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  1. I am sure she only listened to the Manny fans...by that with San Crud so many long time fans with a few brain cells just left...(I must have been missing a few as I stayed...and I am sure because of it, lost more) and the crazy couple queens took over. Though I agree I think SS could have breathed life into Carmen if she had some writing. The few scenes Carmen had with Van were good...except..typical Rauch, totally cartoony (Van pulling a gun???) but you could see where there was actual drama and acting that could come from a confrontation between a Latina upstart and the old guard of SF.
  2. Yea..the talk shows have to be much cheaper then soaps...one set, a whole bunch of product placements, and studios to pay the show to have the hosts fawn over the stars..and, no crazy fans writing in constantly. I do think that soaps are of course living on in other platforms an d that the its interesting that Amazon has jumped on the bandwagon of "serialized stories" with is Vella product. The stories are even called "episodes" and you get the first three free and then you need to pay for the rest. They are written by Indie authors and who knows how good they are, but I think it would be interesting if someone like Nancy Curlee would write a continuation of ATWT and or GL as I do believe there is still an audience for that. P & G tried to do that with GL but it was on Twitter and didn;t work well. I know the continuing print stories thing has been around since Dickens (and most likely before) but its interesting how Amazon is packaging these to close to being soaps..tho of different types...(love stories, mysteries, humor.)
  3. Yea, I never understand why businesses have to be multinational corporations...why not just the largest corporation in that part of the state? Why the rich families have to be some of the richest in the country and yes, the ridiculous airports...(cause who cares, has their ever been an exciting airport scene on a soap?) why a surgeon has to be "The foremost expert in the country," its just all so dumb...and I grew up watching them! Bwhaha...as if JH was ever hired for his acting abilities! He was just lucky that he was hired at the perfect point where his looks intersected with what the show needed..he actually had the body of a farm boy...(muscle but not roided out like Linc...beefy, ) pictured with a face that could only be a soap farm boy and gave off a surly sexual vibe. To the shows credit I can't believe they didn't go with a skinny twink (like Aaron) or a sculpted muscle model...Holden looked like he ate Emma's cooking and drank beer. I did think he was fine as a middle aged dad who sometimes screwed up...again, he looked like a cute suburban dad and he developed a nice way with the younger actors. And yes, I would love to hear about his problematic personal life..though I read so much on Datalounge about it but of course, take that with a grain of salt!
  4. Agreed..EF was the first soap star to hire a publicist (or so I heard) and she paved the way for the divas to come so I am sure this, and her bodyguard was a ploy...(probably started and the guard paid for by Fulton herself.)
  5. Ha! However, I don't think you can find too many our ring suburbs that have spies, rich scottish muscle men (straight) with transported castles or a beloved flamboyant town busy body running around with feather boas either but...I can see a doctors wife..who also has her own considerable wealth, dressing like that...just not day in and day out...(we never see anyone but the farm folk in jeans..) I do think the geography of Oakdale is a bit bizarre. I always thought it was a city close to Chicago that yes, in later years would be an outer ring suburb..but not only the Snyder farm but other farms make it seem more Central Illinois then anything else. Its the same as Springfield which could not possibly be in Illinois as it has a lighthouse, so it would have to be Michigan but...
  6. Yes, and at that time it was criticized as it was a retread of Ed/Holly/Roger. thought watered down...(it was a mistrial...) and besides John, with dull characters.
  7. I think she would have been much betters as Cassie..(LW always looked like a suburban prom queen to me...and West has a more..earthiness to her) and I think she and Zimmer would have a natural "wariness" which would have made it interesting
  8. Dee was no go getting bright bulb to begin with...she seemed half drugged every day..but she took a sleeping pill....thought it was pervey Brad ( she moaned..Braaadddd..) but it was actually pervey John and did the deed..I think she "woke up" in the middle of it...anyway, it was offensive on all levels. I think if the Dobsons kind of wanted us to see it as David pressing Dee to charge John, and the Hughes and the rest of the town backing him up as John was a total pariah at that time. But the problem was it made David into a creepy ass to put his daughter through a trial, made everyone else in town look almost as bad, and both Dee and Ellen seemed like passive drippy women being led by their noses by David. So really, resources of the police and the courts were wasted as two influential families indulged in a revenge suit against an old foe. And John was ran over not shot (that happened later) and blinded. Right after that we had the writers strike and endless scenes in Margos cottage with John...and then Dee visiting to try to get a divorce, then Tom or Brad yelling at John, Brad gazing into the sky when Dee's name was mentioned..Lisa chasing after pervy Brad...James twirling his mustache as a dumb Margo couldn't see what was going on, Ellen worried about a missing David, and a bunch of newbies running around town..it was a horrible summer!
  9. If you read Marland's bible for the first six months Lily is very well defined as a spoiled little b*tch..and actually she seemed more fun and more sexual...I think they toned it down to go with Martha's energy and to make her more hesitant about wanting Holden to get it going..so not to scare off that age group of viewers.
  10. I actually admire that in her..but it does come through very clearly in her acting. Now Zimmer never could hide the fact but Reva was supposed to be overbearing at times...Cassie was treated like a virgin saint and she just came off as someone would cut you if crossed. I wish they had played that up when she first came on, and have her be more antagonistic with Reva and everyone else. No one could have sold the Cassie/Josh/Reva story..LW always played scenes with RN like a sister...but it would have at least had more impact..all of a sudden this wishy washy woman is with Josh and calling herself Cassie...but she was blond and I am sure came cheap.
  11. Wow..I thought Vicky was dull as dishwater! But I do agree with the previous poster who says that Dee suddenly became the unattainable goddess of love in Oakdale. Brad was obsessed with her (did they ever explain WHY he married Annie when he would stare off into space at the mere mention of Dee's name??) John was obsessed with her (even offering her the real ring and giving Ariel a fake one when Dee rejected him and he married Ariel...for...reason???) James was obsessed with her and they even chemistry tested she and Tom during a writer's strike. I liked Jackie but she had horrible writing and just stared into the camera with her mouth open...(apparently Jackie and Colleen were fighting it out to be the STAR of ATWT and the girl who played Bab's sister got caught in the middle and fired..which was too bad..she would have been a good character for Marland.)
  12. Of if only they had a scene of Ada doing that to Rachel..a.k.a. LadyEyesABugging as they call her on DL!
  13. I love that Ford is pointing out the artificiality of the scenes and the sets. No one ever in the history of soaps (or any TV show..) has a TV or radio on unless there is a bulletin about the latest kidnapping or murder in town. I also love that she does not want to say, "Hang it all"!!! ( I am sure Ford had another phrase they couldn't use...)
  14. It seems up to marrying Whit Lisa was upper middle class (as was almost everyone in Oakdale at the time.) She ran the bookstore and then Fashions, etc. It was after Whit that she starting collecting businesses "like she used to men" as someone wrote in a soap mag.
  15. So insane that CBS/PG didn't hire her as a consultant or head writer...God, can imagine if we got her instead of McTavish or E & B?
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