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  1. No I haven't looked at those yet as Im watching 1988 at the moment. I loved the James in Scotland story and so spent a few hours trying to work out which December 1993 ones there were on the vault.
  2. Ooh I've just noticed the December 1993 episodes put up this week! Thank you so much to whoever did that. Has anyone been able to place them date-wise, as they are definitely not 100% consecutive? I am stuck on placing the 16th one in particular, where Ridge, Eric and Stephanie see the photo of Ridge and Brooke kissing in the newspaper. These are the ones I think I can date correctly: December 1993-1 is #1682, 2 Dec December 1993-2 is #1683, 3 Dec December 1993-3 is #1684, 6 Dec December 1993-4 is #1685, 7 Dec December 1993-5 is #1686, 8 Dec December 1993-6 is #1687, 9 Dec December 1993-7 is #1688, 10 Dec December 1993-8 is #1689, 13 Dec December 1993-9 is #1690, 14 Dec December 1993-10 is #1691, 15 Dec December 1993-11 is #1692, 16 Dec December 1993-12 is #1693, 17 Dec Then missing 1694, 1695, 1696 December 1993-13 is #1697, 23 Dec December 1993-14 is #1698, 24 Dec December 1993-15 is #1699, 27 Dec December 1993-16 I can't place, but it doesn't seem to be IMMEDIATELY after 1699. Can anyone else assist with dating/numbering? Many thanks 🤗
  3. Both gutwrenchers!!! I didn't cry as much with Stephanie. I think we'd had so many close calls with her over the years that I became numb to it a bit...plus she was a lot older, so less tragic. Still very sad, nonetheless. And the show is lesser for her absence, sadly. It just hasn't been the same. We need Brooke to toughen up, fill her shoes and start making people's lives hell!!! 🤣 Now we are in the era of fake illnesses with Caroline 2 and Sally... urgh, making a mockery of dying to manipulate supposed loved ones.
  4. Actually, it's there in 2000 further up the list previously uploaded as 2000-1-26 ... all good!!! thanks again It gets sadder and sadder and sadder!!! 😥 Heartbreaking. On reflection, she had a very short illness from diagnosis to the end...probably better that way, from a viewer's point of view. It was a tough watch as it was, imagine if it had been dragged out. I balled at the time, and I still get teary now all these years later just thinking about it.
  5. Thank you so much @MissPalmer!!! Just checking the vault doesn't have the 15th one? Did you upload it or are you missing that one too? Thanks again! 😃
  6. Absolute tearjerker. I cry every time!!! As some of you know I have 3 of those final Caroline episodes in VHS quality I mentioned on here months ago, and haven't put them up as we are getting so close to them (around ep 835 I think), and was worried that if they were on the vault, that whoever was uploading wouldn't put up the better quality ones...I have put up clips though from slightly earlier episodes in the Clip folder if you haven't seen them...worst case scenario, if we never get those here (trying not to jinx it!), I will put them up...but for now, we wait anxiously for the build to that gut wrenching episode.
  7. I've had a thorough look. The episodes are: 6 hour file - 12 episodes 2000 - 22 March 1995 2003 - 27 March 1995 2005 - 29 March 1995 2008 - 3 April 1995 2009 - 4 April 1995 2010 - 5 April 1995 2011 - 6 April 1995 2012 - 7 April 1995 2013 - 10 April 1995 2014 - 11 April 1995 2015 - 12 April 1995 2016 - 13 April 1995 File with three episodes 2048 - 30 May 1995 2049 - 31 May 1995 2059 - 14 June 1995 The other two episodes I referred to in a post above are: 3033 - 27 April 1999 3799 - 17 May 2002 Those 1995 finds are amazing re everyone finding out Taylor is alive (so thank you BoldRestless for the find!!!) , and the 1999 one with Amber giving up her dead baby is gut wrenching! I want full everything that hasn't been put on YouTube by CBS!!! Wouldn't it be a dream come true to have access to it all, and you can watch whatever period you love, over and over!?
  8. Wowee! And these two seem to also be recent ones added that are not in the vault! https://archive.org/details/boldandthebeautiful20020517 https://archive.org/details/boldandthebeautiful19990427 Check em out!
  9. It does take a few weeks for the account here to get approved, I know mine did. Very sad the real Angel has been upset by the person taking the credit. Many of us contribute, none more so than the real Angel, so I’d like to think the ‘imposter’ was just taking the credit for the 5-ish episodes they posted up recently? They mightn’t have understood what ‘Angel’ meant? I’m not trying to take sides at all, just trying to understand what happened and why if someone was baiting us, they would also put 5 or so episodes up in the vault? It kind of doesn’t make sense to me. Regardless, I am very grateful to the true Angel and very much hope they stay and take part in the group, more than anything. Added: Actually take a look at anon4520’s history of comments here by clicking on their username...they have been contributing for a few months now to the vault...I think it was an innocent act to say they were the Angel. Can’t there be many Angels, in our own unique way? I think the situation has been misread, unfortunately...
  10. ooooh 8 extra episodes on there! Where is our Angel? 😀
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