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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I wish Marland would have brought back "Chucky" (with a changed name) instead of boring Scott..as he originally intended to. That would have been great to bring back Dr.Shea too, alive and well and brought the kid up to hate his mother. Wagner was gone by the time of the 25th anniversary..I think her contract ran out a week before. Judge Lowell never appeared during the Dobsons time. It was weird they didn't have Bob and Kim having an attraction to each other when she was married to Nick, who was dick. She could have turned to her easy going friend and they could have John stirring up the past to make Nick jealous until he bites the big one. And then Kim would feel quilty and push Bob away, etc.
  2. Guiding Light discussion thread

    ATWT WAS awful back in the early 80s..not coming to terms with their own damn matriarch Nancy and just mentioning her now and then...(at least they didnt kill her off) letting Rodell go on her bday...(and Joyce just kind of came by and told Lisa she was moving back to San Fran..at least make her go nuts and kidnap Lisa..) at the same time they wrote Grant Coleman off...by not even writing him off, he just quit appearing..weird time on that show.
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    edgeofnik..no problem..HATED the Snyders and that damn farm and how "fantasy rural," it all was. Of course Emma didn't want any fancy appliances cause she's a "down home girl" yes Marland we get it..but even 1950s fridges die... what I hated most about that kitchen was the bathroom right off it, so you hear Emma taking a mean crap (and you KNOW she did) while eating the "Hubbard Squash.." or whatever it was. I have always wondered why they didn't incorporate the bathroom into the eavesdropping storylines with someone taking a dump and as they wipe they hear who their real daddy was!
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I know Marland came from a rural family, but it was just dumb to make the Snyders a farm family in previously unheard of "Luther's Corners" (even that name grates..) The show needed a bit of grit and they should have just been a family in the poor section of Oakdale..(I know its like the Reardons, but 7th street never seemed that "urban.") I think it did indeed isolate them and having to have characters hike out to godforsaken "Luthers' Corners" was just stupid...(really Lisa, one does not wear a sparkly top and heels to freakin Bumfuck...) Plus, for coming from a rural family, Marland didn't "get" the issues facing farm familes at that time (I come from farm country and houses did not look like the Snyders out of the 1930s..)I remember one of the "european" characters at the farm mentioning that the farm reminds them of Tuscany or some such place (uh...the midwest does not look like Tuscany) and how all the little farm houses sprang up and Mama Snyder said that was because people had to sell off portions of their farms and people bought them and split them up and ...it just did not jibe with what was going on at that time. Not..only that, I never once heard the Snyders talk about the weather, bad crops, harvest...(they ALWAYS had time to screw each other and talk about their annoying feelings..) I never understood, with all the history they ignored, like GL with the Coopers, they kept that family intact. If I was a producer after Marland died I would have burned that damn farm house to the ground !!!
  5. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    LOL..I forgot about annoying Lesley Ann..who not only was Candy, the ex hooker turned nurse and good friend of equally annoying and seemingly lesbianic Hillary Bauer, but was dating obviously gay Warren Andrews (come on, I can see Alex keeping him around as an arm to go places with and to do her bidding as she manipulates everyone in sight..and to tell her which one of her necklaces was too..chunky to wear when going to blackmail someone... but as a passionate straight guy..noooooo...) and was bit by a mouse as she reached for a fork..(come on Warren, a little housekeeping does wonders...) and was infected and died of the "Dreaming Death!"
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Weirdly, the start of the resolution of the Laura Simmons story came at the same day that Laurie Dan murders happened in Chicago. Dann killed two girls in a Winneteka school and shot a boy and then went into a house and took a son and his mother hostage until she shot herself..this was big news back in the days before shootings happened constantly and I remember watching ATWT and goofy Laura Simmons when the interuppted for the news on this.
  7. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I loved how Blake felt part of the Bauer family there with Ed and thinking of Mo as a mother figure. I always thought Ross and a more mature Blake should have moved into the Bauer hours with their kids and formed the core...Ross was the dad of SF and LK's Blake always gave off a warm vibe.. God I hate Irizzary, and this is the fake Mindy...Marj hadn't started yet...the show really did loose its steam with the loss of Bev, Simms and Mo. Nice to see Jenna before she got sucked into the black hole of Buzz/Deas.
  8. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Lucinda was already on canvas when Whit died. She blamed him for Martin's suicide (though we saw later that it was because of Lilly adoption, which Marland never connected to previous) and she took over all of Whit's media empire.. she WAS one of the suspects in his death (Lisa thought she was the murderer) but the original plan was to kill Lisa...or at least that is what Fulton claims, so she said she would come back..
