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  1. Soapy Stuff of which I'll never tire

    A black gloved hand caressing the photo of the next intended vicitm..while off kilter music plays to show that the gloved one is...off kilter...if we know the killer an added plus is a voice over...."Its now time for you to go for a long sleep,,," Marland used to do the door way "Its YOU!" quite often on Friday, but on Monday it would be a normal "Its you" and a friend comes in..I never got tired of the eavesdropping right when someone is about to say who someone's real father or mother is...
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Stop it..your making me love that old bitch even more!!!!She could have showed Reilly how to do grisly death..with no camp!!!
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    A bride who burns to death in her dress, a wheelchair pushed into traffic by kids..Damn Irna...I would be all in to watching that!! I like that a show as supposedly "old fashioned" and waspy could be so damn dark. I loved Ehlers version of Irna...the first (and last) time I liked her acting in years. I never understood if they wanted to put ATWT and GL to bed they didnt do it with style and go out on a high note with good writing. Also just announce.."Hey we are done" and set a date a few years out, instead it limped along and just dwindled away.
  4. Guiding Light discussion thread

    So true..and it happens with shows that get a rather rabid fan base. The people on the FB page for "Once Upon A Time" (dont judge, its basically a soap set in a small town...okay, with the Evil Queen and Snow White...) and the show, like all shows, quality and writing dropped as the years went by. The last season was a total makeover with most of the cast gone (kind of like soaps and the vets being gone..) and the logic thrown out the window...(yes in its hey day it did have sorta an internal logic...) but the crazed fans would get so mad if you didn't think the show had "the best season EVER!" ..and "Wow, Lana hit it out of the ballpark in that scene," and would be so mad if you didn't accept the producers newly created "epic" couples (Cinderella 2.0 and adult Henry) It really reminded me of soap fans who would eat anything, no matter how bad it smells to see their show and their "favorites" (like soaps the audience for that show was strangely obsessed and wanting to be familiar with their favorite actors....it was weird...) They would almost blow a gasket if you punched a hole in their fantasy about the show being bestest ever....which of course, made sickos like me want to post more! As for Reva..an earthy character should not be jumping through paintings...she should have transitioned to a role where she was just as passionate about a solid marriage, her kids, her family, her friends and her community as she was about "Josh" and "Kyle" back in the day. And Zimmer aged just like Reva woudl have aged..a good time gal with miles under her belt....not the middle aged love goddess of all time.
  5. Guiding Light discussion thread

    You call that bashing??? Rauch was paint by the numbers soap..though sometimes it was entertaining..but he was basic..and he was unfortunately grafting his OLTL on GL with Reva being Vicki. And if I never see another pastel suit on a woman again... Stretching the limits of the genre would be..a lot of things....Shayne is gay and its Josh who is supportive but Reva who is freaked.... or Marah is gay and Reva just doesnt get that...Shayne goes to Iraq and Reva becomes a anit-war protester while Josh supports the war..she goes through menopause and questions her attractiveness and sexuality....Reva struggles with her weight and they explore a middle aged woman who has had her worth based on her looks struggling to be recognized as a worthwhile being in a culture that worships youth...or Reva and Josh discover that they love each other but are toxic for each other and split up..for good...but stay friends (or I would have them having occassional sex behind their partners backs with no repercussions. ) That would have stretched the limits not jumping through paintings...(which has been done before on DS..at least going through time..and ATWT in the 80s with reincarnated characters effecting their current selves...) Not bashing you either, just disagreeing...: )
  6. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Actually, Reva pre resurrection was not expected to have high concept storylines..the big drama came out of the way Reva dealt with it, and yes, she was a diva but it was because Reva was so emotional and had heart and yes sexual...(Zimmer was sex on a stick when she first came to town...) under those big hair and shoulder pads was a woman who was part vixen, heroine, and yes, a big mess! After resurrection they stuck Reva into high concept crap that could have starred anyone...Vanessa as a clone and Matt as Josh...Holly jumping through paintings...amnesiac Harley was a princess...before Reva's stories were only able to be told a certain way as Reva was in them. I wish that Carmen was written gothic, but that was too subtle for Rauch. I wanted the storyline (which they were headed too ) where Van takes over the Alex role of kicking Alan's ass at Spaulding...I would have killed Matt off and Van goes back to her cold steel. Carmen attempts to ingratiate herself with Van but no go. Danny goes back to the mob as an undercover agent for Mike Bauer to end it...Chelle not knowing this leaves him but then discovers she is preggers. Bill offers to marry her and claim the kid to protect him from Danny..I would have made Bill gay and trying to cover it up from Billy and Van and himself. Van is so excited to have Mo's daughter as her dil that she goes overboard and they can't tell her. The only people who know would be Claire and Aunt Meta who would go along with the ruse to protect Chelle. Carmen suspects the truth and she and Van are at loggerheads all the time. Then Danny seeing Chelle married hooks up with that goofy Mae Mercy (I would have written her differently ) who is really Stacey Reardon undercover..
  7. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Actually, as sad as it is to know this..Spaulding was funding the research, in a secret lab..that somehow everyone walkedinto all the time. This storyline made me turn on Josh, he did create a person to f*ck them, and because he couldn't be alone...pretty pervy and pathetic...I always saw Josh as a perve after that, which is too bad, Newman was the perfect soap leading man in his later years..handsome but he had a warmth and was really good with younger actors. It was the clone and screaming REEVVAAA..GRRRRRR>>.all the time that ruined him. As for E & B..I found the show entertaining until the mob and San Crud ..unlike others, I think the Santos could have worked on the show, but as an outsider family with ties to the underworld...I would have had Carmen trying to cut ties to that world by trying to use the Bauers as entree to the Spauldings and Lewises but continually being rejected..setting up Carmen hating her daughter in law but needing her for social approval. There is no way in hell that a fairy tale kingdom worked on any soap (as for the "lavish wedding" it was kind of pathetic as GL had no budget for a royal wedding.) The only fun thing about San Crud was when Reva and Josh fly their to investigate various villagers are on the phone reporting..."Oh its HER...SHE's back!" with disdain...I think E & B did well for what they were up against..Rauch, MADD and a different soap world.
  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Actually, that happened way before Conboy..back when she was first cast in Phelps days. Alex went from a complex character to a shrieking shrew obsessed with both her brother and her son. I remember a horrible scene of Alex and Roger...she had a snake and Roger sucked the venom out of her...with her moaning and shriecking and..God it was horrible.
  9. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Remember she was a friend of Rauch's and he was "retired" at that time and the whole show was changed with new writers. The story was that Joan had an agreement that she would do a book tour but after Rauch left MADD wouldn't honor it and they agreed to cut ties. I doubt Collins had a 13 week cycle in her contract..she is way too savy for that. But I think the new regime Conboy, and Weston, saw Alex differently and weren't as good as Rauch in dealing with a diva.and I think it was really hard on Collins..she was front burner and she was not used to doing soaps, so I think both sides were just like..."bye now." I LOVED Joan's Alex...her cool, sarcastic lines were perfect Bev Alex...and then Marj came in screaming and throwing chairs and it was back to Cartoon Alex.
  10. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    No offense taken..I just don't remember the ladies being that turned on by Craig..but I am sure you are right. I just remember him bouncing from his mom, to his sister, to whomever he was involved with , and he was chief supporter of annoying Lily. You would see him walking around that damn farm..checking on Lily...looking off into a window dreaming of Sierra...talking about Sierra...checking up on Lily..telling Margo some wussy ass thing like..."You have to follow your heart but be honest," before puddling up his eyes and quivering those lips of his thinking of Sierra, Iva, whoeverhewasinlovewithitatthetime. You wanted to scream.. "Craig..just go to F*CKING work!" A middle aged man crying day in and day out would have gotten almost as old as Hunt Block chewing with his mouth open : )
  11. Guiding Light discussion thread

