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  1. Even then when they were just writing Alex as an outright bitch..you can see Bev making it more. I loved Marj but she just would have spit out the lines with venom just what she read on the page. "Pavlov's dogs should be trained as well..Ill have a vodka!" I forgot that even in its glory days GL had some weak spots..such as Nick's DNA and people even questioning that someone who looks and talks exactly like Lujack could not be his twin. Loved it when people actually worked (as ridiculous as it is with them carring files around to show it...) and had something else on their minds
  2. One of my favorite scenes..Blake and AM in the Spaulding Mansion with Alex..Vera (a problematic character but it was a different time) is serving coffee or something and leans over to grab a plate and sticks her ass in Blake's face just as Blake was saying something..bitchy of course! So funny, nothing was said but the look on SS's face, coupled with the smug looks on Alex's and Veras face was hilarious and I wonder if it was a director's choice.
  3. I think I remember at that time that Maeve said she was decided to leave just as they were giving her interesting things. I think her boredom of what Van had become helped make her decision but I think the over riding one was her kids? Agreed that Van is a plot device..it should have been Hope back in Alan's life and then Reva being the "back alley girl" that he was in lust with. Van deserved her own stories, but I think they had a hard time fitting her in...Mo had the good wife role, Reva the temptress, Alex the cut shark business woman that Van previously had. When Maeve returned after Rauc
  4. LOL..yes, SS was styled so old. I know EVERYONE loves her as Blake, but I found her campy and her pairing with AM especially with RH..she looked like a lumberjack compared to him. Vanessa was SO wimpy during this time, going back to Long defusing her right after she married Billy, which made no sense, what made them fun was Van constantly slapping the crap out of Billy and him trying to tame her shrew. They would have made a great, fractious bickering couple, driving each other crazy but loving each other. I love how they made her "Oh, I was so worried about you," while wearing th
  5. Calla had herpes...that was the big secret. I remember the hilarious scene of Jessie reading her medical report (Cedars had the worst patient privacy policies on earth) and the zoom in to "Herpes" and she ran out into the street and may have been hit by a car (or the audience was hoping that) and maybe she just went running around SF until boring Simon caught up to her. Calla was just one of those extra characters not needed on the show, like the whole Sampson crowd with the record company that stayed too long ..again, if they needed someone in that age range to pair with Ross, why not recast
  6. Agreed..but it does give a kind or reason for Alex being out of character nasty to Amanda on her return. Yes, Amanda voted against Alex's pet project, but Bev Alex was shown to have a friendly relationship when Amanda came back for a Christmas Episode..and BevAlex was always supportive of other women (besides Reva and India) to be that angry towards another women... I do think that from the backstory Brandon COULD have been Amanda's father..(I would have had him rape Jennifer which fits his character...) but the birth certificate was dumb and sloppy..and what could have been a good
  7. I wish Bev would have stayed until the end of the Jenna/Roger/Spaulding Trial...there was still good material there as even Marj was good in it (the parts of not schrieking at Roger or Mindy.) After the trial and Spaulding was restored would have been a natural time for Bev and Alex to leave after she and Nick came to an understanding. Everything that came after was either repeating Alex vs. Roger/Alex obsessing over Alan's love life/Alex the town shrew.
  8. Originally Alex was the older sibling, and strangely enough I remember watching this scene originally and thinking they they reveresed the order and it didn't ring true (which shows you even the good writers can make mistakes and retro write) The thing about Alex and Alan, even with Marj, was that as much as they fought, they would protect each other, and that no matter what Alan would do, Alex would protect him, even against his own children. Marj's Alex was more of an annoying buttinsky sister in his love life (as she was potrayed for most of her run in various way) but still would protect
  9. Yea..I see in the reunions Martha give Liz the same look Lily would give Lucinda...so maybe it WAS Martha. I also see from the reunions what a pain in the ass Liz must have been...it was all about her, she talks over people (more so then the rest..) He always came across as so stiff and uptight..and not the stiff and uptight guy who can be crazy in the sheets..he just always came off as a drag..so the women throwing themselves never seemed to work that well. I do wish they had hired a really sexy Latino guy..but...I think Marland would have felt it was too much and give him the
  10. Actually, the Eli Simms one was the ripoff of Ghost Story. (town patriarchs are attacked by a mysterious foe...a girl comes to town looking like someone they harmed in the past..)..but hey..if you have to "borrow" from someone, it should be interesting. What soaps after 1993 would ever borrow anything from a book..it was other shows or movies.
  11. Agreed..and it did tie all the families together in a way which worked..if they had continued on with it being those 5 families being the main families going forward. Hate that they killed Bill, he needed to be around in the background and coming in on various events occassions...(imagine him at Bert's funeral.)
  12. And we really needed Ed for the Santos stuff...it was weird that they would get rid of him at that time...(and I think that Gentry would have weird chemistry with SS..not that Ed would get with her but she would be kind of turned on by him standing up to her...)I liked Gentry (agreed so tired of sour puss Simon) and the show did have the Bauers involved in the attack on Abby and her trial, etc. so they could have done a lot with him. I did like his chemistry with both MG and Lillian and I opposed to others, wouldnt have minded them getting together..(Ed was much more to blame for Mo then Lilli
  13. I never understood why Nola and Quint weren't more involved with the Cottage of Doom. Sacrilege but I would have killed off Quint in that storyline not Butch Hillary..there was nowhere to go with him. Carrie Nye threatening Nola and Nola not taking any of that crap would have been great...but they had to shoehorn annoying Fletch in..
  14. Agreed..it was at the point in the show that all the families had equal time and they all "worked" together...Reardon's blue collar...Bauer's upper middle class professionals, Lewis' "neuvo riche" as Alex would love to say, Spauldings and Chamerlins...rich aristocratic and dysfunctional. The forumla should never had changed. Anway..the storyline itself while as you said, very premise was absurd it was a good tight mystery (and it didnt hurt to have Mr. Tony Reardon in the center of it all..)
  15. Pam Long originally create 5th Street to be the down rent version of 7th Street, which was blue collar but respectable..When Harley first came on she was termed a "river rat" as she lived in the wrong side of the river. I do wish later writers had dug that up..like she she married Phillip and someone would snicker.."Wasnt she a river rat???" Reva during her attempted suicide (and I agree with Zimmer, totally out of character) jumped from the rich side and was saved by Cain and dragged to the poor side...which is why she bought "Reva Bend." which was a dump until she let H.B. pay for renevatio
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