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  1. Totally ! It was mostly a plot to put Lisa closer to Bob but Chuckie seems to have been forgotten so quickly... Wow...and really made Lisa seem her bitchiest...her son dies and she is mooning for Bob?? And from the synopsis it seems as if everyone just went along with life. "Oh Chuckie is dead...well how is Joyce??" I know Marland wanted to bring him back instead of making up Scott Eldridge, but Fulton said, "Nancy Hughes buried him and whomever Nancy Hiughes buries stays dead!" I think it would have been cool if Shea was still alive and faked his kids death to punish Lisa and then they both came back years later.
  2. I think that was what the writers lost near the end of Bev's tenure and all during Marj..Alex felt the ends justified the means but she had a heart, she wasn't just a rich bitch. I think only Long got that. Hm..interesting thought..however, I think Alex the Queen of Manipulation and Subterfuge would have issues with Mr. Law and Order Mike enough without a third wheel...(though if it got Van away from being mealy mouth Mrs. Billy Lewis. Though I wonder if Long was heading towards Lillian winning the day and being Mrs. Mike Bauer which is interesting when you think of what lay in the future for Lillian and the Bauers.
  3. Agreed..they did a total disservice to Frankie D by making him not only a cop, but chief of police. He just did not have the strong personality of a leader to convince us as one and well, he was dumber then a box of rocks...(he should have been a cop in one of the Halloween movies he is so dumb...) He worked as a nice guy always ready to help out..i would have had him at Lewis construction as I would have also burned that damn diner down. I did like Frank and Harley's relationship. NuEleni was dull as dirt so I have no idea who I would pair him with..Bridget? I always kind of liked the thought of as people would call them.."Frick" and have the new core couple be two nice middle gay guys.
  4. She probably did when she was Mousey Mrs. Billy Lewis..which is why I could never stand them together....though I loved Billy, she was way too push overy with him.
  5. Yea, but even then, and I am not Frankie D's biggest fan (he has a soap guardian angel looking after him to stay employed all these years) but even when he was looking his best...the guy came off as this big, friendly and you gotta admit, kind of dumb guy you would see anywhere. But then all my friends, who watched crap like "Days" would say, "You watch those shows with all the ugly people" uh..I wish I was that ugly!
  6. I think that and generally the story lines were more relatable...(the before clones, etc.) The P & G soaps at that time was a heightened reality of people who seemed "real" but were of course, better looking then the average person, with storylines that were dramatic but you could still see Bob and Kim discussing it over breakfast. A particular example of this was when MADD took over and they started casting generic looking models...(of particular note on GL the Spaulding Board, which always had consisted of actors who were older men and maybe one or two older women, somehow trnsitioned into 30 somethings who would look more at home at a gym then a board room.) That handsome guy who played David Stenbeck was recast with that porny looking actor, etc. I remember they recast Cassie's ex husband on GL with that guy from Sunset Beach and a spokesperson was saying "Women are going to be tuning in to just drool over (whatever his name is) which really told it all, they thought their viewers were a bunch of drooling idiots!
  7. Hmmm, sexy young Ross..oh how I would love to be on the other end of one of his stern lectures..though he needs to be wearing his glasses too! I always thought Ross and Van would have been good end game for patriarch and matriarch of SF. I never thought he and Blake would last (though the Bloss people would go nuts..) and she and Matt were ehhh, and there was no way I could see Van putting up with Billy's crap when she was older. This was the Sheri Anderson mess years...I never got why Alex was running a gallery with Maureen and dating H.B.???? But it was all leading up to the Christine Valerre stuff which made no sense.
  8. I haven't watched a soap since GL and ATWT went off the air, and its actually pretty entertaining..just to see the old pros go at..see really bad soap action...Mardevil hitting Julie with a hospital tray had me yelling at the TV like the old days and just the pure and utter soap campiness of it all (I never really watched Days so unlike a clone invading Springfield, this is fun.) The rest of the show really sucks.
  9. Who would she have played..Margo? If only Deas had truly been an FOJ and followed her right off of GL! Not only roasted, but can you imagine if that happened now and the lawsuit which would ensue..especially with her being so bold and proud about firing a man who was ill?
  10. Oh how I hated AM and Lucy, but that is a popular opinion I am sure..however..I love having Nola back and didn't think her more...dourly (i.e. Ivaesque) personality was bad at first, it just went on too long. I didn't like that Long turned her into a caricature and then really a nobody, and it makes sense that an older Nola who found out her life was not going to be a movie with Prince Charming (never was a big Quola fan but then I hated super couples see AM and Lucy, so stifling for a character and story perspective...) and ended up back at the Boardinghouse and square one. However, Nola should have shaken that off and found out, its not bad at all and maybe where she should have been all along, and then she becomes the Lisa of GL connected to all the characters and moving exposition along as gossip and nosing into everyone's business. I also thought Buzz was almost tolerable with her..Brown was NOT letting him step on her lines and yes, I liked Jenna but only when she was out of the Buzz propping world...)again, my "Supercouple" hate..) I could see Nola and Buzz hooking up when he found a woman who would not take his crap...but of course, Nola of all people was stalking the little troll man who would not get off my screen....
  11. Oh now, I have to go back and watch that scene and imagine a clown coming in and spraying Alex with a seltzer bottle..."Grrr...Rog....UGGGH" dancing girls kicking across the floor along with dancing poodles and a girl with flaming batons. The only thing truly missing was Deas...spitting, flapping those arms around, and chewing the table out from under fauxBilly.
  12. Okay, I know I am most likely the only GL viewer who found Det. Levy kind of sexy..in a real person kind of way. He just disappeared after they made Moron Frank a cop right?
  13. That is hilarious..who in their right mind would be a baby into a room that they hear people shrieking and chairs falling over (though remember how conveniently Peter was forgotten by Van so they could get Bridget out of town." I do have to say it Roger's comments to Alex are pretty hilarious...."I wouldn't touch you if you were the last woman on earth and any honest man in this would would have to agree with me" You can see JFP's coming through there, as Alex is tranformed from a powerful woman wronged to a shrieking jealous vindictive "old" bag. Is there something missing in the scene as it seems to to 0 to 60 in no time...with Alex screwing her face up and popping those eyes and EVERYONE screaming like its a hillbilly hoedown as Alan would say of the Lewises. MG is the ONLY one to have a more realistic reaction of calming Billy down and then telling Roger to get out..though I can't tell if her smirk is Holly's usual defensive wryness or if MG thought it was all cheap and hilarious. Still, I miss big events like that where everyone got together in each other's stories...(how often would you see Holly and Billy interacting in later years...forget about that dumb dating thing.)
  14. Well, it was probably less then a year after Dan died. I think that the real problem was that Nick found out his wife Andrea was still alive in Greece and Kim STILL jumped in the sack with him. Hays did sell her house in Illinois and had a large estate sale, with many ATWT items, I wish I had known, but I would feel morbid going through Kim Hughes house! She did go to the same facility as her mom as she knew the staff and loved the level of care. I have no idea what her situation is in terms of dementia, etc.
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