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  1. Your right...I remember the promos..."Lisa's back and she is in the middle of MURDER!" with Eileen's dramatic close up of disovering Whit dead...(though how she could tell the difference...)I didn't think of that until later. Weren't they going to kill Lisa instead of Whit and that is why Fulton came back??? (or so she says...) Why would you kill Lisa and keep the boring Toupe with Dentures as we used to call him on?
  2. Yes, that was the house she lived in with Nick, which was kind of weird..but they totally remolded the house and this being Marland, he wrote that in. Was this after Whit was killed. Lisa is kind of cold to poor Jay who had his mother be revealed to be a murderer. I keep imaging how Fulton would play these scene. God crying Craig! I know there was a market for it but he was such a wuss crying all the time....
  3. I love watching the Bauer boys as action guys LOL.. Was this what Rauch was trying to copy when he had Matt and Josh try to scale that San Crud wall to "save" Reva??? Mike was always kind of sanctimonious..(would have loved him and BevAlex together...when he would discover her shenanigans "Were you just blackmailing Reva"?) Alex "Uh, no she was trying to share a recipe of hers, but as I have not developed a taste for skunk I had to pass." ) but Ed, he just looks like someone you want to eat some of his home made lasagna with in the Bauer kitchen and not let the night end there. Marland would sniff at that and say "Chubby Chaser!" : )
  4. I have extremely bad taste as I loved it...Holly was the only woman who was freed from Rauch's bad pastel biz suits in wearing her leather jacket and she was at least a smart stalker, and she didn't do anything irredeemable. Though kidnapping all those brats was just not Holly's style...(she would call a babysitter...)I just wish they had let her incorporate some of that look and bad girl ness into her persona going forward. Instead, she is stuck dating...BUZZ????
  5. That promo would have made me watch even if I had no clue what GL was. And I might say Ed was looking very DILFY in this commercial, something PS never was..Marland was a dumbass for that. I only watched a little of the Doctors before class and Zimmer was a site...its too bad she had to be REVA all the time..she played conflicted bad girl great..
  6. Totally agree, even with Mo dead, Alex a shrew, Buzz chewing the scenery, Clones, etc. GL was still GL. I think that Conwest just totally f*cked it up and Wheeler had no clue or the capacity to change course. Alex as a drug dealer? Ben the serial killer berated by Whomever Brad Cole was playing that week, Antimonious, Rick and Phillip having a hand in Ross' death and yes, Jammy, Gush and the Coopers suddenly becoming the ultra clean core family (remember the few months they took over the Bauer house) killed it However, I do have to say that San Cristobel really opened the crypt door for the show. Its like a bad early 90s show like Sunset Beach was grafted on to GL and we had two locations, with two sets of characters and the only link being Reva.
  7. I liked that Lisa was acting "kooky" to disarm people, including that guy who she bribed...(I love it, thats a Alexandra Spauling move right there.) I think it was wrong for Marland to take away her family...it was cool that she finally had one of her own to meddle with. But really Lisa, that mansion is uglier then hell! I never understood why no one questioned how Betsy came back with not only a new face but an actually brain! HA...interviews with the cast say that Santos Artega was the opposite of Pa Hughes and always had younger women and married one. Now THAT would have gotten Oakdale riled up
  8. Lisa had a lot of fun stuff to do during this time, right after Fulton's return and Whit was killed off. She got to scheme against Lucy, investigate the murder, fall in love with Bob again, meddle in her children, step children and various young people living at the mansions life, etc. The show was sloppy and all over the place at this time but fun...(Betsy's hair made her look 45.) Also, Lisa was about to call Lucy a bitch in that line about the dog.
  9. Wow..I forgot how "pretty" Frank was back in the day. He played a good normal guy but they never figured out he couldn't do the angst or angry young man thing. I remember he and Mindy being kinda sexy together..much better then annoying Rusty. I wonder how Maeve would have worked with RR's Alan. In the later years I would have killed off Matt and had Van in the Alex role..asserting her power at Spaulding.
  10. Vanessa and Billy on GL... MK even commented that he times she sees the actor, who she loves, she automatically wants to slap him out of habit!!!
  11. I always thought that of Jonathon on GL...he always seemed that he would be up to be with anyone, but not for fun but for sick kicks and power over them...kind of Reva's sexual ID turned inside out. Holden would have been great as that also but soaps always had to do a boring gay storyline like Lily's kid where everyone is so bland.
  12. LOL..that was because it was located at the bend of the river, but yea, it was weird..they didn't say, "I'm stopping by Reva's house to blackmail her.." it was..."I drove past REVABEND...and saw Alan's limo parked outside!!!" It was like it was Southfork or something. They had to get rid of the Lewis house as it was falling apart. That set had been around since the early 90s as Van and Billy's house and they didn't have the money (the show) to maintain it.
  13. I wish some writer would of thrown in some Easter Eggs, and have Roger be behind a new residential developement called "Selby Flats" (so Alex could steal Khan's line "Sound like skid row!") or when Philiip had his really stupid plan to knock down Company (did we ever know how he just acquired the mortgage) and rename 7th street Five Points... And Victoria Foxton..you stole my heart with that gif of Chelsea being electrocuted when touching the mic...if only that happened each time...
  14. I have no idea why the would let her get away..Alex vs. Annie would have been much more fun then another retread of Jeva vs. Annie..and a stupid trial where the damn clone had to be mentioned again. I think Marj would have stayed around even on recurring if she was actually given things to do..but I remember her saying she wasnt scheduled after her inital scenes so.. Dumb especially with India back..imagine Alex gloating to Blake that whore India was screwing Ross! E & B were really bad at letting support characters disappear for weeks at a time but shoving Reva/Josh/Cassie Mob/Princes...down our throats.
  15. Agree on all the points people made on this topic, but I grew up in a town in Central Illinois and too international companies ADM and Staley's (well, parent company Tate & Lyle) were based there. (its such a weird town that Warren Buffet's son lives there and is now the unpaid Sheriff) So its not totally weird but those businesses are related to farm and agriculture, not Lewis Oil (why the f*ck did that move to Springfield) and God knows what Spaulding or Walsh Enterprises actually produced. I can even see a media company in the 80s being situated in a midwest town in the center of the country..but they needed to explain that ( "Darling this is a burg, but the cost of living is so low we don't have to pay as much and I have easy access to all my stations in the country.") What I hated was all the Yachts (uh, a yacht on a lake in a landlocked town???) and international flights coming in and out.
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