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  1. Jill Lorie Hurst said the same thing on the GL Facebook page. The 80s and 90s blew the budgets on all the shows. What a bad recast for Natalie and a really dumb storyline...( a movie filmed in Oakdale, how did they think they were going to work Natalie in long term? I had thought that about the bookstore...make it a coffee house bookstore and the town would all come in.. Fashions was kind of limiting as only women would go there and it just didnt seem to be a good gathering spot. Why did the Dobsons leave the first time?
  2. I think Nola thought more of Ed as an annoying stuffy big brother, but weirder things happened. I do think that Ed and Nadine could have been fun or when they had Selena living over the Bauer garage..tho it wasnt Simon playing him at that time. I much prefer Nola/Ed then Nola/Buzzard but...
  3. I agree they did just drop Nola and the Ed, until Simon left. I think if I was TPTB that I would have told Simon do what we say or here's the door, which he took that Spring, which the perfect time for a recast and then a pairing with Nola. I think with the right actor, someone who wasnt as dour it could work. I think she did but I don't remember a scene. I think with Simon pitching a fit they just said [!@#$%^&*] it. He didn't even have much to do with Rick and Blake story. All of this kind of goes to my thought that they just should have written MarjAlex off and I would have had Van in her place. Say Alex had to go take care of Victoria and instead of leaving her shares with Alan, left them to Van drawing her back into Spaulding. This causes friction with boring Matt (and causing untold stress on the annoying freaking Mattessas) and Van takes on the old BevAlex role, strong middle aged woman who takes no [!@#$%^&*] but is not EVIL. Nola's fued with Van was stupid as when she left town they were fine (well Van was acting like a dowdy simpering wife to Billy, if you think Mattessa was bad you should have seen first round post marriage Van/Billy) but I think they just annoyed each other at the same time as kind of liking each other, so I think Nola would just be around to prick Van's aristocratic balloon more then fight with her. "Vanessa, Dinah is not that bad, remember when you would come to the boarding house to seduce my brother in nothing but a fur coat??")
  4. I do think Nadine and Nola could have been a fun AbFab duo..after they fought it out about the dumb attic situation. Nola would know what it was like to be desperate and lie about a baby to keep a man. As I have said, Buzz should have been killed by Brent/Marion not Nadine. I don't know why the didn't just have Quint "die" as in disappear in a tomb collapsing when they brought her back. It could have happened years ago off camera and the characters would act like they knew it and Nola has been searching, couldnt find his body. The Quolas would have a fit but it was better then the cheating and bitter Iva/Nola. She came back to Springfield to "fix" both Bridget and Michelle's life (the worst part of McTavish writing of Nola was not connecting her as Chelles aunt (they even had her calling Nola "Mrs.Chamberlin") At first she desperatley tries to fill the void of Maureen, but can't do it and quickly realizes it. During that time she would run afoul with Ed always (always funny to see Simon's dour Ed upended) sass Roger as she did in a couple scenes and I actually think she and Marj's Alex would have been funny together, after she inherits stock from both Quint and Henry. And instead of Quint coming back have that guy from Days (who subbed for the Quint actor) play a cop or someone who gets involved with nosy Nola.
  5. LOL..I loved Ellen and Lisa's "feud" which was not out and out war but realistic sniping at each other..they just totally did not like each other..so refreshing on Marland's ATWT. Lisa would have been the easiest character to write for, she knows everyone and had no trouble involving herself with everyone. I know Eileen woudlnt like it but she doesn't NEED to have a storyline and she fits into everyone's, friend or nemesis. She could have been used as Marland used many characters, as a connector between storylines. I thought a good storyline would be for Dr. Shea to come back with the cliche plastic surgery. I would have "Chuckie" still be alive..(contrary to what Eileen told Marland, "Nancy Hughes buried him, whoever Nancy Hughes buries stays DEAD!") I would have him run a clinic for the disadvantaged that Ellen would get involved with fundraising for and then fall for him, meanwhile, Lisa would befriend this nice young guy who would be exactly Chuckies age. She would hire him for one of her many businesses, etc. Shea would have told the kid that Lisa was a woman who had wronged him and run him out of town and that they are there to fleece her out of her fortune. I would bring Betsy back and Shea would send Chuck her way to seduce her. There Shea trys to get his revenge on Lisa, and Claire's daughter and grand daughter. I know Lisa has a long lost kid but how many did John Dixon have?
