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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    That would have been a great storyline and Fulton would have loved it as she wanted to bring back the nastier side of Lisa. The start of Marland had Lisa and Craig investigating Lucinda to find out the secret she had and why she went after Whit...but then when she found out in involved LILY, they dropped it of course and Lisa was reduced to insults that Lucinda shrugged off. Fulton always said she would want to be bitchy and Marland would say, "Oh, that's not OUR Lisa!" God he could be so bland sometimes. I thought it would be great if Lisa blackmailed Lucinda with the Lily thing (having no intention of going through with it...) of giving back everything she stole from Whit...and then when everyone finds out that Lisa knew all along and used it for her own good...well, you know Scott Holmes Tom would get that dour ass face on and everyone else would be SHOCKED that she used LILY as a pawn.
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Lisa actually got a lot of money from her marriage to John Eldridge..Fulton would talk about how dowdy she looked during her first run...(people had to wear their own clothes) but with tips from the Penny actress she learned how to dress and act more glam. So when she came back to ATWT after that prime time show she looked totally different (that was the blonde Lisa we know) and they explained it was due to her marriage and divorce from a rich lawyer. Tom said during the start of the Scott storyline that Lisa's marriage to Eldridge was the start of her wealth.
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    If you think he is shouty here wait until you see his "Buzz" on GL! Both Tom and Margo were so shrill at this time. "Steve" was shouty and obnoxious too and I really hated the Dobson's semi misoginistic writing... Kim of all people was cow towing to both Nick and Steve..a long way from her "LOOK buster" days. The show was rudderless with Nancy and Chris gone and the obscuration of the Hughes family. Now this version of ATWT looks like the Dobson's test run for SB. Ariel was great as she was totally a comic vixen...the actress had great comic timing and no matter the awful things Ariel did they always blew up in her face and you couldn't help but kind of feel sorry for her.
  4. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Yea I liked Mallet and thought Derwin was hot at the time, but Mallet vs. Rog...uh, no. I always thought that Ed should have found out that he had a daughter with Rita and it was she who got involved with Hart...so you have both Ed and Rita against it, etc. I would have made Jean...a throwaway character, Rita instead, so there would be oomph there for all the characters.
  5. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Especially since it was so STUPID to have Frannie's half sister-cousin (not her twin) look exactly like her! Just get another actress to play her... I agree on this, the only good thing was the conflict that came from Babs, which was totally realistic (though of course, it was coming from a anti-heroine..the rest of Marland's goody goody Oakdalies would have said..."Oh it happened so long ago." I also like despite the fact that Babs didnt like her she "saved her life" by tearing up the paper before Sabrina could see James picture...(as it that was the only issue printed in Oakdale..) I also agree that she would have been more fun as a vixen. I would had her come in as a total lower class slut, smoking cigarrettes, pulling scams on people and rolling her eyes at the Hughes, but I do like her "acting" like sweet lil thing while not being it. And Babs being on to her schtick. We all know that Lisa's always had time to take another bad girl under her wing to reform her. Lisa"Now Barbara we all have done things we werent proud of...Sabrina just needs another chance." Babs "Really, tell me, are you making a percentage of the 20 bucks a pop b*** jobs she is offering in the alley behind the Mona Lisa" Nancy..."Oh DEAR!!!!!"
  6. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I too think the split would explain Beth's out of character behavior (would have loved to see Loreli fleecing some dirty old man they named "Raul Paunch") But Loreli was a fun loving gal..not the ice cold bitch that Beth was when she came to town again...I would have loved to have seen that and Chamberlin would have played the hell out of it. I like Marcy but not as Lizzie...Lizzie should have been much darker and edgier a character....but Wheeler was just into casting cute young sweet girls like her and annoying Mandy Bruno and the Chrissy girl.
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I think Marland had a burr up his ass about Sabrina and thought she was great, as opposed to the rest of viewing audience. "Hey Julianne, to show your range we are going to have a twin sister to your docile, nice Frannie....what, is she going to be wild and a slut..no...she is docile and nice..but you will get to wear glasses, wear a wig and have an accent!!!" I hate boring Sabrina too, (oh my God, the endless scenes of boring Sabrina with boring ass Seth...) what a waste when they they have could have brought some cockney ho bag into the Hughes family! "Hey Gram..that Holden looks like a nice piece of a** "
  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Why next to Loreli's Diary I am sure!!!
