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  1. God was this bad! It looked like an old Skinemax soft core porn thing..I was expecting to see some tastefull nudity and simulated sex. Was lil' Billy Warlock supposed to be a tough guy? Who did they think would want to watch this crap? I thought it was nice that Nancy considered Margo a much of a Hughes as anyone else, and Margo kept her identity but still considered herself a Hughes. And then there is problem that Scott Holmes couldnt display any warmth even with Wagner .
  2. I think it was more MADD then anyone else..she LOVED her formula, which for her was to create a "super couple" (I hate that..) and break them up, make them up, break them up..etc. Jeva, Manny, Ross and Blake..(before they got bored with them..) boring as hell. I wish someone would write about the last days of P&G productions and Televest to show what really was going on. MADD seemed to be running scared all the time so she alternated from throwing crap at the wall to see if it stuck to being afraid to move away from a formula. But if as others wrote, even at the start of her regime, that she was hired in mind to shut it all down and she had a golden parachute...why was she so afraid?
  3. I actually think its interesting that its all the women who were involved in this iconic storyline...they should have MG there but I know she was on the other, but the Holly/Chelle relationship, which disappeared when they recast Chelle was really interesting and I think ground breaking in its own right, you have these two wounded people, one who really was a terrible mother, and another who just lost Mother of the Year, and an adult who deals with this kid where she was, without pulling any punches or trying to baby here. Aghh.you lost me on the Alan/Beth stuff...I know what you mean and seen the validity of it but..yuckk! I would have liked, if she did have a split, and not a dumb ho like Loreli...that they proceeded with the storyline as it was done at first...AlterBeth marries Alan to get his power and to keep him in the nuthouse...Alan marries Beth to smoke Phillip out but does not realize what he has got himself into until he is trapped. Then both of them play a game against each other, with Alex playing them both....(I just cant deal with Gus being Alans kid and the whole Harley is president of a Multinaitonal Corporation....)
  4. LOL..that is PROGRESS!!! A Beth's transformation could have been one that was totally believable if they had explained it and given it time. I could see an abuse survivor (Bradley.Dr. Blackburn,Roy and yes, psychologically Alan) turning inward and cold and perhaps even acting out sexually...but they needed the other characters, especially Phillip, Rick, Lillian and Alex, to comment on this and suggest therapy. They were kind of going there with Loreli or whatever, but that was just stupid. A cold, calculating split who takes over when Beth feels a threat (for example, when Phillip, her knight, was with Harley..or when Phillip was dead and Gus was trying to take his place as 1st son...) could have been good, if they have to go over the top, but I would rather they explain it as post trauma and then Beth get help...She could have still been more bitchy then Judi Evans saint character but..
  5. What happened on ATWT..I really liked her as Lyla (sorry, I always thought AS was boring and faded into the word work.) She seemed like a tough survivor and thought that worked well against Hastings and the rest of the Hughes family. It was a weird transitional period for the show as the Dobsons either by their choice or forced to...were phasing out the importance of Chris and Nancy and the tightness of the Hughes family..was that felt behind the scenes?
  6. LOL.. Saucer of milk...table 2!!! Actually, it looked like a nice wedding...I HATE the matching tux thing with the couples dog as the flower girl!!
  7. Amnesia Chelle?? Remember when they wanted to turn the lighthouse into a nightclub..apparently the writers and producers have never been in a lighthouse as there is no room...and wasnt' the Beacon there with Olivia's bar?
  8. To each their own..I never thought of TP as pretty...but. And I think he was more subtle his first few months..but maybe he wasnt on as much until Kreizman started writing him everyday.
  9. LOL..I thought he was much younger also..hes only a bit younger them me...and Im ancient. I thought he was a really good Chris Hughes..I know he needed help in the acting but he came off as really nice without being bland and I liked his chemistry with all the women, romantic or not...he was really good with the Hughes ladies...Kim, Nancy and Lisa and I especially loved his protectiveness over "Gram." And he was pretty before but wow, he aged into those looks. Dylan Bruce looks like a bland underwear model, never got the love on him.
  10. Totally agree...I mean look a Paulo in essentially the same role. I also think the thing about TP...was that he wasn't a generic pretty boy, and he brought, more a first, a sexual energy that most of the young male soap stars cant...they look like they just want to screw themselves. I sound like a TP fanboy which I am not..his run exhausted me but again, it was more the writing (taking Jonathon in the generic bad boy with a heart of gold TWU wuv thing was such a waste and I think he ovecompensated when he could) and directing.
  11. I don't get why they didn't just keep Nola on recurring while Lisa worked backstage..she could have kept Company (so the stank of the Coopers didnt infect it) and just been like an Amy Vinning, but at the bar, getting in everyone's business.
  12. She tested with another actor she wanted in the role..she made no bones he was a better actor but not muscular and that an net exec wanted Paulo...(the dreaded Babs Bloom who came up with the clone..did she want him to bone her.??) Probably RB let Paulo know it...and Paulo resented it. They should have written that on screen, Springfield's princess looking down on the hot dumb guy but wanting to get some ..and it might have worked better. Except Alan is old enough to be his dad..uggh, like an old creeper at a bar.. I had no idea who that actor was or who Max was or that Drew adopted..or how Selena was her mom and who cares...that era of GL sucked. I watched an Christmas Eve episode and instead of it being at the Bauers they are at Phillip and Harleys house..which was HUGE (looked like the took parts of the Bauer living room to make it) and there is Selena and Drew and Buzz windmilling and Beth acting like a freaking bitch and..I understood why I stopped watching then.
  13. LOL..he was annoying when he was on the show..in the few scenes he was actually awake. Did they ask him to do his Speedy Gonzales voice???That bordered on soap parody. The Drew actress as Stacey..that would have been good..but Rauchie and MADD wanted to do their new versions of all old characters built around Jeva. I have been watching some of poor Nola's last days, before she got her last big storyline, and she is just ..there..Nola Reardon is just there. They have a really poorly written scene helping Matt build the Dream House to somehow conjure Vanessa back..and all the ladies are going on about how happy they are to be with a man...with the GL theme playing..the theme reserved for sentimental scenes or a character barring their soul (cause the end all and be all is to have a man and be in a couple..) and Nola is just sadly..."Well, I hope your ladies luck rubs off on me." Unfortunately it was better then her duping an amnesia Buzz butt.
  14. I agree on that...the fun part was the supernatural aspects, i.e. Tabby's latest scheme and that was really the only part of it I watched (who coudlnt love a show that had a guest appearance from Dr. Bombay!) The model guys with shaved chests and jutting pecs and the women who were waiting around for a man part I skipped.
  15. No I agree, the story worked for the time, but it WAS time to move on. The whole premise was kind of a retro write in Alex feeling betrayed by someone who she welcomed into her home (Alex, while not being mean to her..always had Mindy's number even with Krista playing her..and looked down on the Lewis family) but if you accept that premise I was good with it and it was refreshing that she was more angry by that a family friend betrayed her then Roger. By having her still look down on Mindy and make snide remarks after that would be fine...but then Marj comes in and SHRIEKS about Mindy the WHORE..and it just brought it all down. As for Pelphery..I do feel that he is very talented but not the second coming...I think the actors and fans like to see something positive in those horrible last few years and he was a bright spot. I do think the he got Deas Virus where everyone proclaimed his greatness and he began to believe it and no directors ever pulled him back and the writing supported his worst tendancies...I CAN see in Ozark how good he could have been with some reigning in and subtle writing. I hope he does well as he seems like a nice guy who really respects the GL opportunity.
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