    It was not the best recast. Keifer got better, but it was Stringfield who owned the role. See, I am against the popular opinion here. I think Strigfield's Blake was fun, but she was campy and lacked any depth...(plus, she looked so HUGE against skinny little A-M..) I do think that Keifer was warmer so maybe that is where the matronly comes up. The Bauers were a lost cause with Ed gone, ...Mob Michelle and O'leary's..unfortunate bloat and bad plastic surgery..combined with his relying on bad schtick in scenes...I would have just left Rick as the town doctor and made Ross and Blake the tentpoles..even move them into the Bauer house and have Rick move back to the Lighthouse or somewhere. Ross was the patriarch of SF and I think Keifer has a nice warm personality..she would follow the GL reformed matriarch...Bert was a social climbing shrew, and even Mo had a "past" in New York, (we never saw it but it was mentioned.)
  12. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I never understood why GL killed off Ben Warren to move the actor over to ATWT to play the same character with an established character's name. I never thought of him as Craig..though to tell the truth, I never liked Craig to begin with, he was always a "weak" character, first as a villain...(how hard was it to trick Ryan's brain dead Betsy and dimbulb Steve??) and then as a romantic lead...his puckering of his lips and his eyes welling with tears every damn time he was in love with a woman, which was every three months..got on my nerves. Craig and Carter's Sierra were like watching paint dry.. But Craig screwing Dani is beyond horrible.
  13. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Remember when they had poor Mickey Horton perve out on his younger maid (Judi Evans..chewing as much scenery as Deas there...) after his wife was brutally "murdered," and the actor had the good sense to quit so he was replaced by that weird Edward Quatermaine replacement? At least Gautman never had Bob perve on a younger woman or choke Nancy Hughes to death with a donut..so there is that!
  14. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Talk about backstage gossip...there was supposedly some backstage chemistry with the A-M actor and Beaty, and that is part of his whole running around naked backstage craziness. I don't think it was for publicity, they replaced Beaty during the most important part of the storyline, the unmasking.. I also thought Beaty was good, and had a smoldering sexiness to him. I wish they had made him Rita's son with Ed...who was tricked into believing he was Alan's son so, which is why he competed with A-M..then we would have had a "bad Bauer" and still family connection and competition with A-M. Would have put energy into the family, reminded Ed of his abusive, alcholic past (and maybe woke Simon up) annoyed Rick, confused Michelle. I would never had him rape that silly Cooper girl...Why was Phelps so insistent in pushing Lucy and trying to make the audience feel for her through rape is cynical as can be..and they ruined a character with more potential to try to push a characters with a short shelf life.
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    You are on the only person on earth besides me who liked Brent/Marion..I never got why people got so upset with his changing the HIV test results...I thought that was a good twist on the boring pregnancy switch. I also loved the "Today the part of Marion is being played by....Brent Lawrence" metaness of that scene and my favorite line...murderer Brent annoyed..."You think I'm a LESBIAN??" I could have handled Fletch outside of romance...when he was everybody's buddy and was supporting. Hammer actually had nice, "friendly" chemistry with many of the women on the show..I loved it (tho the show sucked at that time)when he and Reva were buddies.) I think he and O'Leary and Dicipolous did best in that kind of role (sorry, I never thought feathered hair Frank had much sexual chemistry with anyone..) And yes, if it came down to Fletch or Buzz getting the axe...Buzz would have been the one floating in the SF river for months.