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  1. Except...that death meant nothing and had no effect (well maybe Ron Raines screwed up his face to look slightly more grumpy) No one really bought Gus as a Spaulding, and when he died it was like..okay. Writers blab that stuff all the time...the actor left the show they killed him off, end of story.
  2. I just watched that 1980s ATWT episode on You Tube which was the first appearance of Margo, and the Masked Ball, etc. The other actress was playing Lyla. I know most people like AS' Lyla..(I thought her dull as dishwater) and I liked this version, she was age appropriate for Bob, and she was a bit tougher and grittier...I thought she would have brought a good mix to the Hughes family if they had married. Anyone else like her better? The episode is hilarious with pervy Brad learing at Dee, Lisa being her typical buttinsky in Dee and John's relationship, a practical cameo for poor Nancy and Chris, David going to bribe John, Nick the [!@#$%^&*] with a very much sedate, pre KIDDO Kim, and a porny Cricket.
  3. Betsy Von Furstenburg on a weird recast on ATWT. She was a good fill in for Fulton when she was sick, and they tapped her as a recast when Fulton left the show. BVF sounded like Fulton, but was way too of the manner born and didn't have the energy Fulton had. However, Fulton was going through such a weird phase on ATWT then (dying her hair a weird shade to get attention, playing Lisa as if she was practically retarded, stuttering all the time..) it was a relief to have someone play a more mature Lisa. I wonder if BVF would have made a good Alex recast instead of poor Marj who was terrible.
  4. I think she was supposed to be a singer when introduced, but then she was supposed to be the youngest Reardon...(we all know Nola was) and "wilder" then Nola, which she was not. And yes, she did not seem to be from a Midwestern working class Irish family when she would get up..."Ima gonna sing you all a little ditty here.." At least she sang standards..I HATED when Lyla would get up to sing that dumb ass song of hers which was entrancing the population. Other singing that made sense.. as annoying as it was when Lisa would climb up on that piano and swing those pearls...(she always reminder me of the Madame doll) it made sense, it was her restaraunt and she was eccentric Lisa who would think people would want to hear her warbling ...and I can see in real life people actually going to a place like that and expecting the crazy owner to get up and sing...especially gay guys...(how the Mona Lisa was not a gay mecca in Oakdale.. with Lisa, the drama and constant gossip...) And I did like when they had Gilly on GL sing, as she was in a band and it was part of her gig and people werent going GAGA over her singing (like they were with Lyla on ATWT.)
  5. She was Marland's pet so..thank God they stopped that crap after Marland! So good ole Chelsea Reardon went on to torture OLTL fans like she did on GL?
  6. That would be good, though maybe it would have to be one of the incessant fires starting at 5th street as didnt they change in the winter? A tornado would be good as it could (in addition to explaining how the rusted junk got in Harley's back yard.) explain the sets and taken out a couple of characters...("Oh my God I saw Buzz flying past my window...still flapping those damn arms!" ) and perhaps the nado clips the Spaulding mansion...knocking down the "east wing," where Alan was keeping Phillip. and as a metaphor for the show you see a hand come out of the rubble and its GA as Phillip...
  7. I thought it would have been great to film in a nice charming college town and to develop a relationship with the university to have internships for their students , both in production and writing. Maybe the college would defray some expenses and allow students and staff in the shots (so Springfield would not look like a ghost town..) and give the show some vibrancy and energy. Doubling a real college with Springfield University would be great.. I have no idea what the union and contract regulations would be but.. THAT would have been good but so much over Krazy Kreizman's head..Alex could remember when she was homeless after Brandon kicked her out..(bringing the character back to her roots and establishing a sympathy and humanity over Dusay's shriecking caricature...) and Dinah can remember what it was like to be on the run and hungry...relating real stuff to character's history without retro writing crap. Alex and Dinah would have their own unusual ways to get things done..."Yes Mr. Bixby you will sell move the permits through or I will show Mrs. Bixby this incriminating photo of you feeling up Dinah!" People JUMPED on my on the Facebook GL thing when I said the whole thing was stupid..they just didnt get that it made no sense, I wasnt interested in watching the actors do anything but act as their characters, and it was a waste of time and energy when we were on the chopping block!
