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  1. I can't remember what country it was, perhaps Greece (?) but Caroline was so popular that the show was either called "Caroline" or nicknamed "Caroline"...this could just be an urban legend, but it's a distinct memory of mine...my memories are JJ quit as Caroline, and thankfully gave enough notice that they played out her death over sufficient time. Who knows either a lack of other work or the lure of extra dollars brought her back. I quite loved the way they retconned Faith/Karen into existence...for me, it worked really well except for the horrid wig! As for $Bill...too many mentions from Bill Snr referring to Mark Lynley/Garrison as "the son I never had" poopoos $Bill's retcon into unbelievable territory, unless $Bill was an affair baby that Bill Snr didn't discover until many, many years later, much in the same way as Liam and Wyatt were introduced. It was never properly explained, and I resent the show's writers for not providing some plausible clarity. Long-time viewers were pretty much asked to swallow it and shut up. As I've always held firm especially this past 10-15 years or so, the show writes under the assumption that the audience is revolving, the audience come and go, or to not give two hoots about the history in order to meet a story agenda. We really do need a $Bill mother backstory...could be a chance to bring in an elder actress of calibre to give something meaty for $Bill to deal with.
  2. My friend finally got accepted. He thinks it was because he used a hotmail account. As soon as he changed the registration to gmail he received the email to validate. thanks everyone for your responses and assistance.
  3. Hi all a friend of mine has been trying to register in the forum for many months and is having difficulty. He has received a message to say he would get an email sent to him and he has to click on the link to confirm…however he has not received the email and has checked his spam folder also and it’s not there. He’s blurred out his email but this is tge message he gets when trying to register but never gets the said email… any help or advice would be much appreciated… thanks!
  4. Is it episode 21? I whizzed through it and couldn't find a friend of Donna in it anywhere...
  5. The episode 2002-10-14 you've put in the Vault which is meant to be 3902 is the Australian airing. Because I grew up watching the show in Australia, we were so used to seeing violent episodes "chopped to buggery" (that could be an Australian phrase...so basically "chopped to pieces"). This appears to at the very least seem to be a recording of what went to air, essentially 3901 and 3902 edited together. We knew when episodes had been butchered as scenes would jarr and/or end prematurely without a traditional fade. Channel Ten would cut out shots of guns, blood. Fairly confident the episode/s where Brooke was raped by Andy were chopped to ribbons too. It was very frustrating as a Sheila fan to know that I never got to see the full extent of some of her more violent stuff because of the Channel 10 edits. Boo to Channel 10...they STILL edited the episodes these past few weeks recapping when Sheila shot Taylor and Brooke, and it's 20 freaking 21!!!
  6. It's possible they want to create a bit of a chat and anticipation where fans discuss each episode as they're released. I can already hear the screams of "NO SPOILERS"!!! They also may not want people to stop watching the current daily show when the classics are so good and they spend their time watching those instead!!! You can start right here in the Vault!! They're unlikely to be of better quality on YouTube initially...especially the first 250...
  7. It could be absolutely anybody, perhaps even someone who is paying to access the episodes. Still, it's terrible that they are profiteering from it. Slim chance of it being connected to the vault, however not impossible.
  8. OMG how awesome was it seeing her comes out of the shadows today!? Incredible. I clapped so hard. I knew it was coming but I cheered and clapped!
  9. More like little brother!!! Definitely a writing (or delivery) blooper!
  10. Yes, I remember her being off-screen all that time, and for a short time, it had appeared she had died until they revealed she was institutionalised.
  11. Most strange. Italians are no prudes. Wouldn’t be surprised if just edited for online to encourage people to watch live in full.
