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  1. Hi Jenny I only have #3070 of these, and have uploaded it to the 1999 folder. It's in Polish dub but you can hear the English. 1 down...how many else to go!
  2. Thanks so much Marquise! That 2333 appears to be 2331 which aired on 10 July 1996 (I think, if someone else can check, based on the episode description and the German counterpart).
  3. Too funny...I tried everything but that as having a Mac, a right click is a little different...found it and shows it as Download Linked File As... thanks BoldRestless! Too easy!
  4. Legend! Chances are we will get in anyway in the next few months, but better safe than sorry! Thanks Marquise!
  5. There is also episode 1091 in English at around the 25 minute mark in this Australian Daytime VHS recording at archive.org if anyone was able to get a copy? https://archive.org/details/channel-ten-daytime-time-shift-ads-10-1992
  6. There's been 3 Ridges. RM, Lane Davies and TK. 4 Beths too...Judith Baldwin, Nancy Burnett, Marla Adams and Robin Riker. ***************** There's a missing episode on the archive.org site...if anyone knows how to get a copy...much appreciated! https://archive.org/details/the-bold-the-beautiful-october-27-1992
  7. Legend! thank you! I could be mistaken but that August 5th one could be August 6th based on what happens with Grant telling Macy he's dying? ********* OH WOW we now officially have the first 1000 episodes all in English?!? Thanks to all the Angels and Heroes who made this possible!!!
  8. Was it you little Angel/Hero who put the next 17 episodes into 1991? A million to you or whoever our benefactors are!!!
  9. It will already be there as 1990 is now complete!
  10. There's also October 6 2005 for both B&B and Y&R. I'm confident that date is available here on Vault for B&B (mistakenly in 2006 folder), but this may be a viable date for you Y&R fans!? https://archive.org/details/CBSDaytimeSoapNBCEveningLineup05
  11. Thanks so much to Bartosz for putting up 951-953 (and all else he has provided!).
  12. Can't wait till English episodes become available for the 90s episodes in particular! Do you speak German or have them translated? I know it's so silly. And then you get actual people on twitter getting ANGRY that people are just waltzing into Steffy's house! Like I know it's not ideal but just move on and understand it's a production limitation, not characters being rude!
  13. In German? Or English!? Isn't it ridiculous how anyone and everyone just waltzes into that house!? Just like current episodes where they don't even bother knocking on anyone's house or office door for distancing reasons!
  14. Too funny! I picked up bits and pieces while listening to mum and dad talk to their friends. Mum and Dad are both from Capri so speak the same dialect for Naples, though their island has its own twists on Neapolitan, so that's two, plus real Italian, plus some Sicilian and Calabrese I've picked up...so if I go to Italy again, and head North, they are not going to understand me at all unless I try to speak proper Italian! Yes we got the Beric wedding episodes in the US rebroadcasts due to COVID, but there were definite scene cuts in most if not all those episodes that aired during t
  15. Having italian heritage there are so many dialects. We have many Italian friends here in Australia all coming from different regions, so the Italian I speak when I have to is a mix of all these different dialects, so I get many funny looks from people! Haha our weights are in kilos and grams, temperature in Celsius. We drive on the left side of the road. *************** Hi group Does anyone has the VL or RTL episodes for 951, 952 and 953 to put in the Vault in the correct sub-folder in 1991, as the ones CBS recently showed for 952 and 953
  16. Many differences between Aussie (yes Australian!)/British and US including dates. We put u's in words like colour, odour, flavour, saviour... General day to day slang in American can mean a naughty one in Australian (the theme song to The Nanny can bring a laughing tear to the eye). I suspect these days it has to do with renewals, so when they announce 2 season renewals for example it's probably from a specific date which won't be the B&B anniversary date but more than likely September-ish as you say to tie in with prime time seasons etc. Strange the VL splitting on seasons. I te
  17. It's contentious isn't it? When does a season start for a show that plays all year long? It's anniversary? If so, then I figure 1000 ends season 4 on 22/3/1991, and 1001 starts season 5 on 25/3/1991. Sorry for the way we Aussies write dates but you know what I mean LOL.
  18. Great idea to tidy it up. I believe 948 is the first one for 1991.
  19. Agree the show has been lacking since Susan left it. She was an absolute powerhouse! Very much looking forward to the Deveney Dixon storyline as I'm up to 544 in my re-watch. I missed that whole period of 3 months while vacationing in Italy in summer 1990 (Australia was around 8 or so months behind). That is the only part of nearly 34 years of B&B I have never watched. I could have skipped ahead and watched that missing period on the Vault but I'd already started my re-watch from episode 1, and being a completist I have to see it through in order!! Let's just hope I don't get
  20. Thanks for the info! I love seeing the credits to see when they bother adding/removing cast members, as they sometimes take their time. But when you get as gorgeous quality as the RTL Lounge eps, I'm happy to do without in return!
  21. LEGEND!!! OK it seems the RTL Lounge is an actual TV channel and based on one of the endings of the episodes on the Vault, it's clear that channel doesn't air the end credits, and goes directly to a The Bold and the Beautiful banner, and ends. I personally don't mind as the quality is just so beautiful...a million thanks to Bartosz...keep em coming I say!
  22. All we need is 895-899 to now fill the little gap... thank you Angels
  23. There's lots of Angels here, whether you contribute one rare sought after one, or hundreds. Thank you to all the Angels, because you are all out there!
  24. Thanks so much! Yes thank you so much Angel...good to know they will be there for me to watch when I eventually get there. Currently up to 540 in my from the start rewatch...
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