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  1. These days I wouldnt charge one single person with putting the shows in the grave. I think Kriezman had good ideas but typical for younger writers, couldn't follow through and storylines petered out. I think he had his all two obvious faves and like most writers, needed a strong producer to reign him in or guide him, which he didn't have at GL. I did like that he admitted its better for a writer to not have favorites and he does seem intelligent. And yes, he has aged into his looks and is very good looking. Which all of the writers did on the show, so its really interesting that some really bad storylines came out of them. I like that Brown was embarrassed about the clone and had interesting things to say about Mo's death and Zaz and ALS. I am glad to know the writers and Rauch wanted to proceed with the storyline..as a big an ass Rauch could be I always felt he was embarrassed by the treatment of Zaz. I loved that Taggert got that the Bauers were the heart of the show, but had to laugh at the other writers blank stares.. And yes, I wanted more indepth questions such as "Whose idea was the clone" (Alan has to know damn well it was an exec. I think the dreaded Wendy Fishman who came up with it.) Why do you think the Bauers were obscured..what character did you HATE writing for. Did the actors ever try to influence storyline...(LW looking at you blondie) what did you think of what the writers who came directly after your stint and their material..(would love to hear Taggerts thoughts on Weston and her destruction of Alex and everything else.)
  2. Was Cullton Tomlin the Fab Four going on adventures and the return of Cecile and Rachel having amnesia but being bitchy (I remember her looking at her closet..."Dowdy!!!") It was funny and fun and the only time I really watched AW but then it got stupid with a mummy dust storyline...
  3. BWAHAHAHA.. What year were they dating, 1860. On a side note I woudnt have waited until I got Derwin to the elevator! I
  4. Agreed..I never got Casey and Lyla and while older men on soaps get younger women all the time...he also had or would have Susan and that other boring guy( I can't remember his name) I never really liked Lyla that much but it might have been a negative reaction to the Dobs pushing the Montgomerys down our throats while obscuring the Hughes family. I thought Lyla worked as Lillian did on GL, a supporting character that made Oakdale seem more real...(i.e a normal person doing their thing without a ton of drama constantly.) I never understood why they got rid of the Hughes set. It was a great place for everyone to connect and yes, I know it was unrealistic...(people were walking in and out of that house all day) it was a nice fantasy of the one house in town everyone could go to. Well, it didn't help that John already had a long lost kid...(he never heard about condomns apparently) and the kid was supposed to be tough and urban and Marland didn't write that well. His hyper masculine guys all seemed to be caricatures and campy (Duncan, James) and the rest of his guys turned into wusses and wanted to talk about feelings and honesty all day long.
  5. Loved that set and that is really one thing the Dobs did well that they didn't replicate on ATWT,...a midwestern gothicness. Marland picked up on that and took it even higher. Bridget..she has to be a trip to have drinks with but she has a huge ego and actually beleives what she thinks. GL was doing better, as ATWT fell into a rut at that time, so P & G thought they could do what they had done with GL, take a traditional soap and "contemporize" it while keeping the core. I have no idea why it didnt work on ATWT but the Hughes were decimated.
  6. Was he that guy that Danny and Michele took in and he was singing all the time? He looked..well, like he was dumb from his expression on GL so that must have just been his look after being chased around the set from Conboy.
  7. But a weird episode which kind of fell flat..you have the funeral drama and then boring Mike and Rossana and the car. Then you have Lucinda and her numerous siblings step siblings, whatever they were. But really, Lisa was made to wear full 1940s movie star mourning and to slap another women at a funeral..yet, it wasnt that fun...it was just slap.."Oh Im sorry!" I did like that Duncan and Shannon were there for support..along with the Hughes..Lisa in her later years should have been the Felicia of this show, aiding and protecting, and protected by, an eclectic mix of misfits and eccentrics, while still maintaining her high heels in the staid Hughes side.
  8. HAHAHA on the weight gain thing.. I think the problem with Patti was that she took the places of characters and actresses in her age range who were not getting story. Also..she thought she could master social media...but she went overboard..she had a fan page and people were actually sending her gifts..shen then publicly took fans on in social media...I think telling some to f*ck off..thinking she ingratiating herself with Zimmer and Newman and Rauch and it backfired. I thought it would have been funny if she hooked up with Ed Bauer..she was living in the garage apt and friends with Abby..until it was dropped to move her over to Cooperville and she and Deas were intolerable together. The next Bauer matriarch is an ex whore of a mob boss!
  9. Actually Hurst will be interesting...she is one of GA's fave writers and she posts on the GL Facebook page and is pretty honest while still being thankfull for her opportunities with GL. Though if it was just her and Kreizman and Alan we would get an hour of how wonderful the Coopers were to write for, etc, etc. I would love to hear from Taggert how she was going to end Alex's run ( I heard Gus was going to be Rita's kid, and that Alex and AM would take on Alan and Phillip.) before Weston took over and had her drugging Alan and eventually being a drug lord of SF.
  10. I would have loved for Joan Collins to be a returned Elizabeth..she got her act together...(and became extremely confident and glam) and comes back for revenge. I wonder why after Simon left, they didnt ask this Ed back. Its not like they were using Ed as this big stud and MH as we discussed made a great dad kind of guy.
  11. Marx is hot, but its kind of like Tom Selleck..I had the hots for Magnum more then him..(not that I would have kicked him out of bed..) so I had wanted his Tom...(I sound like those crazy people in love with Prince Richard on GL) though I don't think I could handle Lisa as a mother in law...and I think I would have been kicked out of Oakdale for not "being nice!"