  6. HAHAHA.. Actually Marland would have Emma come in and wonder at all the "frocks" for sale and say all she needs are her overalls and her "Sunday Church Frock" and Lisa would be in awe of her down home honesty and values. Even though she does not know her, she would say "Come back dear, when it's Lily's Birthday Celebration Sale..now we are closed on the actual high holiday but the week before..."
  7. LOL..I was watching ATWT at the Student Center between classes and when Lisa Brown first appeared as Iva..a very large football player yelled out "Nola REARDON..what the hell are you doing in Oakdale!" and everyone was laughing.
  8. It all looks really good and funny..I guess the last ten years of GL has lowered my standards. I wonder why they didnt make Bridget Stacey? She looked so much like Brown and it would make sense that Stacey would be sent stateside while Nola and Quint are on a dig, and maybe A.J. sent too, Ed and Mo would have to deal with two teens. Brown and Hayden's chemistry was still the same at the last week appearances..even Hayden the Peter actor were good together.. Its too bad that GL ..didnt build on the Reardon family with Nola facing her nightmare she is now in my Mom's place, the Reardon matriarch and running the Boardinghouse and getting into everyone's business. I found the Coopers hopelessly drab and depressing. Yes, I don't think Ferrel is her old skinny self (who of us from that time are???) and it would have been good to have a recast back during the Stalker storyline is Roxie better or is she the stalker, and to have Roxie take Reva's side against Cassie during the Richard mercy killing..(I always wanted for Cassie to go full on sneering BITCH after his death the part she was destined to play...) I do wish Reva's weight gain was addressed..and she comes to the conclusion that her sexiness comes from something else. Kimmer looked exactly as Reva would look in middle aged, the girl has an appetite you know!
  9. Wow..cool Farrel is doing this! I wish they would do a crossover Divas show with Zimmer, Fulton, Hubbard, Garrett, Kinkaid, etc.
  10. It WAS a budget issue..and it was also an issue where she wanted to veer the show from the Bauers to the Coopers (for whatever reason, Long created them, not her) and she knew as long as Parker was there in the Bert Bauer role she couldnt move the show from the Bauer kitchen to that f*cking ass diner. I don't know if she wanted to make Frank and Eleni the Ed and Mo and have Buzz as a particularly crazed Papa Bauer..who knows but she was very happy when Curlee left and she could get things written they way she wanted them... I have never watched her other work, but I am astounded that GL was so DAMN good for her first two years and then I couldnt watch it.
  11. I thought so...it was cool that she was that unabashedly excited about the showing winning and the company producing it...(had to laugh, how soon PG's investment in their shows would change..) Does she talk about her soap past?
  12. Who was the woman on stage handing out the Emmy jumping up and down "Saying YES.. P & G..." when ATWT won?
  13. I hate to beat a dead horse, but compare these scenes to Marj's scenes at the CC at Mindy and Nick's engagement party. The controlled venom of Bev to Marj's screeching at Roger. I wish they had just let Alex go to Europe and made a new character for Marj...its like recasting Bert Bauer or Reva..or as we would unfortunatley see, Roger. Those scenes, who knew Frankie D could actually be sexy and not just boring. He needed a DIVA to bring it out, and I forgot that nice guy Frank who liked.shady ladies was much preferable to romantic hero Frank or boring married dad Frank. I think an honorable mention should go to Henry and the face he made when Alex mentions Rog trying to sneak into the exec dining room. Mindy and Mallet were hot, though I can see why they went the Nick route, they just let it ride too long and turn Righteous Vengeous Queen Alex to a pathetic shrew. I loved how they had Bridget in Ed and Mo's life and love the face Mo made to Bridget's bed comment. God the show was great then!
  14. Thanks! And yes, I think Marland was a terrible prude and is one of those writers who could make sex..unsexy!! His characters were too damn serious all the time and even his family scenes were devoid of warmth ( I grew up in farmland and I have never seen such a cold sad sack farm family in my life!) His first year or two were great but after that... I much preferred Long/Curlee even if their structure was off and they didn't honor history as well. Marland was either sexless in real life or one of those uptight prudey people who are NUTS about it in secret!
  15. I forget that MH won for Best Younger Performer over even Buffy herself! A year or so later Bridget was chasing back after Hart and thinking about plastic surgery to compete with Dinah. I wonder how pairing Bridget with Rick would have gone..Abby was only a few years older.. Interesting comments about Marland and the Dobsons and Potter. I am more interested in the BTS stuff then how the Carmen actress is doing during Covid.
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