  12. It's the end of 1058 plus 1059. Ridge proposes to Taylor at the end in gorgeous Italian!
  13. That's incredible! Thanks so much for sharing these! Hanging out for 1992! The year of Sheila! I've watched about the 5 next episodes and not a single mention of Deveney. Stephanie hasn't told Eric. It's like it never happened! So strange, you'd think Stephanie would have put on her detective hat and wanted to find out how Deveney survived...and what all of a sudden, Deveney didn't want revenge anymore on her. Would love to know exactly why (because there HAS to be a reason) they chose to end that story so abruptly and never mention it again, but I suspect that reason is lost to history. Unless anyone here has a special connection to Brad Bell? Wishful thinking!!! It would be so good if Deveney was somehow connected to Finn, his birth mother perhaps, as it seems he might be adopted, and Deveney has plotted a 30 year revenge against Stephanie's namesake and her family! If only!!! Only a small fraction of the audience would even remember, so I sadly can't see that or something similar happening. I think Deveney/Angela is done and dusted...but never say never. She could easily have been re-cast due to the disfigurement. Such a lost opportunity...but we got Sheila instead and for that I'd never trade!! I don't remember too much about the BeLieF theft...look forward to revisiting that in my in-order-re-watch!
  14. That's brilliant, yet something we will overlook LOL I believe it's twitter superfan Matt Hanvey who sells them, and gave one to KKL as a gift. Susan seemed to get a laugh out of seeing the top! It was so wonderful seeing all of them together like this. I really miss Stephanie, and even though I dislike Ridge as a character, the reunion kind of made me miss his Ridge too. ***************************** In my B&B re-watch I've just watched Deveney Dixon's (Angela Forrester) final, abrupt exit. Does anyone know why that storyline was ceremoniously dropped like a hot potato, never to be mentioned again? This was my first time viewing it as I missed it on original airing while on vacation. I knew it would end abruptly from what I'd been told, but this to me would have to count as B&B's first major storyline that was just dismissed like it never happened. Angela Who? I wonder if they would dare to bring the character back after all these years to perhaps wreak vengeance on Stephanie's namesake. Could make for a great story...not that most viewers would have been watching way back in 1989, so it's unlikely we will ever see Deveney again (even if re-cast)!
  15. It was meant to have been resolved, until the next time we filled up again! Thanks so much @Heartless Angelfor all you have done...many gaps filled I am sure! Please add me to your links list if you are able...it would be a dream come true to one day have access to the entire history of B&B...a dream but not impossible!!!
  16. Wow! I just came across this post from last year. There's a lot in there that could be added into the vault that are currently missing, if you still had them @rsclassicfanforever particularly years 2000-2005... you already do so much for the Vault, but if ever there was any spare time......could try to work out a list if you needed help...thank you Angel!!!
  17. You're a legend @dodofleet, thanks for those 4 episodes from 2000! I'm sure the edited Australian episodes you do have would be greatly appreciated if they're not already in the Vault...they may be all we are able to get of those episodes! Thank you so much. Thank you so much!!
  18. I'm sure we are all grateful for the YT uploads Amy provided at the time, but watching around episode 650 at the moment, it's clear she would go to great lengths to disguise the file on YT by adding in different end credits, so a lot of the credits repeat themselves and are not the original broadcast version for the episodes. At least we have most of the footage, which I feel is more important ultimately, but it's a shame a lot of the early episodes are not truly complete. Huge thanks though to all the Angels including Amy who have worked so hard and to share with the fans of the classic episodes!
  19. Thanks so much for the link Marquise! It's still overdubbed with that dodgy disco music but at least it has subtitles for what Rocco and Katie are saying! I have the Aussie DVDs for 1-100 and then the German ones for 101-250, so I have the very same overdubbed version that's in the Vault. Yes I have the German DVDs for 101-250, and it had that horrid music dubbed over the dialogue. Thankfully Marquise has provided a link above that has the subtitles (partial file though, but has what you need to complete the picture). Can't get that repetitive music out of my head LOL
  20. I know episode 112 on my DVD has the speech muted when Rocco, Katie and Donna are nightclubbing probably to cover up the copyrighted music. It's so annoying! I wonder if anyone has a copy with the dialogue intact in English?
  21. The RTL Lounge ones are way more crisp and sharp! But beggars can't be choosers...however given a choice the RTL Lounge ones win hands down! In saying that, I acknowledge I'd rather have end credits included so it's a personal battle of wanting higher resolution vs full episode completion!
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