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I don't know why they don't create a daytime soap aimed at a black audience, when they see how successful nightime "soaps" aimed at a black audience are. I know soaps are expensive to create but with the success in movies and prime time and shows aimed at that audience its seems to have a chance. I mean, most of Tyler Perry's stuff have soap elements..multigenerational family run by a strong willed, matriarch. The young screw up, the middle generation frets and dithers, and the "old folks" have to step in and kick ass. I mean, I do think of Madea as a later day, if more foul mouthed and unconventional, Nancy Hughes!
  10. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I love Downton but its just as bad as the daytime soaps...characters and incidents rush by and disappear...they are a big deal and then they arent...take the goofy...totally ripped from soaps..."character comes back from the dead " who not only had amnesia for awhile, but had a bandaged face and was heir to the fortune but might be a con artist..( I would think that I would know a friend or family member just by their voice but...) Or ..."We are about to loose Dowton...oh..someone dies offscreen so we don't!" I love the show maybe because it took all the conventions and excess of soaps and pasted that over Masterpiece Theater...
  11. Guiding Light discussion thread

    This is a case book of actors making something stupid work...and Bev is totally dedicated to it. I like the Victoria actress, and its weird to see Claire being nice. If only they had brought Toby Poser in as Vickie who had a rightful claim to Spaulding, and not that dumb Amanda is Brandon's kid storyline..Tony is smoking hot..(dumb, dumb Annabelle..you don't want him..Ill take him...). Speaking of...forgot how smokin' hot Zimmer was back then...I LOVED her and H.B. and on paper you would think that was nasty...but it worked. Loved Gates and its too bad Charita got sick and died and they didn't do the planned H.B. and Bert...would have been a hoot. But then, they should have bough fiesty Meta in for Bert's funeral and she and "Harlan" would have been great. Hated the Beth blind storyline(to be completely ripped off later with Chele and whatshisface) and hate Van being a wimpy sweet wife. This was the during the total change the show went under from Summer to Winter that year.
  12. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I actually think they should have brought her back during that "Phillip is dead" storyline where Beth and Rick were having an affair. I think that Evans and Oleary look more compatible then he and Chamberlin did and I actually think I would have kept them (Rick and Beth) together after Phillip returned, as they would have made a good core couple. I like Chamberlin but she never worked as Beth..but the writing after her return didn't help. One day she is a neurotic bitch, one day a victim, one day a heroince, one day a power mad woman running a goofy island kingdom (with Eddie) I thought the split personality thing would have helped to explain this but it was..just that she was Loreli... I think BC makes a good cold bitch but Beth is not a good cold bitch.
  13. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I can't believe that they have not rebooted a couple of them for primetime. I think (cause I loved them the most) that ATWT and GL would be perfect fodder for a reboot. ATWT is set in suburbia and has the middle class Hughes family with the rich Lowells...Imagine a young vixeny Lisa going after med student Bob, good girl Ellen getting preggers..slutty Aunt Edith getting on with Ellen's dad, etc. For a more urban take GL has an immigrant family trying to make their way in a midwestern mid sized city..you would have to tool around with that one .introduce the Spauldings early, etc. AMC would be perfect also to reboot in these political stressed times with the middle class Martins all having different political views while vixeny Erica slides her way in. I can't believe that producers, who use those old themes over and over again, wouldnt want to use a brand name.
  14. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I did admire that Marland stuck to gothic while the other shows were doing sci-fi... I think it worked on GL with Nola and Quint and Thornway Road..but the writers who followed had no clue how to deal with Marland's gothic and the characters involved suffered. Long gave it a try with the cabin storyline but it just wasnt her thing. I think they had no idea what to do with Nola after that and the crazy Quolas' wouldn't let the split up...(Quint was the kind of character who had short shelf life and should have been killed off to let Nola move on to other things..) But back to ATWT.. I think Marland's gothic worked for example the earlier Lisa storyline pre Dobsons..but his later stuff was just too BIG ..(yes, Duncan importing a castle brick by brick..and somehow they workers even created the "secret" tunnels that James slithered about in was just stupid and if wanst Marland that storyline would have been made fun of..(Still dont know why he didnt have Duncan move into an abandoned mansion that exisited in town...) A big agree that Lilith was the sun that shown on Marland's dreary little Oakdale at the time! The actress and the character just seemed to enjoy themselves which was a change from usual dour Oakdalian...(beside Lucinda...I think even Lisa was down beat at that time...)
