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  1. LOL..I remember thinking this was the dullest bachelor party in history..obviously Marland has never been to one...poor Casey...having to go into marriage with dull as dishwater Lyla and this is the send off. How BIG was Bob and Kim's house..that honking ass living room, foyer (Iove the "close the doors to have an inimate conversation and parternity reveal foyer that doors can easily open for snooping) den, kitchen...I remember turning into ATWT during Goutman and wondering what happened to Bob and Kim's house set where people would just walk in at all hours of day and night.
  2. Oh...God....my ears still hurt from that. And yes, it was shameless Emmy bait..JFP was not stupid..she rode the show on Buzz, and the ratings fell with the aforementioned firings and people leaving, so she had to prove that she made the right choice and if your audience turned you off you need an Emmy for you leading man to say, "See, it was worth it and they will come back." It was just depressing seeing these beautiful women chasing after that looser. I think JFP and the writers watched the "Witches of Eastwick" too much with all those hot women chasing after gross, fat Jack N
  3. I hated it...we would watch GL as a kid and then that damn "Suicide is Painless" would start and we would rush to change it...(before remotes..) and I still rush for the remote as soon as I hear a few bars of that song knowing that show is coming up. Our affilate went directly into "Dialing for Dollars," and I never knew LOL was still on at that time.
  4. It was fun in a campy, dumb way...but it made no sense...(why all of a sudden is she after dullard Frank, and they could have at least given him some temptation to actually do it...) and yes, you, I, Julie and the rest of the world HATED Lucy...why the hell did JFP think the actress was so great???
  5. She was in one of the reunions with Melissa and Morgan. She looks great and seems to have given up acting and was talking about kids, etc...(sad to think little boring Julie has teenagers now.. I'm old!) Agree the story was obviously a redirect with Hart gone and to give Frank and Eleni story. Problem was.. Frankie D is not an actor (he is basically playing himself) and didn't have the chops to pull it off and Julie's obsession came out of nowhere. They should have just written her off and for that matter, Frank and Eleni when the original actress left.
  6. I think most of the Reva disdain is directed at post resurrection Reva. While Pam wrote the show it was more of an ensemble show (not as much as it was during Marland or Curlee but..) and Reva had mostly "normal" for a soap character problems...she needed to be accepted, she was uninhibited sexually which was looked at as being a "slut" but she fell (or felt that she did) in love with her partner..she needed everything to be big or she was bored, she craved domestication and safety but again, felt constricted once there...all of those things can be relatable. Reva as the middle aged sex godde
  7. Oh God..they were terrible for ATWT...they could write three stories....James and Babs and John...Tom and Margo and Betsy and Steve..everyobdy else just kind of sat around and they almost decimated the Hughes family. Tho I did love John faking his death and Dee on trial for his murder...that was as close to an umbrella story as they could muster. I wonder why they could write for the Bauers but disregarded the Hughes?
  8. Bert was indeed front and center with Long and Kobe...to their credit, and yes, the plan was for Bert and H.B....(when they Lewis boys came to town and went on a yelling spree in Cedars Bert put a stop to them right away...)Bert was running the Patient Advocate program (I wish they would have had Abby take that up later in a nod to history) and in what had to be a scene written for Bert before Charita become ill, H.B. came looking for her to give him advice on his kids and found Mo instead and talked to her. The explanation for Bert being gone was that she was visiting Meta and then Mo went
  9. I loved and love my parents..but Bob and Kim as the fantasy parents..Lisa as your fantasy eccentric flamboyant aunt that would take care of and keep your secrets that you didn't want your parents..and Greg Marx as your fantasy boyfriend/husband...ATWT hit all the marks in those years!
  10. Funny..that is what Marland called Charita..the Sada Thompson of daytime..I didn't see it Sada was sour and sexless...not that Bert was Reva..but you could see where she was a "hoot and a half" in her heyday! I love that the GL actors stay in touch..its almost like college..they all did a few years i this place that only they shared..and they went on to other things..but they are still friends... Oh I think a double team of Ms. Marsha with Ms. Susie Pratt..and lets see.. Peter Simon...I know she is sick but Eileen Fulton...Elizabeth Hubbard...would be Alan's hell
  11. JWS I can see...(or as a bartender in my hometown once said..."Gay guys aint got muscles." ..uh..I guess you never saw a gay guy...) but Clarke??? I cannot see anyone who took MC for straight...(didnt she play Tina Lord on OLTL too????)
  12. Marsha Clarke sp? was a mole for Marland...while being the most hilarious unbelievable beard for JWS..(and he for her!)
  13. On that I can kind of see as television production is expensive and daytime never stops. Its too bad that the funeral wasn't held later or at least a wake where the cast could attend...(I know KT mentions going so she must not have been filming that day.) Sarah and Rusy were kind of like Billy and H.B. where a name is thrown out by one writer (this time it was Long) and another writer used them. I always thought Sarah should have been harder, tougher and trashier then how she was played.
  14. I don't think he was bad..and I can see why they thought he could short term it for Bernau. He was better then Raines..who just looked "grouchy" when he was supposed to be evil Its too bad as watching some of the early RR and when he is at the Amish Farm he is kind of sexy..so I can see where they thought he would make a good rogue...but then he got...old so fast, and he just wasn't Alan no matter what.
  15. This would have been the perfect time to re energize the Bauer Family. They had Alan in the wings coming back so at the very least bring back a recast Hope (sorry, never was a fan of ER's annoying Hope) with Stewart's Mike, but ideally I would want to bring in a recast Mike to put him with Alex getting ready for Alan's return. I would have brought back Aunt Meta during the previous holiday episodes to establish her for Bert's death (say she was in New York visiting Hope) and not have three major Bauers recast. Meta as they had for a bit during Labine's time would be a great foil for Claire, a
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