  12. I think the Dobs were replaced by other writers before the strike. I wonder why they left (and then came back) It was weird. Joyce had a dumb story were she was faking cancer to marry Grant (after he was involved in a similar story not a year or two before) Lisa uncovered the plot...there were no big confrontations and one day Joyce came into the bookstore to tell Lisa she was leaving, and Grant just disappeared. But then, again, Nancy did too. A really bad time for ATWT which must have been why I never minded Gautman as much as others. Joyce as Lucinda's assistant would have drove Lisa CRAZY!!! I wish HBS and Marx had stayed on the show as they were the couple and actors who could step in for Hastings and Hayes as they did for Wagner and MacClaughlin, while still being their own type of core couple Marx in particular had a warmth but like others here, I had the biggest crush on him as he just made Tom the perfect husband..sexy and nice but not bland. Could be implants...(uh, hello Jordi V from GL, and the kid who played the gardner on DH) but then again, everyone's body is different..
  13. Michael Swan could carry it off and Parker..everything I look at him he looks like he had a sling in his apartment..but he carried it off too. I think the Dobs or whomever thought it was "mod" and masculine to have facial hair..remember for a few months Bob had a beard!! One person who needs facial hair is Justin Deas...he looked much better and was hot as Tom...as Buzz..not at all!
  14. Agreed. TPTB thought getting rid of Nancy and Chris and gutting the core would make them "modern" It was the bad sets, lighting and slow pace which made the show so dated, not the actors or characters.
  15. Pauline Kael likened watching soaps as if the characters are interacting "under water." Which describes Dobsons ATWT.
  16. Agreed..much more interesting then Jefferey Oneil and Reva getting married next to a hot dog machine. I would pay good money to hear Zimmer say.."This is NOT my first time at the rodeo Wheeler, and I have dealt with far worse then you!"
  17. The saga continues. Hot Douche and Sweet Lil Thing are not being subtle about their relationship. They are seen giggling at each other's inside jokes and seen being very demonstrative in and around the company location. Clueless Head of Company is delighted that this relationship is unfolding and puts the two on a project together so they spend even MORE time with each other. This puts Bitter in a frenzy and since she is known to have affaris with men she is on projects with, she is awarded a coworker herself, a hot muscle guy who is actually nice and charming but there is a catch, he is gay and not interested in the least, so Bitter, for the first time in many years is left without a man, while Sweet Lil Thing is pushed into a central role Bitter occupied. Meanwhile a humpy young guy has joined the company and is having quite the success. He cocky on accolades embarks on an affair with a slightly older, very sexy coworker but dumps her for another coworker. Older sexy goes BESERK and tears up offices. All of this is observed by the jaundiced eye of a vet of the company, who annoyed by her unproffesional coworkers and the sad state of the company retreats into booze. This fuels more annoyance with Clueless as Veteran is even more mouthy then usual. Clueless feels that she may have an out by renegotiating salary , due to the company's decreased performance. She implies that veteran should take a cut or others will be fired. Veteran is an old hand at this game and runs circles around Clueless, holding her to her contract, and causing Clueless into even more crying fits...
  18. I like Bogue too..but I would kick him out of bed in a minute for still sexy bald Derwin! Too bad the behind the scenes stuff was more sordid and interesting then the show. Hot married Douche(rumored by a gay gossip site to have a uh, physical reason the women go mad over him) screws married woman, (Ehlers was married right?) Woman expects Hot Douche to leave wife, he plans to then changes his mind. Newly bitter middle ages woman tries to get Hot Douche fired..all kinds of drama happens in the on the edge of collapse company headed by a neurotic, hyper emotional person in over her head. Hot Douche meets a firmer, younger, most likely dumber and much blander girl and then DOES leave his wife. Raging bitter middle aged woman goes NUTS and off the rails..Annie Dutton style without violence. Good stuff!
  19. Wow, a lot of stuff happens each day something new. Interesting that people like the Dobson's felt they needed to "contemporize" the show and it moved slow as molasses on some days...(Brad pining away for Dee, Dee pining away for Brad...) I never understood why Marland or another writer did not bring back the farm Hughes family as a contrast to the now affluent Hughes family as a counterpoint. I know they Snyders were but I HATED that damn family. Interesting to bring in a Carly like character who is great niece of Nancy and Chris to live with them in "the city" and cause all kinds of trampy trouble as Nancy deals with another rebellious vixen she has a soft spot for.
  20. LOL..Iove good old Bridget..so full of herself! Are the Dobson's still with us?
  21. Reva Cassie (she should be the Goddess for Karens) MarjAlex...(schreeching about poor service...)
  22. I have read that before, but it does seem that he starts some storylines that the Dobsons ignore, like bringing Penny back...its odd that he didnt just coast it through.
  23. I wonder why the short term gig before the Dobsons? Was Marland slated to be the head writer. I know he started several storylines..like the Joyce return and he was getting ready for a Penny return. I wonder what might have been and why the change.
  24. Helen Wagner would not renew her contract (they only offered her 1 day a week) right before the shows 25th anniversary...(the anniversary show that year is piss poor one with Kim and Nick getting married, though at least Chris walked her down the isle.) A year later(?) they put McLautlin on recurring and they would trot the guy out for something dumb, like Margo's wedding shower and he would have no lines...Nancy and Chris came back for one episode for Tom and Margo's wedding, did not interact with anyone and were gone again until they brought Nancy back for Kim and Bob's wedding (McLaughlin must have not been well.) and then they brought them back that summer (I will forever think that ATWT had good mojo from then on for bringing an obviously failing DM back and putting him back on contract...THAT is the P & G soap I grew up on..) The contract offered to Wagner was from Fred B as an executive producer and putting Don on recurring and then getting rid of him was Bunim.
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