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    The problem was MADD and the writers and their love of "formula." They had just hit gold with the Jeva vs. Annie and so they thought all "SUPER" couples should have a crazy bitch third wheel.. I would have liked to see Beth come back with more of an edge and less of a saint...(the last years of the original Beth..perfect, perfect angel..and Beth C' first run as a more meek Beth were not what I wanted to see...) Beth should have had some issues...(she went to therapy like two times after Bradley raped her...) but I would have liked a strong, conflicted woman. It would have been more interesting, but as it is, it made me hate Harley more. Unfortunately CW was leaving, so the show was desperate for a blond bitch to take her place, and they overestimated the popularity of Harley...(the BE fans and the Pharley fans were obnoxious and the forerunners to Manny and Rassie...) Harley always worked as she was a tough outsider but still a good person.. it would be interesting to see two strong imperfect women and a very imperfect man in a triangle with no villains, and the actors could more then handle it.
  16. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Well, also Wheeler tried to imitate "The Hills," (do you remember that show..no, didnt think so, but it was a "hit" with young demos and soaps are at their worst when coping fads...) and had the shaky cam..etc. I remember a scene of freaking Jeffery on the phone..was shot from in between two tree braches and a shaky cam...I thought..."Oh good, someone is stalking Jeffie and is going to kill him ," but no...it was how Wheelie decided to film it!
  17. Guiding Light discussion thread

    My favorite eras had to be Pam Long's first tenure up to Fall of 85? when it all went to [!@#$%^&*], and then again Long's second tenure with Sonni/Solita which ran into Roger's come back...(I think that was the essence of what a soap should be ..mystery, adventure but all grounded in a community and family...)and of course...Curlee and Company...that stuff was just so great! and Taggert and I know people disagree, but Joan/Alex. All of these good starts went to crap so I just can't ignore the conspiracy theories that MADD and others were being paid to put GL to its grave. I LOVE the bad disco opening...cracks me up looking at young, unbearded Josh perving on Nola...(and I am so old I remember watching that episode...) About Peapack...they used that location before after Reva's interuppted wedding to Kyle...which she hilariously ran out of the church..and wandered around the country side in her wedding dress (no one noticed this big blond dramatic woman wandering around in a wedding dress...) to be ran over by Josh's car. Peapack was beautiful in that. I do believe GL could have been saved IF the whole industry had changed their economics. They should have found studio space outside of New York and built the permanent sets where, unpopular as this might be...there would not be union regs on the production people...(if that exsisted..) and used the location sparingly. As upthread mentioned, someplace with an university and use that as SF U ..and the students as extras to crowd scenes..changed the way actors contracts are written, without the guarantee thing but a flat payout no matter how much the actor was used or not used. I could not believe that Wheeler changed the filming.. but kept producing storylines that included spies and exploding cars that just looked ridiculous...(my fave..was Jon and Brad Cole character in what was supposed to be the jungle but was clearly the Peapack woods...) That production style cried out to the return of people in a kitchen talking.... But I knew we were in trouble when they started off Peapack with a voice over of Ehlers..."I am Harley Davidson Cooper and this is MY town," ..uh, no its not!!
  18. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't have minded the ghost stories on ATWT and GL if they would have been subtle. Besides Susan Piper being over the top and Brandon being alive..GL's ghosts were subtle in that it was Annabelle seeing a "flashback" to what happened as she had some psychic abilities. Piper and her henchman took the ball and made it seem like there was an active haunting going on to scare the them out...(yes, Susan Piper would have made a good Scooby Doo villain.) A gothic storyline with flavors of the supernatural are fine...just no jumping through paintings. I think Reed is a bit of an apologist for Marland. I can't believe that the network came to him and said..."Do a shrunken head storyline" as Lilith was already killing people in bear traps, and shipping corpses to the good people of Oakdale. I think this was all Marland and I do have to say, it was kind of a relief from the oppressive sincerity and gloom of Oakdale...plus I HATED Shannon and thought it was hilarious that she was shrunken head and they used a skraggily wig on top of an old apple to be her! The Tom Horton thing was even more tasteless as it was the actor's family who gave the okay to use it. In a tasteless part of the storyline..(Alice being chocked to death on donuts, and it was done for yucks!!!) Have Tom chase an evil Marlena and the ghosts protecting Alice could have been fun...if they actually saved her....but then Marlena just comes back five minutes after fleeing the house and goes on to kill Alice like nothing happened. I can take camp but it has to make sense in its own weird way and Days made not one iota of sense at this time. The most tasteless exploitative story line ever and one of the many reasons soaps are as good as dead.
