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  1. Wasnt this the Jan/Feb where Tom and Margo were stuck in Mr. Big's castle??? I can see why those ratings made them think they could do another one in the summer and other GH kind of stuff but it didnt work long term.
  2. Too bad about Eplin...a sexy guy doing unsexy behavior. I can also think of a lot people who would have been happy to have GA appear at their door naked, but if he was trying to be an ass..I can see he and O'Leary being assholes together in their younger days..I wonder why Krista was left unscathed..I think she knew how to handle them, and Evans was an only kid right???
  3. Philip Brown would have made a sexy Ben Warren..wonder why he was replaced?
  4. I always thought Eplin, on ATWT seemed to give a relaxed, "guy" vibe..neither super stud, nor villain nor nice guy...just a normal guy...(on AW it was a different story..) I liked him on the show and thought he worked well with everyone..( I thought he was a better fit then Scott Holmes Tom but...) I know he had a run in with the actor who played "Eddie-Man" but that was because the Eddie actor was being an ass...sorry to hear his other issue...but now can understand why he was never on another soap. I can't believe Rauchie (GL ) never had a "Me-Too" issue.
  5. These Fulton columns are hilarious!!! I can't believe someone called her a pig!!! I love Fulton promoting her line of clothes from "J.C.Penny" and her bitchy responses...she might be closer to Lisa then we thought!! More Kitsch please!!!
  6. LOL..she was the inspiration for GL's Amanda..the "Malibu Madame!"
  7. Yea, Runyon had gotten a big ego (which he even admits) and thought he was the "star" of the show (I think during Bunim's time she told an extra that he couldnt actually touch Runyeon during a fight as he was "the star" of the show...) and with that ego and a producer pushing it I can see where they thought magic could strike again with another actress, but it didn't . Runyeon was fine in a ensemble as Steve but he thought he was Fulton/Lucci/Zimmer roled into one overacting man. They underestimated what Ryan brought to the role though her fidgety tics got on my nerves.
  8. LOL..I actually like Holden the DILF more then StudHolden...I never liked that "smouldering"thing. And I liked Holden better with some weight on him. and he acted like a real dad worried about his kid..(kind of like I thought Josh Lewis was sexier when he was a family guy and not running around shouting "REEVVAAA" at the top of his lungs...).though I do admit that hair was really freaking bad!!!
  9. While Hart WAS boring and dumb as a box of rocks...(I cant imagine Roger ever just wondering if he was indeed his kid) Grillo wasn't bland himself. He was totally miscast in that role...(Hart the blond midwestern farm boy becomes a roided out Italian New Yorker???) I would have loved to see Grillo as a Santos, as he would actually make an edgy scary mobster. Its too bad he wasnt cast as Danny's brother, who actually survived and HE was the one who wanted Chele out of the way...he would make a more intimidating villain and mob boss then silly campy Carmen.
  10. Oh my God...I thought I remembered every bad episode from that era ATWT but I do not remember this one! Jay was hot and it was funny that he looked so natural and skinny. Now the "hunk" would have huge pecs and abs and be totally cut. It was kind of nice that Jay, Frannie and Kirk looked like cute normal young people.
  11. Forsyth is sex on a stick...my first TV crush in high school where I would watch Texas just to see him...(and all my fellow jocks wondering why I watch a soap...) and still have a thing for tall dark haired guys in suits..(which he wore on Texas.) Mathis...is...an acquired taste I think..she is a bit too precious for me..(but of course if I was her the storyline would end as I would have pounced on him under that tree!_
  12. Great episode..unfortunately the creeping in of Buzz mania was starting but the rest of the show was tight. I didn't think Barbara Crampton was bad as Mindy and I hated her as Mindy at the time. I think Lewis Arlt who was subbing for JVD would have made a good Ed recast.
  13. Hated Hunt as Lizzie but I liked the chemistry with her and Marj. Marj never had the "young person" maternal thing that Bev had as Alex, who could be ripping Roger apart in one scene and then calmly having a discussion with Phillip or A-M or whomever, the next.
  14. I thought Jean Carol's Nadine and Simon's Ed would have been interesting! She would bring the warmth and fun to Ed. Actually, I would have recast Simon, I thought he was a cold fish, but Ed and Nadine would have been fun and took Nadine out of Buzz (EWWWW) orbit.
  15. Actually, there was Lyla dating Bob at the time that Kim was dating Nick..Miranda came after. They must have been thinking Nick and Lisa as there is a scene where you can tell they were chemistry testing. I think putting a delay in Kim and Bob was good but yes they should have been end game. A bit of jealousy on Nick's part of Kim always going to her "pal" for advice and that they just plain have fun together(Nick is the kind of guy you could see would not have ever thought of a woman as a friend) especially if buttinsky John dropped their past history on him! Nick and Lisa would have been fun for a few months...they are fighting, all the time and Nick is drawn naturally toward Kim and her stability...but Kim is still grieving, finally Nick and Lisa break off and Lisa, showing her wordliness is not jealous.."Kim, date him...it was a great time but we don't work out..it was fun , it was fine, we are freinds now and that s it...oh, and the sex is great!"
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