taken very careful care of her skin. As well, she is the wife of a makeup artist, so she knows what she's doing. I'd suspect very good Botox and she's clearly a face that benefits from filler to replace the natural volume that's lost over time.
  5. I hope he goes for it - reminiscent of Stuart Damon's 1999 win playing the 'oldest, fattest, drug addict on television.'
  6. Great to see this topic resurrected, thank you @Paul Raven! Lisa Rinna: I think Lisa is leaning into an overall exaggerated look. She is 58 and retains very good skin and her body is in great shape. I think her new penchant for wearing long wigs is ageing. When she has her usual shaggy cut she still looks pretty good, but I think she would do herself justice to relax what she's doing. Dame Joan Collins: There are few women who look damn good at 88. Dame Joan is one of those women. It's rumoured she had a deep plane facelift in 1988 at the hands of the esteemed Brazilian surgeon Ivo Pitanguy. If that bears true she likely had her upper eyelids done as well, but wisely left her lower eyelids alone so her eyes have not changed shape, a common side effect of too tight blepharoplasty. Joan is an outspoken advocate of HRT, so her skin retains a lot of youthfulness that only hormones can provide. But Joan is also very skilled with makeup, she piles on the wigs and the lashes, and also uses old school tricks like lifting tapes to really sculpt her cheekbones, you can just make out one in this photo - look at the right side of the photo and you'll just be able to spot it: Donna Mills: beautiful work. I suspect she has used HRT to retain some of her youthful looks which even the best cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists cannot recreate. It also helps that Donna wears the most expensive, best quality, perfect lace front wigs that money can buy. It really helps her maintain the 'look' she developed through her career. You can (barely) see the lace front along her hairline in this close up: Jackie Zeman: Her work has settled and her worst days are behind her. Nothing heals bad work quite like time:
  7. RHOP Agreed @NothinButAttitudeGizelle and Karen's peace treaty is not going to hold. How on earth can Gizelle possibly admit that she knew about Jamal cheating on her months before the reunion and simultaneously say that she was hurt by Karen (and really Monique)? It makes no sense. Her own father trashed Jamal on camera! Candy-Ass is the same foul mouthed idiot she's always been. She tried to walk back her obviously body shaming comment because she instantly regretted saying it, knowing how badly she'd come across on camera. Robyn and her life coach I don't care about at all. I'm just glad she's seeing someone with actual credentials. RHONY's Sonja needs to do the same. Next week looks like a doozy with the music video shoot and the return of Miss Dorothy. RHOSLC Now THAT was a premiere! Jen is a lunatic and I think the Bravo editors must hate her when they focused on 1) the contents of her closet and 2) her "I'd go to jail for you, I haven't been to jail yet!" line to Lisa. Whitney seems to be having fun this year and isn't as self conscious on camera. I enjoyed seeing her let loose with her stepsons, husband, and son and that foam party with their hot tub looks fun. I laughed so hard when she kept dropping the cake and then presented the monstrosity, only to drop it again. Heather remains a delight, ordering for the table because she couldn't trust them to order anything good. I love a truffle fry. Also, loved seeing her embrace her daughter going to college and having adventures and experiences. I do sense lingering self esteem issues with her, so won't be surprised when/if she swoops back in to provide support to Jen, Heather wants to be liked. Mary...whewwww that podcast recording session was a lot. I think they're setting her up to have her ministry exposed. She remains totally wacky and her VT interviews are something to behold. The way she flares open her false eyelashes like a 1950s doll - frightening. Jennie seems like a seamless addition because she's actually friends with Lisa - thank you casting department for realizing only organic relationships work! Lisa is a bitch, totally disloyal to Meredith, and totally delusional that her squabbles with Heather have any comparison to what Jen has done to Meredith's son. I've never liked Lisa and this episode reiterated why. Meredith is ENGAGING and I'm going to love it. Brooks can have an attitude, sure, but I don't think it's defensible for Jen to lean into comments that either demean him, are in any manner homophobic, or trivialize his sexual orientation and his right to keep that to himself. I don't care how flamboyant he might be, if Brooks didn't want his sexual orientation to be a topic of discussion, that's his prerogative, and I think it's really shitty of Jen to do anything to him in regard to it. Imagine if someone did that to one of her sons? She'd go ballistic.