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Von Furstenberg made a better Lisa then I remember...I can see why they recast with her when she walked in I thought it was Fulton..and her voice is very familiar. She made a more to the manor born Lisa and didn't have the fire that Fulton had...though it was nice to see a Lisa scene without stuttters, flitty body movements and flirty eye lashes going. Furstenberg was very much a "Lisa grown up and settled" but that ain't Lisa. I wonder what they might have done if they had given her some flipping out meaty scenes ..she was hamstrung with the terrible Whit actor and they just had her standing around. Since they were getting rid of Miranda I wonder if they were going to go into a Lisa/Bob thing again? I llked this Frannie..she seemed "real" (no offense but I never like Marty Stuart whatshername ..she just seemed so..." big" big hair big framed... Who was the writer at this time? A name flips by at first and then a bunch of writers names.
  10. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    LOL... good move on Wagner's part. What were they going to do with her, kill her off? Have her in the kitchen? Its funny, we rightfully dis writers and producers who kill off legacy characters and write off the vets...and Irna had no problems with it, didn't she also write off Ellen Stewart and she wanted to kill the entire Stewart family in a plane crash...Irna was "hard core."
  11. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I remember watching that scene and I was like "DAMN...kiss him back you idiot!" Yea, did not like the storyline..as a) we knew that even dumb flighty Luke was not going to fool around with Luinda's man...and...really...LL could have gotten a million times better then Luke...I hate the sterotype of an older gay guy always chasing after the twink...even if he is not that attractive..(okay, I admit..it happens too much in the gay world) but it would have been good to watch LL's character with an another "adult" man...Henry would have been preferable!!
  12. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    That was the trouble with the "new" (Post MADD) PG soaps, they had their teens stuck working only with other newbies who were just as bad, so no one got better...(I remember on GL they had Chele,Jessie, Bill, and whatsherface with the New YOIK...accent..moving into a loft together, which would have been fine but they never had scenes with anyone else...the Jesse actor in particular benefited working with better actors....when he had scenes with Aunt Meta and even ugggh, Buzz(Deas was always good with the younger actors then left on his own to YELL) he improved. I didn't like Aaron as he was way too much a typical soap pretty boy. Holden looked like a beefy farm boy and in those early days the actor kind of just sent out a sexual vibe which was unheard of for the later soap sanitized pretty boys. LOL on Emily and Holden in the shower..reminds me of when they implied that he and Rose had anal sex..
  13. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    That would have been a great storyline and Fulton would have loved it as she wanted to bring back the nastier side of Lisa. The start of Marland had Lisa and Craig investigating Lucinda to find out the secret she had and why she went after Whit...but then when she found out in involved LILY, they dropped it of course and Lisa was reduced to insults that Lucinda shrugged off. Fulton always said she would want to be bitchy and Marland would say, "Oh, that's not OUR Lisa!" God he could be so bland sometimes. I thought it would be great if Lisa blackmailed Lucinda with the Lily thing (having no intention of going through with it...) of giving back everything she stole from Whit...and then when everyone finds out that Lisa knew all along and used it for her own good...well, you know Scott Holmes Tom would get that dour ass face on and everyone else would be SHOCKED that she used LILY as a pawn.
  14. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Lisa actually got a lot of money from her marriage to John Eldridge..Fulton would talk about how dowdy she looked during her first run...(people had to wear their own clothes) but with tips from the Penny actress she learned how to dress and act more glam. So when she came back to ATWT after that prime time show she looked totally different (that was the blonde Lisa we know) and they explained it was due to her marriage and divorce from a rich lawyer. Tom said during the start of the Scott storyline that Lisa's marriage to Eldridge was the start of her wealth.
  15. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    If you think he is shouty here wait until you see his "Buzz" on GL! Both Tom and Margo were so shrill at this time. "Steve" was shouty and obnoxious too and I really hated the Dobson's semi misoginistic writing... Kim of all people was cow towing to both Nick and Steve..a long way from her "LOOK buster" days. The show was rudderless with Nancy and Chris gone and the obscuration of the Hughes family. Now this version of ATWT looks like the Dobson's test run for SB. Ariel was great as she was totally a comic vixen...the actress had great comic timing and no matter the awful things Ariel did they always blew up in her face and you couldn't help but kind of feel sorry for her.