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  1. It was meant to have been resolved, until the next time we filled up again! Thanks so much @Heartless Angelfor all you have done...many gaps filled I am sure! Please add me to your links list if you are able...it would be a dream come true to one day have access to the entire history of B&B...a dream but not impossible!!!
  2. Wow! I just came across this post from last year. There's a lot in there that could be added into the vault that are currently missing, if you still had them @rsclassicfanforever particularly years 2000-2005... you already do so much for the Vault, but if ever there was any spare time......could try to work out a list if you needed help...thank you Angel!!!
  3. You're a legend @dodofleet, thanks for those 4 episodes from 2000! I'm sure the edited Australian episodes you do have would be greatly appreciated if they're not already in the Vault...they may be all we are able to get of those episodes! Thank you so much. Thank you so much!!
  4. I'm sure we are all grateful for the YT uploads Amy provided at the time, but watching around episode 650 at the moment, it's clear she would go to great lengths to disguise the file on YT by adding in different end credits, so a lot of the credits repeat themselves and are not the original broadcast version for the episodes. At least we have most of the footage, which I feel is more important ultimately, but it's a shame a lot of the early episodes are not truly complete. Huge thanks though to all the Angels including Amy who have worked so hard and to share with the fans of the classic episo
  5. Thanks so much for the link Marquise! It's still overdubbed with that dodgy disco music but at least it has subtitles for what Rocco and Katie are saying! I have the Aussie DVDs for 1-100 and then the German ones for 101-250, so I have the very same overdubbed version that's in the Vault. Yes I have the German DVDs for 101-250, and it had that horrid music dubbed over the dialogue. Thankfully Marquise has provided a link above that has the subtitles (partial file though, but has what you need to complete the picture). Can't get that repetitive music ou
  6. I know episode 112 on my DVD has the speech muted when Rocco, Katie and Donna are nightclubbing probably to cover up the copyrighted music. It's so annoying! I wonder if anyone has a copy with the dialogue intact in English?
  7. The RTL Lounge ones are way more crisp and sharp! But beggars can't be choosers...however given a choice the RTL Lounge ones win hands down! In saying that, I acknowledge I'd rather have end credits included so it's a personal battle of wanting higher resolution vs full episode completion!
  8. Definitely me, as we enter the Sheila era!!!
  9. Wow thanks for that! That's really interesting...it must be an edited version as I was there on holiday visiting family in Capri when it started in Italy, and they played episodes in doubles, even on weekends! I kept a diary then, so know this to be true from my notes. It got so phenomenally popular there...I got my aunties hooked (my having already seen the original episodes in Australia)! The only bummer...I missed four months worth of episodes airing in Australia as I was away that long (the Deveney Dixon storyline, as Australia was around 8 months behind the US at the time), and am coincid
  10. OMG they are just stunning quality!!! Thank you so much...whatever you can do to add to the Vault in this quality is so very much appreciated!!!
  11. A-ha! So we can be extremely confident that whether 8426 part 1 and 2, or 8426 and A, that the episode numbering needs to be considered this way.
  12. Thank you so much Jennybold1974! Very much appreciated as I didn't have access to these prior. Did you happen to have 7976 which appears to be missed? Many thanks for when you get a chance to upload!
  13. Loved the Faith reveal...was such a huge Joanna Johnson fan back then. Funnily enough, watching Caroline again now 31 years later (up to episode 633), I find her to be quite nasty at times, really rude to Stephanie. I guess over the years I have become a Brooke fan, so seeing her being quite nasty to Brooke has has me change my view on Caroline. Plus I guess I'm a lot older and can see that she treated Thorne pretty shoddily throughout most of their marriage. Still, I'm not prepared for her to die in around 100 episodes or so...I cried buckets back then and still get a little teary
  14. Love to know from what episode those Cala Classics started airing in the Caribbean and Latin America...I would assume they didn't start at the very beginning, else we'd have heard about them by now? Thank you so much to the uploader - they look gorgeous!
  15. I think 1090 is 30 July 1991, and Sheila's first ep is 1293, airing on I think 21 May 1992. So she is less than a year away from appearing in the Vault in her first episode!
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