  8. Joan presented at the UK's National Television Awards, walking out like a star to Tina Turner's Simply the Best...
  9. Bravo with Cohen is to primetime what ABC under Frons is to daytime: they mismanage their properties to a degree that is unfathomable to me. A reunion was the last thing RHONY needed. They needed to forget this season ever happened. It is going to stir up all the negativity that the audience has not enjoyed and is going to damage the franchise further.
  10. RHOBH I stand by my view last week that Kyle, Rinna, and Crystal miscalculated how the audience would react. They incorrectly thought the audience would buy the bullsh*t that Erotica Lame is trying to sell. Little did they know of the avalanche of information that would follow her in the media. Kyle continues to be the two faced, garbage dump of a person she's always been. The way she hurled Sutton under the bus on the one hand, while also trashing Erotica Lame on the other hand, goes to show she is a friend to no one. PK was preaching all the way to the choir loft. As Bethenny Frankel might say, he mentioned it all. He is also totally correct that, from a crisis communications standpoint, he's never seen someone handle a scandal of this magnitude so poorly. Garcelle looked incredible in her outfit hosting her Haitian dinner. Like a queen. Rinna saying Garcelle should have texted her to thank her, for the second time, about the pasta sauce she delivered? No. She hates Garcelle and was reaching for the moon with that comparison. Sutton is clearly onto Kyle. The difference between Sutton and Eileen/Terri De Marco is that Sutton fights back and exits while those two cowered in the face of Erotica Lame. History will prove Sutton to be correct. Crystal did absolutely nothing all episode aside from validating Erotica. Fool.
  11. For me, Erica's Woman of the Year speech will be a moment very hard to beat. It summed up her entire character arc in a 10 minute monologue that was superbly written.
  12. RHONY The demented clip show “So…That Happened” summed up this season. There were some amusing moments that would have brightened the awful episodes we were subjected to. No mention of a reunion at the end. I hope Bravo stays the course and doesn’t proceed with one.
  13. I am looking forward to Meredith engaging. She is, after all, a Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law graduate. That mind of hers is going to tackle this head on. The first 2.5 minutes are thrilling. SLC is coming in guns blazing and I cannot wait.
  14. Candiace's mouth is out of control! Monique might have started it, but Ashley would finish Candiace.
  15. Absolutely. Rinna hates her and totally resents her. Garcelle has exposed so much of Rinna's ugliness because she doesn't retreat.
  16. This trailer looks fun. I've missed these clowns and it will be good to see LVP again.
  17. That's exactly how I'd package it. Just call it a RHONY 'Very Special Two Episode Event: RHONY in Covid' and forget the other episodes ever happened. Filming during 2020 was a mistake - had they waited till February and finished filming in July they'd have been in a production zone that wouldn't have felt like such an unholy mess. I really think they should be dropping any plans of a reunion. And if a reunion does air, it can only sustain one episode. And it needs to be a positive episode - like a Below Deck reunion.
  18. This was a very bad night for Kyle if, like the three of us, you were paying attention to her. She flipped on Sutton so hard, so blatantly, so brutally...she should be ashamed of herself. She did it solely because she (mis)calculated that Erika's theatrics were going to win over the audience. Little did Kyle realize the amount of dirt, lawsuits, and scandal that would be flying by the time this aired. Therefore, Erika's performance is less than believable as she fights orphans, widows, and a bankruptcy trustee whose busy pursuing her for the $25 million she spent. It was also interesting how Kyle had to assert she's "Mrs. Hilton's sister!" as the butler questioned who she was. Dorit was woefully irrelevant, as were Crystal and Rinna. I really can't fathom how Rinna reconciles her own behaviour versus what she's done in the past to people who've done far less.
  19. RIP Gregg - he’s one of the legendary RH husbands like Bobby Zarin.
  20. RHONY Eboni said the reunion was happening weeks ago. It’s been crickets since and her “that’s a wrap” post on Instagram, while totally positive, also made no mention of the reunion or what’s to come. I’m going to be in the minority but I found last night’s episode to be easily the best episode of the season. It was fun and lighthearted and everyone liked each other in the end. Bravo would be wise to not do a reunion and give the show an extended break and then return as if this season never happened.
  21. It's almost comical how The Talk is proceeding.
  22. +1 to all of this. Chris Samuels had one priority while on RHOP and that was protecting his family. Wendy doesn't want Eddie's name to cross anyone's lips in a negative way. There was ZERO positive reason for Giselle to bring it up. ZERO. She wanted it to be a 'moment' and so it was, but for all the wrong reasons for her.
  23. RHOP Someone on Instagram described Candiace’s folded paper towel/tissue as her “cryangles” Genius.
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