  8. Good lord how the mighty have fallen..wasnt she such a big star that P& G sent a helicopter to get her to work everyday? Oh honey, I hope you saved your money... Seriously, hope she has beat the demon drink. As for Zimmer, I would have volunteered to be her designated driver, in between bars and stops for burriots and tacos...(You just know Kimmer likes to eat when she has a few..) I would throw out names and listen to her bitch about them..."UH, Kimmer... Ehlers.." Kimmer "You already did that one," Me. "Yea, but I love it when you call her a ho!..) After that we would prank call Wheeler...."Im the ghost of GL...you KILLLED me Ellen, you KILLED me.." and "Uh, Mrs. Wheeler, this is the Peapack Tourism Dept..the police want those parking tickets paid and we are suing you for making our beautiful town look like [!@#$%^&*] to the 3 viewers GL had left!"
  9. Never got the Carl Rachel thing...when I watched in college on and off, he was trying to kill her and her family...too much suspension of belief to think that Rachel would accept him...and yea, I am with the network, the long hair on that old guy....only soap opera watching "fraus" : ) would think that was HOT or exotic. But I can't believe they gave "old" people a love story so there is a plus there.
  10. Long did get burned by the Matt Weiss storyline..(like..what was so controversial about having a jewish character???? Though I don't think he and BE really had any sparks, and at that time BE had chem with everyone...) She wanted to bring Reva back as a "ghost" or figment of Marah's imagination for Christmas and the brass said no...no doubt waiting for Zimmer to come back as a live Reva. But of course, JFP under pressure from the brass to bring Zimmer back, dug her hands in the old "bad idea," well and created "Ghost Reva." I think Ghost Reva is a bad idea no matter who executes it so I can see CBS thinking that idea was crap by why green light it a couple years later? And I loved MOL as Rick in his younger days but they badly needed to do a recast. I remember when JFP was thinking on bringing him back they were going to recast but MOL had his fans write in...Good ole JFP, right after she killed off Ed's fiance she said, "Well, we lost an Almost Bauer, but got back a REAL Bauer." That broad could spin anything!
  11. I'm wondering when McLaiby's content takes over. I remember the end of the horrible ghost story (Reva fans, you aint seen nothing yet) and it immediately cuts to Reva coming out of her coma, and I know the Laibson signed Kimmer not JFP. I think it was an interesting time on the show.
  12. Actually, I think Phelps fired her...(at the nets request) and Laibson hired Budig..(again at P & G or CBS request, her father was very powerful.) I the Lil Billy recast, I could understand, after Budig was there he looked like he was three compared to her...but the recast (whose mother was famous author..people quite hiring actors based on family connections) was terrible. Donna, don't mean to jump on the bandwagon but can you at least minimize the picture you are using...it takes time to scroll over it and while I like the blue, I can live without seeing it six times again and again.....: )
  13. They had to ruin Phillip and Olivia by making them get married(?) and throwing in that weird troll looking actress to play Lizzie like a cross between a more psychotic Sami from Days and Paris Hilton, both who had seen their day (I hate it when soaps try to follow trends as they always do it as the trend is dying or already dead..) Dorian and David...lol..less sexy and more like a gay guy and his best middle aged gal pal...
  14. Wasn't Phillip and Olivia Taggert/Rauch..didn't ConWest break them up...or marry them..I totally quit watching during that time..(well not totally) and can't remember. Phillip and Olivia were smoking hot but they should never be together as in the usual boring soap couple trying go get together and then marrying briefly. They should have always been antogonistic "lovers" who would find their way back to each other in between other people. Why does every soap couple have to lead to marriage??? And yes, the only time I like Cassie was with her and Edmund though it made no sense., and they turned Eddie into a bore then. Poor DAM never really had a good sexy partner in crime...Carmen always seemed like a drag queen to me.
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