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  1. Disappointed in her....isn't it obvious...and Justin seems like a homophobe who hates gay people.
  2. Not only grabbed him but looks like pinched his arm in the process...horrible...she should be suspended from the tour.
  3. Eric S. Stevens as Adam Newman.
  4. I would suspect tomorrow's show would be better. I haven't been moved by either episode so far. I found the preview for Monday's KSJ tribute with VR speaking more moving than the actual episodes tribute. It seems to me so far that the actors are acting.....when MTS and EB came out on The Talk and other media shows .....it was more moving than the episodes shown so far.
  5. You know what your full of....won't see it here. You come off like a real jerk on here buddy. It has nothing to do with your opinions on things.....
  6. Oh geez...please grow up.....you know I didn't mean it that way.....lawd.....you're becoming tiresome very quickly with this and your EP thread mess...
  7. Such an ugly pic of Justin....LOL This guy doesn't give up or take responsibility https://www.tmz.com/2019/04/24/justin-gimelstob-restraining-order/ And TC very own Jon Wertheim ways in on Justin and what he should do..... https://www.si.com/tennis/2019/04/24/mailbag-justin-gimelstob-battery-case-tennis-channel-atp
  8. I recently noticed that Nielsen has ratings for its gay viewers. I am sure it has been counted before this but not one hundred percent sure. Does anyone know which soap now and in the past had the bigger gay audience?
  9. Same....I didn't find the episode or the ending that great. I am sure once the episodes that follow are about Neil and not the party mess it will be better episodes.
  10. Brandon Barash....lawd if I were Gabi I wouldn't have gotten out of bed.
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