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  1. Yeah right... I don't buy his bull [!@#$%^&*]! Kill off Sonny and bring back Paul. Have Will play the field in Salem.
  2. Listening to an old Casey Kasaam countdown from July 1985 and Whitney Houston had a song at #3 at the time and Casey mentions how she was on ATWT.
  3. Loving me the men's water polo.
  4. FAA lost to Sarah Purcell Murray needs to retire. God I love her game. She makes you work for the win. @Faulkner Rublev loses to your guy Kei. Rublev has played too much tennis. He looks burnt out. Tsisitpas.. God his hair... For a minute there I thought it was his mother playing He looks burnt out too..Tiafoe next. Newlywed Monfils loses to Ivanska.
  5. He appeared on 60 minutes a while back. He is so adorable. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRl55LnBtOi/
  6. I was watching on NBC and for second there I thought Chandler Massey is in the Olympics as a gymnast.
  7. Nice to see you posting again Dan. I got the spelling wrong but oh well..lol
  8. I'm surprised the ball didn't hit him in the nuts. Racquetball is fierce.
  9. Not bad..never heard of it before.
  10. @AbcNbc247 I was like where is Mikey.. I left him something
  11. I can't believe ATWT didn't keep Heather Hill. She was an outstanding director... better than Maria Wagner. At one point ATWT had Heather Hill and Paul Lammers. Talk about greatness.
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