  19. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I think CBS had a thing out for Long...and maybe vice a versa when she left the last time. I know she was upset with her original idea for "Ghost Reva" (that Pam for even thinking that up so others could run with it) coming back at Christmas to help Marah. CBS didn't want to do it (at that time wisely thinking it would mean Reva was really most sincerely dead, you know unlike later when it was..hey she is alive.but she was a ghost, but oh nevermind you think that's stupid wait until you see what we have up our sleaves for later!) I know Long worked for Rauch before but I don't see her doing that when she had a definite vision of what GL should be and I don't think Rauchie would have allowed her to do that...(imagine her bringing back Beth as a crazy sour horn dog ex wife??) Michael Laibson??? I really think GL's problems were more McTavish then him. He did allow her to bring back some old faves..I think his production values were good, I just think he needed a really strong writer. Maybe Laibson and Long could have saved the show.
  20. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I heard Conboy put the nail in the coffin of GL's budget. God, remember the Gay Rave he did and that Neon Fashion Show of Marah's!!!Soaps are so hapless when trying to be "hip"..just tell the damn story people! P & G were a bunch of idiots. Later on they should have made Toby Poser Vickie Spaulding instead of Amanda..(I think Poser was of mixed heritage right??) I loved Poser over Cullen's drab Amanda, and I could even think that Amanda redefined herself and was acting so flamboyantly to hide that drab girl who was locked in the attic, but I could not get over that this 25 year old had an affair with Ross in the past, which would have had to been when she was 15! A campy fun vixen Vickie bugging the crap out of Alex and strutting around town as a balls out powerful mixed race woman would have been fun. My fave Amanda/Poser line: Alan: "He tried to kill me!!!" Amanda walking around the lab not the least bit interested..."Who hasn't???"
  21. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Too bad...he couldnt have been that old right? Hated his GL but rip...is anyone consoling Marty West???
  22. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    LOL..I loved creepy ass Laura! She came on as the usual Marland type as goody goody sweet and then..well... Her reveal came on the same day here in Chicago that Lauri Dann was going on her rampage..kind of weird. Hated the freakin' ghost mystery. GL's cabin mystery was better as at least it had Susan Piper's cartoon evil. The castle was dumb to begin with, who would have the money, or even want to, take down an historic castle piece by piece and move it to a midwestern burb??? Not only that, but the ghost somehow moved with it??? Sorry Marland that was dumb..it should have been Duncan moves into an old gothic house already in Oakdale..(and that Castle set was the ugliest set on earth.)
  23. Totally! It would be jarring when they would bring up Alex's history as Marj would never have been able to tackle those scenes like Bev. I love Marj , but always thought of her as an ex showgirl type who married into the Spaulding family and not Alex..which is actually how they should have brought her on...(would have loved if she had married H.B. off camera and inherited all his Lewis stock and suprise, Spaulding stock too, so she could have been a thorn in the side of both families!
  24. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I remember liking the Cabin Mystery until it all went to hell and it had no lasting impact...(besides stopping Hillary's pulse.) It would have been fun to have had Nola and Quint move into the cabin instead of Tony and Annabelle...(they married those two off way too fast..) who should have had a triangle on their own with the brother as a separate storyline. Nola starts seeing thing but because she is Nola no one believes her...and she teams up with a reporter...(NOT Fletcher, I hated the actor and the character) to uncover..Quint is kind of jelly...(though the reporter and Nola are just friends...for now..)so he joins in despite not believing her. I would have had Quint quit being a caricature at that point and drop the ascot etc. The pay off would have to be something big like Alan was alive or Roger..NOT stupid like Brandon..dont know if Zaz was avail then but I would have had Chrissy come back then as Blake as a college student to worm her way into the Bauers but fall for Phillip instead of India ...yea we all love her but she was too old for the foursome at that time and should have been dealing with the adults. Etc. I hated the Hillary actress but would have just written her out and bring a new actress back later. Imagine Mr. PIPA camping it up against Nola!!!
  25. Guiding Light discussion thread

    The summer of 84 I think was GL at its best. It had great energy with newbies but they were all tied into the core which had story. SF was as posted upthread, a community and you could imagine it was a place with history. They had serious stories, campy stories, adventure, young people middle aged people and old people. Personally, I hated Cullen's pasty faced Amanda...(she was a perfect Marland character for him to write) and Rousell's Hope...(I never understood why people only wanted that actress back as Hope..I thought she was a dud also. Because of all this, it hit number 1. And then..it abruptly changed tone...with a focus totally on Reva and the Lewises and it just became sillier and colder. I would love for an insider to write the how and why that happened and why, when the ratings dropped out of No. 1..it didnt change? It was bad enough that the entire family of trailer trash moved into the Bauer house for a bit under Wheeler..(really, the Chief of Police while an idiot should have made enough to live outside the Boarding House...) but have Buzzard making on Hope???AGGGGHHHHHH. She'd have to be drunk!