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  1. Actually, it was McLaiby who brought back Nola. I do like that Nola came back on her own and I think she could have been a continuing fixture of GL to the end. I would have had Quint die off camera so when she came back she was not so bitter (and give Brown better writing and direction to drop her Ivaing of Nola.) Nola ending up back in the Boardinghouse running Company and being good with it in direct opposition to what she wanted when she was young. Nola would have been like Marland's Lisa, an eccentric support for the younger people in Springfield when they screw up. Anyway I started watching the rest of the videos of the Engagement episode and it got better ..so much happening that even the sucky stuff went by in a flash. The build up to the shooting, the court case battle for Spaulding looming. Alex hating on Mindy was getting old even then but Marj could do better when not screeching and popping those eyes..an interesting scene with Van and Alex in the bathroom and damn, Garret was looking SEXY. All the pieces were there for the wheels to come off though.
  2. Good God that was bad..Buzz was starting to take over...I can't believe that Curlee was involved in Lucy, and shrieking hissing Marj/Alex..what a weird change from Bev... That would have been great...I can't believe that DInah did not have a bigger reaction about Ross, with he and Henry gone she lost her two anchors.
  3. I think that he looked way too young for Chele, and even if they were not together, they were friends and supposed to be the same age...(oh what they could have done with them...when Chele was breaking up with Danny but found out she was preggers I wanted a sham marriage with Bill and Chele. Van would have loved to have Mo's kid as her daughter in law and I would have had Bill be gay but hiding it from Billy.) I also think that he looked like a normal kid and not a soap hunk and well, he wasnt the world's greatest actor (not that it meant anything on GL from 96 on but..)
  4. Its odd to see RR in this, being, kind of sexy, and how quickly his Alan became a windbag. I still think he was wrong for the part...(always thought he woudl make a good Mike Bauer instead..) but can see why they cast him as a kind of more roguish Alan.
  5. Could Jeff look anymore bored at the wedding? Diana's apartment or hotel room looked like the 80s spewed all its horrible designs in one place, it seems weird to see Kim making eyes at anyone else but Bob, Whit looks like a nasty old perve, that toupe is too much. Lucinda is just a name drop at this time, and I love the line..."What are you doing here? There is a contract out on your life!" Only on a soap!
  6. LOL..I went back to watch a few scenes from JoanAlex on You Tube. What a strange period..the show was getting back to itself and there was some good writing, history being used and of course, a bonafide star/celebrity on the show and then when Rauch left MADD let it all go to hell. Why? Anyway, there are some great lines from Joan and she oozed self confidence as Alex....( my fave line after Carmen tried to threaten her..."Well I AM Alexandra SPAULDING and I couldn't care less!" ) and some lines I just imagine Marj shrieking out while Joan purred them out "Oh Mindy, no one held a gun to your head!" Anyway, its just amazing that in a short time they bring back Marj, Alex starts screaming and throwing chairs, she becomes Reva's stalker, Alan gets the best of her, then we are led to believe she was dealing drugs all along???
  7. Didn't Long have it in the back of her mind that she was Chrissy, but did not reveal that yet, and then the producer cast Dennehy during the writer's strike? I remember ED saying that the headwriter hated her and she couldn't figure out why. I always kind of felt sorry for her. All this talk of Blake reminds me of another lost opportunity in casting with Lizzie. Lizzie should have been very, very complex and they first made her a silly valley girl, then a psycho, then back to a valley girl with the second recasting. Marci Ryan was cute as hell and it wanst her fault, she was just miscast (maybe Mindy and Rick's love child yes, she was way too bright and sunny to be a Spaulding.)
  8. I think Reva, even in her "hey day" had compassion...even if she had to trip over her big mouth a couple of times to find it. I can't imagine the pre resurrection Reva gloating and I think that it why I came to loose interest in her...and when Crasshold came into being those two sanctimonious broads were totally intolerable. I never got the SS love as Blake, she was a cartoon..though a fun one...(I always thought she hulked over skinny little AM that it was werid...) I do think LK worked better as a softer Blake and never understood why they didn't transition the core family from the Bauers to the Marlers...instead they went with the dreadful Coopers.
  9. I do think that Collin's stint was the nail in the coffin for Dusay's Alex. They actually wrote her like the Alex of her intro into SF...smart, savvy, funny and could be lethal if crossed..Dusay came back and two weeks in she was throwing a chair in the police station. Though my favorite Marj scene was during the dumb drugging of Alan story and Marj turned around to kick a passed out Alan on the floor!!!
  10. I love that the press and the industry look at "one" thing as if it was the magic ingredient and not look past it. The show had Beth and Lujack but it was a multigenerational ensemble show about 5 closely entwined families. Nobody "took" over...yes, even Reva in her hey day. Long was on fire just introducing iconic character after iconic characters. Its funny that Kobe said "Not yet" as the ratings dropped soon with the cast and focus changes.
  11. LOL..Edith would want to play the Revaeque vixen who had each one..."Eva..yea, yea, that's what I will be! Wait till those boys get a load of all of this..I'm telling ya our love scenes seem like they are from Skina-Max!" I heard she turned down Lola Heatheron for the role..."I'm wouldn't touch that DIVA with a 10 foot pole!" And yes the sets looked great compared to poor old GL when it was circling the drain.
  12. The opening looks like an SCTV parody...I keep thinking Edith Prickly is going to make an appearance. That dining room, who knew that Collinwood was located in Henderson.
  13. Oh my God...you are my soul mate with your hatred or Buzzard! I agree, Deas when reigned in made some good support in later years. Deas played Buzz as kind of tired and trying to steer the young idiots of SF to not make the same mistakes he did, but then someone would have to give him a big SCENE and chewing gum and flapping his arms I would hate him all over again. I think people in the industry loved him more then the audience did.. Patrick M thought he was the greatest and loved writing for Buzz...and I think others did too. I also think Marj when Alex was written correctly and she had direction could do quite well as a different Alex. The problem is that Marj did not really have any warmth with any of the younger actors like Bev did. Alex was scary as she could be a nuturing woman and turn into the Queen of Hell in a flash without ever raising her voice. Thats damn hard to do.
  14. Except...that death meant nothing and had no effect (well maybe Ron Raines screwed up his face to look slightly more grumpy) No one really bought Gus as a Spaulding, and when he died it was like..okay. Writers blab that stuff all the time...the actor left the show they killed him off, end of story.
  15. I just watched that 1980s ATWT episode on You Tube which was the first appearance of Margo, and the Masked Ball, etc. The other actress was playing Lyla. I know most people like AS' Lyla..(I thought her dull as dishwater) and I liked this version, she was age appropriate for Bob, and she was a bit tougher and grittier...I thought she would have brought a good mix to the Hughes family if they had married. Anyone else like her better? The episode is hilarious with pervy Brad learing at Dee, Lisa being her typical buttinsky in Dee and John's relationship, a practical cameo for poor Nancy and Chris, David going to bribe John, Nick the [!@#$%^&*] with a very much sedate, pre KIDDO Kim, and a porny Cricket.
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